Sissy picked up in hotel

Sissy picked up in hotel…you are having a drink at the hotel lobby bar, another night in a hotel working away, sipping your drink thinking how you are becoming sick of the same boring hotel routine and looking around at the people checking in and out, the bar is relatively quiet for this time of night.A girl walks up to the bar next to you and asks for a drink, you glance over and the first think you notice is her bobbed blonde hair, down to just below her jaw line, she catches your eye and you become more interested. You give her a quick look up and down, not really caring if she catches you out as you are onto your fifth drink by now, but also avoiding being creepy you don’t want to stare. You see she is wearing a long black jacket that fits her body tightly and as you look down you see she has silky stockings on and very big heels …they must be 7 inch heels, you think to yourself, and wow she is prettyyou must have started for a little too long as I look across and notice you looking at me, “can I help you” I asks, you realize I am talking to you and you stutter for a second, Hi, I’m Danny you say, “Hi Danny, I’m Jasmine” I reply .. the bartender hands me my drink and I reply “thanks, put it on this mans tab” I give you a wink, take my drink and go and sit at a small table and take out my book.You smile, now you cant stop looking at me, I glance up every now and then and see you looking over your shoulder, I give a little smile and go back to reading my book, you notice my legs crossed and you can see the top of my stockings peaking out from under my jacket, you notice suspenders holding them up and this gets you more interested, “fuck she looks hot” you think to yourself, and decide to order me a drink, a big one, a nice strong cocktail. The bar tender goes over to my table and puts the large cocktail down for me and points in your direction, I look over and give you a smile and a little wave, you grin but then turn around and go back to sipping your drink, you glance over from time to time and notice me enjoying my cocktail, it is now almost finished, like clockwork you order me another, and the barman, brings it to me again, I look over to you and this time give you a smile and a gesture to come and join me, but you turn back with a big grin and keep sipping your drink, you know these cocktails are very strong and contain lots of alcohol, but you also know they taste very easy to drink and deceptive to the drinker. You glance over and notice that I am not so much reading my book anymore but more interested in drinking my cocktail and glancing over at you, I am now facing you in my seat and I accidently knock the ashtray off my table, quickly I get up and bend over to pick it up, not realising I am getting quite drunk, you notice my legs are long and get a full peak under my jacket as it has rode up a little from me sitting down, you see I am wearing a skin tight latex mini skirt and as I bend it also exposes a shiny thin latex G-string disappearing into a tight looking ass. Your pants bulge immediately and you now know you want to have me, I sit back down and straighten my clothes a little, slightly embarrassed by the noise of dropping the ashtray in a quiet bar, and I look over to see if you saw anything, I see you talking to the bar man and you see me take my last mouthful of the cocktail. My eyes very glassy and starting feel a warmth over me from all the alcohol soaking in. The barman comes over nad replaces my cocktail with another of the same, I take a sip and notice this one tastes as little stronger this time, I look up and you are smiling, I gesture for you to join me again and to my delight you get up and come over with your drink. Hello again I say, you notice I am much more relaxed this time and can see my eyes are glazed over, “enjoying your drink?” you ask, “yes, it is delicious, thank you so much, I only wanted my first drink on you, you are very generous” I say “well you are the prettiest girl in the hotel room, how could I not” you notice I blush little canlı bahis şirketleri did I know that the last cocktail you asked the barman to make it a double, so it was extremely loaded with alcohol and I am rapidly becoming more and more relaxed and flirty as it is kicking in, “you are staying here in the hotel?” you ask, “yes babe I am on the 2nd floor”, you notice I called you babe and put my hand on your legs as I answered “oh my sorry, I am a little tipsy, I didn’t mean to call you babe” I quickly say trying to regain my composure “its fine” you say, giving me a handsome grin and a wink “I am staying in the presidential suite” you tell me ” oh wow, what does that look like, it must be nice” I say, “you can come and have a look if you like” you suggest, you can see me gulping down the last of the cocktail and know I am going to be very drunk once that kicks in, if you can get me to your room by that time, you know you will be fucking this hot girl for sure”wow I would love to see it honey, would you like to go now? I just need to stop by my room and grab something first” you tell me you will walk with me as you need private access to get to the top floor, so we get up and head to the elevatorAs we enter I reach for the button but stumble a little and fall towards you, you catch me and my hand brushes your pants, you are already hard knowing what I am wearing and knowing I am coming to your room