something I wrote for my ex-Master

something I wrote for my ex-Masterthe new greek slaveHe had bought a slave, a female greek valuable slave. His excitement let him pull her quickly into the house. His first slave. And he was now the first slave owner in his family.What to do with her next? He looked down at his new purchased property, her long dark hair, her beautiful face with very sensual lips, and her curvy body hidden in an old rag of a dress. She kept her eyes down and her body was slightly tensed. She smelled of the dusty road, but it seemed she had been allowed to clean herself before the auction as her smell was quite lovely and fresh.With a quick decisive grip he pulled back her head and made her look up to him.‘What is your name, slave?’Two terrified brown eyes looked up to him, clearly without comprehension of what was asked of her. ‘Latin?’‘Yes, Sir. … No.’ A little line had formed on her forehead as she was trying to remember all the words she had picked up by the slave trader. ‘Stand, kneel. Whip, slave, money.’No Latin, he thought, and he couldn’t speak greek at all. This would take some time.,Kneel!’He was very satisfied when he saw her sliding down to the floor with grace, her eyes lowered and her hands behind her back.‘Stand!’ She got up with the same soft gentleness of movement she had shown before.Her dress was hindering his sight on her body so he stepped closer, gripped into her bosom and pulled.She shrieked a little, terror in her eyes as she tried to pull away and made the dress rip even further.He didn’t let go, she will have to understand he owned her mind and body now and could do as he pleased, he thought. ‘No dress.’ he gave her a stern look pulled her dress further, shook his head and said: ‘no dress for my slave.’He saw her inner struggle of resistance canlı poker oyna and obedience in her face, and just as resistance seemed to win the battle he asked: ‘whip slave or no dress?’‘No whip.’ her voice whispered almost breathless.‘No dress, no whip!’ he promised.‘Yes, Sir. No … dress.’ She lowered her eyes again and blushed.He let go of her to watch her slowly slide her torn garment of her shoulders and down over her hips until she slowly stepped out of the circle it had formed around her feet.‘Kneel!’He watched her closely as she hesitated for a second and then slid down to her knees in one swift motion.Her cheeks were flushed and her fingers looked so white as she held them tightly behind her back. Slowly he walked around her and took in her beautiful female forms. Her ankles were bound symbolically with a thin rope, so she would only be able to take small steps.Her nice round boobs looked inviting to be pinched and squeezed. He grinned, sure this would make her squeal again.He bend down slightly, took a nipple between two fingers and twisted it in a quick screwing motion. And yes, of course, she made the cutest of moaning sounds as the pain hit her unprepared. He moved over to the other nipple and pulled the heavy boob upwards and let it go again. Now both nipples were standing nice and erect for him to play with.But not here, he decided.‘Stand, slave!’ He took her firm by her upper arm and went deeper into the house. His bed was large and build from massive hard wood, the sheets and pillows made from Silk felt cool to the touch even in this hot summer heat.He pushed his slave onto the mattress. Her face had become stubborn and closed. On the way to the bedroom she had plaid and begged in greek to him. But she was a slave now. His canlı bahis slave. He would do what he desired to do.‘Kneel.’She quickly moved into kneeling position, her soft big boobs exposed to his eyes and her legs slightly spread, which gave him the opportunity to see her inviting little cunt.He took her by the shoulders and turned her. Her face was now facing towards the wall as she was kneeling on top of the bed. He came up behind her, slid his hands around her and pinched her already erect nipples. Her body reacted very sensitively to his touch. Her back arched and her lips parted and let out a little moan.‘Very responsive, thats good’, he thought.She shivered slightly and her body was still tensed. He didn’t care. It was time for him to get his pleasure.Roughly he pushed her forward into an ass up face down position and kept hold on one of her arms behind her back.With the other hand he pulled up his toga and got his cock into position between her round and spankable cheeks. He heard her begging in greek again but she did not dare to resist him.Her begging made him even harder, and he pulled up her arm some more, so she moaned in pain before he pushed his cock into her with one hard thrust.Her tight deep tunnel was like the door to the heavens to him, and every scream or moan made him use her harder. If she tried to move away he would spank her hard on her ass. Soon she understood that no fighting or begging would ease her situation, and he felt her become motionless and passive. He couldn’t have that though, he wanted her reactions. After a few final thrusts into her cunt, he let go of her arm and spread her asscheeks to inspect her other hole. He spat on it to make it a little easier for his cock before he pressed it hard against her bahis siteleri tight ring.When she realized what he intended to do she tensed and tried to move forward, but he held her firm by her hips and pushed his cock inside her backdoor inch by inch.He almost came then. But he wanted to save himself for his final hole. To have her suck his cum, spiced with her ass and pussy juices, was what he bought her for. He used her anus without mercy as he had done to her pussy before, he pounded into her hard and deep, enjoying her ass clenching around his cock, squeezing it.Finally when he almost couldn’t hold it no more he got up and pulled her of the bed with him.‘Kneel.’She knelt with her eyes closed, her body shaking, both pairs of cheeks flushed red. He smiled. His slave to take whenever he chose too. His cock throbbed and he grabbed her chin hard.‘Look at me.’No reaction.‘Look at me, slave!’ He slapped her face hard.Her eyes sprang open, and tears started rolling down her cheeks.‘Good slave.’ He patted her head in approval.‘Now suck my cock with your mouth, slave.’ He pushed his cock against her closed lips and made her understand what was requested of her now.Suck!’ he repeated.Reluctantly she opened her mouth and pushed out her little pink tongue to lick him. He pushed further and forced her to have eye contact as he took her final hole to his pleasure.He held her head firmly by her hair and pushed his cock deep into her throat before he pulled it back out again. After she stopped gagging he pushed once more and then quicker, until he was fucking her head roughly like he did her cunt and anus before.He let out a deep groan as he released his cum into her mouth, still holding her firm so she had only the possibilities to choke on it or to swallow it all.He felt very satisfied and proud. She had been a good investment, he decided, as he tied her to the foot of the bed before he laid himself down to rest.Tomorrow he would test her pain limits, was the last thought before he dropped asleep.

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