sister Sucks Best pt.9: Dp Finale!!


sister Sucks Best pt.9: Dp Finale!!Judy ran up the stairs to the bedroom, her plump titsbouncing and her ass jiggling. She glanced back over her shoulderand saw her father and brother staring at her ass.”C’mon,” she said. “Let’s get back to bed.”Darin ogled his daughter as she stood brazenly at the top ofthe stairs, her slender legs spread and her hands on her hips.”We’re coming,” he said.Judy giggled and spun around, running into the bedroom. Shethrew herself on the bed and waited.”What’s the surprise, Daddy?” she cooed as Darin came in theroom with Tommy. “My pussy is itching!” She writhed on her back,her legs wide apart and her cunt displayed for their horny gazes.”Tell me!”Darin climbed on the bed with his daughter and mauled herflesh with his hands. “I’m gonna fuck your ass, baby.””Oooo, Daddy … I wanted you to do that. That’s nosurprise.”Tommy climbed on the bed, his hands kneading his sister’sbody. He pawed her tits then brought one hand to her snatch, hisfingers delving into the steamy gash.”Ooooo, Tommy,” Judy moaned as she wildly humped her hips.”Ummmm.””The surprise part,” Darin said as he leaned over her face,”is that I’m gonna fuck your ass while Tommy fucks your pussy.””Ooooo, God, Daddy,” Judy gasped as she grabbed his prick.”It sounds fantastic!””Suck it, baby,” Darin rasped as he jerked his prick throughhis daughter’s fist. “Get it nice and hard for your virginasshole.”With Tommy finger-fucking her pussy, Judy pulled her father’scock to her eager mouth. She sucked it between her lips andstroked his cockshaft with her hand. She moaned as the head ofhis cock clogged her throat.Tommy crawled up to his sister’s face. “Me too, s*s,” hegroaned. “I wanna get sucked too.”Judy pulled her mouth off her father’s cock and grabbedTommy’s cock. As they leaned over her, she went from one prick tothe other, coating each one in warm spit.”I’ll bet I’m the only girl in town with two cocks to takecare of me,” she moaned.Dolores had finished cleaning up in the kitchen and was nowstanding in the doorway to the bedroom. She surveyed the actionon the bed.”This is one damn sex-crazy family,” she muttered, joiningthem on the bed.”They’re both gonna fuck me,” Judy gasped, taking time outfrom licking their cocks. “At the same time.””I want it that way too before the night’s over,” Doloressaid. She plastered her mouth to her daughter’s pussy and sucked.Judy gasped, shoving her pussy against her mother’s mouth.She gobbled her father’s prick between her lips and sucked.Dolores dined on her daughter’s sweet pussy. She reamedJudy’s cunt hole with her tongue and chewed the velvety folds ofher pussy. Warm cream that would soon coat Tommy’s prick flowedover her lips and face as she sucked Judy’s clit into her mouthand began to snip it with her teeth.Judy, her greedy mouth working on both hard cocks, went wild.She slammed her cunt into her mother’s face and creamed. Knowingshe was going to get both her fuck-holes stuffed had her crazy.Tiny orgasms rippled through her pussy as she thrashed on herback.”Ooooo, I want it now,” Judy gasped, her body tingling as sheleered at the two pricks that would soon be ripping into her body.”I want it now.””Lemme get your ass ready,” Dolores said as Judy writhed onher back.She rolled her daughter over and fused her mouth to her ass.Dolores soaked the tiny virgin asscrack with spit, then darted hertongue inside Judy’s narrow asshole and bathed it with drool.”Oooooo,” Judy gasped as she squirmed on her stomach.”Ooooo, I feel your tongue, Mommy.”Tommy and Darin watched, their pricks hard and aching.Judy twisted her hips, her ass thumping against her mother’sface. bahis siteleri “I’m ready,” she gasped. “Christ, I’m ready.””She is,” Dolores panted, pulling her mouth away. “Fuck thehell out of her.”Tommy fell on his back, his prick jutting up from his groinand stabbing the air. His prick twitched, the head bloated andseeping cum.”Climb on, Judy,” he said.Judy was swooning and trembled as she climbed over herbrother. She mashed his cock into his groin and glided her pussyalong the shaft, drenching it with the sticky juices of heroverheated pussy.”Oooo, this is gonna be so great!” she cried.”Get it in, s*s,” Tommy grunted. He grabbed her tits,twisting them in his hands. “Put it in.”Judy moaned. Her brother’s kneading fingers were making hernipples swell. She lifted her ass and grabbed his cock, jammingthe spongy head into her pussy and gasped.”Oooooo! Yesssss,” she hissed.Tommy groaned as his sister’s cunt gobbled up his cock. Helunged up, pulled on her tits, his cock jabbing deep.”Ride it, Judy. Ride it!”Judy leaned into her brother’s mauling hands. She rolled herhips, her cunt pulsing against his cockshaft. Hot buttery pussy-cream bathed his prick and flowed out from her puffy cuntlips anddown over his nuts.”Ooooo, I’m ready for your cock, Daddy!” she