Sister’s Shower Experience Ch. 03



The antics of the night before left me a bit troubled. I had just fucked my best friend and watched my two other friends fuck each other too. Was I a lesbian of bi? I guessed in the end it was experimentation. The girls did not seem awkward so neither did I.

At about 12 we left to go to our respective homes. Debbie came to mine though; she was needed in the plan to fuck my brother.

WE put the plan in to action. My brother was home in his room. I chatted to Debbie quietly, finalising her plan. Then I pretended to leave. I then crept upstairs and watched Debbie perform her part.

“Hey Densen” she said in a friendly way.

“Oh Hey Debbie” my brother said back.

“What you reading?” she asked while putting one hand on his knee.

“Just a book for college”

“Any good?”

“They never are.”

“Well” Debbie said with a sexy voice “I got something more fun we can do”

She pulled down the book and kissed my brother full on the lips. My brother did not resist and soon they were passionately snogging. They slowly undressed each other and I saw the same muscular body of my brother that stepped out of the shower the previous day. He cock was not the limp 7 inches I had seen but now an erect czech couples porno 10 inches. Debbie went wide eyed at it and smiled. She took his cock in her mouth and slowly sucked it up and down along the shaft not being able to take it all. She licked the head from time to time and she fondled his balls.

When she came back up Densen palmed her large breasts and then proceed to suck each nipple eagerly.

Debbie pushed Densen down on the bed and straddled him. She then smiled and produced as sash and smiled. She tied it around Densen eyes. They both laughed, a bit of bondage on Debbie’s part.

She lowered her pussy over his cock and the whole ten inches slipped slowly into her. She gasped with delight and she started to ride him eagerly.

I then stepped into the room and silently stripped. I watched them fuck, me getting wetter all the time. Debbie then slipped off my brother cock and I quickly got on and took him all I with one swift stroke and I gasped with ecstasy. He was so big and filled me up to the brim. My brother frowned. It seemed like he noticed the different feeling around his cock. But then he continued the fucking hard, enjoying it greatly I caressed his chest and stomach while he blindly caressed mine, stroking and palming my breasts and pinching and tweaking my nipples causing me to gasp and scream in delight.

Then came the moment of truth. czech estrogenolit porno I pulled the sash from his eyes and he slowly opened his eyes. He seemed confused at first then his eyes went wide with shock. I was petrified he was going to kick me off him and my sibling relationship would be ruined forever.

But to my utter disbelief and happiness he said “yes that’s it sis, ride your brother cock, make him cum.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. He wanted me to fuck him. He wanted me to make him cum. Never breaking our rhythm of sex I leaned sown and kissed my brother passionately. My tongue entered his mouth. Out tongues intertwined and battled until I relented and his tongue entered my mouth. His caressed my arse while he did and gave it a few slaps. I smiled, for some reason I enjoyed it. Our hand explored each inch of each other bodies, our caresses being gentle yet sincere.

Debbie I saw was fingering herself watching our show. She walked over to me and turned my head and snogged me feverishly. I held her breasts and slipped my fingers into her pussy for a while pumping hard. I saw my brother smiling. Like most men the thought of two women getting off on each other turned him on. I broke away from Debbie and she sat down and again and fingered herself harder than before. We saw her throw her head back, scream quietly and tense up before she came, with a slim czech first video porno trickle of her cum sliding down her hand which licked up herself.

I was immensely turned one now and gasped “Oh Densen, I gonna cum soon!”

“Me too sis” Densen replied “Cum with me sis, cum at the same time!”


Densen gave a grunt and cummed before my orgasm was half way through. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me down on top of him. We lied close together, rocking against each other after wave after wave of orgasm washed over us blissfully.

“Well done you two!” laughed Debbie. She came over snogged Densen first then me. She dressed and waved goodbye.

“Thank you” I said “I will definitely reward you in kind.”

“You better!” she laughed and she left.

I looked down at my brother and said in my sexiest voice “I love you”

He merely replied “I know.”

“Hang on sis, I just fucked you raw! What if you get pregnant?”

“Don’t worry bro, I’ll get the morning after pill”

He sighed in relief and I lied down on top of his muscular chest, very content.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked him


“Can I fuck you in the shower sometime? And will you let Debbie join in a threesome too?”

My bothers cock, which was still buried deep within me, stiffened at these suggestions.

“Of course, we can do both those things and many other sex acts, every position we can. But on one condition.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Fuck me again! Right now!”

I smiled and we resumed our lovemaking with renewed vigour.

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