Sick Day


Alicia stood in front of her mirror making sure her make-up had been applied correctly. She was a very pretty girl in her own estimation. Her black hair fell to halfway down her back, her dark eyes had a bit of a twinkle in them, and everything else was in order. After being completely satisfied with what she saw in the mirror, Alicia shut off the lights, gathered her things, and left for work.

Alicia opened the office like she does every morning. She put on a pot of coffee, put the day’s schedule on her boss’, Mr. Bowen, desk, and made sure she had plenty of the things he usually asked for between meetings with his clients and other lawyers. Though Alicia wasn’t the only secretary in the office, she was the one that Mr. Bowen trusted the most. All of his high profile cases he gave to her to personally see to. She was happy with the faith he showed in her, so she wanted to make sure his days started off as well as she could. A few minutes before he was scheduled to arrive, she got his coffee mug from his office and filled it with the hot beverage, add the right amount of cream and sugar, and then set it in the middle of his desk.

Fifteen minutes later, that cup of coffee still sat there, untouched. Alicia was starting to wonder if something had happened to Mr. Bowen. He was never this late to the office. Usually he would arrive right at 8a.m. Alicia had just started to look through her speed-dial numbers for his cellular phone number when the office phone started to ring.

“Good morning. Attorney Keith Bowen’s office, how may I help you?” she said after picking it up.

“Hi, Alicia, it’s me,” she heard the man on the other end of the line say. She recognized his voice right away.

“Hi, Mr. Bowen. You seem to be running a bit behind this morning,” she said with a playful tone in her voice.

“Yeah, well, I’m not feeling that well today, so I won’t be coming into the office,” he informed her. “I will be working from home. Could you call and cancel all of my appointments for the day? I know that there is a settlement conference set up for three this afternoon that is very important, but I don’t think I can handle anything else.”

“Not a problem, ” she said. “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“No, not that I can think of at the moment. If there is anything I will give you a call.”

“You know where I’ll be, ” she said. “Take care and feel better.”

“Thanks, Alicia. Good bye.”

Alicia hung up the phone and began her phone calls, cancelling every meeting except for the 3 o’clock conference.

At 11 o’clock, the phone rang once again and Alicia answered it.

“Good morning, Attorney Keith Bowen’s office, how may I help you?”

“Hi again,” Mr. Bowen’s voice came through the receiver.

“Hey, Mr. Bowen,” she said, her voice sounding very happy. “How are you feeling?”

“A bit better, thanks,” he replied. “I was wondering if you could do me a favor.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“I need the Avery file for the meeting this afternoon,” he told her. “I’m asking if you could bring it to me.”

“Sure. Do you need anything else?” she inquired.

“Maybe some chicken soup,” he said, his voice becoming higher towards the end.

“Mrs. Bowen isn’t taking care of you?” she asked.

“She’s visiting her parents in Philadelphia with the kids. They left on Saturday.”

“Sorry to hear that, Mr. Bowen,” she said. “I’ll leave here in a few minutes and stop off at the deli up the street for your soup. I should be at your house in a half hour.”

“Thanks, Alicia. You’re the best.”

True to her word, a half hour later, Alicia was knocking bahis firmaları on the door to Mr. Bowen’s house. He lived in a mansion on the northern end of town. It was three stories, with four white stone pillars in front holding up a balcony that stretched the entire length of the house. Beyond the pillars were the huge solid oak double doors with a pure silver knocker on the right side. She rang the doorbell and waited a few moments before Mr. Bowen answered it. He was in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, with house slippers on his feet.

“Hey. Come in, come in,” he said as he opened the door wide.

She pulled the file out from under her arm and held up a brown paper bag as she stepped inside saying, “Avery file here, and chicken soup in here.”

“Thanks, Alicia,” he said as he took both. “Come in, please.”

He led her to his study, where he kept his computer and law books. His desk was made of cherry wood with a nice high-back leather chair behind it.

“I have been working on the settlement all morning,” he said and for the first time Alicia could hear the stuffiness in his voice. “I just hope Mrs. Avery is going to be happy with it.”

