Shannon Helps Her Cousin Rebound


I had just graduated Army basic training and my initial training for my job in the field artillery. I was heading home for the first time after nearly eight months. When I graduated high school and left for the Army, it was the first time I had ever been away from home for any length of time. Although I had not been gone very long, eight months seemed like an eternity away from friends and family. I was mostly excited to get home to my girlfriend Katherine, or Kate as I called her. We spent a good bit of time together before I left and she even told me she loved me just as I was leaving. We had a lot of fun together and fooled around every chance we had; however, we never actually went all the way. I was hoping for when I got home we could pick up where we left off.

Kate and I were able to talk about once a week once I finished basic. We also wrote quite a bit in the beginning and talked a lot about her possibly joining me at my first duty station. We had been dating for over two years and I was sure she was the one. During the flight home, I couldn’t stop thinking about Kate and the possibility of making love to her. She was going to be picking me up from the airport and I was hoping to talk her into us getting a hotel room for the night.

The plane touched down and I immediately turned my cell off of airplane mode. Before I had a chance to call Kate, three voice mails popped up from her. I immediately got worried that she wasn’t going to be able to pick me up. As I pulled up the first voice mail I started to wonder if her car was having issues. It would have been ironic, considering I almost missed my flight to basic training because of the same thing. My heart sunk as I listed to the first voice mail.

Kate: “Hey Jimmy, I hope your flight was ok. Um, I’m sorry but I’m not going to be able to pick you up. So here’s the thing. I’m sure you’ve noticed over the last two months, I’ve been a little distant. It’s just that my first year in college has been so busy, and um. Look… Oh, I just need to say it.”

Then the voice mail stopped. What did she just need to say? I quickly went to the next voice mail. Just as I clicked on it, the captain announced that we had a special passenger who was coming home for the first time after joining the Army. What crappy timing he had. All eyes suddenly turned to me because I was wearing my uniform. My heart was racing and I didn’t know what to do. I tried to listen to the voice mail but was interrupted by everyone trying to thank me for my service. As one guy reached out to shake my hand, I dropped my phone. I quickly snatched it up and put it in my pocket.

Getting away from the gate was brutal. I needed so badly to listen to what Kate said in that voice mail. It was like torture as I was bombarded with handshakes and a dozen hugs from a group of old ladies in some sort of red hat club. Finally, I was able to dart into the men’s restroom and find an empty stall. I fumbled frantically to get my phone out and went to the voice mail. “Oh shit!” I thought. I looked at the screen where there were three voice mails and only saw two. I clicked on the first one and it was the one I already listened to. I immediately clicked on the second one.

Kate: “Sorry about that. I keep hitting the beep. Anyways, I promise we will talk in a few days. I just want you to take some time and think about everything I said. Take care.”

“Take care,” I thought. Kate never said take care. I would expect “I love you” or something, but not “take care.” I had to know what she said. I wasn’t going to be able to wait a few days to talk. I called her and it went straight to voice mail. I must have called twenty more times before giving up. All sorts of different scenarios went through my head. I tried to be optimistic, but knew that something just wasn’t right. I walked towards the security exit with my mind captivated by the voice mail. Several people spoke to me as I passed, but I didn’t respond. I am sure their comments were related to my uniform, but everything around me was a blur.

As I walked out of the security exit, it hit me that I didn’t know how I was going to get home. My parents lived over an hour away from the airport so a taxi wasn’t an option. Then another blur came off of my right side and about knocked me over with a hug. It was my mom. She and my dad were there to pick me up. I was so glad to see them. Dad gave me an awkward hug as usual and my mom again wrapped her arms around my neck. She about choked me and said she was glad I was home again. She then said, “I’m sorry to hear about you and Kate. You two made such a cute couple. I really thought you two would get married some day.”

I immediately asked my mom about Kate. I told her about the deleted voice mail and the entire ordeal on the plane. She told me that Kate called her right after I did. I had called my mom just after I got off the phone with Kate before I turned it on airplane mode. Mom said that Kate told her we had broken up stranded teens porno and asked if her and dad could meet me at the airport. I asked if she said why we had broken up. Apparently, Kate told my mom that the two of us decided a long distance relationship wasn’t a good idea and mutually decided to end the relationship.

