Sister Pt. 05


The key to my door was acting up again, I sighed as I removed it gave the door a kick and then slid the key back in to unlock the door, I had been on to the council repeatedly about it but, it seemed single males and repairs were low on their list these days. I opened the door and tossed my bag by the door as I’d done so many times before.

So let me fill you in, it had been a couple of years, I’d left college and home, now had my own one bedroom flat and a job for a local software company, which sort of happened by accident. I had remained single for the most part, a small fling with one of Emily’s friends hadn’t led to much except problems between Emily and the girl in question, we grew apart and she found some guy that made her happy, I had, in the end, decided to move out to recover my sanity.

So my life had a routine, I worked during the day, came home and I streamed games for others to enjoy. I liked life as it was, I had finally managed to take control and make my life much simpler. I headed to my bedroom to change out of my work suit and into simple jeans and a T Shirt which is generally how I preferred to be dressed, back to my single combined kitchen and front room, a poke with my toe booted my computer before I made my way to the kitchen for coffee. A well-practised routine that had me in front of my computer within fifteen minutes of walking through my front door.

I’d been chatting with folk on my channel and working my way through an Ice Cavern when there was a knock at my door, I looked up to the door honestly confused, no one ever visited and my Mum had a key so she didn’t need to knock, I wasn’t waiting on anything either so the delivery people were out of the question.

“Back in a second guys, probably a wrong house” I stated removing my headphones and making my way to the door, as I opened it on the other side was my sister, her eyes red and puffy, it was very clear she had been crying, a lot by the looks of her make up. I stood aside and she made her way in, as she looked around my flat, she hadn’t so much as visited since the day I moved in, which meant I was oddly curious as to why she was here now.

“I’m sorry Joey, just didn’t know where else to go,” She whispered softly as she sank down onto my sofa. I watched her then headed to my computer to shut down the feed.

“It’s OK, but you don’t look so good,” I replied as I saved my game and dropped it back to my desktop, I turned and then slid into the chair opposite her.

“I just needed to feel safe Joey,” She smiled softly, or at least tried to as she tucked her knees under herself “Have you got a blanket, it’s cold”


As I returned with a blanket and wrapped it around she managed a real smile, I handed her the TV remote and slid back to my computer, figuring she just needed some time to collect herself.

A couple of hours later she had been watching something on TV when her voice brought me out of my concentration, I had merely been browsing random pages on the internet.

“Can I have a cup of coffee Joey?”

“Course” I replied sliding from my chair and headed for the kitchen area, refilling my own and making her a cup before placing it on the table beside her.

“Thank you,” She said softly, I simply shrugged as she wrapped her hands around the mug and resting it in her lap, and she simply remained there as the steam spiralled away from the hot liquid. She flicked channels and found a film we’d watched when we were younger, much younger than we were now, the channel stayed and she watched, as she watched I remained and so, in turn, ended up watching the film myself.

I stirred having fallen asleep at some point during the film, Emily was stretched out across the sofa her hand rested on her hip as she slept. I stood quietly to avoid waking her before turning off the TV and grabbing a blanket. Quietly covering her, it was at that moment I noticed the bruises across the top of her breast and her neck, in falling asleep her top had slipped down exposing these marks. I won’t lie I was pissed by this, but she hadn’t said anything and I was stuck unable to act, I covered her up and headed to my room.


I woke with a start as I felt something slide around my waist, having gone to bed alone every night since I had moved in, it was unnerving to wake up to being touched, it didn’t take me long to work out Emily had crawled into bed behind me.

“You left me,” She whispered against my neck, instinct sent a tremor down my spine and blood to my cock.

“You were asleep,” I managed to croak in reply, “You should sleep, I’ll go sleep on the sofa,” As I went to leave her grip on my waist tightened, “No please Joey, stay with me, let me feel safe?”

I laid back down and shifted back against her, her hand locked around my waist I could feel her breath on the back of my neck. I pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind and slept. Strangely the rest of that night I slept better than I had big ass porno in a long time, maybe just because I slept best with my sister close to me.