“Would you like for me to look it over?” Alicia asked.

“Would you mind?”

“Not at all. Hand it to me.”

He gave her the printed copy of the settlement proposal he had been working on. Alicia began to read it as Mr. Bowen took out his hot soup and started drinking it. Without having to look up she knew what he was doing.

“There is a spoon in there, ya know,” she said with a smile, never taking her eyes off of the paper in front of her.

“This is faster,” he told her.

“You are going to. . .”

“Oh, damn it!”

“. . . spill on yourself,” she finished as she turned around. All down the front of his shirt, Mr. Bowen had spilled the hot broth. He set the container down and left the room.

Alicia watched him as he left. She had had a crush on him ever since she went to work for him. Even though he was 25 years older than she was, she found him to be one of the most handsome men she had ever seen. He was tall, about 6 feet, had a decent physique, more firm than muscular, and he was starting to go grey around his temples. With all of these things put together, Alicia found herself very drawn to him.

She set the paper down after she had finished reading it and went to look for him. She heard a door open down a long hallway and followed the sound. When she was certain she had found the source of the noise, she turned the door’s handle and opened it. The room she had found contained the laundry equipment with stacks of clean clothes on some shelves above the washer and dryer, and there stood Mr. Bowen, shirt and sweat pants off, completely naked, reaching up on the shelf for a new shirt while a pair of running shorts sat on top of the washing machine.

“God damn it,” he was muttering. “I’m such a klutz. I’m always spilling something on me, usually, its coffee.” He turned and saw that Alicia was standing in the doorway. He did his best to cover the bottom half of his body, but it was too late, she had already seen him. “I’m sorry, Alicia. I should have locked the door.”

She didn’t say anything, just kept staring down at his crotch, which his hands were covering up. He called her name twice more and she finally responded after the second attempt.

“Are you ok, Alicia?” he asked.

She refocused her eyes on his before answering.

“Yes, sir, I’m fine,” she said. “Just a little. . .” She paused for a second, gathered her thoughts and steeled her resolve, before starting to slowly walk towards him. kaçak iddaa “Sorry, Mr. Bowen, but I have found you very attractive from the first time I saw you, and now that I see you like this, there are so many things running through my head and I am going to do at least one of them right now.”

She grabbed his head and pressed her lips to his, kissing him deeply.

After being taken by surprise, Mr. Bowen pushed Alicia off of him, held her at arms length and asked her what she thought she was doing.

“Something that I have wanted to do for a long, long time,” she said as she started to run her hands up and down his chest, her fingers going through the fine hair that resided there. She kissed him hard again before bending down to kiss his neck and chest.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” he protested as she continued down his body. “I really think we should. . . Oh!” He groaned as he felt her lips close around the head of his member. She pulled off of his cock, kissed the tip, and then started licking the underside from the base to the head over and over again. When she had him completely hard, she took him in her mouth once again, bobbing her head and using her right hand to massage his scrotum.

“Oh, Jesus,” he moaned. “That’s so good . . .but we should stop.” He tried to push her head off of him again, but it wasn’t that much of an effort.

Alicia pulled him out of her mouth with a ‘pop’. She looked up at him from her knees and said, “You don’t really want me to stop, do you, Mr. Bowen?” When he didn’t answer she engulfed him once again, sucking him hard and using her tongue to tickle the vein on the underside of his cock. He wrapped his hands in her long dark hair and began to control her pace. He would push or pull on her hair depending on how fast or slow he wanted her lips to run up and down his shaft. A few times he pushed her all the way down to the base of his 8-inch cock, causing her to choke a little. When he felt that she had sucked on him enough, he pulled her off of her knees and kissed her.

She broke the kiss and said, “And you wanted me to stop.”

“My mistake,” he said as he pressed his lips to hers again. As their lips were locked together, he started to unbutton her white blouse. She helped him by pulling the garment out of the waistband of her skirt. As soon as the blouse was off, her bra joined it on the floor of the laundry room. Mr. Bowen pulled away from her long enough to look down at her exposed breasts. They stood out firm from her chest and were capped with eraser-like nipples that he found himself wanting to nibble and suck on. He dropped his head to her chest and began tonguing them, making them harder than they already were. He bit down lightly on one of them, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Alicia.

