Sixth Period Trig Pt. 10


Many, thanks to Sandi3743. Without you, I wouldn’t have finished, actually, I wouldn’t have started. Your comments and editing skills are very much appreciated.


Sunday evening

This was the first day of her vacation and Vickie was exhausted as she was finally able to sit in her window seat near the rear of the plane. If only she didn’t leave everything until the last moment. The packing, the letters she wrote, the arrangements that she thought were necessary all because of this vacation.

Vickie knew that she was not the same person that she was in September. She realized that she was playing a dangerous game, a game that could cause her considerable embarrassment, a course of action that could cost her job, her reputation, maybe even her freedom.

But Vickie couldn’t help herself. She was changed and she enjoyed her new found life but she knew that her teaching career would probably end. In one of her bags was a letter that she would send to the superintendent of schools explaining her resignation from her position. It was a total lie about leaving for sick family but she felt that she might need a way out. She waited to mail it because she loved teaching, she loved the molding of young lives, she loved her students, which was the reason why she had to resign. Students talked, students bragged, students gloated and that would be her demise.

She left her landlord an extra month’s rent, placing it along with a note on the small table in her apartment. He’d find it in a couple of weeks when he didn’t hear from her. She wasn’t sure why she was doing this but the planning made her feel better, even if she didn’t know where she would go or what she would do.

She planned on paying all her bills. Vickie wasn’t one to shirk her responsibility; she was just horny, so very, very aroused at the thought of this island vacation with her senior class.

The flight was a red eye and thankfully only about half full. When the flight attendant announced that they were ready for pushback, Vickie did as instructed and fastened her seatbelt and took notice of her surroundings. Only one other person sat in her three-seat section. A man sat in the aisle seat, leaving a comfortable emptiness between them.

Vickie stared out the small window, watching her world get smaller and smaller and thought about the school year. She never felt so alive before, so aware of her body and its needs, never so excited. She thought of her life before this year and what a recluse she was becoming, until SIX, Dave, awakened her dormant desires.

He awakened her to new feelings, new experiences, new sensations and he was a very capable teacher. Vickie had never touched a man before but because of Dave, she knew how to use her hands on a man. Thoughts of stroking him fueled her thoughts. She liked the feel of his hardness in her hand, her hand giving him pleasure, the look on his face when he climaxed, the feel of the warmth of his seed as it covered her hand.

She had never used her mouth before but now she was amazed at how much she liked having a man’s cock in her mouth; the smell, the taste, the anticipation when he would explode and fill her mouth with his cum. She could almost taste him now.

The flight was filled with these thoughts, of her experiences. The Vickie of September would never dream of desiring another female but the Vickie of today thought of Mary Ellen, Veronica, Nicole, even Pam and how they seemed to control her. She thought of the nights she and Mary Ellen spent in bed, naked, touching each other, fingering each other. The way Veronica teased her, the way she allowed Nicole to take pictures of her naked chest.

Vickie had experienced so many new things but she knew that she had one big sensation yet to sample, intercourse; she wanted to get laid, to have a man inside her, to fuck. She even knew who would be her first. It had to be Dave, just had to be. She just didn’t know how it would come about but she knew it would happen on this vacation.

The constant hum of the airliner’s engine seemed to be hypnotic as Vickie thought back. She couldn’t believe how she almost totally exposed herself to that group at the mall, how Pam gave her sexy clothes to try at the store and how she liked modeling them to gawking strangers.

“Ma’am, ma’am…”

Vickie’s head turned and realized the cute attendant was holding a blanket in her outstretched hand, offering it to her.

Then Vickie realized that her own hand was jammed down the front of her slacks.

She looked at the attendant, horrified that she was caught touching herself. Horrified that the male passenger in her row was staring at her.

“Ma’am, it’s okay, here, cover yourself. It’s a long flight, enjoy.”

Vickie took the blanket and spread it over herself, and once covered she put her hand back down inside her clothing. She continued to finger her excited sex, but instead of looking out the window, she stared at the man.

He just watched and Vickie wondered why he didn’t move closer to her. She continued to pleasure bahis firmaları herself, knowing she was acting like a slut as she stared at him. She was mentally begging him to replace her hand with his, trying to send telepathic messages to him that it would be okay to touch her, to finger her but he just watched until she finally climaxed. Vickie closed her eyes and didn’t open them until she felt the plane’s descent.

