Sheryl’s Experience at the Edgewater

Sheryl’s Experience at the EdgewaterSheryl’s Experience at the EdgeI first met Sheryl several years ago when I was trolling theAOL chat groups as, Spanksalot. Ever since my divorce I had beentalking advantage of my business travel schedule to meet withcouples as a third. Lately, I had been introduced to some mildbondage and Dom/sub games with an older couple I had been partyingwith. I found that I liked to spank and sometimes Dom a wife whilethe husband watched. And I found many other couples who liked toplay this fantasy. Hence the name Spanksalot.Sheryl Im’d me one night and told me that she liked to bespanked. Suspicious as I am, I quickly arranged to call her, andto my surprise she was real. She was married at the time, althoughI could tell she was having problems. She told me that she wantedher husband to be more Dom but that he wasn’t interested. The morewe talked, the more I found that she grew silent and breathlesswhen I told her of some of my experiences with dominating otherwives. She finally told me that some of my stories matched manyof her fantasies.I knew at this same time that Sheryl was seeing other Doms,was very active in the Le Chateau chat room and had startedattending some lifestyle meetings and parties. Although I hadfriends that were heavily into the Dom/sub lifestyle, I was stillon the peripheral of the whole scene. My interests were strictlyfocused on meeting fun couples that need some help fulfillingcertain creative fantasies, as well as my personal sexualtitillation. So sometimes I thought the serious Le Chateau crowdwas a bit over the edge for me; and they probably thought I was nota serious player.Although I’ve met some great folks in the group, I’ve also endureda lot of psychobabble, jealousy and ego.It was my pleasure to finally meet Sheryl several weeks ago.She had finally left a miserable situation with her husband andmoved to the Bay area. Since I travel to the Bay area on a regularbasis, I arranged to meet her for dinner one night.I told her to meet me at a Mexican Restaurant down from theSF Airport. She told me what she would be driving, so I waited inthe parking lot to see if she was real. When her car drove intothe parking lot, I waited to see her before I introduced myself.She was a BBW (I knew that) and was wearing a black dress that camedown to just above her knees, black stockings, heels and whitepearls. Since it was rather windy in the parking lot, I watchedher walk into the restaurant hoping the wind would blow her skirtup (always the optimistic voyeur).When I met her we laughed about the fact that we both woreblack. We ordered drinks, ate our meal and got to know each other.I mentioned that I was going to spend the weekend at theEdgewater, an Oakland “swingers” hotel and invited her to join methe next night for some fun. She was up for it, so the plans wereset. Since I had to get ready for more meetings in the morning, Ipaid the bill and escorted Sheryl to her car. I mentioned howwindy it was and how I would’ve loved to see her skirt fly up. Shereplied that she was ready for that, since she was wearingsomething that I would like.While she was sitting in her car, I took the hint and ran myhand up her thigh, discovering that she was wearing stockings andgarter belt….that she was not wearing panties…and that she wasfreshly shaven. I looked at her and then inserted two fingers intoher moist cunt. I kissed her and kept my fingers in her pussy, allthe while checking to see if we were being watched. I finallydecided to start testing her submissive inclinations. I pulled outmy hand from under her dress and ordered her to clean her cuntsecretions from my fingers. Sheryl eagerly complied, sucking myfingers with her eyes closed.The next day I had lost a client (and a substantial fee) andwas in a foul mood when I escaped to the Edgewater. I settled intomy room, fixed a drink, clipped a Partagas and perched my self onthe second floor balcony. I had just gotten comfortable when Isaw a classy looking couple stroll into the middle of the courtyardand sat near the Jacuzzi. He was older and she was a gorgeousbrunette with a page boy cut. They both looked like lawyers. Shetook off her business dress, underneath was a one piece chamois andpantyhose. I watched as she took those off and slipped into somethong bikini bottoms. Her lover, who was in swimming trunks,started to caress her breasts and kiss her. All of this was infront of me and several other guys who were waiting for someaction. As we all watched he would stroke her pussy through herbikini and she would go into a convulsive shudder that signaled herorgasm. This