Sheltered accomodation

Sheltered accomodationIn the summer off 2009 i was doing some contract work for a local authority based here in the north west.It was a tuesday afternoon and was called out to do a small electrical job in the local sheltered accomodation block i know the block well as i live local to it its full of retired ladies and gents,and occasionally have seen some of the ladies walking past and secretly thinking i would love to bang was mrs taylors i was going to see i rang the buzzer and she let me in,she answered the door and kırşehir escort instantly i thought bugger,not very attractive quite scruffy early 70s so thought no more off it just get on with the job..was offered the usual cup of tea accepted and chatted usual banter any married blah blah blah etc..was not till i was up the ladder did things change,mrs taylor was commenting about the tattoos at my legs and saying they must have hurt,before i know it she was rubbing here hand on them to see if they were real never escort kırşehir in my lifetime has my cock instantly got so hard..oh mrs taylor knew this and before i knew it she was rubbing my solid cockthought running through my head i need to get out of here and on the other hand thinking i always wanted to fuck a granny anf this is my chance after searching for yonks..fuck it go with the flow i thought so i did with in seconds my shorts and underpants were round my ankles amd my hard cock in mrs taylors kırşehir escort bayan can tell she had not sucked cock for a long time as she was only sucking the first 2or 3 inches,but occasionally managed to thrust the whole lot into her mouth,for which she gagged on…after a few minutes i got off the ladder and started my work on mrs taylor i took her into the lounge started to touch her up hands all over her tits hand up her skirt kissing her passionately..before long i was licking here fantastic grey hairy pussy tongue in deep licking away,at this time my phone was going probaly the wife so needed to finish this i slid my cock into her wet pussy and fucker her till my cum went into her pussy…i apoligised it was so quick and left urgently and said will be in touch….

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