and you know I just felt it as my hand stayed there for a second too long before I quickly moved it away and apologised, blushing again but also with a smirk and look in my eyes that you know I wanted it. the elevator stops at my floor and we walk to my room door, a pretty average room really, I get my keys out of my bag but it drops to the floor, I bend over in front of you without even thinking and once again you see my tight long legs, it exposes the bottom of my ass cheeks again and you can see my suspenders, you also notice I don’t bend my knees when I picked them up, really showing off my ass and legs to you, your pants bulge out even know I am drunk now as I didn’t even think about covering myself when I bend over, I grab my keys and we walk in, the room is small and dingy, “grab some bathers too is you like to swim, I have my own heated pool on my balcony” you say, I almost fall over when you say this, “WOW” is all I can respond with, and I grab a bag that has some clothes in it and stuff a little bikini in there as well. we head up to your floor and into your room, it is huge, beautiful furniture, big TV and a large open balcony area, you can see I am standing there with my mouth open in awe. “make yourself at home babe” you say as you put on some music and pour two drinks form your bar. I undo the knot in my jacket and take it of as I walk over to the balcony, you are staring at me and as my jacket drops you can now see all of what I am wearing, it is not a miniskirt but a tight little latex dress, only just covering my ass cheeks and only just covering the top of my breasts, you notice they are quite small but figure it just goes with my slim fit figure. you can now see my stockings and suspenders in full view and I turn around and see you staring, I see this and all I want to do is have you now, I am drunk, Horney and in awe of his handsome rich man who has invited me up. I give you a sexy grin and slowly strut over to you where you are holding out a drink, I put mine on the table and gesture for you to drink, the music is playing some funky beats and I turn away and start to dance for you, wiggling my ass and sliding my hands up my legs and over my body as I look at you seductively, you lean back against the bar and enjoy the show, after a little while I can see your pants are struggling to hold you in, I prance over and give you a big kiss, my big red lips all shiny from the lipstick and gloss I have on, I give you a wink and start to move down until I am squatting down in front of you, I unzip your pants and reach in to pull out your canlı poker oyna wet hard cock, it falls in front of my face and stands to attention, pre cum shining all over your head and starting to drip down, I look up, smile and stick out my tongue to catch all your pre cum, I lick around the cock and clean every last drop of it, then lick my lips and taste your beautiful salty taste, you give a big sigh of pleasure as you feel my tongue and lips kissing and swirling around your cock and the tip, leaning forward a little desperate to get more in my mouth, looking down you can see my perfect ass poking out from my skin tight latex mini dress and all you can think about is getting me on your bed and fucking me hard. I start to take more of your cock in my mouth now, starting to give steady strokes down your shaft with my lips as they wrap tightly around your cock, you put one hand on my head and start to take control, slowly starting to fuck my mouth as your pace picks up a little. as your pace intensifies you feel on some stroked you are hitting the back of my throat now, I am taking lots of your cock in my mouth and I give the occasional gag, you smile and decide I am a big enough slut that you are going to get your money’s worth here, you gulp down your drink, put it on the table and put your second hand around my head, you pull me towards you and feel your cock pop past the back of my throat, I pull back for a second and then relax and you take over, my face now pressed against your stomach and I am stuck in your control, your cock all the way down my throat, at your mercy, you hold me there for a few seconds and let go, my head shooting off your cock and I gasp for air, a big wet string of saliva and cum from my lips to your cock now joins us, “good girl, you are doing well” you say “take it again” you instruct and I open my mouth and willing accept your cock again, you know I am now relaxed as you are fucking my face at will now, being able to see my throat expand as your cock slides past the back of my mouth, one hand now around my neck so you can feel your cock enter my throat and your balls hitting my chin as you go deep in me “fuck you are a good cock sucking slut” you say I look up with watery eyes, saliva dripping off my mouth and drunken smile “thank you” I say, you grab my head and give me one more deep thrust but you feel your balls twitching and know you are going to cum… you don’t want to yet so you stop, slap my face with your wet cock a few times and tell me to “get up slut” your demeanor is now much more forceful and dominant, but you know I am now too drunk to really resist or take in anything as an insult, you know I want to stay in your room so you are going to make me earn it. “over to the balcony” you instruct and I strut out the back, wiggling my ass and giving a couple of stumbles, you smile knowing how well the cocktails have