Shish Boom Ma? Ch. 03

Hatsune Miku

Again I want to thank my friend and editor Lorelai. None of this would be possible without all her help!!!


As I walk towards Nicole, I stare right at her like I’m about to devour her. She senses my animalistic mood and shifts nervously on the couch, but doesn’t look away…nor does she shut her legs. She’s still sitting there on the couch with her legs wide open…her glistening, wet cunt on full display. I hear my “Ma” exit the room, but she doesn’t shut the door all the way and I suspect she’s still watching us. I don’t give a fuck about anything but my girlfriend at this point, though. God, I’ve wanted her forever, though I never thought it would happen like this. I’m almost glad it did, however. I feel more ready for Nicole…like I can make her first time special now that I know what I’m doing.

Finally, I’m standing in front of her, just staring down into her deep blue eyes, my chest still heaving up and down from the fucking I just gave “Ma”. I finally crack a smile and this seems to relax her. She smiles back up at me. “You ready?”

She gives a shy little nod.

“Then swing your legs over the side of this couch and spread ’em.” Quickly, she does as she was told. I feel so powerful, so in control. Moreover, I can tell Nicole wants me to be in control of her. That turns me on big time. I get down at my girlfriend’s feet and push her knees apart further. Our eyes lock. I bend, wrapping my arms around her legs, and lick my way up her perfectly toned, creamy thighs, never looking away. I kiss and nibble upward. Further. Further. I can smell her. Her sweet juices, her womanly scent make my cock twitch and harden again. I’m dying to be inside her already, but I hold back. I need to taste her first.

I break from her gaze and look down to see her plump, wet pussy lips before me. I slide my big hands up her gorgeous thighs and place my thumbs on her cunt lips, spreading her open. I can’t believe how wet and creamy she is! My dick soars upward, ramming against the couch in front of me. Her juices literally begin seeping out of her. I basically lose all train of thought and dive in. I start lapping at her, slipping my tongue into her pussy and licking her, swirling it around, sucking in her juices as fast as I can. She tastes even better than she smelled…so sweet, like fruit nectar. I knew I could be happy just eating her all day…my dick, however, made it clear that that wouldn’t work for him…he would need attention soon. It drives me even crazier as I hear little moans escaping her lips and feel her hips start to czech gangbang porno rotate towards my mouth. Like a madman, I lick at her pussy…nibble at her clit…ram my index finger inside her.

Nicole’s body arches into me…her hips rocking forward into my mouth, fucking my tongue…her head back, her eyes closed, she’s moaning louder now. I knew she was going to cum for me soon. I slide my hands beneath her, grab her firm ass cheeks, and pull her to the edge of the couch and upward to my face. I hold her against my mouth tight as I tongue fuck her and suck her clit harder than hard. Her louder moans turned to big moans as she begins to rock her hips into my face hard and fast. I move back for a second and say, “I wanna see your tits,” then dive back into her cunt as she pulls her cheerleading sweater up over her head and removes her push up bra. I watch as her big, round tits bounce on her chest while I devour her. I watch her face contort and her mouth fall open. I watch her eyes squeeze shut and her fists ball up. I watch her entire body shiver as liquid literally flows endlessly from her cunt and into my mouth as she cums. I’m in heaven…yet, I had to have more.

As she lay there panting, I begin to kiss up her body…up her wet cunt, up her tummy. I take her big tits in my hand and squeeze them hard. I roll her nipples between my fingers roughly, loving the feel of them harden at my touch, then finally I bend down and suck the left one past my lips. Again, Nicole arches her body into me…she looks like she was already ready for me. My girlfriend was turning into a slut right before my eyes! I swirl my tongue around her left nipple, never stopping my assault on her right one. I pinch it and pull it out away from her body. Somehow, I finally manage to pull my mouth off her tit and I kiss my way up to her neck. I suck on her neck a bit, then lean up and whisper in her ear, “Nicole, I love you baby.”

“I love you, too,” she whispers.

“Want me to fuck you like a little whore?”

I could tell at first she was taken aback by my nasty words, but when I sat up and looked directly into her eyes, she could see that my eyes were on fire…she could see my passion for her. Her eyes grew wide and she simply nodded as she bit her lower lip. By this time, our bodies are already lined up and my cock is just outside the entrance of her soaking wet pussy. I sit up and look down…I want to see my cock slip inside her…I want to watch as I claim my girlfriend’s cherry. I stare up into her crystal blue czech harem porno eyes and let the tip of my dick slip inside her. I can’t believe how good she feels…so wet, so creamy. I groan and push my way inside her more. She wiggles a bit as though she’s uncomfortable, but I keep pushing inside her until I feel her hymen. I hold my cock still a minute, not only letting her get used to the feeling, but also reveling in her tight wetness. Finally, I lean down and take her in my arms, holding her tight against my chest. Again, I whisper, “I love you, Nicole.”

