Sharks , Sisters


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Sharks & Sisters

Fyr knocked back a shot at the bar, cheap vodka burning as it slipped down her throat. The dragoness shuddered and gasped, massaging her throat as it seemed to leave a searing trail in its wake, wings tucked in close to the crimson dragoness’ back. The bar was busy and thriving as she leaned down on the counter, smiling at the bartender bustling back and forth to get everyone drinks. The warthog, well known for not giving anyone an ounce more alcohol than they’d ordered in the college city, raced back and forth, intent only on his job as a bead of sweat trickled down behind his piggy ear.

She stretched out her wings and sat up tall, pushing her shoulder blades back as the sounds of the bar washed over her. A rare night out for herself was something to be enjoyed, she’d decided, though the dragoness knew it would not be that long before she had herself some good company.

The dragon smirked to herself, tapping her claws on the bar for another drink, her third of the evening and still going strong. No, her kind of dragon, the kind with swaying hips and a tail that drew the eye to her full, round buttocks always had the right kind of attention on her, if not at all times.

Everyone needed a break now and then, after all.

“You seem to be having fun here all by your lonesome.”

Well, that was quicker than I thought.

She raised an eyebrow as a hammerhead shark eased herself delicately onto the stool beside her, demonstrating far more finesse and class than a dragon may have expected from a creature who would have naturally lived in the ocean. There were not many sharks around inland, even though they had evolved into two-legged anthros perfectly capable of breathing air. It was a funny sort of being, the translation from aquatic to amphibious, and Fyr had no doubt that a lot of furries spoke so badly of them for that simple fact alone.

She wasn’t some furries.

“Sometimes you need a quiet one,” she said, a lazily smile pulling at her lips, her mind a pleasant buzz of vodka. “You new around here?”

The shark shook her blocky head, eyes turned slightly forward so that she didn’t have to tip it at a side-on angle.

“Not really. Only don’t go out as much as I probably should.”

Fyr gave her a strange look.

“It’s college, hun, we’re meant to be out all the time.”

The shark laughed, a strange sound that could have come burbling up from the depths of the ocean to become waves crashing on the rocks.

“Maybe so.” She stuck out her hand. “I’m Cheryal.”


They shook, the shark’s grip firm and not one bit as slimy as Fyr may have expected it to be in the back of her mind.

And that was that: a friendship was made. It was funny how alcohol loosened the tongue, both of them of a suitable age to be drinking. It turned out that Cheryal had taken a few years off from the school system before embarking on college, though whether or not it had set her up for her studies was another question entirely.

“It’s just so much work!” She complained, slamming her fist down on the bar top, to the disapproval of their warthog overseer. “I never thought it would be this bad. I hiked around the Greek islands on less money than I get from the scholarship! Not that I don’t appreciate it, but it seems like they think that’s supposed to support me through my entire course?”

She laughed, the teeth tucked back into the curve of her jaws flashing in the sharp bar lighting.

“Fat chance of that!”

“Oh, I know, girl,” Fyr commiserated, nodding sagely. “It hardly leaves you any time to just enjoy yourself. I know school is important and all, but you’ve got to relax too.”

It was a philosophy she’d employed many times in her younger years in another school where she was definitely not supposed to have been doing what she did then to relax. Heat rushed to the dragoness’ cheeks and she coughed into her paw to disguise her flush. It was strange to be on her own for that reason alone; having a sibling meant so little time to herself when she was younger and it was all the same living with him at college too.

Their parents had agreed readily to it, anticipating that the bills, at least, would be less if they kept both of their young together. Fyr guessed that her dad was just glad to see her brother going to college at all. But it was one of the reasons that she’d waited for him, taking a couple of gap years to let him catch up with her.

In the college town, however, they could be on the same page as each other, for once.

Undoubtedly, as if Fyr had led the conversation there herself, the topic turned to lovers and, more specifically boyfriends. More specifically still, who was banging and dumping who. Cheryal had had türkçe alt yazı porno a string of flings in college, saying that she didn’t want anything serious, but Fyr suspected that wasn’t true, as adventurous as the shark seemed to be. Sipping her cocktail delicately, the hammerhead gave a soft murmur of appreciation for the fruity concoction, taking a cherry delicately between her teeth.