As I woke up the next morning, Emily had already made herself scarce, I rolled onto my back and stretched a long deep groan as I felt various parts of my body pop and crack back into place. I rolled to my side and then slid out of bed, as I made my to the bathroom I could smell food, instantly my stomach growled as a reminder I was hungry.

Another 5 minutes and I entered the room to see Emily in only her underwear busy cooking, from the smell a full English breakfast, I smiled knowing there were few people who knew me better than Emily.

“Morning,” She smiled as she turned, I couldn’t help but take in her body, she had grown somewhat since we were younger, her breasts were at least a size bigger, her legs now tanned and she was just as lean and athletic as ever, “Put your tongue away Joey, and go sit down,”

“Naked girl in my house and I get scolded for looking?” I shook my head and sat down turning on the TV, finding something to watch before Emily finally brought my breakfast, she handed me my plate before sitting on the floor to eat her own. We ate in silence before I gathered the plates to put them in the sink to wash them later.

“So feeling any better?” I asked her as I returned to my place on the sofa.

“A little bit,” She replied, she waited for me to stretch out on the couch before she moved crawling onto it and laying over me, much as she did when we were younger, I shifted a little so I was more comfortable and then she drew a quilt over us both, “Can I stay a couple of days, just until I get my head clear?”

“Of course, but I won’t be here every day, I have work,” I replied softly

“I’ll be OK, I’ll just chill and wait for you to get home, as long as that’s OK.”

“Yea course it is Emily, why would I not be OK with that?”

She shifted now looking up at me, her eyes were soft and glistened with the threat of tears.

“Because you still haven’t forgiven me, for when we were younger,” She replied softly

“Leave it alone Emily,” I warned slightly harsher than I had I meant, she didn’t as she shifted pushing herself up my body.

“I miss you, I miss us,”

“It’s in the past Emily, you have Terry now, sure you’re having a shitty time of it now, but you guys will make it up and be fine as usual.”

“I don’t wanna fix it, Joey, it hasn’t been working for us in a long time,” She sighed softly and sank back down against my shoulder “He has his eye on some girl from his work place, I caught them kissing at the works party we went to last night, it sucked but it didn’t hurt, I just wanted to get out.”

“So you came here?” I replied curiously

“I need to feel safe, and around you I always have,”

We continued to watch TV as she laid against me, at one point she moved catching the tip of my manhood and causing it to instantly react. I chose to ignore it but the way she pressed back I suspected it had been intentional. I also suspected her extended stay was going to be extremely awkward for me, and she was going to make sure of it.

The rest of the day was uneventful, we had tea, and we watched TV before heading to bed around 11 pm. Again she climbed into bed with me and slept again with her arm around my waist pressed tight to the back of me.


The following day I had work, so I left early that moment with my lunch packed by my sister. That evening I came home. I turned the key in my door and opened the door, as I made my way into the room I froze, Emily was laid on the sofa writhing as she plunged her fingers into herself repeatedly, the TV had a porno on and she was moaning and begging for her imaginary man to fuck her, I turned to leave and walked right into the door with a thud.

“OH SHIT JOEY I’M SORRY!” She squealed as she dragged the quilt over her, though not enough to cover her breasts, her cheeks still flush from her activities.

“I’m going to go change,” I said softly and extracted myself from the room. A few minutes later I heard a knock on my bedroom door and Emily opened the door.

“I really am sorry Joey, I just needed to release. I didn’t know what time you were home from work, I…” She sighed softly.

“Its fine,” I replied awkwardly as she pushed open the door she was still completely naked, again my eyes drank her in, the male instinct of sizing up a pretty girl.

“Still like what you see?” She asked blankly, there was no hiding her intent in those words.

“Still the best thing that ever happened to me, but again that’s in the past Emily,” I replied, a flush of red crept over her cheeks before she smiled walking to me, she took my hands and placed them on her hips, looking me in the eyes, “I know you still want me,”

I swallowed hard at her words before my hands drew her toward me, “I do, but you’re with someone and, I don’t big tits porno want to be the reason you guys break up,”

“We’re not together, I told you after I caught him kissing her, I left him,” She looked saddened at those words, she actually cared about him. She had done from the moment they’d met, it sucked to see her so lost in those moments, I drew her close and held her kissing the top of her head.