The entire ride home I felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach. I wanted to scream and punch something, but thought that might ruin my homecoming for my folks. My parents tried to distract me by asking about the Army and what my plans were while I was home. I thought to myself, “My plans were to get a hotel with Kate tonight and fuck like rabbits until the sun came up.” All of my plans over the next two weeks revolved around Kate. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

We arrived home and I told my parents I was wiped and really needed to just crash. I apologized for my mood and they told me it was expected considering the news I just received. After my shower, I hopped in bed and pulled out my phone to try and call Kate again. Right before I began to dial, my phone vibrated with a text. It was my cousin Shannon.

Shannon: Welcome back jackass! Love Ya!!

Shannon: What are you up to tonight?

Me: I was just getting ready to dial Kate when your text popped up.

Shannon: I thought you two broke up like two months ago.

Me: What???????

Me: I just found out tonight when I landed at the airport and my parents were there to pick me up instead of her.

Me: She broke up with a voicemail.

Shannon: That is seriously F d up!

Me: Why did you think we broke up two months ago?

Shannon: You remember my friend Sara? She’s the one who’s had a crush on you for like ever?

Shannon: Anyways, she goes to the same school as Kate. She hates Kate because Kate is with you. Sara called me so excited that Kate had a new boyfriend and wanted me to try and hook you up with her when you got back.

Several minutes went by…

Shannon: Hello?

Me: Yeah, sorry. I’m trying to wrap my head around all of this. Not only did my girlfriend break up with me tonight over voice mail, she has apparently been cheating on me for the past two months.


Shannon: I think I heard you yell that all of the way over at my house.

Shannon: Look, I know this is a little soon, but Sara, Heather, and I are going to get together with a few other friends at Heather’s parents house tomorrow night. You should come.

Me: Heather is going to be there?

Shannon: Oh great, this is going to be awkward. You like Heather; Sara likes you. Let the drama begin.

Me: Is there going to be any alcohol? I think I might just have to get drunk soon.

Shannon: LOL. Heather’s parents have some and one of the guys that will be there is 21, so he can buy for all of us.

Shannon: Welcome home Jackass! See ya tomorrow. Love ya!

Me: Sounds good. Looking forward to the distraction. Love ya too.

Although I was still filling ill over Kate, the thought of hanging out with Shannon and her cute girlfriends sounded great. What better way to get over a relationship than to hook up with someone new? As I thought more about Kate, I went from hurt to angry. It would be great if I could throw in her face that I slept with another girl the day after she failed to pick me up.

I really hoped that girl would be Heather. Shannon was right. I had a crush on Heather for years. Unfortunately, whenever I was around her she always had a boyfriend. Heather was also a bit of a challenge. She was very modest and seemed rather innocent. I think that is what made her so appealing out of Shannon’s friends. Sara would practically throw herself at me whenever I was around. She was a pretty safe bet if Heather didn’t work out. Besides, as much as Sara hated Kate, Kate hated Sara. It would have really pissed Kate off if I fucked Sara.

I didn’t sleep much that night thinking about the upcoming party at Heather’s house. I had been around Shannon, Heather and Sara several times growing up and they were a lot of fun. They seemed to do everything together. They called themselves “The Three Amigas.” Fortunately, cute girls tend to have cute girlfriends. I think most people would consider all three attractive.

Heather was definitely my favorite. Shannon and Heather were both cheerleaders together and had what I thought of as flawless bodies. I didn’t normally go for blondes, but Heather was the exception. She had beautiful hair that went down past her shoulders. She always dressed in clothes that complemented her body, but were still modest. I think her innocent look is what made her so desirable. I saw her once at a pool party about a year ago that Shannon had, celebrating the three of them graduating high school. She was wearing a one piece, but it still showed off her great ass and a little cleavage. Although Heather’s breasts student sex parties porno were the smallest of the three, they were very perky and still a B-cup. Cheerleading gave her a flat stomach and nice long legs. I had been to a couple of games to watch her and my cousin cheer. She was probably the most talented of the girls on the field. I jerked off many times as a young man thinking about her cheering without the uniform.