“I love you, too, Mike,” she whispers back.

She barely has my name out of her mouth before I’m thrusting hard into her again. I feel myself sink deeper inside of her…she winces and writhes as I hold her against me. I’m eager to see my cock thrusting into her again…to see that mix of cum and blood on my dick, but I decide to wait a few minutes until she’s calmed down again. As I hold her tight, stroke her hair, and kiss her neck, I can hear Debbie in the hallway, moaning. I smile, assuming she’s getting off on watching me pop Nicole’s cherry. Finally, I realize I just can’t take it any longer…I HAVE TO fuck her. I let her sink back into the couch again and sit up, sinking back onto my knees. I wrap my arms around Nicole’s thighs and spread her legs wide. I pull my cock out of her until only the head remains inside her. Sure enough, my cock is covered in cum and blood…I really did pop her cherry. This turns me on even more and I begin fucking her. I probably should’ve been more gentle, given that it was her first time, but I couldn’t control myself. I begin pistoning in and out of her hot, wet, tight cunt as fast as I could. She was kind of moaning at first, but soon I could see on her face that she was loving it. Suddenly, I had an idea. I quickly pulled my cock out of her cunt and stood up. “What are you doing?” she asked, looking quite disappointed.

“Get up and lean over the back of that chair. I’m gonna take you the same way I took Debbie,” I announced. It wasn’t a question…I was TELLING her what I was going to do to her. Again, I felt powerful as I watched her stand up, walk over to the chair, and lean over the back of it, letting her gorgeous tits swing out beneath her and her perfect, tight little ass rise up into the air. I stand behind her and without a moment’s hesitation, I RAM my cock into her waiting cunt.

“Aaahhhhh!” she yells in a both painful and pleasurable way.

“You love this don’t you?” I ask her.

“Mmmm hmmm,” czech sharking porno she moans as I begin to fuck her again.

I grab her hips, sinking my fingertips into her skin, and begin to fuck her roughly, with reckless abandon, just as I had done to Debbie only moments earlier. I can’t believe how Nicole and Debbie feel so completely different. Nicole’s so wet and tight, and Debbie…well, she was wet and tight, but in a different way. I decide now’s not the time to analyze, and I begin pounding away at Nicole’s cunt even harder. I reach underneath and find her clit, rubbing it in hard, fast circles as I fuck her pussy with everything I’ve got. Within seconds, I feel Nicole’s body begin to shake beneath me…she’s already about to cum! I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock and squeeze it in a vice grip. “Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” she screams, grabbing the arms of the chair and rocking her hips forward, riding her orgasm.

In the hallway, I hear Debbie yell as she, too, is apparently orgasming, “Fuckkkkkkk yesssssss babyyyyyyyyy!” This send me over the edge.

I pound into Nicole’s cunt a few more times, then cum inside her full force. “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” I growl as I thrust a few more times until I slow to a stop, leaving my cock inside her to soften as I lay my head across her back. For several minutes, I listen to Nicole breathe as we come down from our orgasms.

Suddenly, the door to the den swings open and there stands Debbie, still only dressed in that short skirt and naked from the waist up. To my surprise, my dad walks in behind her. My face drops and Debbie laughs. “What are we gonna do with these kids, Hal?”

My dad chuckles. “I dunno, Debbie. Maybe we’ll invite Nicole over for supper. I’d very much like some alone time with her…ya know, to get to know her more,” he said with a wink. I couldn’t believe it! I think my dad is talking about fucking my girlfriend! To my surprise, the thought completely turns me on and I can feel my dick start to get hard inside Nicole again. Besides, that would leave me alone with Debbie again. “What do ya say, Nicole? Would you like to stay for dinner?”

Still bent over the chair, Nicole looks up and smiles at my dad. “Sure!”

“Ok, then,” said Debbie, “dinner will be ready in an hour! You kids have fun ’til then!”

As Debbie and my dad leave the room, I pull my half-hard cock out of Nicole and stand up. She stands up, turns around, and looks at me with those amazing blue eyes. Shyly, she asks, “Is it ok with you if I…ya know, stay for dinner?”

“It’s ok with me…do you wanna stay for dinner?” I knew at this point we weren’t really talking about dinner.

“I’m sore, but yeah, I do.”

“Fine with me…as long as I get to have dessert with you!” I laugh realizing I’ve just turned my girlfriend into a slut…and I love it!

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