Something She Almost Forgot

Cum Slut

This is a short little story. No intro. The characters aren’t even named. I hope you enjoy it.

The girl stumbled trying to get up the steps to her door, and she could hear her friends laughing from the car. She straightened herself up, turned, shot them a bird, and stuck her tongue out at them. They all laughed and cheered before pulling away from the curb. She turned back to the task of trying to get in through the front door without falling backwards down the steps and killing herself. She was so glad her girlfriend had driven, because she was way too drunk to drive herself. She was barely able to walk, although she wasn’t so far gone that she couldn’t remember where she was or what she was doing.

She was finally able to make it to her room, after hitting the bathroom. She quickly stripped out of all her clothes except for her panties and fell back on her bed, ready to pass out. She lay there for a few seconds waiting for sleep to overtake her, but something was wrong. She couldn’t go to sleep.

She rolled onto her back, her firm full eighteen year-old breasts sagging slightly to either side as she lay there. She was really tired, but she had that nagging feeling that she was forgetting something. She just couldn’t figure out what it was, she just knew she wouldn’t be able to get to sleep till she figured it out.

As she laid there thinking she just happened to glance over at her computer, and noticed a flashing light on the monitor. That meant the computer was on, but was in “snooze” mode. She slowly sat up, and staggered over to the desk, and moved the mouse, waking the computer up.

“Oh, shit,” she muttered, as the screen flickered to life. Now she remembered what she had almost forgotten.

She rushed down the hall and into her mother’s room. There on the bed was a sight to behold. Before going out with her friends, the girl had gotten mad at her mom and tied her spread-eagled on the bed. She couldn’t even remember what had made her so angry, but she knew she must have been, for her to leave the woman like this. Her mom was completely naked and tied face down with her arms tied to the corners of the bed, and her legs spread wide with her ankles secured to the corners at the foot of the bed. She had stuffed a couple of pillows under the older woman’s hips so that they were raised and slightly flexed, putting a nice curve to her backside.

She had also blindfolded the woman, and put a set of headphones on her ears so that she couldn’t see, and all she heard was soft jazz. A large ballgag and leather wrist and ankle cuffs completed her ensemble. A large wet spot under her cheek attested to the efficiency of the gag, and a large wet spot beneath her crotch showed how effective the entire scene was.

The girl could not help but admire how beautiful her mother looked like this. No matter how mad she was at the woman, when she saw her all soft and vulnerable like this, she just wanted to stop being the disciplinarian and make mad sweet love to her. But, of course she couldn’t do that. She had to remain the strong one in order to keep the relationship going.

Slowly the girl began remembering bits and pieces of tying her mother female agent porno to the bed, although she still couldn’t remember what she had done to make her so mad. She remembered that she had taken great joy in taunting the older woman as she tied her down. There had been several break-ins in the neighborhood, and she had taken great enjoyment in whispering that in her current position the burglar would be able to do anything he wanted to her, and she would be powerless to stop him.

But, not being totally oblivious to the obvious dangers of leaving her mother in such a vulnerable position, she had made sure to blindfold her so she would not be able to identify anyone who wanted to take advantage of her womanly charms, thus there would be no reason to harm her afterwards. She had also placed her web cam inconspicuously on the dresser and set it to record on her computer in the next room. It had never occurred to her that a burglar might find her computer something worth steeling.

The girl shook her head to bring herself back to the present, which almost made her fall over, as she was still drunk. She could tell by her mother’s breathing that she was sound asleep. That made sense though, because when your movements were restricted and there was nothing else for you to do, why not?

She slowly climbed onto the bed between her mother’s spread legs. Her mother made no indication that she was waking up until the girl stroked her swollen pussy lips. The woman moaned and writhed against her bonds.

The girl’s mother shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs. Surprised at first, she quickly recognized the touch, and knew it was her little girl who was stroking her extremely sensitive pussy

“I haven’t checked the video yet,” she said, pushing two of her fingers deeply into her mother’s very wet pussy. “Did you have any visitors while I was gone?”

She shook her head no.

“You’re pretty wet down here,” the girl purred in her mother’s ear, as her fingers easily stroked between her puffy lips. “Are you horny?”

Her mother’s only response was to moan and vigorously shake her head yes.

“Do you want me to do something about it?” the girl asked, brushing her fingers over her mother’s extremely sensitive clit.

The older woman jerked at the touch and shook her head yes as energetically as she could, making her almost as dizzy as her drunk daughter.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere,” the girl said, giving her mother’s rounded backside a hard slap, making it jiggle and leaving a pink handprint on the soft globe.

A few minutes later she came back into the room sans undies, but now sporting a large strapon dildo that wobbled most realistically as she walked. She climbed back onto the bed between her mother’s legs. She reached across the woman’s body to grab the lubricant that was always sitting on the bedside stand. Her mother’s pussy was so wet, she probably didn’t need it, but she decided to be good to her. She slathered lubricant on the dildo all the way to the base, and then tossed the tube to the side.

“You ready,” she asked, positioning herself close between female fake taxi porno her mother’s spread thighs. The older woman nodded her head vigorously, not that it would have made any difference to her daughter if she wasn’t. She always got randy when she was drunk, and she was bound and determined to fuck the woman no matter what.