Sara was a little thicker. She definitely didn’t have the tone body of the other two, but she did have a really cute face. She was by no means fat, just not an athlete. She had to work a little harder than Heather and Shannon to get the guys’ attention. She had long brown hair and always seemed to wear it in these sexy pigtails. Her normal attire consisted of tight jeans and a low cut shirt to show off her proudest assets. Sara definitely had the largest breasts of the three. She was always a big flirt with the guys and likely my best bet for getting laid.

Shannon was actually the hottest of the three, but since she was my cousin I didn’t really go there. I would be lying if I said I didn’t check her out a bit when I saw her in a bikini at that party. She really matured her senior year in high school. I was actually surprised by how revealing her bikini was. I am guessing she was trying to show off her newly matured breasts to all of her friends. They were definitely a pair to be proud of. Shannon was probably the perfect blend of Sara and Heather. She was tone like Heather, but had the dark brown hair I love. She mostly wore it in a ball cap, but when she let it fall down past her shoulders it was sometimes hard to remember she was my cousin. She was shorter than Heather, but had a nicer ass and the cutest face of the three.

As I laid there thinking about the party, my thoughts didn’t just revolve around Sara or Heather. A picture of Shannon in that bikini kept popping up in my head. Then I started wondering what she looked like without the bikini. I felt a little guilty thinking about Shannon like that, but had a hard time thinking of the other two. I thought maybe I should release a little pent up frustration and tried to masturbate to my cheerleading fantasy about Heather. It was no use. Every time I closed my eyes it was Shannon in her uniform, without bloomers, lifting her leg high in the air. I couldn’t believe how hard I was getting thinking about my cousin. I never really fantasized about her like that before. I didn’t last long after I started jerking off. After that, I fell asleep without another thought of Kate.

The next morning I woke up with a real excitement about the party. I decided I would try and score some alcohol to contribute to the fun, and reached out to local guy that would buy beer for my friends and me when we were in high school. It cost me an extra twenty bucks, but he got me a bottle of vodka, some beer, and some wine coolers. Nothing was worse than running out of drinks at a party. I also wanted to make sure we had more than beer so all of the ladies would have drinks they liked. My chances with Heather would be better if she had something to lower her inhibitions.

As the time drew near for the party, Shannon called and asked if I could pick her up on the way. I went by her parent’s house to get her, and like a true nineteen year old, she was still getting ready. I sat and chatted with my aunt and uncle for a bit before she finally came down the stairs. When I looked over towards her I accidently said, “Damn!” My aunt and uncle immediately turned towards me as I realized what I just said out loud. Shannon must have heard me, and she just smiled proudly. It didn’t seem to faze her. My uncle started to say something about the way she was dressed, but my aunt cut him off reminding him that Shannon was an adult now. It was a very uncomfortable moment, and my verbal slip didn’t help matters. After turning three shades of red, I awkwardly said goodbye to my aunt and uncle and followed Shannon out the door.

As she walked towards the car, I admired her beautifully tanned legs that were mostly uncovered by her short jean skirt. I think the “Damn” came from the low cut blouse that showed off a generous amount of cleavage. Her hair was down in a loose braid that lay over her left shoulder. I opened the car door and almost got a glimpse of her panties as she rotated both legs into the car. Being careful not to get caught, I quickly adverted my eyes up. Unfortunately, that led right to her blouse, which I could now see down revealing a lacy pink bra. I again quickly moved my gaze upwards to find her beautiful green eyes staring right into mine. I was busted and we hadn’t even left the driveway.

Shannon then smirked at me saying, “I was going to ask how I looked, but I think you have already made it clear what your opinion is. I know it’s been awhile since you’ve been around cute girls, but try to not get caught staring too much tonight submissive cuckolds at the party. It might be a little awkward if someone sees you staring at your cousin’s ass.”

I immediately blushed again and said nothing as I closed her car door. I went to the other side and got in trying not to look over at her. As I drove off to the party my eyes were locked straight ahead on the road.