Once the plane had stopped, the signal was given that it was safe to unbuckle. The passengers in the rear of the plane stayed seated as the front disembarked first.

Her seat mate turned and smiled at her and she returned one in kind, almost telling him that he missed his opportunity and wondering what his cock would feel like between her lips.

He got her overhead bag for her and Vickie slowly followed the queue to exit the plane and begin her new adventure.

Early Monday morning

Vickie was in a taxi headed to her hotel. She couldn’t appreciate the true beauty of the island because of the darkness but the warmth of the tropical evening took the edge off of the colder climate that her body was accustomed to.

She checked into the hotel and her planned short nap turned into a much needed sleep.

She awoke a little after noon, island time.

This was the first true vacation for Vickie and she was unsure of proper island attire. She unpacked, eyeing each article of clothing to determine if it was appropriate. She was thankful that she brought some conservative clothes. When she finished unpacking, Vickie donned a pair of shorts and a top. She examined herself in the bathroom mirror and determined that she was dressed very conservatively. Pam would not approve, she thought. She headed out her hotel room door, down the elevator in search of her vacationing students.

No one gave her so much as a glance as she strode throughout the hotel lobby and finally the outside patio. Most, if not all of the women wore very little clothing. Vickie had never seen so much cleavage, side breast views, tanned bottoms with a thin thong that did a poor job of covering the firm asses of the vacationing females. Vickie felt overdressed but continued her search for her students, who were also at this hotel.

The lush hotel had two huge pools, one in the shape of a heart. That’s where Vickie spotted Mary Ellen. She almost missed her due to the number of boys surrounding her. Vickie walked closer but she wanted to observe the scene before she was spotted.

Mary Ellen was barely visible but she stood and was in the middle of at least five boys. Vickie only recognized Joey; the other boys were strangers but Vickie assumed that they were also tourists since most islanders would not venture onto Hotel grounds unless they worked at the hotel.

Vickie was dying to see what Mary Ellen was wearing and thought back to those days in the classroom when Mary Ellen would purposely leave the front of her blouse open knowing the boys could see her chest. She actually sighed as she remembered the feel and taste of those incredible breasts. Tits, Vickie corrected herself, Mary Ellen wanted her teacher to call them tits. She wondered just how much of her student’s tits were visible right now.

She Spotted Veronica and as usual, James was close by, but at least his hand wasn’t between her legs as it usually was in class.

She spotted Nicole lounging by the pool and of course she had on that familiar necklace. A boy sat upright on each side, facing the prone girl. Vickie got a little envious as the boys stared at her ample cleavage that was barely contained in her skimpy top, the necklace snuggling between her breasts.

She then saw Jose and Brian floating on a raft in the pool, and then Elona walking towards the diving board. Vickie watched the girl, never really appreciating the slim girl’s tall, compact body and her proud breasts before today. Elona dove into the pool and Vickie noticed more than a few boys watching her.

Tommy sat with his feet dangling into the pool and it appeared that he was even more lonely here than he was in school.

She kept looking for Dave, SIX, the student that was responsible for her change, but Vickie couldn’t find him.

She felt hot, standing in the sun and suddenly she heard her name.

“Miss Roach, Hey Vickie.”

It was Mary Ellen. The boys parted and allowed her to walk towards the teacher. Vickie soaked in the girl’s youthful beauty. The top of her suit was low cut and her ample breasts jiggled with her movement. The suit bottom was small but covered her. Mary Ellen suddenly stopped and twirled, giving her teacher a view of the entire package, a scantily clad package. Mary Ellen’s youthful ass was barely covered. While the back of her suit was not a thong, it was very thin and left most of her exposed.

She approached her teacher and hugged her and then stepped back to look at her teacher.

“What happened, teach?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve regressed. You look like the old Miss Roach. Not old, you know what I mean, the kaçak iddaa way you used to dress. Didn’t you bring those outfits we picked out?”

“Um, yes, I brought them, it’s just that…”

Mary Ellen didn’t let her finish; she grabbed Vickie’s hand and dragged her back to the hotel lobby.

“What room you in?”


“Let’s go. Right now. Do I have to teach you everything?”

