Sister in Law I want to fuck Part 8

Sister in Law I want to fuck Part 8This will possibly make more sense if you start at Sister in Law I want to fuck Characters Jane Sister in law Rod Jane’s man Joe me, Dave photographer, Angela Dave’s wife, Bank Manager, Dan solicitor, Jim business owner, Mary wife of Mark, Mark business owner Prudence (Pru) Jane’s nosey neighbour. Jane’s neighbours: Lucy, Diana, Joan, Penelopy, Louise, Victoria. This is fantaseyJust then the door of the bedroom was filled by Mary, Jane, Mark, Rod & Me (Joe). “Pru you are doing well. Jamie, as you are no longer a virgin would you like to join us on our sex times either now or at a later time?”“What would I have to do?” “First you will have to keep what happens to within our circle – you may talk or sext to anyone of us. Second you will take a willing part in our activities – you might be required to suck, fuck, stroke, pull or twist any of these women (none have an std and since you have been a virgin neither do you) bareback. Thridly, if you do not want to do any of the tasks given you you will pay a penalty. You are free to leave now or you can continue – your choice.”Jamie looked at the women. First he looked at Jane. She looked like she was about 5′ 6” tall, purple coloured grey hair, probably 34C bra size shapely but not over weight. Jamie thought I’d like to have my cock sucked by her. Come to think of it, I’d like to tit fuck, ass fuck, missionary and doggie fuck her.Mary has natural blonde hair that looks like it is regularly worked on by very competent hair dresser. Jamie likes tits so he was delighted with what he saw of Mary’s, they looked like 40 DDD. She was only wearing her bright red lace bra so her hard nipples were standing proud. They looked like they were big, possibly 1” long and ¾” in diameter. Oh my they would be great to suck and nibble Jamie thought. The thought of tit fucking them gave him a hard on. Jamie wondered why Mary had not another stitch of clothing on, so her bald pussy was in plain view when she was not hidden by someone standing in front of her. Her pussy looked like it hard recently had a cock or maybe a small cucmuber in it, except jizz had leaked out and was still running down her leg, so she had recently been fucked and her cunt opening was wide open. Jamie guessed that Mary had a big ass the sort black rappers in USA rapped about fucking. Jamie was up for some of that he thought“Oh I think I will stay.” “Ok then we will go to the next stage of Pru’s initiation. Are you ready to continue Pru?” “Oh yes now that I have gone so far why not.”“Ladies it’s not right that Pru is totally naked while you are at least partly dressed. Are you ok with loosing the duds?” Without waiting for a reply Mark said “Jamie this is part of your initiation, so you will have to do what ever one of us says you’r to do. The only exception is if more than one comes up with a task them we will take a vote after asking what you would prefer to do. We may or may not take account of your preferences. Are you ready to start?”“Oh yes I am.” “Then Jane step into the middle of the room. Jamie, you are to strip Jane in the sexiest way you can. When any skin is on show you may stroke, twist, pull or stick a finger/fingers or anything you choose into it. You may take as long as you want on this process as long as you make it interesting for the spectators. Jane you will not resist in any way but you may not help Jamie. On the other hand Jamie you may get the help of anyone by simply telling them what you want them to do. Remember this is to be an entertainment for the observers and entermainment will include participation.Jane was wearing a woolen sweater, so Jamie moved behind her standing so close that his cock was pressed into her ass slit through her flowing skirt. Next he put one hand on each thigh and slid it upward until he reached her waist and the bottom of her sweater. All the while Jamie was dry fucking her ass slot and his precum was staining her skirt. Jamie moved his hands upward, only his thumb was outside the sweater. It was the hook that was raising the bottom of the sweater. When his hands reached the armpitshe continued and Jane was forced to raise her arms. This exposed her bra, a half cup black bra that showed off the top of her tits nicely. “Guys hold her arms that way and her sweater so it doesn’t fall back down. Your free hand you should use to stroke her tits after I have had a play first.With the sweater held in place Jamie was able to focus on the exposed bra and exposed tits. While still dry fucking her he reached round with both hands and starting at the bottom of both bra cups he squeezed Jame’s tits hard causing her to exclaim “Ohhhhhh.” Then he released them before repeating the process, each time squeezing harder. Then he used his fingers to push up the bottom centre of the cups. This forced the tit to move upward. Next he stroked the top of zonguldak