Sophia is my boss. A beautiful soul, sadly trapped in a boring, mind-numbing job. She was older than me at thirty-seven, but hell, I was only nineteen so everyone at work was older than me. I needed a job and since she was a good friend of the family she took me on. We worked together in a small office in just another anonymous office complex. Our parent company leased this little office for her team of engineers when they ran out of room at the corporate headquarters or the manufacturing plant. But since most of the engineers were able to work from home except when they needed to travel, we had the office to ourselves. She sat in her office and handled assignments and managerial paperwork while I ordered parts for the team and handled getting them shipped to where they were needed. Some days were busy enough, but far too many were rather slow, filled with the occasional irate calls from people (customers and co-workers) who were upset that things weren’t going the way they wanted.

Sophia was bright, I mean really, really smart. She had a great sense of humor and actually liked football, a lot! The team respected her for the most part too, she was a good boss. But we had to downsize and lost two engineers a few months ago. The rest of the team stayed busy and only skyped or emailed us. No one from corporate ever came out either. Her boss didn’t like driving out here and so if needed, she had to drive downtown to see him. Maybe it was a power trip for him, I don’t know.

Anyway this day started out pretty crappy and I arrived at work pissed off. I tried to focus on getting things done but after having a vendor drop the ball yet again, I stood up and screamed “FUCK!”

Sophia came out, “What’s up?”

“Oh, even though I told Bruce at Decker Wholesale that we expected to replace a lot of those BX-4500’s, he never stocked them! Now it’s gonna take ten days for him to get them and another three to get them out to Ryan!”

“Okay, maybe I’ll reach out to his DM, see if I can get them to understand what this is doing to us.” she offered. She started to turn away then stopped. “Sam, is there something else wrong? You seemed upset from the time you walked in.”

I sighed and sat down. “Nothing. Well, nothing you wanna hear about.”

She smiled and sat down. “Oh I don’t know, try me.”

“Uh, well, Candi broke up with me last night.”

“Ouch.” Sophia replied. “I thought you guys were pretty solid. Why would she do that?”

“You really wanna know?”

“Oh, shit.. Let me guess something to do with rushing her or need personal space?”

“Actually that’s true but the other way around.” I blurted out. I needed someone to talk to.

“What? Oh hell, you mean..”

“Yeah, she wanted to have me AND her girlfriend on the side. And she was pissed that I wouldn’t sleep with her yet.”

“Damn!” Sophia said. “She’s Bi?”

“Yeah but her girlfriend doesn’t like me, wants nothing to do with me. I knew something was off, you know? I told her she needed to chose and she did.”

“Oh fuck, Sam. Wait, you guys hadn’t had sex?”

I blushed. This was more information than I’d planned on revealing. “No, not yet. I always felt like… maybe feared is more like it, that she was hiding something.”

“Looks like you were right.” She replied. “You probably dodged a bullet there.”

“Yeah, yeah you’re right. I’m just so fucking tired of being alone at night. I really hoped that she’d be the one. And damn, she was so pretty!”

Sophia turned in her chair and looked out the window. “God, do I understand. Everyone I fall for, either leaves or disappoints me. Either way I get hurt. Then I end up alone in bed again with my vibrator and a bottle of Bailey’s watching porn on my laptop.”

I choked and stared at her.

“Oh dear,” she said softly. “Did I say that out loud? Fuck. I, uh don’t suppose you could forget that, could you?”

“I doubt I’ll ever forget that, sorry. But your secret’s safe with me.”

“Thanks.” she said.

We sat there in an awkward silence for a minute until I couldn’t stand it.

“So, uh, what kind of porn do you like?” I asked.

We both burst out laughing.

“Oh just about anything that doesn’t involve midgets!”

“What? Why? What have you got against midgets? Small people need sex too!”

“Oh bahis firmaları god Sam, I know it all too well! My first husband was only 5’3!”

“No way! Really?”

“Yes! No one understood why a five-eight girl would date a short guy! The joke was on them! He had a huge cock and tenure!”

“Oh god! A teacher?”

“Yup, he was! At least until he got caught fucking a student. That’s when I left.” She wiped her eyes and sniffed. “Later I fell for a really nice fellow who ended up being into some weird fetishes. He wanted to foot-fuck me. I should have realized something was weird when he sucked my toes. Then there was the guy who ended up having several other girlfriends at the same time. We were on a date when we bumped into one of them. Oh and let’s not forget the guy who promised me the world but never told me he was married. Geez, I sure can pick them, huh?”

“Wow! I’m so sorry. I had no idea…”

“Of course not. Hell, Sam, I’ve never told anyone those things.”

“Well if we’re trading deepest secrets then would you believe I’ve only had sex once and it was a disaster?

She turned and looked at me, cocking her head to one side. “What happened?”