Vickie felt like Mary Ellen was scolding her but she turned and followed her, not wanting to disappoint her.

Mary Ellen led her to the elevator and they entered when the door opened. Two hotel employees also entered, one carrying a tray with a covered dish on it and the other pushing a cart. They were all quiet as they rose.

The women were the first to get off and Vickie headed towards her room.

“Wait,” said Mary Ellen.

Vickie stopped.

“I want to see something. Just wait.”

Mary Ellen just stared at the numbers indicating the current floor of the elevator. It went to nine and stopped and then quickly headed down.

“Four,” said Mary Ellen.

Vickie didn’t understand but watched the numbers with Mary Ellen and sure enough the elevator stopped at the fourth floor.

“Uh huh” said Mary Ellen, “I knew it.”

“Knew what?’ asked Vickie as they started to walk towards room 812.

“They were supposed to get off on the fourth floor.”

“How do you know?”

“There was a piece of paper on the tray that guy was carrying and it had a name along with room 410. The man with the cart had the same piece of paper. They should have gotten off on four.”

“So what?” said a very confused teacher, “Then why didn’t they?”

They got to Vickie’s room and she opened the door and they entered.

“They got sidetracked, teach. The same way you did.”

“What are you talking about?”

Mary Ellen laughed and then said, “Boobs; they were staring at my boobs. You were staring at my boobs. They either missed their floor by accident or on purpose but my boobs caused it. Boobs can be a powerful thing, teach and I’m going to make sure that you show more of yours. Okay?”

Vickie started to say something but Mary Ellen put a finger to her teacher’s lips to shush her and deftly reached behind her back and pulled the thin string that bound her top, causing it to drop. Mary Ellen stood in front of her teacher, tall and proud and almost completely naked and Vickie soaked in her student’s beauty.

Mary Ellen took Vickie’s hand and placed it on her naked breast.

“All day long, hungry, horny boys, and men, staring, even some women gawking at my chest. Makes a girl kinda horny, teach. Been horny all day, waiting, now give me some love.”

She reached behind her teacher’s head and pulled her willing head towards her and then down until the teacher’s open mouth surrounded her nipple and she sucked.

“Remember everything that I taught you, Miss Roache.”

Mary Ellen moved her head back and forth from one breast to the other, enjoying the attention when she finally dropped her hands.

Vickie stood up straight, and Mary Ellen said, “Look at you.” She then turned her teacher to face the mirror.

“This won’t do at all; nope, not at all. Let’s get you out of these old lady clothes right now.”

Mary Ellen pulled the teacher’s top over her head and threw it on the bed; next, she unhooked her bra and added it to the shirt. Vickie stood passively as Mary Ellen’s hands squeezed her naked breasts, and in an instant she dropped to her knees in front of Vickie and pulled down her shorts. Vickie did nothing to stop her and when her panties were soon being pulled down her legs, she submissively lifted one leg then the other to allow Mary Ellen to strip her completely.

Mary Ellen’s eyes went to her teacher’s sex and she said, “You have the cutest pussy.”

The eighteen year old leaned forward and her mouth was just about to reach its prize, when there was a knock on the door.

Vickie started to move to the bathroom, but Mary Ellen told her not to move, “This is the islands, teach, you have to learn to let it hang loose.”

Mary Ellen went to the door and opened it with the chain still securing the door.

She said a few words and then she swung the door open and Vickie was mortified that she would be seen naked by whoever was entering.

She stayed in place and forced herself not to move. Her mind raced, her breath quickened as she realized that she enjoyed being exposed, enjoyed showing her nakedness to another person.

The voice, it sounded so familiar and then she saw Nicole.

“I thought I saw you. Checked the desk and sure enough Miss Vickie Roach, room 812.”

Nicole walked towards the teacher, making no pretense of staring at her naked chest, staring at her naked pussy.

She didn’t say a word and finally she stood in front of her. Nicole leaned forward and kissed Vickie softly on the lips.

Vickie liked the feel of her lips on hers and still didn’t move.

Nicole then cupped each breast in a hand and held them, letting her kaçak bahis thumb glide over the teacher’s sensitive nipple.

“Very nice, teach, may I indulge myself, Mary Ellen?” Nicole asked as she lifted a breast towards her lips.

Mary Ellen just nodded yes and Nicole busied herself licking one tit then the other.