escort both tits before working his hands down the front of the tit inside the bra. From that position he could open his fingers and squeeze each nipple using his fingers. The nipples were getting harder with each squeeze. Jamie thought: the others will want to see this, so he hooked his fingers under the tits and pulled them out of the bra.Now he knew he had authority to stroke, squeeze, poke and fuck them. So he called the one guy who was not holding the sweater up to stand on a chair or anything that would get his cock level with Jane’s tits. “Put your cock in the cleaveage.” When it was in place Jamie squeezed the tits tight around the cock. “Tit fuck her as hard as you want.” “Ladies I want two of you to squeeze and pull the lady’s nipples. When the tit fuck is over you can suck and bite them if you want.” All the while Jamie was still dry fucking Jane’s ass slot.“Guys thank you for your patience holding the sweater up. Now please lift it up and off Jane’s body. If you want you can join the ladies squeezing the lady’s nipples or if you want to play with the tits n nipples of the ladies squeezing Jane’s nipples be my guest.”Jamie now unclipped Jane’s bra and threw it onto the floor. Pru was a silent onlooker, so he told her to take the bra and put it on. When she couldn’t fasten it, Jamie said “No problem. Just roll it up and stick it in your cunt.” Pru did as she was told.Now Jamie reached for the fastening of the skirt. This was easy as they were at the back. He undid the clip and zip and the skirt fell to the floor. Now Jamie was able to get down on his knees and have agood look at Jane’s but. “Lady I want you to spread your legs and hold you but cheeks apart so I can have a good look at your ass hole.” When Rod heard this he wrapped his arms round Jane so he wouldn’t fall. This had the advantage that his cock was being pressed between his body, Jane’s and her tits so he would probably cum soon.“Lady it looks to me like you have never had a cock or a didlo in you ass. Am I right?” “Yes and I don’t want one now.” “People if the lady doesn’t want to be ass fucked does that mean she will get a penalty?” “We will have to take a vote on that.” “Ok then I am ordering the lady to let me ass fuck her but I promise then will be lots of lubrication.” Rod spoke up “I want to modify that to everyone to ass fuck her. Any objections.” Everyone remained silent so the modification was carried. Mark spoke: “Jane you have the choice comply or pay the penalty. When you decide remember that the penalty usually is worse that the task.” “Oh yes, I know so I will comply.”“Lady of the house do you have any KY jelly? If not then bring vaseline – that will do instead.”When the KY came Jamie had Pru smear it on his cock, around Jane’s ass hole and by using her finger worked it into the ass hole. “Lady would you like to work three fingers in up to the second nuckle. Jane was a good soldier she moaned softly as the fingers were being worked into her ass hole. Meantime the tit fucking continued.Just before the three fingers were in up to the secong knuckle, Rod came and shot a rope up that hit the underside of Jane’s chin before falling down onto her chest. Rod said “I’ve cum. That was good and a first time. Want to do that again.” Jamie told the guy holding the right nipple to swap with rod.Jamie was ready now to ass fuck Jane. In the mean time his cock had gone flacid, so her told Pru “Lady I need you to suck my cock til its hard again.” She did. Jamie eased his cock into the virgin hole. After the first two inches the hole was so tight he had to grab Jane’s thighs and pull back while pressing in as hard as he could. Mean time Jane was going “Ohhhhh, Ahhhhh, OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD How much more is there to go in?” “Nearly all in lady.” When his cock was fully in Jamie slowly withdrew until the head was just inside the entrance. At that point he pushed it in again, repeating the process but speeding up for each thrust. Now he had his hand round playing with Jane’s pussy slit before playing with her clit. Just before he came in her ass he stuck first then two and three his fingers in her cunt. Probably by good fortune rather than knowledge he started to curl his fingers and stroke her G spot. Jane came with a loud exclaimation shooting vaginal fluid onto Jamie’s hand just as he shot his spunk into her ass hole.