Shower Fantasy

Big Tits

I step into the shower, the hot water pounds heavily against my fair skin, turning it to bright pink as I wash away the stress of my day. In my mind, I have only to think you and it everything else seems to just melt into nothingness.

I can almost feel you there with me, your hard body pressed against the length of my back. Almost yearning for your strong hands to be sliding slowly and thoroughly over every inch of my generous curves. I tilt my head back, letting the water flow down over my soft breasts then lean back a bit, the water hits my nipples directly. I gasp, then moan low in my throat as they harden under the stinging spray, the water giving me a pleasurable pain, a slight prickle as I think of your hands there… your lips…your teeth.

I reach for the soap. Turning my body so the spray hits the back of my neck, I roll it between my wet hands; generous suds seep between my fingers as I place it back in the dish and bring my hands back to my body. I growl as I touch myself…leisurely casino şirketleri teasing myself.

In my mind, they aren’t my hands…they are yours.

I start at the base of my neck, lathering slowly, my hands moving downward in small circles until finally I cup both my heavy breasts in my hands. I cover them with soap; slipping and sliding over my soft peaks. I pull gently as the hot water runs like a river down my back.

I sigh, feeling a moment of almost respite as I pinch my nipples between my fingers. Then abruptly, the sensation intensifies and a bolt of lightening courses through my body, connected directly to the growing ache between my legs,

I skim my hands lower, leaving a soapy trail down my stomach, moving gradually over each of my hips as I touch as much of my wet skin as I can. I coat my body with the sweet smelling suds then brush my fingers through the slight patch of hair above my sex. I groan loudly, the noise fills the small space all around me. I let my fingers dip just casino firmaları a little lower. They graze over my clit and then descend slowly, unhurriedly over the length of my slit. My stance widens as I push one soapy finger into myself, my muscles contract tightly around it as I slowly pull out…then push back in. My other hand squeezes my breast as I close my eyes.

Then they ARE your hands on my body, your fingers moving inside me. I can feel you there with me, your warm breath on the back of my neck, your body pressed firmly against mine, your hard cock pushed lusciously against the smooth cheeks of my ass. I slip two fingers into my drenched pussy, filling myself even more, my mind overflowing with thoughts of you lifting me up against the wall of the stall, sinking me down onto your rigid cock, pushing deep inside me and taking me hard and fast while the water sprays against our thrashing bodies.

My back arches, I angle my fingers deeper, the hand still at my breast, pulls roughly on the nipple, güvenilir casino twisting it as I start to work my fingers faster and faster…in and out…harder and deeper. My hips buck against my hand as I trail the other one down, rubbing my fingertips over my engorged clit.

I am totally lost in my fantasy…lost in you…. My back hits the shower stall wall as my orgasm washes over me like the water hitting my back, hard and pounding. My legs close to buckling as my whole body shudders. I cry out your name, my eyes squeeze tightly shut, there I see you taking that final push, burying yourself to the hilt inside me and taking your own pleasure.

My pussy still spasming and pulsing around my fingers as I slip them slowly from my body. My breathing gradually returns to normal and I regain the rest of my composure in stages, straightening up and stepping completely into the spray, rinsing the soap off my deliciously aching and spent body.

I reach down and turn off the taps, and push open the door. I shudder a bit as the cool air hits my skin, making it dimple. But my body warms almost immediately when I see you standing there before me, a big fluffy towel in your hands and a sexy smile filled with promise on your lips.

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