“Well, I knew my next door neighbor was cheating on her husband and I was desperate to lose my virginity. I suggested that I would be in no position to tell him If I was equally guilty. She took me into their guest room to fuck me. But I was so nervous that I came before I could even find her pussy. I blew my load on her ass. She refused to let me try again, belittled me, ridiculed me and added that now there was no way I could say anything or she would tell everyone how bad I was. I was crying when I left. But on the way home my neighbor across the street called to me. She was trying to be helpful but she was the nosey one who knew everything. Kept binoculars on the front table. She knew the other lady was cheating and figured out something had happened when I got there. Suddenly she shoved her hand down my pants and felt my wet dick. She then sniffed the cum on her fingers and told me I was going to fuck her or she’d tell on me. So she fucked me on the sofa. My first fuck was a skinny, ugly sixty-something grandma. And she never got undressed either. Seems she didn’t wear panties under her dresses.”

“Oh god Sam! That sounds horrible! You poor thing! But surely the next one was better?”

“As I said, I’ve only had sex the once.”

Sophia stared at me in disbelief. “But you’re cute! How come?”

“I guess I’m afraid to. You get rejected and laughed at and it affects you. I wanted to fuck Candi but I was afraid she’d hurt me too. I guess I somehow sensed that something was off.”

Sophia looked down at her hands in her lap and sat quietly for a bit. When she spoke,her voice was soft and hesitant, very out of character for her.

“Sam, I hate that they treated you like that. It was cruel of them. I also have been laughed at during sex and I know how it hurts. I-I’m lonely too and it seems like we both need a good fucking right now. Would you be willing to fuck me?”

“Damn Sophia! You’re serious? Sure! Like what, meetup after work?”

“No! Right here, right now. Oh please, say yes Sam!”

She stood and pulled her shirt off over her head. I was surprised of course but before I could say or do anything, she reached back and unhooked her bra. She paused before pulling it off however.

“This is why I’ve been laughed at.” she said and dropped her bra.

Sophia’s tits were probably a D-cup but were quite odd looking. Her breasts were decidedly bottom heavy and saggy, with her nipples pointing downward. Her areola were huge, as were her nipples themselves, well, more long than huge, but even though they weren’t perfect or proper, they still excited be because they were real and they were being offered to me. I reached out and touched her breasts. They were warm, soft, smooth and heavy. As she stepped in closer, I brought one to my mouth and kissed it. Sophia sighed. She stood there, leaning over my chair for a few minutes as I kissed and sucked on her, then she stood and, leading by the hand we went into her office. She closed the door and sat in her chair, then unbuckled my jeans and tugged down my briefs. Sophia toyed with my growing cock and then kissed it few times. kaçak iddaa She licked it as it stiffened, and ran her tongue around my knob. Finally she slipped her mouth over it and began sucking. I was so aroused that I feared I would cum too quickly, but she paused and looked up at me.

“Sam, I want to fuck you,right here, right now, but we can’t have cum staining everything. So I want you to cum in my mouth, let me suck and swallow your first load, then we can fuck. But you’ll have to warn me every time you cum. I’m not on birth control, so I have to swallow your loads.”

“Okay, if you’re sure…”

“I am.” she said and grinned, then went back to sucking my cock.

She really seemed eager and sucked really hard, swirling her tongue around and around my knob. It might have been five or ten minutes before I came, but it seemed like no time at all. I grunted a warning and Sophia kept right on sucking. She swallowed my load in gulp after gulp until I was drained. My cock sagged a little but when she stood and dropped her pants and panties, displaying her round, full figure, I started to swell up again. Just knowing that I was about to fuck her was exciting, to be fucking my boss, in her office? Hell, that was crazy!

Sophia was standing there, as if posing and I memorized the image and approved. Sure she was older and her big tits sagged, but hell, they were real, and they were big. She stood about five-eight to my six even, she had long dark brown hair that she typically wore in a tail, sweet warm brown eyes, a nice smile and full luscious lips. He waist was thick and she had a bit of a tummy, but her hips were round and full and seemed firm, not flabby. Her bush was a trim dark triangle. And her legs, quite shapely. She was clad only in her socks and turned to point her ass at me, leaning on her desk. She looked back at me.

“Damn, I wish I had a sofa in here now!” she said grinning. “Come on Sam, don’t chicken out on me now!”

“No way!” I answered and stepped up behind her. Our difference in height, meant that I had to either bend my knees or stand with my feet further apart to be low enough to line up. I chose the latter and pushed my knob against her pussy.

“Too low,” she said. “A little higher…” I tried again and slid in easily. Damn, she was warm and snug inside!

“Oh god, that feels good Sam! So big! Back and forth, short strokes, ’till you spread my wetness around…”

I was thrilled for several reasons. One, I was actually fucking a woman. Two, she was coaching me rather than criticizing me. And three, because she wanted it as bad as I did. The risk of getting caught was added excitement.

Soon my cock was wet with her juices and we could really fuck. She gripped her desk and moaned as I picked up the pace and soon the office was filled with the sound of our flesh slapping together, my grunts and her moaning.

I held her hips and watched in amazement as my cock slid in and out of her. It glistened with her wetness, surprisingly white and thick. I slowed down and tried to make each thrust start with my tip barely in and then shove it in deep and hold it second. She responded with whispers of encouragement and by squeezing tight as I thrust. God, the effect was incredible! It felt so good.