“Guys, I have to say I enjoyed that, thank you for persuading the lady to let us fuck her ass. Next please. Oh and please swap the left tit squeezer to tit fuck, first tit fucker can now ass fuck.”The women swapped positions and the sex continued until the men could perform no longer.The following happened a few days later in response to the final challenge Pru was given.The final challenge was to recruit four woman neighbours who were also escort zonguldak married. There were two exceptions to that: Penelopy is a single woman and Florence is widowed but unlike Pru she is not the local bike but someone Mark would like to fuck.Jane, Mary & Pru agreed to have a girls night in Pru’s home, so they had the target of recruiting two each. Failure to recruit the allocated quota would of course result in a penalty. None of the girls wanted to be subjected to that so they went about their task with enthusiasm.It was agreed that Jane and Mary would recruit the four married women. They also agreed to have a joint recruiting meeting in Mary’s home. Since Mary’s best friend (Louise) had a lingerie store that stocked a wide range from expensive, through very sexy but mid price range, to budget products. Mary’s friend had a marketing stategy – a draw for a top of the range bra & panty/thong set. Each £5 of purchase had one entry into the draw.Jane went to Lucy’s home when her man as at work. “Would you like to come to a lingerie party in Mary’s home?” “Tell me more. Will I have to buy something?” “No but you will want to, because you will have one chance of winning a top quality, high cost bra & panty/thong set for every £5 that you spend.” “How does that sound?” “Cool. Count me in. When is it?” “We will let you know.” Lucy is a 25 year old, 5′ 3” tall, 36 24 38. She uses d cup bras. Natural blonde shoulder length hair. Lucy’s face is cherub like and she is always smiling – she is a glass always full person. Lucy has lots of friends, is intellegent and an achiever.Jane repeated her sales pitch in Diana’s home. Again her husband was out. So Jane had got her task completed if Diana joined in. The sales pitch worked in a similar manner, so I will not repeat it. Rather I will tell you about Diana. She is a stay at home wife, mother of three c***dren and happy with her life. Diana was a beauty queen in her later teens, she had red shoulder length hair which was groomed in the beauty parlour at least every two weeks for the works. Diana is intellegent, out going, great company and devoted to her k**s and her husband.Mary was very friendly with Joan. They had gone to a club when the husbands were away on a golf weekend. It was a case of what happened that night would remain secret. Mary planned to use that as an inducement to get Joan to come to the lingerie night if necessary. Mary rang Joan’s door bell. After a long wait Joan spoke through the video speaker at the door. “Mary what do you want?” “Joan I need to come in I have something to tell you that you will want to hear.” “Ok hold on. I’m just out of the shower.” “Wrap a towel round yourself and let me in. You have nothing I haven’t seen before and I’m short of time.” When Mary got in she wasted no time, got straight to the sales pitch. “Louise is bringing a range of her stock to my home to show to selected friends of mine. Now I know you shop in her store. You could finish up with a top of the range bra & thing set for £5. You would like that wouldn’t you?” “You know I would.” “So you are in?” “Yes just let me know time and date.”Joan is a big girl, 44 32 45. Black hair cut like a boy. Joan likes a drink and fun in all senses of the word. She never wears stockings or a thong although she does wear granny style knickers, always white. Joan likes to be a bit sexy and will always take a risk if sex is on the table.Victoria was to be Mary’s final challenge but she as likely to be the hardest challenge because she is very puritan. Fortunately Mary knew Victoria’s weakness – money or rather the lack of it. That coupled with her habit of buying clothes and shoes on the creditcard ment she was always struggling to pay the card without her husband knowing.Mary phoned Victoria when she saw Ben (the husband) leaving one morning. “Hi Vic could you drop in on me about 7 tonight?” “Oh why?” “I have a proposition that you will like. Not only that but if you don’t come you will REALLY regret it.” “In that case I will come but I cannot stay more than 30 minutes.” “No problem you will be back home in 15.”Victoria is slim, maybe even skinny. Black waist length hair. Her figure is 32 20 33. Her bra cup is B. Vic always wears baggy sweaters with wide fitting jeans or slacks.When Vic rang Mary’s doorbell Mary let her wait for a few minutes, in order to make her anxious. It worked. Mary opened the door with “Oh Vic I am glad you came. Let me get you a drink. What do you want to drink?” “I don’t have time for drinking. So nothing for me.” “Well Vic I need a drink after the day I’ve had I need one. Come in and sit down.” Vic choose to sit on the sofa. When Mary returned she had two glasses in her hands. One was clear, the other, a tall glass, had orange in it. “Vic what I have to say to you I will only say after I have had my drink and you have finished yours.” “Oh zonguldak escort bayan I’m leaving now.” “No you are not. Let me rephrase that you should not want to leave, but if you do I will be telling Sam, your man to have a look at your credit card bills over the last 