Sisters in Lust


My 19 year old, younger sister Jenny helped me from the tub as she started to dry me off. Her soft kisses on my shoulders made me weak in the knees. Jenny wrapped me in the towel and led me to the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed, she let the towel drop to the floor, her fingers touched my back and I tingled all over. She started kissing and nibbling away at my ears and my knees got wobbly as she wrapped her arms around me. Her tongue slid down my neck and excitement ran through me. I didn’t know how long she was watching me in the tub but I knew she was horny and I was again.

Jenny had me sit down at the foot of the bed. She backed up a few feet and with a slight pause she started to dance. Jenny started off slow and the way she moved got me even hotter. Slowly, piece by piece she undressed tossing her clothes everywhere. As she danced in front of me pushing her ass against my breast I could smell her pussy. The scent of her was driving me crazy. I put my hands on her ass and she spun around telling me no touching.

She slowly teased me by stripping off her bra and she knew I wanted her but she wouldn’t let me have her; just yet I thought. Jenny removed her bra and draped it across my head with mommys girl porno a giggle. I laughed with her but laughter was quickly replaced with a tongue wetting my lips. Jenny moved closer to me putting one foot up on the bed opening her pussy. I could see her wet spot through her panties as I leaned into her and placed a kiss on her navel. Jenny pressed her pussy tight onto my breasts and I could feel her wetness. I reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her even tighter against me as she grinded her pussy over my breasts. Her fingers ran through my hair and with a quick tug, she pulled my head back and then stepped away. Jenny continued dancing and started to slide down her panties. I could feel the warmth inside my pussy as my juice started to escape from inside of me. As her panties hit the floor she stepped out one foot at a time.

With her back to me she bent over to pick her panties up showing me her pussy and with a few wiggles of her ass, I was ready to dive in and ravish her. Jenny turned around and placed her panties in my face. I could smell her essence and taste it on the material. Jenny turned and crawled into the opposite side of the bed. I turned to face her and she momsbangteens porno leaned back against the head board. She opened her legs and I could see how wet she was. Jenny started to caress herself, pinching and tugging at her lovely nipples as she licked her lips she blew me a kiss. Her fingers now wandering lower to her glistening pussy found their way in as she put two fingers in and they went deep as she let out a soft moan. I could not help myself and I had to start doing what she was doing.

I watched Jenny without taking my eyes off her and my fingers were rubbing my pussy. Jenny spread her lips wide and her swollen clit was there and I wanted to go down right then on her. Jenny pulled a finger from her pussy and began to rub her clit. Jenny was telling me that it was a major turn on for her to watch as I played earlier. She said she wanted to give me my show now. I asked if I could lick her pussy. She said no and told me to keep doing what I was and to watch her. Jenny had two fingers in her pussy while she rubbed her clit feverishly. She moaned out loud that she was getting near her orgasm and with every stroke of her clit and every push of her fingers, she was getting me wetter monsters of cock porno and I was not far behind her.

I was rubbing my clit and my eyes stared at Jenny while she played with herself and I could see why she was so horny. Jenny was about to cum as her cries were long and loud and as she exploded. Her juices flowed from her pussy and I was about near my second orgasm as Jenny crawled over to me and her tongue hit the spot as I began to cum. She licked up every drop as her tongue cleaned my pussy. Wasting no time I pushed her over and spread her legs open and dove in tongue first. I could taste her cum as I licked her. I spread her lips open and sucked her clit. Her hands grabbed my head and pulled me down into her. With my tongue probing inside her pussy, she was moaning and bucking wildly. I knew she was ready to cum. I slowly inserted my thumb into her as she fucked my thumb and I lashed her clit with my tongue. She was so near and that’s when I slid a finger in her tight ass and she screamed out as she came again. I could feel her ass quivering as it tightened around my finger. My mouth stayed on her pussy sucking up all her juice.

Jenny laid there having spasms after an overwhelming mind blowing orgasm. Her body released my fingers as I moved up and kissed her. She pulled me down, hugging me and after a few minutes of fondling and kissing, I suggested that we go shower and continue our fun. Jenny agreed with a smile and it was off to the shower. God I love my sister.

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