went on for 45 minutes before she finally bent herhead down and sucked his cock. I don’t think he ever came. Sinceit seemed they were there for the lunch hour, after an hour, theyboth dressed and left in separate cars.That scenario certainly made me forget my lousy morning andstart planning for Sheryl to arrive. I had put together a bag apresents for her and couldn’t wait to start testing her submission.When she arrived in the lobby, the clerk called me to escorther into the private entrance. I couldn’t believe what she waswearing. A short tight red skirt, a black satin clinging top,stockings and high heels. Unlike the rather classy black dress shewore the night before, tonight she looked like a dirty slut. Theclerk looked at me like I had paid less than ten bucks for thenastiest whore in Oakland. Sheryl needed to be punished for this.I walked her back to my room through the courtyard, pastleering, horny old men as well as several young well hung studs. Icould see from their faces that they knew they were going to seemore of the cum slut in the red skirt later in the night.When I got Sheryl to my room, I turned on all the lights andopen curtains bahis şirketleri to the glass sliding door leading to the balconyThen I handed her a bag with her presents and a wine cooler.”Here, some presents for you, and you might want to have adrink before we start,” I said. “Just remember, that we will beexploring some fantasies tonight and we might push some to theedge. You just tell me if you are uncomfortable with anything andI will stop.” She acknowledged that she understood.She opened the gift bag and extracted a chain leash, a dogcollar and a paddle. I fitted the collar around her neck andattached the leash. Then I ordered her to kneel. I unzipped myfly, pulled my cock out and ordered her to suck.”Yes Sir,” she replied and lowered her head to engulf mycock. I could tell Sheryl had been well trained as a submissiveand that she was eager to please. I looked down at her as shebobbed her head up and down on my cock. I positioned her with herback to the window. When I looked up, I could see at least twoguys situating themselves out side for a better view. Sheryl, whowas kneeling fully dressed in her slut outfit was starting toattract the attention of the Edgewater voyeurs.”Stand up”, I ordered, while I sat in a chair in the middleof the room. Sheryl stood with her back to the window. Strip forinspection. Top first.”Yes Sir,” she answered, as she took off her blouse, achamois and then her black bra.I stopped her before she bared her breasts. “Take off yourskirt.”She struggled to get out of the red skirt and then stood infront of me in a black bra, red garter belt, black stockings andmedium heeled black shoes. “Show me your tits,” I ordered.She unclasped her bra and showed me her huge 40DD breasts.They were full and white, lightly veined, with silver dollar sizedaerioles and nipples that need to be stimulated. She had attacheda set of nipple clamps on a gold chain to her breasts. I thoughtthat was a nice touch for a second meeting. “Turn around slowly,show me your ass.”Sheryl was a big woman. Her huge breasts were full, and shewas thick around the middle. Her ass was nice and round and herthighs accentuated her bare pussy. I ordered her to bend over andspread her ass cheeks. As she exposed her asshole to me I admiredhow her tits hung down. And as I looked past her outside, I couldtell that three guys were also enjoying the show. (Especiallysince the mirrored walls gave them views from different angles.)”OK, Sheryl, very nice,” I said. “Now go over to the bed,bend over and put your hands on the end”As she complied I ran my hands over her ass to access thetexture and elasticity of her skin. Then I got my paddle, a largesized “paddleball” paddle that I use on beginners. I could tellthat Sheryl’s behind was not virgin to some heavy spanking, so Iwouldn’t have to go easy. I brought paddle down medium hard onher ass. The crack echoed off the walls and even escaped outside,so that people in the hot tub below could hear. It was about thefourth whack that I finally heard the first whimper from Sheryl.By this time, I was giving her full strokes and her ass had juststarted to blush. I reached down and spread her cheeks, dipped myfingers into her cunt to gauge her excitement. That’s when Inoticed the size of her outer pussy lips.Sheryl s pussy lips were huge. I could stretch them out toabout two inches or more! And her bare pussy even accentuatedthem. After several more swats, I moved to her nipples, pullingthem to assess their elasticity and sensitivity. Sheryl had a highpain threshold. I could pull