“Yes! Oh god, it feels so good. Damn, you feel huge! Oh yes, just like that, just like that. Oh god! Stop!” she suddenly cried as the phone rang.

I froze but didn’t pull out as she caught her breath and picked up the phone.

“Engineering, this is Sophia,” she said, “Oh hello, Paul! Yes, Todd is due to finish that upgrade for them tonight. They needed to put in a change request and schedule the downtime for ten pm tonight. He expects it will take an hour to do the swap and test. Huh? Oh everything else is going great! Yes, they are. I’ll shoot you an email tomorrow. Right, thank you. Bye!”

She hung up the phone, sighed and looked back at me.

“Where were we?”

I grinned at her, “Right about…HERE!” I said as I rammed my cock in deep.

Sophia gasped as everything on her desk shook and wobbled. We froze and she grabbed her coffee cup before it tipped over.

“Easy there tiger.” she admonished.

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly. I returned to stroking at a slower pace for a while.

“Geezus, Sophia!” kaçak bahis I said after another fifteen minutes or so, “I think I’m gonna cum again!”

She pushed back, away from the desk and, turning, dropped to her knees. Taking my wet cock into her mouth, she sucked on it as she stroked my shaft and I was quickly cumming. She sucked me dry, swallowing my entire load. I watched as she stood and took a long drink of her coffee.

“I really wish I didn’t have to do that.” She said turning, “But there isn’t anywhere else for you to cum.”

“Yeah, well I had no idea I was going to need condoms…” I said, joking. “My boss’s office is the last place I’d expect to need them.”

Sophia smiled and stepped in close. Pressing her breasts against me and putting her arms around my neck, she whispered. “So, I enjoyed that, how about you?”

“Oh yeah! It was great! I loved it!” I answered. “It wasn’t what I expected it to be… and better than I expected it to be, if that makes sense.”

“Yes, I understand what you mean.” she said, then kissed me.

Her kiss was nice. Really nice. It was a lot better than the kisses Candi and I had exchanged. It was genuine, soft and lingering. Her lips were fuller than Candi’s and she moved her mouth slowly as we kissed. After a few minutes she backed away and sighed.

“Damn, Sam. I can’t believe I did that. I actually fucked an employee in my office!” She then grinned. “And I can’t wait to do it again!”

I wanted to fuck her sooo bad, but I was still nervous.

“Look, let’s not rush it. We’re taking too many chances, like we’re in here, but your clothes are out there.” I said pointing to the front office. “Maybe you should grab them and we close this door. If any of the guys did come in it would buy us a minute or two and you could say you were counselling me or something…”

Sophia dashed out and grabbed her clothes quickly. We weren’t worried about just anyone walking in, it was a private office with a card-reader door, but still there were a few people with access other than our own team. Today, we knew where our engineers were, but her boss, Corporate IT, and Corporate Security folks also had access cards. And of course the leasing company and their maintenance people and the janitorial crew.

I had already pulled up my pants and she looked a bit sad as she dressed.

“I hate to stop, but you’re right. It is risky. So… how about this: At lunch you run out and grab some condoms. Meanwhile I’ll order a pizza delivered. In the office we keep it to kisses and touches. After work, you come home and spend the night with me. Sound okay to you?”

I was surprised. I expected this to be over. A one time offer. Now she was suggesting we keep it going.

“Y-You want to…”

“Fuck you some more? Absolutely Sam! I don’t have anyone else, and I don’t know how long you’ll be single before another girl comes along. So, yeah, I’m proposing we have an affair, a friends with benefits arrangement or whatever you want to call our relationship. But company policy prohibits it so we have to keep it a secret. Are you interested?”

She paused. Sophia had on her pants and shoes and was holding her tits up. She squeezed them and toyed with her nipples. She stepped closer and lifted them, offering them to me.

“Are you wanting more, Sam?”

I was practically trembling. I bowed my head and kissed her soft flesh, She guided her nipple to my mouth and as I kissed and suckled, she moaned, then whispered.

“I need a lover Sam, and you’re someone I can trust. I’m offering myself to you. What do you say?”

My kisses roamed upward from her breast to her neck, cheek and lips. My hands caressing her tits. Finally I paused.

“Oh yeah. I want more. I definitely want more.” I whispered. “Let’s do it.”

That was three months ago. Now I’m sitting at my desk, ordering parts and answering emails. Sophia is in her office, on the phone. We’ve rearranged the furniture so that we can see each other. She’s staring at me as she talks to her boss or a customer or vendor or somebody. At the same time she’s unbuttoned her blouse and is flashing her tits at me.

I grin in response and then bite my fist. Damn, she’s insatiable! We’ve fucked almost every damn night and even more on the weekends. She’s getting an IUD soon so we can stop using condoms. (She told me multiple births run in her family) She hangs up and tucks her tits away, buttoning her blouse. It’s okay, in two hours we’ll be fucking in her bed.

I can wait.

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