Sherri’s black sex instructor part 2

Sherri’s black sex instructor part 2After several months of incredible sex with Richard, Sherri accepted a date to go with him to a friends bar on the outskirts of town. She wore a tight, stretchable, body hugging black dress that clung to her body and showed everything she had. Richard insisted she wear no panties or bra and she happily obliged as she said she felt so alive and very sexy. Not to mention horny and wet!They drove for a short while to a house in the hills just outside of the city limits. It was an older house with little paint and no indication of it being a bar. There was one car parked in front and they parked beside it and got out and went to the front door. After knocking, an older black man answered and warmly greeted Richard and made a big fuss about Sherri. He went on and on as he led them into the house about her being a beautiful white flower . His name was Big Dog, and he was big. About six foot and 300 lbs, and in his fourties!The house had a large room that had a little dance floor and bar and looked more like a private house than a public bar. Richard told Sherri as they had drinks, that it was Big Dog’s house and it was a place for a few of their friends to unwind on weekends together. Big Dog played some music and encourage Richard to show Sherri off on the little dance floor. While Richard was holding Sherri close as they moved to the music, another older man entered and sat at the makeshift bar. Sherri noticed the smile he had as he looked at her when she first saw him. As the hour grew on, Sherri and Richard’s dancing got a little nasty. Sherri was a little tipsy and horny as hell and told Richard. Richard then started moving his hands all over her butt and lifting up her dress and now, she was dancing with her butt fully exposed to Big Dog and the other guy. She aydın escort was so excited to know that the other two men enjoyed looking at her nakedness and Richard confirmed that in telling her to move it really good to give them a good peak.Richard moved the straps down her arms and soon Sherri was dancing with her dress around her waist and her butt and titties exposed for the guys to see. She was really getting into it now and was kissing Richard deep and long. Then, Big Dog touched her shoulder and ask to dance with her and Richard said be my guest. He told Sherri to enjoy and do everything Big Dog wanted. She said ok and off they went.Big Dog’s hands were all over her butt, massaging her butt hole and fingering her wet pussy. Sherri did not really know what to expect until she looked over at Richard and saw a big smile on his face while he was getting naked with the other guy. Soon Big Dog had Sherri on her knees and pulling his dick out of his pants. Sherri said his dick was the longest, thickest , and darkest dick she had ever seen. It was several inches longer than Richard’s and a little thicker as well.She handled it to point directly at her face and used her tongue to gently stroke the foreskin back as she prepared Big Dog’s dick for her sucking. She could deep throat Richard’s big dick but thought this one impossible. She tried to get it all in but could only manage about half. Big Dog loved her sucking and after about 10 minutes, pulled her up and to his face and kissed her. He put his hands in between her legs and lifted her up and spread her legs at the same time. She knew from fucking Richard what was fixing to happen. Big Dog gently slide her pussy over his massive dick until it would not go in any further. Sherri could not believe it! It all went in and she was bumping at escort aydın his hairy root. Big Dog then began to fuck her while bouncing her up and down on his dick. She cam instantly and two more times as Richard and the other man encouraged Big Dog to fuck her with no mercy. He moved her to a bar stool and sat down and had Sherri fuck him. She could not get enough of his hard dick. She slammed her butt up and down on Big Dog and soon felt hands pulling her butt cheeks apart as Richard got close to the action and soon was tonguing her asshole. It wasn’t long after that when Big Dog shot his black cum deep into Sherri’s tight white pussy! Instead of stopping and going soft, Big Dog kept pumping up into Sherri’s pussy until her pussy and ass were covered in foamy cum.The other man said he wanted to fuck her and Richard encouraged him to as well. Big Dog had Sherri suck and lick his dick clean while the other black stranger fucked Sherri. As he was fucking Sherri, he was introduced to Sherri but she could never remember his name. He had a big black dick as well but, not as thick as the other two men. He loved fucking Sherri doggy and he loved playing with her ass hole too! Soon he was thrusting long, steady, and deep strokes into Sherri’s pussy while sticking his thumb into her ass. She said it was wonderful and loved every stroke, every orgasm, and every drop of cum. She knew the man was getting ready to cum as his strokes got faster and harder and his thump was out of her ass and both hands were holding her butt. He let out a great moan of release as he slammed his black dick deep into her pussy and filled it good. She could feel the warmth of his cum as it left her pussy around his dick and down her leg.It was Richard’s turn now and Sherri was excited to finally take care of him. She told him aydın escort bayan his balls must really hurt. after watching his friends fuck her. It was a very big turn on and thrill to watch he told her and now he was going to show the guys how great of a lover she is.Her heart skipped a beat as Richard took her sweaty, cum filled body into his arms and kissed her deep for a minute or so. Then Richard placed her on her knees on a chair and told the other two to watch closely at what Sherri was fixing to do to him. Richard pointed his hard, pulsating black dick at Sherri’s asshole and started to push. Sherri pushed back and encouraged Richard to get it in all the way. Richard’s dick slid in using cum as lube! No sooner than Richard had Sherri’s asshole against his hairy mound, he pulled his dick out to the head and then back deep! Sherri was moaning in pleasure now as Richard’s strokes increased. The other men were on each side of Sherri’s ass as Richard told them to watch closely. Then as he pulled his dick out of Sherri’s ass, he quickly stuck it deep into her pussy! Sherri was cumming hard! The men were laughing, begging for their turn as Richard continued to fuck Sherri’s pussy and asshole! After about thirty minutes, Richard showed them how he could cum in both of her holes at the same time. He was thrusting harder and harder and soon let out a groan as the first squirt of cum entered her ass. He quickly pulled out and shoved it deep into Sherri’s pussy as the other squirt left his dick and entered her pussy. He pulled out again and thrust his dark dick deep into Sherri’s asshole as the third squirt mingled with the first. There, he just kept on pumping his dick and cum deep into her ass!The men were amazed and ready to do it too. Sherri eagerly accepted both men into her ass and pussy as they DP ed her as a warm up to fucking both holes at the same time. Richard told Sherri she looked good being fucked by older black men. She just laughed and thanked them all for giving her pleasure out of this world.Part 3 soon to cum:

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