and pinch her nipples pretty hard.Of course, I know from talking to her that she has had prettyextensive nipple training before.”Ready for a walk?”, I asked Sheryl.I don’t think she was ready for her first public exhibition.I attached the leash, and had her put her black camisole over hernaked body. With only her heels, camisole and dog collar/leash, Iled her out the door and down stairs to the hot tub. I purposelywent the long way, leading her around the Edgewater courtyardhoping that I could expose her as much as possible. When we got tothe hot tub, an older couple and two other guys were alreadysoaking. Their eyes followed us as I had Sheryl stop and Iunhooked her leash. I then told her to strip. As those in the hottub looked on, Sheryl stripped and we joined the others in the hottub.The other woman was also a BBW, with long brown hair, nicelarge breasts and ruebenesque ass. We had a nice conversation withthem, as the other two guys in the hot tub leered at Sheryl and theother woman s tits. Sheryl’s especially looked nice floating inthe bubbles of the hot tub.After a nice soak, I led Sheryl to her car to get her bag oftoys.I escorted Sheryl out of the hotel and into her car for herbag of toys. Since the Edgewater was on a busy street to theairport, there was plenty of time for folks to glance at her andwonder what the hell was going on.When she gathered her bag from her car, I escorted her backthrough the gate and made her walk through the court yard. Herbag of toys was pretty revealing, since at least a couple of cropsand whips were protruding from the top. Once we got to my room, Isat her down and I inspected her toy bag. It contained severalcrops, paddles, clothes pins, rope, nipple clamps, andother implements of punishment. It also included two sizes of buttplugs, a thick black battery powered dildo, several anal dildoes,anal ease lubricant and other goodies. Again, I was finding outthat Sheryl is an experienced submissive.I was like a k** in a toy store. I couldn t decide what toyuse on her first, until I found a black leather riding crop thathand a small leather flap in the shape of a hand. On the hand wassilk-screened bad girl . That was it. I picked it up, madeSheryl stand in freebet veren siteler front of the open window, lifting her black slipup, then I tested the crop on her revealed ass. I whipped her asswith increasing intensity, watching what speed and power it took tomake a slight mark or welt. I got to the point where it createdenough sting to make Sheryl whimper.I then made her strip naked and stand facing me, with herfreshly whipped ass toward the window. I traced her breasts andabdomen with the crop, before I raised the crop and delivered someblows to her tits, making sure to catch her nipples with theleather hand .After a while I had Sheryl sit in a chair, directly in frontof the open window. I attempted to tie her with her legs spread soshe was totally exposed to the folks in the courtyard below. SinceI was in a hurry, excited and not much of a Boy Scout, my knotswere pretty lame, and Sheryl and I laughed at my inept rope-basedbondage skills. Next time I will bring my cuffs, straps and maybeeven borrow my friend s stocks. While she was tied to the chair, Iblindfolded her and whipped her tits. She flushed when I attachedthe clothespins to her nipples and then continued bring the cropdown on her nipples.I then moved to whipping the front of her thighs, before Iordered her to lie on her back on the bed.Sheryl laid on her back, blindfolded and spread her legs. Ileered at her willingly spreading her legs to me, showing me herbald spread pussy lips. I savored the sight for awhile before Istood between her legs then brought the crop down directly on herbald mound. Her whimpers got more intense. I continued to aimthe end of the crop so it would land a stinging blow to her clitand pussy lips.I reached back into the bag and pulled out her black dildo.The batteries were not staying in and the thing didn t work. Ibrought it to her mouth and told her to wet it. It looked lovelygoing in and out of her mouth, and she willingly open her mouth toexcept it. I wondered then if I could find I huge black cock forher to suck. (I saw some in the courtyard, but things didn twork out that night).Sheryl s pussy was so wet, that the dildo popped right in andI vigorously worked it up and around her pussy. She whimpered andsighed as I roughly pushed it in and out.Also, in her bag was a smaller anal dildo. I told Sheryl toturn over, and while the black dildo was still in her pussy, Ispread her ass cheeks and inserted the small dildo. It slid injust as easily, and I pushed it in and