squealed.”Ooooo, God am I ready!””Not yet,” Dolores moaned, her eyes riveted to her son’sburied cock and her daughter’s gorgeous ass. “Lemme have one morelick.”She crawled between Tommy’s legs and used her tongue on hisballs. She lapped around the base of his cock, the juices fromJudy’s pussy coating her tongue.”Oooo, Mommy,” Judy gasped as she rode Tommy’s prick. “Iwant Daddy’s cock.”For the moment, Dolores ignored Judy. Getting to lick bothher daughter and son at the same time was wild. She slithered hertongue up from Tommy’s balls, over his fat throbbing cock, and upthrough the crack of her daughter’s ass.”Now you can have her, Darin,” she finally sighed.”Yessss!” Judy wailed, her hips rotating as she fuckedherself on her brother’s cock. “Ram my ass, Daddy. Split meopen.”Darin climbed between his son’s legs, his eyes glued to thewiggling cheeks of his daughter’s ass. He grabbed her hips, hishulking cock swinging.”Nice virgin assmeat,” he mumbled, spreading the cheeks ofher ass.”Stick it in, Darin,” Dolores moaned. “Fuck her good.” Shelicked her lips, her body quivering.”Yesss, Daddy!” Judy moaned as she squirmed down on Tommy’sprick and leaned forward into his pawing hands. “Fuck my virginass.”Tommy looked up into his sister’s face. His prick wasthrobbing deep in her cunt. He mangled her tits and watched asher sweet innocent face flushed with passion.”Give it to her, Dad. She’s ready.”Darin grabbed the hulking base of his prick and aimed it athis daughter’s tight, wrinkled crack. He pressed the spongy tipagainst her asshole and pushed, stretching the tight-ringedmuscle.”Unnnnn, Daddy,” Judy gasped. “Put it in!”Holding her hips, Darin shoved, sinking the bloated head ofhis cock into his daughter’s ass. “You want more?””Yessss!” Judy screeched, her eyes bulging. “Gimme more.More, Daddy!”She went into spasms as she felt her asshole stretch toaccommodate the hard fat shaft of her father’s cock.Darin eased more of his massive cock into his daughter’sasshole, the tight virgin muscles clamping to his cockshaft like avise of hot steel.”Unnnn, Christ, you’re tight!” he panted, stopping with onlyhalf of his prick stuffed up Judy’s ass.Judy thrashed on her brother’s cunt-stuffing cock. Thepleasure in her pussy blended with the pain in her ass, making herdizzy.”Oooo, Daddy!” she squealed, her hips rolling. “You’rerippin’ canlı bahis my asshole!” She jerked, the pain spreading. “Ooooo,gimme it all!”Darin heaved a sigh and slammed the rest of his cock intoJudy’s ass. “You got it, baby,” he grunted as his groin whackedinto her ass. “Every fuckin’ inch.”Judy screeched as her father’s ass-splitting prick rippedinto her ass. She thrashed between them like a stuck pig, herpussy crammed with her brother’s cock and her ass filled with herfather’s meaty prick.”Aieeeee, ooooooo, Christ. I feel like I’m gonna bust!”Darin held her jerking ass and Tommy mangled her tits. Theircocks throbbed inside her twisting body.Judy churned wildly between them, the pain overwhelming her.It felt as if her father’s cock had torn into her stomach. Shebucked, her head snapping back, her eyes wide and glazed.Tommy lunged up, stabbing his prick into her pussy. Hotmuscles clamped around his cock, the sticky juices washing hisshaft and flowing out over his nuts. He twisted her tits andjabbed up again as she squealed above him.”Ride it, Judy,” he grunted. “Ride it!””I can’t,” Judy gasped, her body trying to adjust to the twococks buried up inside her. “Daddy’s cock is killing me!””I thought this was what you wanted,” Darin groaned, keepinghis groin flush with her twisting ass.”It is,” Judy shrieked. “It is. I’m lovin’ every second ofit.” She wrenched her shoulders, her tits almost ripping away inher brother’s hands. “Ooooo, Christ. I don’t believe it!” Shebegan to tremble, her quivering body out of control.While Tommy drilled his prick into her pussy, Darin eased hiscock from her ass, leaving only the head buried inside her tightass hole. He stared down at her stretched crack as it twitchedand contracted against his prick.”Gonna ram you, baby,” he warned. “Gonna ram you hard!””Ooooo, Christ … do it, Daddy! Do it!” Arms stiff, shebraced herself, her pussy pulsing around her brother’s cock.”Now, Daddy! Now!”Darin plowed his cock to the root in one mighty lunge, thebloated head of his cock cutting deep into her trembling body. Hegroaned, his taut gut crushing into her ass.Judy’s head snapped back, her face twisting into a mask oflust. Pain filled her eyes. She bucked her hips, her brother’sjabbing cock giving her pleasure, her father’s cock giving herpain.”Ooooo, again! Again, Daddy!” she cried.Darin drilled his prick back into her ass, his balls slappingagainst her juice-stained flesh. At the same time, Tommy lungedup, skewering her pussy with his throbbing cock. The action sentJudy screaming into a fit of spasms.”Yesssss!” she screamed, bucking