“So, Fyr,” she giggled, swaying a little drunkenly on her stool. “What’s this boyfriend of yours like then?”

Fyr blushed and covered her mouth with her paw, a hiccup shaking her as the shark chuckled, giggles gripping her slender form

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly say…”

“Dish the dirt! I’ve seen you around with a blue drake – drop dead gorgeous!”

Fyr’s mouth opened to say the words that she’d had to say all the time in her hometown. That Kao wasn’t her boyfriend, he was just her brother and they were ridiculous for thinking that they were an item. Most would quickly apologise and look suitably ashamed after she ‘corrected’ them, even if Fyr was lying through her teeth and what they had seen between her and her brother was far more than sibling love at best.

The dragoness cleared her throat.

“Yes… Well…” It wasn’t as if their relationship was a secret at college, she just had to keep her story straight. “Yeah, we’re a thing. A couple.”

Her heart warmed. It was good to say it after such a long time of keeping their relationship secret, all under wraps and on the down low. Of course, it would have been a scandal if it had ever gotten out in their hometown that Fyr and her brother had been fucking since they’d been old enough to know what sex was but, in the college city, anything was possible. And what was possible for Fyr, far, far away from home, was a relationship with the brother who had, so very sweetly, taken her virginity from her years ago.

“So!” Cheryal giggled. “What’s he like? Damn, he looks hot!”

Fyr blushed.

“Yeah. He is. Hot, I mean.”

“Come on – have you no details? Got a pic of him?”

Fyr slipped her phone from her pocket, opening it to her gallery.

“Here’s one. Will that do?”

The shark gave a soft ‘oooh’ as she took the phone from Fyr’s paws, studying the photo of Kao in a band T-shirt.

“He’s niiiiice. So have you – oh no!”

Her thumb tapped the screen, flipping over to the next photo in the gallery… However, that picture was a close-up of Kao’s cock and balls, his shaft hard and ridged in all its glory.


Fyr lunged for the phone, but a laughing Cheryal held it out of reach. Staring a little too closely at the screen, the shark boldly flipped to the next photo in her gallery of Kao topless, posing beside the pool they’d visited on their last holiday together. His bulge was visible even through his swim trunks and Cheryal’s eyes visibly popped, getting just that little bit wider.

Well, someone certainly likes what they see. Fyr bristled. But she can’t have what’s already mine.

“Damn, Fyr,” she breathed. “You really do know how to pick ’em!”

The dragoness growled and tapped her claws sharply on the bar top.

“Sure, I do, but could you please hand that back over right now?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

There was a distinct lack of apology in her voice that Fyr could not help but notice, sitting back with an elbow on the bar and an eyebrow raised. Cheryal downed the last of her drink with a satisfied ‘ah’, but her eyes flicked back to Fyr, the shark near enough brimming over with questions.

“So…” She said, dragging out the word. “Nice cock on that one, huh?”

Fyr sighed.

“You really shouldn’t have done that.”

But the words were empty and there was no conviction in her tone, much as there had been no apology in the shark’s. Fyr’s crotch tingled with heat and she wondered just what Kao would say if he found out that she was flashing around photos of him and his junk. She knew they had to be careful, even though they were in a different town, but some things just held such an alluring edge that she could not help but investigate them, delving into what had her pussy drip just from the mere thought alone.

“You know, I’ve got more photos of him.”

Cheryal grinned. Perhaps she’d been expecting Fyr to give in all along.

“And are you going to show me or not, you sly thing?”

Taking a breath, Fyr tapped the phone screen again, opening the folder in her gallery that held all of her most ‘special’ photos. The first one that popped up was Kao naked, sprawled on the bed with his soft cock laid across his thigh. Cheryal murred appreciatively and nudge Fyr’s wrist to prod her on to the next and, riding a jittery high that was not unlike that of adrenaline, showed the shark another. And another. And another. There was photo after photo of her stud drake of a brother to show and not a single one of them would disappoint any curious femfur.

“Oh, the things I could do to that cock…” Cheryal murmured, shaking her türkçe ifşa porno head. “I wish I’d gotten to him before you, but you’ve got a damn good one there. Wish I could see him!”

Fyr smirked.

“Yeah, well, he’s all mine, lady, and I’m not about to let this one go.”