out. Then I stuffed themboth in as far as they would go and I stood back to admire mycreativeness and her private parts (that were so lewdly on displayto me).Let s see how good your muscle control is Sheryl, I said,as I picked up the crop. I want you to keep both in place whileyou are whipped. Crack. I forcefully whipped her thighs right under herbuttocks. The anal dildo feel right out as her asshole tightenedup in response to the blow. Sheryl, you are not doing too well, I snickered, as Ipushed the anal dildo into her asshole. Crack. This time the dildo stayed in, although herconstricted sphincter pushed it out half way.CRACK!. The dildo almost shot out this time, and Sheryl waswhimpering and shivering like she was on the verge of anotherorgasm.This went on for a while. I would shove the dildo back intoher ass, forcefully whip her ass, and the dildo would pop rightout. I told her she would need to work on this and I went on toanother diversion. I turned her over and whipped her breasts whileshe laid with her legs spread like she wanted me to whip her pussy.So Sheryl, tell me about the first guy who you sucked off, I said, while still delivering a blow to her pussy and tits everyfew seconds. When she hesitated, I beat her with more power. Ifound that this was one thing she was reluctant to do– so Ipursued it more. I started asking her more personal questions,about her husband, ex lovers, etc.Who shot a load of sperm in your mouth first? Crack.Who fucked your asshole first? Tell me about it. Crack.This went on for a while. It was particularly interestingbecause I had opened the sliding glass door and I knew thateverybody in the courtyard below could hear the cracks of the whipon Sheryl. And most of them could look up and see her receivingher punishment.I finally crawled up to straddle, sitting on her tits andfeeding my cock into her mouth. At the same time I was continuingthe assault on her pussy. Soon, her whimpers and the contractionsof her pussy told me she was actually having an orgasm from beingwhipped. I continued to feed my cock into her mouth, sometimesactually fucking her mouth and other times making her lick my ballsand watching her gobble up and down the sides of my cock. The slutwas truly a first class cock sucker and cum junkie.About this time I remembered one of my favorite kinks. And Ithought Sheryl was ready to be tested. I turned around so that myass was to her face.Sheryl, I love to have a woman s tongue on my asshole, Iteased her. Then I lowered my ass closer to her face, so she couldstretch her tongue and start to rim me. It felt wonderful, and Iremembered why this was so great. I took the crop and whipped herpussy and inside thighs to encourage her performance.C mon, you know what to do… Crack.Stick your tongue up my ass more. Crack.Well, she certainly did a great job, I thought that I wasgoing to cum right there and shoot a wad on her stomach.Her tongue was feverishly exploring my asshole. Again, Iknew that several old guys were watching us from below, and theyprobably were not believing what they were seeing. I held her headby her hair and forced her face and tongue into my ass, and keptwhipping her inner thighs. I finally had to stop, because Ithought I was going to erupt, and deneme bonusu veren siteler I had a lot more that I wanted todo. I felt then that I had taken Sheryl to new heights ofhumiliation and submission. But I had more plans for her.After a short few minutes of catching her breath and taking adrink of water, I told Sheryl to get ready for another walk. Thistime, I told her to put on her black slip, heels and nothing else.I attached her leash on the dog collar and led her out the door.(At the Edge, if you are upstairs, you have to leave the back way,which faces the highway and a major road leading to the airport.It must have been quite a site for someone seeing me lead Sheryl ona leash out of my motel room!).I led Sheryl downstairs to the courtyard and again, thought Iwould take her for a walk. Leading her round by the leash, Ipassed an older guy who had obviously been watching our recent show.I purposely led Sheryl past him slowly and watched as heleered at her and enjoyed the humiliating exposure of this woman ssubmission.Now, that s the way to treat a lady, he muttered under hisbreath.Do you like what you see? I asked. I think he wassurprised that I heard him.Sure do, he smiled.I then nodded at him and told him see ya later, man. I led Sheryl to the hot tub, where there were two males witha woman. They were all nude, and seemed to be having a nicephilosophical discussion. When we appeared, I made Sheryl stand atattention, head bowed, hands