between them as they ravagedher body. “Oooooo, Mommy. I’m goin’ out of my fuckin’ mind!”She thrashed as they stabbed, her young shaking body absorbingeach powerful thrust. “Ooooo, Christ. I’m creamin’ already!””Fuck her,” Dolores shouted as she watched them pounding herdaughter. “Fuck her hard! Make her scream!” She rocked on thebed, her tits heaving. “Give it to her!”Darin drilled his prick in and out daughter’s ass, his eyesglued to her asscrack as he kept her asscheeks spread. His nutsached and his prick swelled, stretching her tight asshole beyondthe limit. He picked up speed, pounding her, his groin smashinginto her ass as she jerked and twisted on his spearing prick.Tommy plowed his cock into his sister’s pussy, the hot creamsearing his cockshaft and rumbling the cum in his balls. Hemauled her tits, the nipples swollen and burning into the palms ofhis hands like hot pokers.”Judy,” he grunted, his ass thumping on the bed. “Unnn,Christ, I’m gonna cream you!”Judy went insane on the two stabbing pricks. She rocked güvenilir bahis herhips and slammed down on Tommy’s cock. The head of his cockgouged the cushiony walls of her sizzling pussy and she screamedwith joy.”More,” she wailed. “Harder! Fuck me! Make me cum!””Yeah,” Dolores yelled. “Make her cum!”Darin picked up speed, his cock cutting in and out of her assat lightning speed. His balls swelled and rumbled, the tightgripping action of his daughter’s ass igniting them.”I’m cuming,” he roared as his balls burst. “I’m cuming!””Ooooo, Daddy,” she shrieked. “Harder! Cream me!” Shestared down into her brother’s face. “Daddy’s cuming in my ass.Cum, Tommy. Fill my pussy! Drown me in my cum!”She bucked between them, her cunt ready to explode as shemangled her clit into her brother’s groin.Tommy’s prick burst and his hot cum gushed from his prick,splattering his sister’s gooey pussy. He lunged up, spearing hercunt as his pisser spewed out thick stringy wads of jizz.”Aghhh, Judy … I’m cuming!” he shouted.Judy went berserk. Hot cum from her brother’s cock floodedher pussy as thick globs of her father’s cum gushed into her ass.She churned between them as they stabbed her body with theirsquirting pricks.”Me too!” she screamed, her clit raw as she ground it intoTommy’s gut. “I’m cuming, Mommy. I’m cuming!”Dolores was stunned, her eyes wide as she watched her familyfuck like wildcats on the bed. Darin was plowing Judy’s ass whileTommy was ripping into her cunt. Judy was thrashing and screamingbetween them. The sight made her dizzy.”Fuck ’em, Judy. Drain their fuckin’ balls!”Judy had every intention of doing just that. She slammedback and rolled her hips, her ass gobbling on her father’ssquirting cock. She twisted her head and stared at his tightface.”Fuck me, Daddy! Harder! Faster!””I am,” Darin grunted, plowing his exploding prick into herass. He lunged hard, his balls churning out wads of cum with eachjab.Judy slammed down on her brother’s cock. She twisted hershoulders, his hands brutalizing her tits. She mashed her clitinto his groin, his hot squirting cum triggering another orgasm inher pussy.”Oooooo … I’m cuming again!” she screamed. “Ooooo, fuckme, Tommy. Rip open my pussy!”Tommy gouged her tits with his fingers. His ass drummed thebed, his cock stabbing her pussy. Cum spewed from his prick,gushing into her cunt. It flowed out over her clinging pussy anddrenched his nuts.”Unnnn, Judy. Your pussy is so fuckin’ hot!”Judy creamed and shrieked as they plowed her fuck-holes withtheir pricks. “More, fuckers!” she screamed. “More!”Tommy and Darin fed her quivering body their cocks. Theircum flooded her fuck-holes and gushed out over their nuts. Theypicked up the pace, Judy’s body taking all the punishment theycould give it.Judy stiffened, her mouth drooling as her father sliced intoher ass and her brother stabbed her cunt. She went into spasms,convulsing maniacally on their plunging pricks.Darin groaned, his hips slowing, the last of his jizzspurting from his pisser. He jerked back, his cock popping fromher ass.”Christ, whatta fuckin’ k**!”Judy gasped, her asshole empty. She battled her brother to adraw as she collapsed on top of him, her body exhausted, her pussystill twitching around his jabbing prickshaft.Tommy lunged up then dropped back with a thud, his ballsempty, his prick shrinking in her steamy pussy.Judy rolled off. Panting, her tits heaved as she tried tocatch her breath. “Whatta fuck,” she moaned. “Holy Christ!””Now it’s my turn,” Dolores moaned.She turned her attention to their limp pricks, anxious to getthem hard again. In minutes, she had succeeded and took boththeir cocks until she and her husband and son were all screamingand cuming.It was dawn when they finished their sex party. Exhausted,they clung together in sleep, thankful that it was Sunday and theydidn’t have to open the store.

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