Kneeling behind the woman, the girl worked the head of her cock up and down the slippery slot until it had worked its way between the puffy lips. She then paused for a second before sinking all the way into her in one firm thrust.

The older woman knew what was coming when the girl paused her movements, but still let out a strong grunt, as the air was forced out of her lungs, when the girl plunged the cock’s full length into her. Even though it was a bit rude, she loved it.

Her daughter stopped for another second or two to let her mother adjust to the invasive tool. Once her mother had relaxed she pulled back until just the tip was left inside of her, then plunged it all the way back in. She started out slow, but quickly picked up speed until her hips were a blur, as she pounded her mother’s pussy like there was no tomorrow.

The girl could tell by her mother’s attempts to thrust her hips back against her, and her grunts and groans that she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Being restrained almost all night hadn’t seemed to slow her down any, and the woman pushed her hips against the girl’s crotch as much as her restraints would let her.

The girl used one arm to support herself, and reached under the writhing woman beneath her with the other hand. She snaked her hand under her mother’s hips so she could tease and torment her erect and highly charged clit. The effect was immediate and spectacular.

The woman began shaking as if she were having a seizure. Her pussy muscles clamped down on the invading cock so tightly, the girl had trouble continuing to fuck her. She groaned into her gag as the orgasm washed over her body like a tidal wave. Also like a tsunami, her orgasm came in more than one wave. Each success wave of pleasure caused her to moan, and shake with pleasure.

As the woman slumped onto the bead teetering on the brink of unconsciousness, the girl pulled her juice covered cock out of her mother’s clutching cunt, and gave her pussy a couple of quick licks which caused her to whimper and writhe as the sensations overloaded her senses.

Without another word the girl took the harness off and let the dildo drop onto the bed. She then released her mother’s ankles. She moved up to the head of the bed and untied the ropes securing her wrists. She then flipped the woman onto her back, knocking the little pile of pillows out of the way.

Before her mother had a chance to recover the girl swung her leg over the older woman’s body and sat on her chest. She reached down, and removed the gag, tossing it to the side. The woman beneath her worked her jaw muscles trying to get the stiffness, from having the gag in her mouth for most of the night, out.

Before her daughter even made a move, the woman knew exactly what she was going to do, and she was glory hole secrets porno ready for it. Once her jaw seemed to working the way it should, she stuck her tongue out as far as she could, inviting her daughter to make the next move.

The girl needed no more encouragement. She slowly slid forward impaling herself on her mother’s long pointed tongue, allowing the woman to lick her insides. She absolutely loved the feeling of her mother’s tongue as it snaked around inside of her. Every once in a while, when conditions were just right the older woman had even been able to touch her daughter’s G-spot with the tip of her tongue. The effects were always electrifying.

“That’s it, mom,” the girl moaned, as her mother’s mouth worked its magic on her sex. As her tongue licked her insides, her nose rubbed against her sensitive clit. “Oh, my God, that feels incredible.”

Already very horny and having just fucked her mother senseless, it wasn’t long before the girl was cuming on her mother’s face. She pressed her twat down, as tightly as she could, covering her mother’s mouth and nose. She gave little jerks with her hips, grinding her clit against her mother’s nose and lips, and totally covering her mother’s face with her juices as she screamed in pleasure.

After what seemed like an eternity, the girl fell to the side gasping for breath. Her orgasm had been so strong she had forgotten to breath and was now trying to make up for it. The older woman lay beside her daughter licking the girl’s juices from her lips. She even went so far as to use her fingers to scrape the juices from her chin and cheeks and suck them into her mouth.

“No more of that,” the girl said, knocking her mother’s hands away from her face, as she leaned over the older woman and kissed her on the lips, tasting her own juices. Her mother’s arms automatically went around the girl, hugging her firm young body to her. Finally the kiss ended. “Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

“Yes, please,” her mother replied meekly.

The girl removed the blindfold, and after squinting at the bright light the woman got out of bed and scampered to the bathroom. She was gone for only a few minutes, quickly returning to the bed and laying down in the middle again.

Once she was back in bed, her daughter quickly clipped the ankle cuffs together with a small brass padlock. She then did the same thing to her wrists. Once her mother’s wrists were secured she pulled a rope down from the headboard, and clipped it to her wrist cuffs with another padlock.

“Comfy?” the girl asked, after double checking the restraints.

“Yes, dear,” her mother said softly. “Thank you for being so good to me.”

“It was my pleasure, mom,” the girl said, kissing her mother on the lips again. “Now go to sleep. I’ll let you loose in the morning so you can make breakfast.”

“Yes, dear,” the woman said, snuggling into her bed.

The girl covered her mother with the bedding before she left, taking one last look at the woman, who was already asleep, before she turned off the light and went to her own room. Even though her arms were not stretched above her head, if the girl hadn’t pulled the covers up for her, she would have had to sleep totally naked.

The girl checked her mother on the monitor and saw she was sleeping very soundly. She turned the monitor off, turned off her own lights, flopped onto her bed and was asleep almost immediately. It had been a really great night, even if she had almost forgotten something.

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