She taught more than Math.

She taught more than Math.My first year of college was a struggle. I always struggled in school and just barely graduatd high school. Algebra was impossible I just could not get it. So it was suggested I go to the Math lab on campus and get help. The student helper that worked with me at the lab was overweight and ugly, a total bitch and was no help. After I failed the class my first semester, my parents hired a tutor to help. My parents were going out of town for the weekend and the tutor who I assumed would be a bitch was coming to our house on Saturday. When she showed up at my door, I was stunned. Becky was beautiful, a tall Redhead with green eye that were hypnotizing, her large breasts really filled out her school sweatshirt. I was at least a little bit in love with this hot girl. When she showed up though she was all business, she of course explained she was there to work, that she was getting paid to teach and if I wanted to work hard she would go out of her way to help and if not don’t waste my time. Once again I thought, oh great another bitch to work with.I very much stuggled with the class and was trying to get the concapts and Becky would go over and over my lessons with me showing a lot of patience. every Saturday for weeks She would show up in her sweatshirt she would go over and my lessons.One day in early spring she showed up gaziemir escort in her sweatshirt and shorts, once again my parents were out of town. I think Becky was getting frusterated with me because I was still strugglig and still on the verge of failing the class again.”It’s warm in here” she said as we sat at the kitchen table going over my lessons. “Do you mind if I take off my sweatshirt”? I was thrilled she did showing her beautiful cleveage. She wore a tank top that barely held in her gorgeous breasts. Why tried to go over my lessons and I could not take my eyes off her breasts. “Hey, she said very seriously, “you’re not going to find the answer there”. I guess my staring at her tits was a little too obvious, but, I was 19 and horny she was 22 and beatiful. “Sorry” I said sheepishishly. “It’s okay” she said and then surprised me by saying “Maybe we need a break, you’ve never shown me your house, all the times I’ve been here.I took her around the house showing her my parents room and my sisters room, she was away at four year college but still had her room to come back to when she visited. All her trophys and awards decorated her room still which of course was quite different from mine.We walked down the hall to my room and I showed her my posters on the wall “Nice” she said. She sat on my bed and motioned for me to sit next escort gaziemir to her. I was trying to hide my cock which was getting hard under my jeans. What she said next surprised me. “My boyfriends and asshole, I think he’s cheating on me’ Do you have a girlfriend”? she asked, I shook my head no. She smiled and then kissed me full on the lips. I could feel her tits pressing against me She stood up and removed her tank top and removed her bra letting her breast free. She then sat down next to me helped me remove my shirt. I was so clumsly but she wasn’t and I was starting to realize that she was as horny as I was.She removed her shorts and pantys and then helped me get out of my pants and then she stroking my already hard cock. She had a great body and nice red trimmed bush and then she started sucking my cock long and slow. This girl knew a lot more than algebra and I knew she was about to teach me. She lay on my bed and guided my head to her tits where I sucked on her sweet nipples and licked her breast. I kissed all the way down her belly until I reached her heavenly sweet furry little pussy. Her legs were spread wide as she guided my head to lick her sweetness It tasted so good and she was moaning and moving her hips. I moved up a little and fingered her wet cunt. OOOhhhh she moaned. I kissed and sucked on one nipple as I gaziemir escort bayan squeezed her other breast and nipple with my other hand.I kissed her neck and then her sweet lips “Oh please fuck me please”. Believe me, she didn’t have to say please and certainly not have to say it twice. I removed my finger from her dripping cunt and replaced it with my rock hard cock, slowly easing the dickhead in and then pushing it all the way in. “OOohhhh oooh she moaned so good ahhhh” she said “mmmm”. I know I wasn’t that good she must have been really horny or lonely but I was loving everything about it. after a few miute of hot pumping I came in her awaiting cunt. We took a break for a few minutes then she asked me to lick her asshole. She got up on all fours and I went behind her and licked her ass crack then found her hole with my tongue and dug in OHHHHHH she screamed buring her head in ymy pillow to muffle the sound. I licked and slobbered her asshole and then with out asking got up behind her stuck my co ck up her ass and butt fucked her hard, slapping her ass the whole time. She must have liked getting assfucked because she rocked back and forth with me as we fucked. After a few minutes, I emptied another load into her ass, and then pulled out. After a short rest and taking time to clean up, we tried to return to my math lesson, but, it wasn’t possible So Becky just kissed me and went home early.I still struggled with class but, was able to barely pass with a C grade, that was enough> I willnever forget my math tutor Becky or the lessons she taught me, most of which ha do nothing to do with Math.

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