behind her back, while I unleashedher and took her collar off. I then told her to strip, while thetwo guys and the woman watched. Either the woman didn t wantcompetition, or they might have thought we were too intense, sincethey quickly got out and retired to a room nearby for some mutualmassage (as the woman s older husband watched).I told Sheryl to sit while I took a walk around thecourtyard.I found the older guy who I talked to and gave him aproposition he couldn t turn down.Hey, I noticed you admiring my slave. She s got a greatmouth if you want to try it out. The look on his face was priceless. He wasted no timejoining us in the hot tub. I noticed then that he wore a cock ring,and I wondered if I had picked the best guy. I wanted to watchSheryl try her best to get a stranger to shoot a load of sperm downher throat. This guy was already making some excuses about notbeing able to cum.The guy sat on the edge of the hot tub. I looked around tosee if we could be discreet (no sexual activity is allowed in thehot tub or pool). And then I revealed Sheryl s directions.Sheryl, I want you to suck this man s cock and swallow hiscum. I will watch, and if you don’t please him, you will receive asevere whipping, I said. Since Sheryl was sitting in the tub, sheturned to her right, positioned her self between the stranger slegs and took his flaccid cock into her mouth and started suckingfor all she was worth.I sat and watched for a while, making lewd comments andsuggestions as she sucked.Go ahead and cum in her mouth, I nonchalantly told the guy.She ll swallow. I continued to watch and casually have aconversation with this guy about Sheryl s cocksucking prowess.I ve been watching you whip her upstairs, he said, as weboth watched Sheryl s head bob up and down his cock. She lookslike she can really take some punishment. Yeah, she surprises me at her pain threshold. I said,looking at her laboring to get the guy s cock hard. Lick hisballs, you d better please him, I threatened. She went right towork. The guy glanced at me with an amazed look and I smirked.Grab her tits, and pinch her nipples if you need to spur her onsome, I winked. I ll be back, I m going to get a beer.I walked away and went upstairs. I went to the balcony so Icould view the scene. It was beautiful. I could see Sheryl,exposed to whoever walked by, frantically bobbing her head up anddown trying to get this stranger off. She went at it for whatseemed like fifteen minutes. When I returned, she was drippingwith sweat and the guy apologized and said he didn t think he couldcum.I realized that Sheryl was in danger of a heat stroke,working hard, and sitting in the rather hot water.OK Sheryl, get up. I will decide how to punish you. I knowyou put in the effort. Yeah, she s really something, he said.After that, we were both pretty exhausted. Since I didn tbring condoms, I wasn t going to fuck Sheryl this night. Wereturned to the room and fell into bed. After about an hour ofmore playfulness, we finally fell asleep.I woke up several hours later after dreaming/thinking of thenight with Sheryl, I woke her up too. Sheryl had to go to workearly.OK Sheryl, time for your breakfast protein. I joked.She obediently positioned her self between my legs, as I satup in the bed. I felt her tongue licking my balls and up my shaft.I thought about her sucking on the stranger in the hot tub lastnight. I remembered the feeling of her tongue embedded in myasshole. I thought of how the dildo kept popping out of her asswhen I whipped her, I dreamed about the look on the old guy s facewhen I ordered her to strip for him, and I especially though abouthow she would orgasm when she experienced certain types of pain andhumiliation.Grabbing the sides of her head, I started to fuck her mouthto an intense rhythm looked down and saw my slut/slave, with mycock in her mouth, willingly submitting to a wanton lewd mouthfucking. I had saved my jism just for this moment, and I held herface and fucked it hard. I soon could feel my sperm churn andsoon it was spurting into Sheryl s mouth and throat. She seemedto relish the taste of cum and I saw her swallow hard. It was oneof the greatest feelings in the world. I only wish I had a videoof the experience.Sheryl made quite a conversation topic the nest morning inthe Edgewater courtyard. I met several guys who had watched almostthe entire night as I tested Sheryl s limits. They saw a lot ofdetails and they recalled some of what they witnessed for me. Itwas incredibly stimulating and I couldn t wait to take Sheryl backto the Edge. There is so much more to explore.The END

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