Son Wants Mom Ch. 07


“Note to Readers this is another chapter of an ongoing story if you haven’t already read the first chapters I suggest you do before continuing with this and the following editions.”

Thank you GrrrreatImagination for editing my story

All characters in this story are over 18.


Heather thought she was dreaming about Brendan fucking her as she moaned softly. The cock that was sliding in and out of her pussy, however, made her know that it wasn’t a dream.

Opening her eyes she looked at Brendan who was smiling as he slowly pumped in and out of her.

“What a nice way to wake up having your big hard cock in my pussy,” she purred.

“That isn’t what Mom said but that is ok, your pussy feels wonderful,” Brendan replied as he slowly pushed his 8″ cock all the way into Heather’s pussy holding it there.

Heather squeezed her pussy on Brendan’s dick as he leaned down and kissed her. Softly and tenderly Brendan slid his cock in and out of her cunt. He tenderly made love to his cousin as their tongues intertwined each other.

Brendan could sense by her breathing that she was getting ready to cum. He thrust into her quicker moving his hips from side to side. Heather sucked on Brendan’s neck hard as she flooded his cock with her orgasm.

He slowed his pace after she came sliding in and out of her soaked pussy slow, Heather was sucking so hard on his neck it actually hurt him.

His breathing picked up causing her to suck his neck harder; Heather felt his cock pulse inside her as he shot his load into her pussy. He pushed in as far as he could, emptying the remainder of his cum inside her. Heather released his neck and kissed him for what seemed like hours.

Cum was leaking down the crack of her ass as Brendan’s cock softened inside her. “I love you, that was wonderful,” Heather whispered in his ear. “When we sleep together in your bed, you can wake me this way anytime.”

“You mean when we wake up in our bed,” Brendan whispered before kissing her again.

Heather was wearing a tight tank top with no bra and a skin tight pair of pink shorts, was cooking eggs on the stove.

Brendan only had a pair of shorts on when he walked behind Heather cupping her breasts as she flipped the eggs. Heather wiggled her ass against his groin when he leaned down and kissed her neck.

“I can’t believe you are horny again so soon,” Heather stated as she felt his cock hardening against her ass.

“I am always horny around you, ever since I felt your pussy for the first time,” He replied.

“Well to be honest, that pussy really loves that big cock of yours inside her too,” Heather purred.

“It looks like you two are having fun while you’re cooking breakfast,” Tammy said as she walked into the kitchen wearing just her robe.

Heather instantly placed two eggs and four pieces of bacon on the plate, handing it to her aunt.

“Thank you honey, I am starved from burning so many calories last night,” Tammy replied, “It reality kings porno sure looks like you have had a lot of fun already Brendan, looking at that hickey on your neck.”

“Yes, Mom it has been a very good morning, Heather and I are going to run into town for the day do you need anything?” Brendan replied as he pulled on a t-shirt.

“I can’t think of anything right now, but if I do I will give you a call, you kids go and have fun. And OH one more thing, don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do,” Tammy teased.

“Well that allows us to do a lot, we will see you later,” Heather replied as she and Brendan walked out the door.

After finishing her breakfast, Tammy straightened the house, and then hopped into the shower. As she was washing her pussy she thought it’s no wondering your sore from all the action you have received the last couple of days.

She finished showering and walked into her bedroom closet. She looked through her clothes thinking, “There isn’t any sense wearing too much, I am sure I will be naked when the kids come home.”

Tammy pulled the peach spaghetti strap, braless blouse over her head and then pulled her white miniskirt up over her ass. No sense to wearing panties either she thought as she dried her hair. She finished applying her makeup and mascara and then headed downstairs to her computer.

She sent a few e-mails, played a few games on the computer when she thought, “It’s too nice out for me to sit in here all day, I need to get some sun.” Tammy walked out to the pool, pulling her arms through the straps of her blouse, lying down on the lounge chair. She was daydreaming about all the sex she has had the past couple of days when she heard a vehicle pull into the driveway.

Tammy thought it was just Brendan and Heather returning so she continued lying on the lounge chair. Suddenly she heard a knock and a man’s voice saying, “Hello is anyone at home?”

“Yes I am out here at the pool,” Tammy said as she stood up forgetting she pulled the straps down on her blouse.

Rick’s younger brother Steve, who Tammy always thought was cute, walked around the corner of the garage to the gate of the pool.

“Hey Tammy, how are you doing? I know that Rick isn’t here but do you think I could borrow his chainsaw?” Steve asked as his eyes were staring at her nearly exposed tits.

“No, he won’t mind at all, let’s go into the garage and I will get it for you,” Tammy replied as she exited the gate. As she was entering the garage she thought, “I know that Rick wouldn’t mind me teasing Steve a little and since he is married that is all it would be.”

“Follow me” she said as Steve quickly followed behind her.

“He keeps it right here in this cabinet,” Tammy said as she walked to the back of the garage, opening the cabinet doors. She reached up to the top shelf, pulling the chainsaw out and then lowering it down. She instantly smiled because she knew her tits have spilled out of her sexmex porno blouse as she turned handing the chainsaw to Steve.

“Here you go Steve,” Tammy said handing him the chainsaw.

“Thank” was all he could say as his eyes were transfixed upon her tits.