“Oh, I don’t blame you! I don’t know what he’s like personally, but she sure seems to make you happy – in more ways than one!”

Fyr blushed and nodded quietly, sipping what she promised herself would be her last drink of the evening. Cheryal could not know just how Kao made her happy, her judgement of the drake solely on his body and his physique. The dragon still kept himself in good shape after all the sports he did previously at school, preferring football to soccer and even taking a short spell in martial arts. It did mean that he was exceptionally good at pinning her down and gaining the upper paw – not that Fyr minded in the slightest.

But there was far more to their incestuous liaison than met the eye, both open to experimentation and one kinky drake in particular with a need for exhibitionism about him.

It was a good thing that Fyr liked to watch too.

Just how many cocktails had that shark downed? Enough? Fyr hid her smile, heart thudding painfully in her chest. While she’d been thinking, imagining Kao doing unspeakable things, the shark had rambled on, raving about his body and how he compared to the last guy she’d fucked. Of course, there had been no comparison. Kao was Kao and there really was no one that could be more alluring her eyes.

“Just… Argh! How do you do it? I need to snag me a good guy, doesn’t have to be a shark, though it’d be easier if I wanted to have pups one day,” Cheryal lamented. “I don’t want to settle down yet, just have a bit of fun.”

Fyr raised an eyebrow.

“Honey, it doesn’t sound like you know what you want yet. But there’s never anything wrong with a bit of fun.”

Fyr winced. Sometimes she really did sound like her mother. The dragoness had been – and still was – full of wisdom and, from what Kao had told her, a kinky, dirty side and need to be dominated too. Perhaps that was where she’d gotten it from.

“Yeah, you’re probably right…” Cheryal sighed. “There’s no rush, I’m still young. Just from a kinda town where they all expect you to get hitched and pregnant pretty young. Sometimes that’s still in the back of my mind. And when I see ladies like you with males like that… Wow. Just wow. You’ve really got it all and it makes me want it too.”

Although Fyr privately thought that the shark was a little biased and likely more than a little drunk, she did think she’d got it all. She had the best brother and lover in the world and what dragoness could want for more, her career set up to progress smoothly on from college? Things were coming together and she didn’t have to worry about money with her parents supporting both of them. Like all parents, they had a vested interest in their offspring and, well, neither Kao nor Fyr was about to refuse the much-needed help at a critical point in her lives.

It was all very sensible, good and sensible. Which is why Fyr went out on a limb for things a little more risqué at times.

“You’d like to fuck Kao, wouldn’t you?” She said, a smirk tugging at her lips.

Oh, she enjoyed it really, even though her mouth was dry and her heart pounded, blood roaring in her ears so loudly that she almost couldn’t catch Cheryal’s response over the clamour in her own mind.

“Oh, gods!” The shark shuddered. “I’m… Oh, well, I shouldn’t say… But I’m sure you’re very much aware that the dragon is a very attractive specimen of a male.”

Fyr grinned and winked.

“All I need is a yes or a no here.”

The answer came in a rush, so immediate that it was as if Cheryal had been simply waiting for permission.

“Yes! Hell, yes!”

“Maybe you can. Kao does…” She paused, partly for effect and partly curious as to whether she was actually going to go through with the faint inkling of an idea or not. “Kao has a bit of an adventurous side.”

The shark laughed and reached for her drink, but it was empty.

“Sure, you say that. What guy doesn’t?”

Fyr smiled, eyes perfectly downcast, half-lidded so that her eyelashes fluttered seductively.

“Yes… But Kao is extra adventurous. I’ll let you try him, if you like.”

Cheryal stared at her, her lower jaw very slightly slack.

“What… What are you saying?”

Fyr leaned in as if she was about to impart a secret to her, though what came from her lips was hardly anything less than the juiciest revelation one could possibly come up with.

“I’m saying, sugar, have you ever tried a kind of a threesome?” Fyr purred, eyes intent. “Or maybe more the kind where I watch…”

The shark blinked several times, sitting back and popping the end of the straw between her teeth. She sucked at what liquid remained at the bottom of the glass, a crude, bubbling sucking sound burbling forth that made Fyr cringe.


“Sorry. vivid porno But…”

Fyr waved her off.

“You don’t have to answer now. But think about you. You sure seem like you want to spend time with him and, well, I can see if Kao’d be up for a little fun.”

