She didn’t know the neighbours are away.


She didn’t know the neighbours are away.She didn’t know the neighbours are away.So, I’ve had the horny thought of fucking Sally in the garden but not really wanting to share the experience with my randy mate next door. He and his wife are away for a surprise romantic weekend and so we will not be over looked. Sally doesn’t know this, as she has been away for work. My sexy wife decided to make a bet and lost. She agreed to allow me to fuck her senseless for the upcoming Sunday; anything I want! While she has been away, I’ve had a few days to make plans. We have a swing in the garden and I’ve attached two rings on the shed, a meter apart at thigh level and two anchor points in the paving.Her 25 year old body is trim after hours of gym work. Her 37dd boobs don’t need support unless she’s jogging. Her legs join at her sweet pussy. She has a lovely camel-toe unless she is aroused and then her lips swell and hang down. Since our wedding she has kept her pussy bald. She uses this appearance in our roleplay as an ‘innocent schoolgirl’. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve ‘taken her ‘virginity’ in her school uniform. I’m horny just thinking about it.As hoped, Sunday is dry and the early morning sun is already warming up. We have had breakfast as if nothing is going to happen. Immediately after clearing away the dishes I order my new wife to sit on a breakfast stool. I strip and take a seat in an easy chair opposite her. Using my hands I signal for her to open her legs; wide. Her short night T-shirt is pulled tight causing it to slip higher, showing her ‘virgin schoolgirl’s’ pussy. After a sort time I demand that she strips her T-shirt off. Still seated I marvel at my good fortune in marrying such a stunning woman. I ask her to stand and put her hands behind her head. She is blushing with embarrassment; so cute. It’s like she has never been naked in front of a man. I’m hard and as I enjoy the show I slowly stroke my istanbul escort boner. Being shy, she is already excited being naked, openly displaying all of her body in the kitchen for the first time.Her pussy-lips are hanging down larger than ever before. She moves seductively over to me. Kneeling she takes my dick into her mouth. As she starts bobbing her head she moves her hands, clasping them behind her back. Sally really enjoys giving head and leaning back I enjoy her expert mouth. She knows how to get me going and all too soon I’m building towards my release. With the increasing excitement she allows my knob into her throat. I need to stop her now or I will erupt.Taking her head, I surprise her by lifting her up. Her arousal builds further as she feels the harsh metal of our handcuffs before hearing the metallic click. Locking her hands behind her has her breast thrust forward. Her aroused nipples are cherry red. The curves of her breast always excites me, even more now as I squeeze her nipples. I suck on each nipple in turn. While I enjoy her rubbery nipples she does her best to rub her pussy against my dick. Wanting some fun, I slip my dick-head between her aroused lips and enjoy the sensations of her pussy massaging my dick. Sally is panting, desperate to cum. She catches me off guard as she flexes her hips, causing me to slip effortlessly into her pussy. Realising that she is so close I don’t stop her. Holding her hips still I plough her tight pussy; driving as deeply as possible. Only seconds later she trembles and as her legs gives way, she helps drive me even deeper. I seat her on the worktop and fuck her for my pleasure, emptying my ball into her unprotected womb.Breathing heavily I withdraw. She unfolds onto the worktop and me into the easy chair. From my vantage place I can see her well fuck pussy. As she sits up resting on avcılar escort her elbows, her pussy squeezes out some of my white seed. She looks so sexy openly displayed, with her flushed face hovering over her heaving breasts.Before she can completely recover I unlock the bracelets and slip a blindfold over her eyes. I lead her to the back door and immediately she protests. “No darling. Not outside. Jack will see…. Please.” “Sally you agreed to do whatever I want. And, unless Jack looks out of his back bedroom window, you are safe. …..So you must be quiet….” Sally has never been quiet when she cums.Leading her to the swing, I tie her spread eagled standing. If Jack was looking out of his window he would have an uninterrupted view of my wife’s beautiful naked body. Her nipples are clearly showing her continued excitement. I drop to my knees and happily lick her horny pussy. Most of my seed has already dribbled out. Partly by gravity and partly because her pussy is dripping with humiliation and or excitement.After she has cum 3 times I move behind her. Easing the two high ropes I allow her to bend forward a little more. She knows Jack loves trying to get a glimpse of her boobs. I’m sure she can imagine that he would be playing with himself seeing her like this. Her excitement builds further as she realises I’m going to fuck her hard and fast. She can do nothing to prevent her boobs bouncing erotically. Jack would be coming by now, she knows, watching her being so roughly fucked. I’m really enjoying this fuck but I can feel her pussy tighten and the inevitable moaning, as she once more cums hard on my dick. Wanting to enjoy this outside fuck for longer I slow my fucking and reluctantly slip out. Still in the blindfold, I parade her around the garden ending at the shed. I fix her in place. She is bent over, hands secured with her legs fixed apart. Jack, if he was looking, would şirinevler escort have a lovely view of her ass perched high and ready to be fucked. To add to her excitement I press on her back and say, “Darling arch your back.” She does until I say, “If Jack was watching he could see your sexy pouting lips.” Instantly she tries to hide her pussy.I move in close and holding her waist I push down. Her dripping pussy reappears and kisses my dick. With a sharp rock of my hips, I slip in balls deep. Sally is unable to stop a loud groan as I bottom out. “Shhhh.” I suggest slapping her bum; leaving a hand print.This fuck is for me! Holding her hips I thrust deep and hard. Soon I’m fucking entirely for my pleasure. My dick is giving me the most tremendous sensations. My head is rolling in sheer joy. I’m lost in my own gratification and only slightly sense that Sally is begging me to cum in her pussy.She flops, exhausted but I keep fucking her. My balls are lifting ready to impregnate my wife. When her hand unexpectedly cups my balls, I cum. I’ve enjoyed this fuck so much I flood her womb to over flowing. I just stand with my shaft held snugly in a warm pussy as I fire salvo after salvo into her tight pussy; unbelievably fantastic. This is, without doubt, my most pleasurable fuck EVER. I release my lovely wife. Removing her blindfold she immediately checks to see if we have an audience. She breathes a sigh of relief. Seeing her relief I say, “They are away until tomorrow.” I’m thumped; hard.Leading her to our un-suite where we clean each other before she takes me to bed. She d****s a leg over me before slipping my already hard dick into her slippy pussy. Now in cowgirl she fuck me long and slow. Sally is great at taking her time when she wants to enjoy a sensual fucking. After a lovely slow fuck she starts to speed up. A sign that she’s ready for another orgasm. Taking the hint, I raise her hips and fuck her fast but not hard. We both cum together. ‘What a fantastic Sunday.’On month later our unprotected fuck was rewarded with a pregnancy! I guess the ‘innocent virgin schoolgirl’ fucking is out for a while. Still, Sally is especially randy at the moment and I’m enjoying her warm pussy even more! Happy days.I hope you all enjoyed this story?RegardsJack

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