She pulled his head up from her breasts and kissed him passionately, slipping her tongue into his mouth, dancing with his. He lifted her up and set her down on top of the dryer. Breaking apart once again, he leaned back and ran his hands down her chest, along her stomach, over her deep red skirt and then down her thighs before reaching under the hem line of the skirt and pulling down her thong panties. He pushed the bottom of the skirt up so it showed her shaved quim, with only a strip of manicured dark hair reaching up from the top of her clit. He dropped his head into her lap and started licking the juices that were flowing from her. He took her clit between his lips, gently sucking on it while lashing it over and over with the tip of his tongue. Alicia reached down and grabbed the back of his head and pushed him into her sex further. He pulled back a little, kaçak bahis allowing her clit to come out of his mouth, and began licking up and down the full length of her slit, lavishing in the taste of her. After a few swipes of her pussy, Keith Bowen attacked her clit one again, alternating between flicking it, sucking it, and rubbing it with his thumb.

Alicia loved all of his attention, enjoying the sensation of his tongue on her most sensitive area. She could feel her orgasm starting to build. It swelled from deep in the pit of her stomach and centered on her hard clit.

“Oh, fuck,” she groaned. “I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmiiinnnnnnnggggggg!!” She shuddered as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her hips rose off of the dryer, bathing Keith’s face in her orgasmic juices. He didn’t mind though. He wanted her to cum in the worst way. He wanted to lick her through her orgasm, to taste her as she reached her pinnacle.

When she calmed down a bit, he brought his head up from her drenched pussy, licking his lips. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to her, kissing him so she could taste herself. Alicia pushed him away from her only so she could jump off of the laundry equipment. She looked down at his still hard cock. She took it in her hand and stroked him a couple of times. It felt harder to her now than it did when she had it in her mouth.

“Fuck me,” she said breathlessly. “Fuck me now.”

Keith spun her around and bent her over the dryer. He lifted her skirt and rubbed the bare skin of her ass. She was warm and smooth and he realized he had wanted this just as much as she did. He gave the insides of her thighs light slaps, causing her to spread her legs more. He moved in behind her, his cock in his hand, and in one thrust, penetrated her deeply, pushing until he could feel her wetness against his balls.

Being filled so much so quickly surprised Alicia and her torso shot up from the top of the dryer, revealing to her boss for the first time the tattoo she had on her left shoulder. Seeing she had it turned him on more and he thrust even harder into her depths.

“Oh, God, yes,” she moaned as she looked back at him. “That feels soooo good. Fuck me harder.”

He did as she asked, even though he knew it would make him cum faster. He slammed his pelvis into the cheeks of her ass over and over again. He reached down with his right hand and started rubbing her clit with the tip of one of his fingers, determined to make her cum when he did. Her moaning became louder as he applied more pressure to her love button and the walls of her pussy started clamping down on him more.

That was the beginning of the end for him. Feeling her convulse around his throbbing erection started a tingling in his balls, signaling to him that orgasm was approaching. He continued pounding into her and rubbing her clit when she looked back at him and groaned, “I’m cumming again. Cum with me, cum with me.”

He thrust once more hard into her and felt her begin to cum on his hard cock. Her pussy clutched around him, causing his balls to finally boil over. He shot stream after stream of cum deep into her pussy. His pelvis jerked deeper into her with every burst of semen that he set forth.

When they had both calmed down enough, Keith pulled out of her. When he did, a good portion of his seed came out with him and fell to the floor, while some more ran down the inside of Alicia’s thighs. She turned around and slowly sank to her knees then took his still hard tool into her mouth. She moved her head up and down a few times before taking him out from between her lips.

“Anything else I can get for you, Mr. Bowen?” she asked as she licked the tip of his cock again.

“Not right now, Alicia,” he said as he looked down at her. “But I think I may need you to stay here and help me for the rest of the afternoon.”

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