Smelling A Stranger’s Butt

Smelling A Stranger’s ButtAs soon as I walked around the corner and seen her bent over, I knew I had to try and sniff her ass! She was a younger girl in her early twenties, short, petite, maybe 100lbs, long brown hair, but what caught my attention were the white almost see thru yoga tights that covered her lower body. She was wearing a baggy sweater that covered her chest, but I wasn’t interested in her bra size! Just being able to see her tiny thongs thru her yoga tights was treat enough, but the light brown stain that went the length of her tiny little butt, made me drool! It all happened in a matter of seconds, but I went from Christmas shopping, to following a girl around WalMart, waiting for the oportunity to sniff her sweaty little bum crack!I discreetly followed her around for several minutes before the perfect chance popped up to take a whiff of ass. She was looking through books and was completely enthralled with one as I walked up behind her and knelt down pretending to reach for a book of my own. After a careful glance around to make sure I was in the clear, I leaned in behind her ass, getting a mere two or three inches away from her little ass. The closer I got, the more ass stink filled my nostrils! I had expected her to have the smell of perfume the way a lot of younger girls do nowadays, spraying themselves from all angles when they’re not able to shower, but this girl hadn’t! She had obviously been wearing her yoga pants for a few days by the sight of them, and the smell just confirmed it! I was in awe from the smell of her nasty ass stink and almost forgot where we were! I took one last deep breath and leaned back, again scanning to see if anyone had seen me. I was still in the clear. So I leaned in for another sniff, and then another, until I pretty much had my face in her smelly behind the whole time! She finally started to put the book back and reached for another one, this time, bending over and completely streatching her tights out so much that I could see her bare ass cheeks through hatay escort them! I couldn’t resist and leaned over for a sniff. To me surprise though, she leaned back into my face, planting my nose between her tight little bum cheeks! I inhaled deeply as I heard her yelp slightly and turn around! I just looked up at her and apologized to which she replied it was her fault and turned and walked away quite briskly!I thought my goose was cooked for sure, and that she’d go find the manager and tell him how I was sniffing her ass in the book aisle! I headed for the door and was relieved when I made it out the door and made a bee-line to my car! Just as I got to my car and opened the door I heard someone clear their throat and heard a woman say “excuse me sir”! I frooze as she came around to face me. It was indeed yoga pants girl standing in front of me fidgiting nervously. When I seen she was alone I calmed down a bit and asked her how I could help her. She looked at the ground and asked if I had been sniffing her butt in the store! I quickly started denying it, but she interrupted me and proceeded to tell me she wasn’t a hooker or anything, and had never done anything like this before, but she needed money to buy her son some Christmas presents, and if I wanted to, she’d let me sniff her bum if I bought her a few things from the store! I was shocked and speechless, but when she quickly turned around and started to walk away, I called to her and told I would love to help her out. She sheepishly walked back to my car and climbed in the passenger seat. She had thought about doing it in the parking lot, and getting it over and done with, problem being, it was Christmas and too busy to try such a thing. We finally agreed on going to her place, provided I bought her stuff first and left it in my trunk until we were done. This seemed fair to us both and we took off back into the store and shopped for her before loading everything into my car and taking off for her place. She lived in an apartment building hatay escort bayan and when we got to her place on the forth floor I was so horny from watching her cute little bum wiggle up the stairs I began grabbing my crotch! If she noticed she didn’t say anything, and cleared a spot off her messy couch for me to sit. She told me she had to pee first and took off into the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later to the shock of her life! While she peed, I quickly stripped off naked and found a pair of her dirty thongs amoungst the dirty laundry that s**ttered the floor, and was now sitting on her couch sniffing them and rubbing my little dicklette that was trapped under my fat belly! She asked if I was going to **** her and I quickly calmed her by telling her I wouldn’t stray from our aggreement and that I wouldn’t do anything she didn’t like. I asked if I should get dressed but she shook her head and asked where I wanted her to stand. I told her to stand where she was and watch me for a while and proceeded to rub myself and sniff her panties. After I thought she was throughly disgusted with the sight of me, I told her to stand in front of me and bend over. The sight was ten times better that I didn’t have to worry about getting caught! I relished in the sight of her sk** marked tights, stretching them so I could sniff them throughly. Her ass stink was heavenly! She told me she’d been wearing them for a few days, and hadn’t showered in just as long, and as I pressed my nose between her cheeks and smothered myself, the smell confirmed her story. I was rubbing my dicklette the whole time with her panties, and was comming awfully close to jizzing, so I paced myself, as our agreement was as soon as I jizzed, we had to stop! I didn’t want to ever stop sniffing this little vixen’s stinky behind, so I formulated a plan and as I pulled her ass tightly against my face and inhaled as deep as I could, I jizzed quietly into her thongs and continued sniffing her crack. She didn’t notice I had shot my escort hatay load, so I continued our fun, having her turn around and grind her crotch into my face!I could tell from the look on her face that she was totally grossed out by having some middle aged guy sitting naked on her couch, rolls of fat hanging out jiggling as he sniffed her crotch and jerked off his cock which was hidden under his fat gut! I started to get aroused again, and quickly switched my nose with my tongue and began licking her stinky twat through her dirty tights and thongs! It took her a minute or so to realize what I was doing and quickly pulled away, telling me to stop. I asked if she had liked it and she said no, reminding me of our agreement. I grinned at her and asked if I could lick her butt instead. She said “ewwwwwwww” but when I offered her more money, she changed her tune and reluctantly turned around, pulled her pants and underwear off and bent over, exposing her beautiful tight brown pucker hole! I wasted no time, diving right in and rimming her butthole like a madman! I had it squeaky clean in less then a minute but continued licking and sucking it, savoring the nasty flavor of days old ass sweat! I asked if I could jizz on her ass if I licked it clean after, and she just looked at me in disbelief. I then stood up and lifted my belly up, expsing my tiny weiner and shot a load on her perfectly smooth butt cheeks, directing some into her crack. As my orgasm subsided, I sat back down and pulled her rear-end to my face and began the nasty task of cleaning my jizz from her perfect little ass. She told me how disgusting I was and what a sick pervert I was, all the while my tongue lapping my own cum from her smooth skin. When I was done, She quickly pulled up her pants and asked me to leave. I took my time getting dressed, telling her how much I enjoyed licking her dirty ass and how I wished we could do it again. She took my number and told me she’d call in the new year, but I knew she wouldn’t. We said our goodbyes and I left. When I got home I found all the stuff I bought for her in my trunk! We forgot all about it! Just then my phone rang, and guess who was on the other end? I met her the next day and we had another encounter, but that’s another story!

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