“You’re not ready for this, and I won’t take advantage,” I stated softly, my brain and hormones screaming at me for being a coward, she was offering herself freely and I was going to force myself to walk away from the one person in my I genuinely cared about more than myself.

“What if I want you to?” She replied softly “What if I just need to be fucked until my brain goes numb?”

“You know I would happily, but Emily you’re a mess right now, we’d fuck and in an hour you’d feel guilty and go crawling back to that prick!” It was harsh and my tone bitter, my eyes had settled on the bruises which ran across her breasts and up her neck as well as over her ribs.

“He gets mean sometimes, he doesn’t mean to,” She began, I could feel my blood boil in frustration as I watched her scramble for an answer.

“No Emily he’s an asshole, and you’ll let him beat you because you love him,” I snapped back angrily

“He …” The look in my eyes stopped her dead in her words and she ran from my room crying. Which in truth wasn’t far as the room to my bedroom was literally a short step from the kitchen door, I sighed and sank onto my bed putting my head in hands and sighing again.

I sat for five minutes as I could still hear Emily crying, I finally pulled myself together and made my way into to the front room, I made my way to Emily and knelt in front of her taking her hands gently.

“I’m sorry Emily, but the idea of anyone hurting you,” I stopped as she looked up and there she was the same girl I’d spent my younger years with, confused, beautiful and yet almost always in control of every situation. Only this time she wasn’t and she knew it.

“It’s not you, you’re right but I’m done with him, that’s why I’m here or at least for now anyway unless you want me to leave?”

“You can stay Emily, just quit with the head games,” I wasn’t even sure what I was going to say but as I was scrambling for my words her phone rang, her eyes darted to the screen then back to me, I followed her eyes to see the number was her boyfriend.

“What do I say,” She whimpered, it wasn’t Emily now but some half scared child, instinct made me reach for her phone but she blocked my hand “No don’t please Joey,”

She took her phone and then ringing stopped only to start again just a few moments later, she swallowed hard then answered.

“What is it,” She asked, I hadn’t even noticed she’d put the phone on loud speaker.

“Where the fuck are you?” Terry snapped angrily

“At my brothers,” She replied, it was always scary to me how quickly Emily could simply bury her emotion and become that dark ice cold bitch I’d always seen her as before events changed our lives.

“What the weirdo that used to drool all over you? What the fuck are you doing there, get your ass home now or I’m going to fucking hurt you!” He barked angrily back

“I’m not coming back Terry, you can go play with the little fuck doll you had your tongue down yesterday and I’ll find a man who loves me for me,” There was no emotion in any word she said, and she had already raised her hand to keep me quiet.

“But I love you, baby, you know that I was drunk,” He almost sounded genuine

“No you don’t I’m just another hole for you to fuck and I’m tired of crying for someone who just doesn’t care about anyone but himself,” She replied “We’re over, I’ll send my dad to get my stuff in the week”

And that was that she hung up and smiled to me. I put my hand on hers and smiled softly. We settled to watch TV for the night, and as usual, around 11 we went to bed.


It had been a week since Emily had turned up on my door step, and surprisingly my flat had cleaned itself, I hadn’t cooked the entire time she’d been living with me. I got paid that Friday and I was so happy, as I made my way to town to meet Emily, I’d said I would take her out for dinner.

She was waiting for me in the town centre as I made my way to her she threw her arms around me and kissed my cheek, my heart skipped as we heard someone clear their throat to attract our attention.

“TERRY!” She squealed in surprise, I was surprised too this guy was literally half my size, one of those guys who used his maleness to compensate it seemed as I looked him over.

“The fuck are you looking at?!” He snarled, I raised a brow then looked at Emily who had suddenly gone from confident and beautiful, to scared and weak, and that was that.

“The moron who hurt my sister!” I snapped back, it caught his attention and he stepped to me, which was actually blacked porno funny because he was squaring up to a guy who towered him, I wasn’t a fighter but I wasn’t weak either I never had been.