worked and that you will be filling this hot slut with loads of your cum tonight, “face the rail and open your legs a little, stick that hot ass out girl” you demand and I do exactly as you say, you can see in the lights how hot and tight my ass is, so firm, you give it a slap across my miniskirt and I jump a little, you hitch it up and put your finger around my g-string and pull it aside, you squat down behind me and I feel your fingers working around my shiny tight hole, then i feel your tongue starting to probe around my ass, then I moan in pleasure as I feel it enter me, all warm and wet, probing in and out and fucking my sweet hole, you turn me around to face you and pull down my panties to lick my pussy, but instead my cock falls in front of your face, you stumble back in surprise and look at me all confused “what the fuck” you say, “sorry honey, I thought you knew I was a sissy?” I quickly say all worried, you look at me and smile, “you are a fucking convincing sissy slut I tell you, but its fine, now I get to fuck some ass tonight instead” I sigh in relief and then smile, relieved you were not mad and still perabet güvenilir mi want me. “on the bed Sissy” you order, I quickly move to the bed, “show me that hot ass and get on your hands and knees” I do as you say and wiggle my ass at you as you walk over, taking off your pants and lubing up your hard cock, I feel you move in behind me, the head of your hard cock pressing against my wet hole, just begging for you to fuck it “fuck me babe, I want your big cock in me” I beg, you grin, hitch up my skirt again and slap my ass cheeks, I jump and give a bit of a squeal as your red handprint shines through on my cheeks, another slap and then you press your cock against my hole with a bit more pressure, my head rolls back and pop you enter me, I give out a big moan as you slowly edge further in me, feeling how tight my ass is squeezing around your shaft as it opens me up. you place a hand on each of my ass cheeks and spread them wide as you enter all the way in me, hearing me moan and gasp as I adjust to your big cock filling me up, you slowly start to pull all the way back out until only the tip of your throbbing head is still in me, and back down you go, now you know I have adjusted you start to fuck me with long steady slow strokes, admiring my ass as it swallows your entire length and watching it wrap around your cock as you pull it all the way out again, I am starting to push back towards you and you know this sissy slut want a pounding, you lean forward and push my head into the bed, grab my arms and pull them behind my back and tie them up with the belt from my jacket that was on the bed, you step back for a second and admire the sissy slut you have tied and spread on your bed, wet hole shining ready for you to take any way you want. you climb up on the bed and stand over my ass, point your cock down and slide it back in me, you start to pound me hard and fast, your balls are slapping against me making a loud noise you are fucking me so hard, you know you cant go at this pace much longer without giving me all your warm seed so you stop and pull out, my ass now gaping and me moaning in ecstasy, you take some photos for a minute and then come around to where my head is, you grab my hair and pull my head up and slide your cock in my mouth “taste your sissy juices slut, how does that taste Jasmine?” you laugh and I am gulping and slurping on your cock, my arms pinned behind my back so I am at your mercy and have to take whatever you give me, I am licking and sucking on your cock and you hear me trying to say something, you pull your cock out of my mouth and you hear me say “my bag”, you get up and open my bag, you see more restraints and toys in there, a big dildo and but plug catch your eye.. hmmmm you now have some ideas, you grab the dildo, restraints and plug and return to the bed, grab my head and prop it up with your cock back in my mouth, you start to fuck my mouth again and cant contain yourself, you have both hands holding my face up and you are fucking furiously into my throat, I am no longer gagging but taking you all the way down, you know your sissy little slut is enjoying every second of it and you feel yourself starting to climax, you push your cock all the way down and explode in my throat, lash after lash of warm cum shooting out of your balls into my throat, you feel me gagging and trying to squirm but you hold my head tighter and force your cock to stay in my throat.. when you finish shooting you pull it back into my mouth, me gasping and leaking cum “eat it all SLUT” you shout and I immediately go back to sucking your shaft and sucking the last of the cum from your cock, swallow the rest” you demand, and I gulp it down like it is my last meal, only wanting to please you, you sigh, look down at my face, makeup running from my eyes off my face, cum leaking out of my nose and gasping for air “very good slut” you say, “but that is only round one” you smirk, my face looking at you with a slutty grin, you know this slut want to be fucked all night “next I fill your sissy hole with my warm cum, your ass needs at least two more loads in before the night is over, those cocktails were not cheap you know, Jasmine” you laugh and go get yourself another drink, leaving me tied on the bed gasping and moaning… be continuedXXXJasmine

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