SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- Volume 8 (special th


SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- Volume 8 (special thSHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales) – Volume 8 (special theme)NOTE: These lesbian stories are a bit different from the previous ones. Each contains the use of watersports as part of lesbian sex. Some of you may not appreciate that and therefore should skip this particular volume.SUMMER COTTAGELeslie and her long-time lover Rachel had owned a summer cottage in the Finger Lakes district for years. The women were in their 50s and enjoyed the forests and the canoeing. The ladies were fit, slim and attractive. Neighbors were a few miles away and they rarely saw them. The majority of the surrounding cottages were rentals and people changed every summer. Both women worked in a university so they had two months off during the summer.Since they were a couple, the two middle-age lesbians were not really cougars on the prowl but once in a while, when both got particularly horny (and they did), they would put on a t-shirt and a pair of short shorts and walked the part of the forest which was well-known for cruising. Of course, most of the cruising was done by men chasing men, but in the area they chose, lesbians also cruised and they had been lucky in the past.Leslie was the blonde butch (although feminine) and Rachel the shorter brunette was more the femme. The two women began by walking down the narrow dirt road which was used by cyclists and people on the prowl. About an hour later they were ready to come back empty-handed when they spotted an older woman walking by herself in the woods. She had grey hair, shorts and was bare-chested which was somewhat rare in these parts. She spotted Leslie and Rachel. She stopped. The two women in the road moved into the woods in her direction but slowly. The cruising game began with the three women circling each other with no one making a move. Suddenly the grey-haired woman slipped off her shorts and squatted. Of course nobody wore underwear. Leslie was closest to her and saw that she wasn’t pissing. Leslie had been involved in piss play before and never walked away from it. Rachel looked on. Leslie took off her shorts and walked towards the lady and squatted in front of her. Leslie also got topless. The two women were obviously looking for sex. “Piss ?”, asked the woman“Piss” , answered LeslieThe woman lay on the ground and invited Leslie to get on her in 69 which she did. The two lesbians licked each other for a few seconds then Leslie let go her stream right in the woman’s face. The older woman responded in letting it go right for Leslie’s face. Rachel was not going to be left out. She ran towards the couple and got naked. She squatted over the two lesbians and pissed on both of them. When the two women in 69 ran dry, they eagerly began to eat each other out while Rachel attacked Leslie’s ass and gave her a good rimming. When all were satisfied, the three women walked to a nearby stream and had a swim. The older woman was renting a cabin nearby. Leslie and Rachel smiled broadly at each other on the way back and were happy their trip to the woods had made them make a new friend.——————————————————————————————————– bursa escort THE FIRST TIMEThe two women were resting, their head on a pillow, naked and on a bed without sheets. Laura, a plain middle-age lesbian, was in her bed. Tiffany, a younger prettier woman, had had lesbian sex for the second or third time in her life. Both women had dried juices on their limbs and face, their hair was a mess. “Are you ok ?”, asked Laura“Oh yes…I’m good”, said Tiffany after a silence, “I’m just trying to take it all in”.“I hope I wasn’t too brutal”, said Laura“Oh no…you were passionate. I hope I wasn’t too clumsy”, answered the young lady“You were fine. You just need a little practice”, laughed Laura“Would you want to be my instructor ?”, giggled Tiffany“You know I am applying for the position and hope to be a serious candidate”, smiled LauraThe two women embraced and kissed, their thighs and wet belly sticking together.“Did you like being under me ?”, asked Laura“Oh yes…this is where I want to be”, replied Tiffany The women had met at the public library that afternoon, had a small dinner at a restaurant and fell into bed as if it was the natural thing to do.“I have a lot to learn”, said Tiffany“Next time we’ll have a shower first and it will open new …new directions”, laughed LauraTiffany blushed. The two lesbians embraced again. Laura was still horny although she had come twice. She could have two sessions without a problem. One could classify her as a cougar and she was experienced. “I’m going to ask you something and you can say no without a problem”, said Laura“Ok…go ahead…I’m a big girl”, teased Tiffany“Have you…did you ever… do watersports ?”, asked Laura“Watersports ?…like swimming ?”, answered Tiffany perplexed“No…sweetie…”, Laura laughed out loud, “ watersports means to piss on each other after or before sex”. “Oh…Oh…I see….I know what you mean. I just didn’t know it was called that. No I haven’t tried that. I guess…yes I guess I can try it”, hesitated Tiffany“We can stop whenever you want. And it will be only on our bellies and tits..and not in your mouth”, assured LauraTiffany wanted to show her lover that she was willing and not as prudish as she looked. She got up and led Laura to the bathroom. The two women sat in the empty bathtub. Then they decided to stand on the shower mat.“You ready ?”, asked Laura“Yes I have to pee anyway…”, laughed TiffanyLaura took Tiffany in her arms and counted to 3 in her ear. It took a few seconds for Tiffany’s stream to meet Laura’s but they splashed each other, Tiffany keeping her eyes closed. Then Laura got on her knees in front of her new lover and started licking her cunt and all the drops. Much to her surprise, after she was finished, Tiffany did the same thing to her.“It’s warm and it’s yours”, said Tiffany as the two women lay down on the bed after their shower. This time it was Tiffany who initiated the second round of sex.