“Doesn’t concern you prick, so move aside so I can talk to my girl,” He tried to sound threatening but the fact I wasn’t intimidated was quickly making his bravado slip.

“You wanna talk to him Em?” I made sure to use Em as a point, I was the only person on earth who got away with clipping Emilys name, and she wouldn’t even let our parents call her anything but Emily.

“Not really,” Emily meekly replied, I simply turned back to him and smiled.

“Come on Emily, we can go back to mine and fuck, and drink, it’ll be fun,” He tried to sound genuine now but it just came off as lame.

“Rather fuck my brother thanks,” Emily replied, it actually made me smile the fact there was so much sarcasm in her words and yet she was being completely honest, the look on Terry’s face was hilarious as I shrugged at him took Emily’s hand we walked away.

“I’m going to fuck you up!” He called after me, Emily looked at me and then led me to our chosen restaurant.

It wasn’t long after we arrived that they seated us and we ordered pretty quickly too, they brought our drinks and then left us to our own devices while we awaited our food to arrive.

“Thanks for that, not sure I would have known what to do had he turned up before you arrived,” Emily said softly

“I can’t believe he’s still so damn small,” I grinned in reply.

“Not just in height either,” She chuckled softly “You worried about his threat?”

“Not really, if he is as dumb as he looks and tried anything, well I’m not going to be responsible for what happens,” I replied the edge in my voice told her I wasn’t kidding either.

“Not my problem,” Emily replied softly “Did you see his face though? God that was worth it!”

“He did look a little taken back but those words, shame he has no clue you were serious,” I replied with a smirk.

“Oh deadly serious,” Emily replied.

Dinner arrived once again saving me from an awkward conversation, Emily drained her glass and handed it to the waiter for a refill, as she placed our plates down. We ate quietly but Emily kept touching me with her foot, I looked up and she smiled, there was something wicked in her eyes now that sent a shudder through me.

She quickly scooted her chair around next me and lent to me “Stop looking so weird, we’re out having dinner, no more no less,”

“And you’re playing mind games,” I managed to reply and quickly had to take a swig from my beer bottle to hide the flush in my cheeks.

“You enjoy it just as much as I do Joseph, don’t pretend like you don’t,” She smiled and I cringed at her using my full name, I don’t think I’ve been called Joseph since I was about 3, “Tell you what, I dare you do one thing that I deem dangerous and I’ll be a good little sister,”

I looked at her for a moment the way she stared at me was easy to tell she was been serious. I went back to eating my dinner as I thought through her words, and more to the point thought if I would actually act on her dare. Emily would keep glancing up with a wicked smile on her face as she tried to work out what I was thinking, truthfully I barely knew.

“May I get anything else for you?” Our waiter had returned and startled me from my train of thoughts.

“Oh, um another beer for me and whatever my sister would like,” I replied

“No I’m OK, thank you,” Emily smiled softly.

We finished up for the night and as I handed my card to the waiter to pay the bill, Emily ran her hand across my pants under the table causing my cock to harden and me to swallow hard. Another few minutes and we were on our way out of the door, as we exited she smiled turning to me,


I hated to agree but she was right in that moment. We walked home and talked a lot about random things, she had also asked if she could stay with me for a while and while she played housemaid I was happy to let her. We turned down the main high street, as we did I stumbled into her knocking her into one of the shop windows, pressing against her to pin her I slid my hand down her skirt and ran it against heated slit, I was actually surprised to quickly learn she wasn’t wearing underwear, which I suspected was the reason she’d been goading me all night, she whimpered and slid my finger into her, again she whimpered and I removed myself from her and stepped back. Her eyes looked to me half frustration half amusement.

“That’s mean!” She said and then walked to me, and with that, we carried on home, and she had promised she behaved.


A month had passed now and Emily was finally starting to do better, she was happier and in turn that made me less stressed. I made it home from work and as was usual Emily had my dinner and a cup of coffee ready, I came in through the door and she smiled.

“Hey Joey, how was work?” She asked

“Not so bad, long day, lots of error correcting,” I replied

“You streaming tonight?” She had become quite the draw during my streams, which all she did was sit and talk to the viewers but it was kinda cool.

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