“Hey, I’m sorry about staring back there. It has just been a long while since I’ve been around any girls worth looking at,” I explained. “I wasn’t trying to be creepy or anything.”

Shannon laughed saying, “Don’t worry about it. If you think I’m hot, and you’re my cousin, I must be doing something right.”

I looked over at her as she gave me a wink and squeezed my thigh. Her hand didn’t stay there, but her touch caused an immediate stiffening of my cock. During the remainder of the fifteen-minute drive I tried not to be so obvious about looking at her beautiful legs and chest. She started talking about some of the people who were going to be there. I didn’t know anyone besides “The Three Amigas”, and really didn’t care. I kept thinking about the fantasy I had the night before and wondered what kind of panties, if any, my cousin was wearing. A couple of times she would smile over at me and then just stare out the window while she was talking. It seemed like she was giving me an opportunity to check her out a bit. The second time she did it, she parted her legs slightly. I leaned forward a bit to see if I could catch a glimpse beneath her skirt. Suddenly, I heard a car horn and quickly realized I drifted over the double yellow line.

Shannon laughed at me as she teased, “You OK to drive? Do a little pre-partying did we? I’d like to get there in one piece.” She squeezed my leg again as she continued to laugh at my expense. She then directed me to turn at the next road and Heather’s house was down on the left.

We arrived about thirty minutes late and there were probably ten other cars there. Everyone was inside except a guy on the front porch smoking. As we walked up to the front door, the guy smoking looked my cousin up and down like she was a piece of meat. I suddenly felt very protective of Shannon, and told him he might want to control his wondering eyes or they would be looking at a fist. Shannon pulled me towards the door and apologized to the guy for my comment. She explained that I just got home from the Army and was a little over-protective.

After we got inside Shannon stopped and said,” Thanks for looking out for me back there, but I really want you to have a nice time tonight and not get into a fight.”

She then gave me a big hug. I immediately felt my cock start to harden again as I enjoyed her breasts pushing into my chest. Fortunately, we were interrupted by Heather and Sara as they barreled down the hall way and wrapped there arms around the two of us. They traded turns hugging both Shannon and me and then drug us into the kitchen to make a drink.

Heather didn’t bother introducing me to anyone else in the house. There were probably twenty or so other people there. It might as well just have been the four of us as we congregated around the kitchen island. I was asked what seemed like a hundred questions about the past eight months. “What is difficult?” “Any cute girls?” “How’s the food?” “Is it true you have to take community showers?”

Then Sara stepped over and gave me a big hug saying,” I heard about you and Kate. I’m so sorry Jimmy. What a bitch. If there is anything I can do to while you’re here don’t hesitate.”

Heather immediately said, ” What the F Sara? He just found out. You don’t need to throw yourself at him!”

I smiled and told them it was fine. It was funny to hear Heather try to curse but not really. I was surprised she said that, based on how she used to be. The truth was I didn’t mind Sara throwing herself at me at all. I also thought it was curious that Heather seemed to be a bit jealous. Shannon just laughed at all of us.

We hung out in the kitchen for the next two hours before some drunken guy started bitching that all the beer was gone. I guess their go-to-guy only bought three cases of beer and Heather’s stash from her parents was now gone. As I looked around, I noticed that several people had already left and there were maybe two girls and three guys still there. One was the guy I spoke with on the front porch. I leaned over and mentioned to Shannon that I may have a little emergency stash in the trunk of my car. Heather heard me and instructed me not to get it, hoping the five other people would leave. She said they were friends of a friend and she didn’t really know them. The porch guy walked in and asked if there was anything to drink. Sara, the smart ass that she was, offered him milk or water from the fridge. He didn’t say a thing. He just gave her a shitty look, turned around and walked out the door. Shortly after, the other two couples left.

“Well, it looks like I get ‘The Three Amigas’ all to myself tonight,” I proudly stated.

“I’m not one for sharing,” joked Sara, who was obviously a little tipsy.

“I didn’t mean like that,” I replied. ” I meant I have some alcohol in my car and I get to hang out with the three of you by myself. I’ll go get it.”

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