12 months. What would happen then?” “Oh don’t do that he would be so mad at me.” “Vic do you still want to leave now?” “Come to think of it, no I don’t. I will take the time to enjoy my drink and then listen to what you have to say to me.” “Good.”Mary downed her drink in one. “Oh that was good Vic, I’m gonna have another.” Vic was sipping her orange drink. “Mary that oragne hass an unusual taste. I’ve never tasted orange like that before.” Vic’s orange was 50% vodka and Vic never touched alcohol. It wasn’t long before she was very happy. Mary had a selection of dance music tunes playing. Vic’s second weakness is dancing so when Mary suggested they dance she agreed. As they danced Mary worked closer to Vic. Eventually, she was rubbing her buns against Vic’s buns. Then she worked round to face Vic. Taking hold of Vic’s two hands Mary raised them up to their full extent and made both pairs of hands sway from side to side. In the process the women were getting closer and closer until Mary’s tits were rubbing against Vic’s.After a few minutes Vic told Mary “I never knew that dancing with another woman could be such fun.” “Stick with me girl. You ain’t seen nothin yet.” Next Mary lowered her hands and stroked Vic’s back up and down. “Vic feel free to mirror my actions on my body.” “Oh I couldn’t do that.” “Credit card.” That’s all Mary had to say and Vic copied what Mary was doing.Mary continued stroking Vic’s back lower and lower until she had both buns in her hands. When Vic copied that action Mary knew she had Vic where she wanted her, so with one hand she loosened the belt and the fastenings holding Vic’s jeans up. “Your turn Vic.” Mary said and Vic undid the fastening holding Mary’s skirt tight to her waist. The skirt dropped to the floor, leaving Mary’s lower body in full view as she was wearing no knickers. “Oh my.” Was Vic’s comment.“Vic don’t worry. I have nothing you haven’t seen before. But I’m wondering what you look like. Should I drop your jeans?” “Oh no I wouldn’t like that.” “Have you ever dropped your jeans when close to a woman before?” “No.” “Then you don’t know. We will give it a try now. Ok? Remember card.” “Ok if you want.” So Mary knelt down and placing a hand on each side of the jeans waist band, she slid the jeans down. In the process she made sure to go slowly and stroked Vic’s legs. When the jeans wear on the floor but before Vic stepped out of them. Mary commented. “Oh Vic I think you enjoyed that. You have soaked the crotch of your knickers. By the way white cotton granny knickers are not very sexy. You will have to get some more stylish/sexy undies. I will help you with that. Oh that’s why I had you come over – there is going to be an underwear party in Pru’s house- you will have to come to make up the numbers.” “Oh I don’t know.” Remembering the card Vic said “Oh yes I will come just let me know the details.”“Great. Mean time lets enjoy ourselves. Vic have you ever had an orgasm while standing?” “No never.” “This is your lucky night and mine too. Remember you are to mirror what I do.”Mary’s hands were now one the waist band of Vic’s knickers. Repeating the action with the jeans she lowered the knickers to the floor. “Oh Vic the juices are running out of you now. Don’t tell me you are not enjoying this.” “I didn’t expect this when I was coming over, but I do agree it is pleasurable.” “The best is yet to come. Step out of the clothes and spread your legs like I am doing.”Mary then placed her hands on the inside of Vic’s legs and slowly slid them up. Vic was repeating the action on Mary. When they both reached the crotch Mary took her left hand off Vic’s leg and reached round the back. While her right hand was stroking up and down Vic’s pussy slit. This was a prelude to her clit being played with. “Vic a hairy pussy is a turn on to some but not to me so I suggest you loose the hair before the undie party.”The hand round the back was working her index finger toward the ass hole. To aid insertion Mary inserted her index finger into Vic’s cunt, so it was well coated with pussy juice. Returning it to the ass hole she stuck it onto the ass hole and started to pump it in and out.In a few minutes Vic came with “Ohhhhhh Ahhhhh OMG That was wonderful” “We can do that anytime you want when our men are out.” Was Mary’s comment.Vic had stopped fucking Mary’s ass hole and playing with her clit when she was having her orgasm. “I need to cum too.” said Mary. After a short time she had her joy too.“Vic I will let you know when the party is. Mean time I think you should get dressed but leave the knickers as a reminder for me to enjoy from time to time.”Vic had just pulled her Jeans up when Mark’s car pulled into the drive. Mary looked for ward to the party, Vic less so but she knew she would have to play her part at the party. Please vote and tell me what you would like to hear about.**********

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