Nicole continued to mouth her and she didn’t ask permission as she let one tit drop and lowered her hand and cupped Vickie’s shaved pussy.

The teacher’s mind swirled with thoughts. She remembered that evening when Mary Ellen told her to shave ‘down there’. When the teacher protested, Mary Ellen knew why. “Never did it before, huh, teach. Want me to help?” Vickie felt so controlled, so submissive, but so excited when her student had her sit, legs spread wide as she diligently went about the task. Finished, Mary Ellen held a mirror so the teacher could evaluate her work. “Everyone will want to touch you, teach,” predicted Mary Ellen and here was Nicole, sampling her.

The teacher knew she was going to truly enjoy this island if this was the usual manner in which she would be greeted.

Nicole stood straight up and stared directly into Vickie’s eyes as she slowly caressed her wetness until she dipped a finger inside the receptive teacher’s pussy.

Mary Ellen broke up this sexual interlude and said, “Come on, we have to her appropriately dressed for the pool.”

Nicole reluctantly withdrew her finger and used her wet digit to make tiny damp rings on Vickie’s nipple, only to then bend over and lick it clean.

“Delicious, Miss Roache,” said Nicole as she licked Vickie’s essence from her finger and looked at Mary Ellen, “May I reserve some pussy time for later?”

Mary Ellen smiled and Vickie laughed and answered, “Okay, sure but you don’t need a reservation.”

“When they all see you, teach, I’ll need a reservation.”

They spent the good part of an hour dressing and then undressing the teacher. Making her model the skimpy swimwear and then stripping her so she could try on another. Between each they would make it a point of groping her breasts and now puffy nipples, to run a quick hand between her legs, testing her state of arousal, making sure that she stayed aroused.

At last the two girls evaluated their work and decided that for the first day, this current swimsuit would be suitable. They turned her towards the mirror and let her see what she looked like.

Vickie’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at herself. Even though she had tried on this suit with Pam, the thought of going outside where everyone could see her was both scary and exhilarating. Her top was like a single white strip of cloth that stretched tightly across her chest, a glorified tube top. Vickie could see the hint of her nipples through the material and wondered what would happen if she ever got it wet.

The bottom was a little more generous than Mary Ellen’s swim suit bottom. The material fit her like a small pair of boxer briefs but hugged her body tightly and was very low cut. Vickie could feel the material hugging tightly between her legs and again wondered what would happen if it ever got wet, wet from either side.

She turned and was thankful that her butt was more covered than Mary Ellen’s.

“So…” said Mary Ellen, waiting to hear her teacher’s opinion.

“I can’t…”

Mary Ellen gave her a stern look. “Don’t say can’t… Just don’t… Look, you’re as sexy as fuck and every man on this island will want to do just that. You’re a walking erection maker. Grab a wrap, a towel, and some lotion and let’s go down and see just how many tents your hot bod will cause.

“She’s right, Miss. You are beautiful. Don’t be afraid to show it off.”

Vickie took one last look at herself in the mirror, sucked in a deep breath and said to Nicole, “Vickie.”

“Huh?” replied Nicole.

“Call me Vickie, please. I have this rule that anyone who has had a finger in my pussy can no longer call me miss. Okay?”

“Okay. Yes, Okay Vickie, let’s go raise some blood pressure.”

While she gathered the items that Mary Ellen mentioned the two girls made comments about having Vickie appear in class dressed like this. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have her teach about vectors when every boy in class would be able to demonstrate?

Vickie had to take a quick peek in the mirror to see if her skimpy suit betrayed her excitement. Other than two small bumps caused by her nipples, she was good to go. Vickie was getting excited as she stowed her stuff in her small fishnet bag that tied to her wrist.

They left the apartment and entered a crowded elevator. The women had to squeeze in but the crowd allowed them to by pushing further to the rear of the car. Everyone was facing front, pressed against one another. Vickie could feel the man behind her. His hand was on her upper leg and she could feel him push his midsection against her bottom. She smiled to herself as she thought about what Mary Ellen said. Vickie had one tent to her credit and she was already enjoying her vacation.

The elevator doors opened and it seemed that everyone was getting out at the hotel lobby. Vickie waited an instant and actually pushed her sexy butt back, against the erection behind her and then left, without turning around.

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