Fyr smiled warmly, putting a genuine warmth into her eyes.

“I think we could all use a little to take our mind off our schooling, don’t you think?”

The shark pondered her words, swirling a finger through the moisture on the bar top, the tip of her finger making shapes that quickly separated, drops pulling together to take her spiral back to a liquid that was indiscernible as any form of shape or pattern.

The shark smiled toothily, a little gleam in the corner of her eye.

“Let me have look at those photos again?”

And, just like that, Fyr knew she had her.

Or had her for Kao.


“Are you sure this is a good idea? Did you tell him? Did you show him a picture?”

Fyr rolled her eyes and sighed as she led the shark round to their rented apartment, up the narrow flight of stairs. It was not a bad area and probably better than what most college students ended up in, the two of them having gone for private accommodation and evening jobs to top up the money side of things rather than move into dorms. It at least meant that they could enjoy each other whenever they wanted, instead of sneaking around roommates.

“Jeez, girl,” Fyr rumbled a growl. “I’ve brought you here, haven’t I? Let’s see what the drake thinks about it before we get wound up over things.”

Of course, she knew that Kao wasn’t going to voice any objections to what she had in mind; she did know her brother rather well, after all. She, however, didn’t have to tell Cheryal that, letting the shark stew and fret for a little longer, anticipation and hope building and building. Fyr smiled secretively, sliding the key into the lock. It would make the moment when she finally took her brother’s shaft, perhaps even with Fyr ‘helping’ in the best way a loving sister could, all the sweeter for the growing anticipation.

And that moment was soon to come, after a week of sending the poor shark pictures and hearing her lament that Fyr had such a hot boyfriend and Cheryal…hopelessly nothing. Maybe furries didn’t like sharks that so much, but she was a fine piece of tail either way and Fyr would have had fun with her if the shark had been that way inclined. As it was, she was quite happy to watch her brother take the spoils for himself this time around.

“Hey, Kao,” Fyr called, dropping her keys in the bowl by the door. “I brought someone back to meet you.”

“I’m not decent!” Her brother shouted from presumably the region of the living room. “Can you wait? Close your eyes or something?”

“Do I really need to close my eyes?”

Fyr exchanged a look with Cheryal, who had a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles, eyes alight and dancing with barely restrained glee.

“You don’t, but whoever’s with you does!”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake…”

Fyr stormed into the bedroom and snatched up a pair of jeans. Maybe Kao had been waiting on the sofa naked with her, but he couldn’t really have chosen a worse day to be nude but for the scales he’d been born with. She ground her teeth together. She actually needed to get Cheryal into the same room as him with clothes on to see if there was any kind of spark between them first of all!

Although, she had to admit that she’d considered alcohol, just to loosen things up a bit, and reconsidered it as she walked in on Kao. The drake still sprawled lazily across the sofa, one leg kicked up over the arm as his flaccid cock draped softly against his thigh. He smirked as she entered, the tip of his tail curling back and forth.

“Nice to see you, sis…” He drawled, stretching out his wings, one at a time. “But I think you might wanna toss those jeans at me.”

Fyr grinned and winked, but threw them at him all the same. Even as the drake grumbled good-naturedly – he must have had a reasonable day at college at least to be in such amenable spirits – she looked him up and down, something tightening in her loins as she hissed through her teeth.

Damn, that drake looked good, muscle in all the right places. There was no way the shark wouldn’t want to get on her knees for him. Or any other position would do really, for whatever they wanted to do. Fyr’s lips curved into a wicked smile. No, there was really no reason at all.

“Brought someone to meet you,” she purred. “I think you’re gonna like her.”

“Oh yeah?” He said, only half paying attention as he zipped up the jeans. “Who is it?”

“Wait and see.”

He rolled his eyes and Fyr pushed open the door to the living room with her heel.

“Cheryal, dear,” she called, voice syrupy sweet. “You can come in now.”


The shark darted into the room with all the grace and precision of her kind when slicing through ocean water, straightening sharply as she held out her hand to the drake. Kao raised an eyebrow and took her hand in his paw, shaking it in a firm, steady grip. Cheryal nearly swooned right then and there and, if she’d had eyelashes, Fyr would have expected her to be fluttering them and peering through them with the coyest look on her face that one could have ever imagined.

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