Sissy meets her Daddy – this is exacly how i would

Cuckold Captions

Sissy meets her Daddy – this is exacly how i wouldImagine….You enter my hotel room dressed in your new white dress with the Humming Birds on, black stockings and high heels and a handbag over your shoulder – “What do you think Daddy, do you like it?” you ask as you walk up and down – I say “Oh yes, very girly – but what slutty underwear do you have on underneath? – you turn your back on me, spread your legs a little and lift up the dress to your waist – before me is a beautiful sight – your legs encased in the black stockings – the white thighs crossed by the straps of a black garter belt – the black thong almost lost in the valley of that perfect butt of yours, a small triangle of material at the top – the bulge that is your clit and nuts shows between your legs – the high black garter belt looks as buca escort sexy as hell – you gyrate your butt and then turn to the side – you lift the dress above your black bra – the slimness of your body, the toned muscle – the curve of your butt – WOW – the black against the white of the dress and your white, so smooth skin looks great – you turn once more to face me – I can see the outline of your clit and nuts in the panties – you look divine – you say “Does Daddy like his Sissy in this underwear?” – I take out my hard cock and say “Does this answer you question?” and you giggle – you undo your handbag and say “Look what I have here Daddy!” – and you pull out a glass plug “It is my Icycyles #47” – I tell you to take off your panties and get down on all fours – this you do, making escort buca a bit of a play of taking off your panties.You are down on the floor on your knees and elbows. Your dress is covering your butt – I kneel down and rub my hands across your butt, feeling the shape of it under the material of the dress – the plug is laying on the floor and I pick it up and put a bit of KY jelly on the tip – I am kneeling on the right side of your hips and with my right hand I lift your dress onto your back – I have the plug in my left hand and I trace it down the valley of your butt – I gently ease it into your pussy and you gasp a little – I start to work it in and out – with my right hand I reach for your clitty and nuts, cupping them in my hand – I gently squeeze them – play with them – buca escort bayan rub the clitty – all the time working the plug – “Time for the real thing Sissy, are you ready for your Daddy’s cock?” – “Oh yes, please fuck me with it” – I remove the plug and kneel between your legs – I flick your nuts with my cock and then ease it up and into your pussy – I feel you grip my cock with your muscles and then I start to work it in – and out – in, slowly, gripping your hips – you are moving your hips at the same time and I can feel your pussy working my cock “Fuck—fuck—I—so—love—fucking—my—Sissy—my—gorgeous—Sissy” – you are moaning “Do not stop Daddy, fill me with your cum” – I say “Daddy has a big load for you” – I start to move faster and with a grunt and a thrust of my hips I cum deep inside you – I take out my spent cock and see the cum running out of your pussy, down onto your nuts – I wipe my cock with my hand and then wipe my hand on your nuts – I work the cheeks of your butt so that more cum oozes out – I reach and pull your clitty back betweenThank You Daddy

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