Tammy let him stare for a few more seconds and then said, “Woops, I am sorry Steve; I forgot I pulled the straps down to tan and these babies decided they wanted some air.”

“You don’t need to apologize; I love that look, why are you pulling your straps back up?” Steve questioned.

“Oh, I am sure that Laura’s are nicer,” Tammy said as she readjusted her tits inside her blouse.

“They are nice, but yours are too and like I said I enjoyed the view,” Steve replied as Tammy noticed the obvious bulge in his shorts.

“What about gas? Don’t you need that too?” Tammy asked.

“Yes, it’s a gas-oil mix, it should be in a small jug,” Steve replied.

“This may be it,” Tammy said as she bent over retrieving a jug from the bottom shelf. Steve was staring at her ass anyway but really focused his eyes, when Tammy’s miniskirt lifted exposing her ass and pussy to him. Tammy deliberately took her time retrieving the jug to ensure Steve had a really good show.

Standing back up, Tammy handed Steve the jug saying, “Here you go, you should have everything that you need now.”

Steve took the jug and then set it and the chainsaw onto the ground saying, “Actually, no that isn’t everything that I need.”

He walked toward Tammy grabbing her head with his right hand and her ass with his left, pulling her against him, kissing her roughly.

Tammy felt Steve’s hard cock pressing against her stomach as his left hand slipped under her skirt cupping her ass. His right hand was sliding the strap of her blouse off her shoulder as he drove his tongue further into her mouth.

Tammy pulled her head back breaking their kiss, breathing heavily said, “Steve we can’t do this, if Laura found out we would be in big trouble.”

“She will never know or suspect this and by the way you teased me today, I know that you want it too,” Steve stated as he pulled the other strap down, pulling her blouse over and exposing her tits once again.

“Steve, please we can’t,” Tammy pleaded as he picked her up carrying her over to a waist high cabinet. “We really should not do this, Steve” she begged as he removed his shirt and shorts.

Tammy stared at his cock as he freed it from his underwear it wasn’t as big as Rick’s but it was almost as thick. “Steve we really shouldn’t be dooooooooooing this,” she screamed as Steve plunged his cock into her pussy.

Steve was pounding his cock into Tammy’s pussy as fast and as hard as he could, shouted, “You know you wanted this, you like this don’t you?”

“Yes it feels so fucking good,” Tammy moaned as he fucked her harder.

“I knew you needed some cock while Rick was away, I am glad I needed to borrow his chainsaw, this sindrive porno worked for both of us,” Steve commented as he grabbed her tits squeezing them roughly.

He was slamming her pussy with his cock, when he stopped and pulled it out of her. Tammy moaned wanting it back inside her pussy. “Isn’t that part of the garage carpeted?” Steve asked.

“Yes it is why?” Tammy replied looking at the portioned room. Steve scooped her into his arms carrying her to the carpeted room.

“I am going to fuck you hard and rough, you like that don’t you?” Steve questioned Tammy.

“Sometimes, it really depends on the mood that I am in.” she replied.

“Well if you’re not in the mood you better get into it because that is what you are going to get, now get on your hands and knees,” Steve demanded as he lowered her to the floor.

Tammy obediently got on her hands and knees lifting her ass into the air. Steve positioned himself behind his sister-in-law, slamming his cock into her pussy. He began fucking her fast when she suddenly screamed, “Ooooooh,” as his hand slapped her ass.

“You like this don’t you?” “Slap” Steve questioned as he slapped her other ass cheek. “Don’t you?” “Slap”

“MmmmHmmm” Tammy moaned as her ass got slapped again. Tammy was extremely excited by Steve’s brutal fucking; she thrust her ass back against him, pushing his cock further inside her.

“Tell me how much you love this,” Steve demanded as he slammed into her slapping her ass again.

“I fucking love it, your cock feels so fucking good, and I love it when you slap my ass,” Tammy screamed. “SLAP”.

Steve reached underneath Tammy grabbing her tits roughly into his hands. He pinched and twisted her nipples hard as he began using faster shorter strokes inside her. Steve continued fucking her harder twisting her nipples causing her to moan loudly.

He then released her tits, grabbed her hips and began really slamming into his sister-in-laws cunt. He slapped her ass once last time as he pulled his cock out of her pussy, yelling, “Come here.”

Tammy crawled toward his cock, taking it into her mouth as he blasted his load into her mouth.

Tammy swallowed blast after blast of Steve’s cum.

“You are a good cumslut aren’t you? Swallow it all,” Steve exclaimed.

“MmmmHmmm” Tammy replied as she swallowed.

“I knew by the way that you were teasing me that you needed some cock,” Steve informed Tammy as he finished dressing.

Tammy stood up, pulling the straps back over her shoulders and was readjusting her tits, replied, “Actually I was just teasing you, I thought you wouldn’t ever cheat on Laura.”

“If it is within the family, I don’t consider it cheating, I am still going to be with Laura and you are going to be with Rick, so why not mix it up a little?” Steve replied.

“Well it was fun, I agree but you sound so much like your brother it is scary.” Tammy stated.

“Well, where do you think I learned it from?” Steve laughed.

“True, brothers do share a lot of things including their wives don’t they?” Tammy giggled.

“That they do, and I can’t wait until I have to return the chainsaw, I will bring my handcuffs then,” Steve answered as he walked to his car carrying the chainsaw and gas.

To be continued…

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