She loves me because she is free.


She loves me because she is free.Well CC and I were at dinner the other night in our local place we eat .. We have our own table in the back and eat there all the time. She ( cc ) had on a little dress as allways and was soaked from teasing me at work allday noticed that the new waiter was hung like hell . She looked at me and said she would to feel that in her hands . So I told her to pull her dress up and get her top a little lower and to put her hand on the edge of the table so when he leaned in she could rub it. So she did just that and when she rub him he was surprised and apologized . He looked at me and I told him it’s fine she just wanted to canlı bahis feel you up . He was a little surprised but smiled and was looking at cc’s tits the whole time. I asked him if he liked her tits and told it was all good as he just loves to play. He said she had great tits and that she was a very hot woman , I laughed and told him you have no idea. As he left to go get our dinner I told cc , you wasn’t to suck him don’t you , She was so wet from all of this she had her fingers in her lists and pulled them out and showed me the cum on them. She licked her fingers clean and he returned and she was squirming in her seat and barely ate anything . bahis siteleri He return with the check and a smile as he could see CC Had her dress up around her waist and was rubbing her pussy. I asked him if he got a break anytime soon ? He said in about ten minutes . So I asked him if he wanted to meet us out back on his break because she really wanted to suck his cock. He was happy to say yes and he did just that . When he came out back we were waiting for him and he climbed in and fiction him to the back of the van and slowly slid him pants off as his cock was getting harder she was dripping cum on her towel. When she cock his cock in her hands güvenilir bahis she looked at me and I told her go honey , get what it is that you love. It took her a few times but got it down her throat and he begin to duck her mouth hard . He looked at me and I told him he could fuck the hell out of her because she is a true fun slut. He began to moan as he was ready loose him load and CC’s cunt was just gushing cum. It was running down her legs and he was getting louder and I could tell by her moans, he was going to cumm. She slid him out to the head of his cock so she could catch it all and I watched her swallow three or four times as she smiled and milked every last drop from him . She pulled his pants back up and thanked him . He was smiling from ear to ear as he thanked me. Cc got her towel and climbed up front and said she loved me . She loves me because she is free .

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