——————————————————————————————————-DIAPERSErica had prepared the bursa escort bayan baby shower for her friend Leslie. She wanted to think of a theme or something special, something sexy also. Many of Leslie’s friend were lesbians and Erica was pretty sure things were going to get hot since some of her other friends went both ways. These were all horny girls. It stuck her one morning. It had to do with babies…Ah…yes…diapers ! For the baby shower, every girl had to wear diapers under her street clothes (so they could get to the party normally). It was optional of course, but everyone got into it and as soon as they arrived the girls took off their skirts or dresses (and tops) and walked around in diapers and bare tits. Dozens of large bottles of water were available. After the gifts were opened, the girls were restless to get things going. Dyke or not, the idea of walking around in only diapers got every woman very horny. A few lesbian couples exchanged partners and began to suck tits and feel each other through their diapers. Erica sat on a small table, then lay down on her back and opened her legs. She was laughing and biting her lower lip. Another girl got on top of her and they started rubbing diapers. It became obvious after a few minutes that both girls had pissed in their diaper. One of the lesbian undid Erica’s diaper and began to suck her wet cunt. The other girl undid hers and offered herself to whoever was thirsty. The gallon of water that each girl had gobbled up was beginning to have the desired effect. Girls were pissing left, right and center and most diapers were showing a large darker spot up front. Some girls traded used diapers with other girls, some kept them as souvenirs. Once the diapers were off, a number of enthusiasts began to piss on each other. Two lesbians sprayed each other while in 69 while others were doing it cunt to cunt. The idea caught on like wild fire and soon there were dozens of parties (not just showers) where women turned up in diapers. The code word when planning such an event was that everyone would be wearing “ericas”.————————————————————————————————————THE GYMThe blonde girl was new. She was mid-40s and a full woman, not fat, but she filled her tights and her athletic bra. June was mesmerized. The Mermaid Gym Club was a women-only affair and, like many but not all, was a nest of lesbian cougars. It was pretty obvious after your first day that the place crawled with lesbians. If it wasn’t your thing, then you were reimbursed. The “try it once for free” clause was an honest way of giving the straight girls a chance to leave without paying if the atmosphere made them uncomfortable.June started asking about the blonde. One of her friends told her she was into watersports and looking for partners. June was not going to let that one get away since she rarely walked away from a pissing session. June and Ann-Marie (the blonde) began to exercise on machines which were close together. Both had been drinking from a large bottle of water. It was near closing time and women escort bursa openly solicited sex from anyone they were interested in. Some couples went home together, others had a quickie in the large ladies room. June and Ann-Marie had traded signals. The table was set, so to speak. Ann-Marie had a one-piece exercise suit and pulled down her straps, her pear-shaped tits spilling out. June was at the other end of her nipples in no time while she pulled down her tights showing her own tits and much more. The half-naked lesbians made their way through female couples in various stages of undressing or sex. They were looking for a bath which June found on the second-floor bathroom. They quickly took off their tights. June admired the blonde’s curves and prominent cunt lips. Ann-Marie was very taken with the brunette’s ass. But first things first and the women had decided to face-piss in a 69 in the empty bathtub. As soon as both were ready, the taps were turned on and both lesbians received what they had been hoping for . Hair, face and tits were covered in nectar. Both had managed a mouthful . As soon as Ann-Marie had finished, the two horny dykes went for each other’s dripping cunt. They were sucking and licking like two pros and at times, a short but strong stream hit a face unexpectedly but was always welcome. The two women had to use the fire exit to get out since the building was closed when they finished. “Want to come to my place for a drink ?”, asked June smiling“Why not. Do you have a bathroom ?”, asked Ann-Marie while she grabbed June’s asscheek.—————————————————————————————————-THE PARTYThis party was not the usual party. It was limited to 6 women, all lesbians, all over 45, and all dressed up in long dresses with no underwear. Joan had come over dressed as an Indian woman with her silk dress in appropriate colours. She wore jewelry and sandals, her hair down to her shoulders. “You look superb”, gushed Alice who was dressed like a Hollywood actress of the 20s, with her hair much like Clara Bow’s. The two women bent over quickly kissing lips to lips. And there were others: Louise in her late 60s and in blue silk. Maddy in knitted wool with large holes here and there and you know where. The women were drinking champagne for an hour or two. Four of the women were getting tipsy and had their glass taken away. They walked around putting their arms around other women and drooling face to face. Invitations to do obscene things to each other were exchanged. The carpet was spotted from previous parties.All the women were eventually in that state. I guess Louise was the first. A large dark spot began to grow under her tummy. She continued to smile while Maddy stood in front of her and pissed through the holes in her dress. Hands reached under unbuttoned dresses, mouth opened trying to catch a stream. Joan had managed to strip Clara Bow of most of her dress and was sucking her dripping cunt, stopping to get her facial, then continued sucking. Most of the women were naked by now. Some were in a daisy chain, pissing and licking. One was sitting on another woman’s face. None of these women would make it home that evening. Most would continue the party the new morning. They had all told their husbands they were at a shower. THE END

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