Sharon Part 3


Sharon Part 3Sharon wasn’t sure of me holding her hand and rubbing my cock though my trousers and said “It feels so big”. I laughed and said here I will take my pants off so you can feel all of it. I loosened my pants and took them off and then removed my briefs allowing my cock to point straight out to her. Sharon just gazed in amazement and said ” how could that fit in Glenda” ( the girl I fucked in part1)I told her viginas stretch to take most sizes but some women can’t take the whole length. I took her hand again and wrapped it around my cock and showed her how to stroke it, where it was sensitive, just below the knob and to vary the stokes to give more pleasure. I told her that when I am ready to come she would be able to tell by my reaction and my heavy breathing but at no time while I am cumming was she to stop. I warned her that when I cum it will shoot about a foot in the air for the first few times and then would just ooze out until it stopped. I also told her to use her other hand to gently rub and feel my balls which will add to my pleasure. I took her hand and showed her how.Laying on the bed I told her to sit between my legs and start stroking it. Her hand felt small but warm around it and she was very quick learner and giving me lots of feeling.She said “I think you are cumming, there is stuff oozing out as I stroke” I told her that is precum which usually leaks out first to help lubricate it for when it is entering a virgina.”Run your fingers through it and rub it on my cock” which she did. Now I canlı bahis was starting to really enjoy this and knew I would cum quick so told her to play with my balls which she did while still stroking it.My cum was building up and am sure she detected it and stroked harder and i couldn’t hold back and shot my first load into the air.Sharon gasped watching this whitish fluid squirting into the air over and over until the last drops seeped out and down over her hand. I had to grap her hand and stop her as the head of my cock became too sensitive, but still held it until it shrinked up.I reached over and grabbed some tissues so she could wipe her hands but she was just running her fingers through it and said to me “did Glenda take this in her mouth” I said yes she swallowed as much as she could and then licked up the rest.”What does it taste like” she asked.” It a bit salty but most girls seem to like it”I replied.With that she raised her hand to her mouth and tasted it with her tongue.”Yes I see what you mean, have you ever tasted it yourself””Yes but mainly after I cum in a girl and then lick up both our juices from her cunt”.She was full of questions like ‘can you get pregnant from swallowing it’ or ‘does it make you sick’ and how many an times can you cum like this’.She still had my cum on her hands while I answered all her questions, just rubbing it between her fingers and then I was shocked to see her start licking them and swallowing my cum.We finally cleaned up and i went to the kitchen to get us a soft drink bahis siteleri and when I returned I stood at the door and she didn’t realise I was there and was rubbing her clit with her finger.I stood and watch and couldn’t believe that this girl who didn’t want to have sex was now fingering herself.Sharon just smiled as I walked in and said ” looks like you are enjoying yourself”. She just laughed and took her hand away to take the glass.”You know I like watching a girl masturbate as I shows me what they like and where to be touched. I think it is the same for women and they also learn how a guy likes to be stroked” I imformed her.”will you rub yourself for me” she said “I want to watch you”I knelt on the bed alongside her and took my limp cock in my hand and slowly stroked it watching her eyes which never stopped looking at my cock. I put my other hand under and gently squeezed my balls. My cock was now expanding to it’s full length and I was getting as horny as hell and said ” I wish I could fuck you”She said “No we agreed that we wouldn’t do that, but what if I suck you off””Oh OK that would be great”I lay back down on the bed and she took up her position between my legs and grasped my hard cock. Slowly stroking it as she placed her mouth over it’s head, licking my precum and around the tip.The feel of her wet mouth around my cock had my balls just about bursting and I warned her I was coming.She didn’t stop but just stroked harder until warm sticky liquid filled her mouth. She opened her mouth wider and güvenilir bahis let the cum run out until it stopped squirting and then proceded to swallow as much as she could. I just moaned with contentment.She got up and grabbed the soft drink and washed my cum down, then grabbed some tissues and wiped us both clean.She snuggled up alongside me and told me how much she had enjoyed what we had done today but wanted to cum again.I laid her on her back and kissed my way down her body until i came to her very wet juicy pussy. My tongue flicked and licked her clit as my finger squeezed in between her flaps and rubbed her slit. She was really relaxed and enjoying every touch of her clit and wriggled and moaned when I chewed on it. My finger slowly pressed into her virgin crevice, making sure I didn’t go too far. She then reached down and pulled her knees up to her chest to totally expose her pussy and ass to me.My tongue was lapping her clit and my finger was wet from her juices. I pulled my finger out and rimmed her ass with it, trying to see any negative response but her body was out of her control and wanted anything that made her cum.I pressed my finger slowly into her tight ass hole, but by the time I had it half way in her body convulsed, shook and she was screaming out.”oh yeah oh yeah I am cumming” and cum she did it went for what seemed minutes and my finger slipped all the way in as her muscles relaxed while she came.Sharon laid there gasping for air and i withdrew my finger and headed to the bathroom to wash it.When I returned she was in the foetal position and just staring at me. I laid down along side her and we kissed and chatted for the rest of that afternoon.I did finally get to fuck her but that will be inSHARON PART 4

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