Sloppy seconds with Jerome´s friends


Sloppy seconds with Jerome´s friendsThat Friday night my black lover Jerome fucked me on his own bed.The way he mauled my body while he was brutally fucking me, made me get so aroused and extremely horny.I knew he was making marks all over me and would have me sore for weeks, but I even enjoyed him biting my body. The crazy thing was, after he made me cum before he ever put that monster black cock inside of me, I wanted him to mark me even more.He had me so worked up; I wanted him to do whatever he desired because I belonged to him tonight, that was fine with me. At one point he sucked my nipples so hard that I had an orgasm. He was sucking my boobs off, but I couldn’t stop myself from pulling his head into me harder. I almost made him gag on my nipple.Then he shoved his black monster cock inside of me, stretching my pussy to its limits and then he contorted his body to keep biting and mauling my tits. From the weird angle he was pounding his cock into me or the abuse he was inflicting on my body, I came harder than I ever had. I shouted out crying to tears when I had the biggest orgasm, it was so loud that several guys from the party came into the room to make sure bahis firmaları everything was okay.I told them that everything was better than okay and that shout had been caused by the biggest orgasm ever. I realized then how obvious the marks were all over me and how I was covered in cum. Those guys that had entered the bedroom started taking pictures of me with that black monster cock sliding out of my punished pussy.Then Jerome pulled out and he laid that monster across my belly so I could see it covered in his warm cum and my cream.He stood up and looked at his mates. Then he looked at me, asking if I was ready to please those black guys. I smiled at him, saying I would give just my wet cunt to his friends, because my asshole belonged to him. Jerome was delighted hearing that. He leant over me and kissed my lips, saying he would fuck my ass later.Then I purred like a cat on the bed, lying on my back and spreading my legs wide for those three black guys staring at me…The first one approaching was Rufus, a huge guy well endowed. He stripped and showed me his ten incher black dick. I did not say anything; just touched my pussy lips, anticipating the pleasure that his kaçak iddaa huge thing would give me.Rufus crawled over my body and soon I felt his hard rod entering my cunt to the hilt; only two long strokes and he sent me to heaven…He moved up and down and fucked me very smooth; as he kissed my neck, leaving me some dark hickeys. I helped him by grabbing his hips; trying to push him deeper into my womb.That bastard finally filled my wet cunt with his seed; before I could come.He withdrew quickly and I stayed there lying on my back, hornier tan ever; waiting for the second guy…This was Clyde, another huge black man, having a dick just a bit smaller than his mate. He smiled, ordering me to turn round and get on all fours…After I assumed the position, he climbed behind me and grabbed my hips, pushing his engorged dick deep into my cunt, very slowly at first. Then he started pumping me faster and harder, almost furiously, until he came very quickly, same as Rufus had done…He smacked my ass cheeks and thanked me for letting him fuck my pussy.The third guy was very sweet. He was Jack and he had celebrated his eighteenth birthday just one week ago. Jerome had told me that Jack kaçak bahis was so excited, thinking about fuck a white married woman for the very first time. He sat on the bed`s edge and asked me to ride him. I stood up and straddled him, lowering my wet pussy lips to the encounter of his erect cock. I felt him entering my cunt; his hard dick feeling so good inside of me. Then I started to move back and forth, enjoying his hard cock, still growing more and more into my hungry vagina.As I was riding him, suddenly I felt someone grabbing my hips from behind.Then a thick cock head prodded my tight anus and I got in panic, I tried to turn my face, but a strong black hand grabbed my curly hair and made me look directly ahead, onto Jack`s sweet eyes,When that huge dick entered my anus, I felt and explosion at last, having the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. At same time, Jack unloaded his warm semen into my womb. He fondled my tits and kissed my red lips. Then he slowly slipped from my body.The guy inside of my tight anus continued pumping me, as he grabbed my hair, not allowing me to see whom was he…Finally he filled my asshole with a huge amount of burning semen and I collapsed on the bed, falling towards ahead, slipping out from that dick.The huge man fell on my back and then I heard Jerome`s deep voice whispering in my ear if I was satisfied with his black cock buried in my ass…

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