Sophie Becomes Daddy’s Favorite Toy Ch. 03

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Sophie lay back on the bed feeling full and totally exhausted. She was full of cum and loved it. She hadn’t been unable to take all of her grandfather’s monster cock down her throat, but had given it her best shot. She loved being fucked like this. She wasn’t sure what that said about her, but she didn’t care. All she knew was she wanted it all the time and could have it without leaving the house.

Everyone cleaned up and went out to the kitchen for a drink. Sophie had reminded her father that he had said he would let her fuck him in the ass and suck a cock for her. And she was going to make sure he held up his end of the bargain.

“Soph, I told you I’m not gay.”

“Well Daddy, you never know you might like this. There are other men who like it and they’re not gay. All I ask is that you give it a try.”

“David, do you think I’m gay?” Her grandfather asks.

“No Dad, why would you ask that? You’re the toughest guy I know.”

“Well I love to get fucked in the ass. It feels great. I also like to return the favor. With enough lube, you’ll never find a tighter hole to pound into.”

His sons stared at him in disbelief. “Are you serious Dad? You’ve fucked men in the ass and had it done to you?” Josh asked him still disbelieving.

“Yep, I’m serious. For a while I had to go outside the family to get it, but now I don’t. I was tested for all the diseases and when I found someone within the family that wanted it, I didn’t go outside again. I’m not sure why this family loves to fuck each other the way we do, but…what can I tell you.”

Sophie excused herself and went off to the shower. Although she loved the smell of cum, she needed to get cleaned up. Feeling better she went back to the kitchen for a bottle of water and was surprised to find her men still in the kitchen. teen porno Turning the corner she found her uncle on his knees and her grandfather feeding him his huge cock.

“That’s it son. Eat it. Eat your daddy’s cock.”

She stopped in the doorway and watched as her grandfather fucked her uncle’s mouth. She was wet instantly. What an absolutely erotic sight. Her uncle was gagging on his cock but he didn’t give up. Finally, Pop pulled Josh off. I know he saw me, but he didn’t say a word. “Ok David, it’s your turn. Get on your knees son and let me feed you this monster of mine.”

She watched her father hesitate, but also noticed that his cock was rock hard. Which only proved to her he liked what he had just seen. Slowly she watched as Pop fed her daddy his cock. He took more than Josh had and that made the old man moan. Sophie had slid a hand between her legs and had begun to finger her pussy. She didn’t want to interrupt and break the mood. Her grandfather pumped his cock in and out her daddy’s mouth for several minutes and then stopped. It seemed he had a plan in his head and he was following through it with. Seeing his look around the kitchen for something, she pointed at a cabinet behind him. She smiled seeing him pull out the Vaseline.

“Joshua, get on your hands and knees.”

“What….why me?”

“Because I said so boy that why.”

Hesitantly Josh got on his hands and knees, he was scared she could see it, but thought he was excited too, because his cock was still semi-hard. She let out a soft moan watching her grandfather lube up her uncle’s ass and his cock. Then Pop was pushing into him, slowly inch by inch. Josh was telling him it hurt but Pop didn’t stop. He just told him to relax. By the time Pop’s cock was halfway in Josh had quit tricky masseur porno complaining. And within minutes he was moaning.

“You like that son? You like having your Daddy’s cock taking your cherry?”

“Oh fuck, I never knew it feet so fucking good.”

“I’ve only got half my cock in son, you want more?”

“Oh yes, give it all to me. Fuck me with that big cock.”

“Say please Daddy.” Pop said.

“Please Daddy, feed me all of that big cock. I want it all.” Pop didn’t hesitate and fed more and more of his massive cock into her uncle ass. She peeked around the corner the see her father stroking his cock and licking his lips. She knew they had just turned a corner into a whole new world of sex and she was thrilled.

“Oh fuck, oh Joshy, Daddys going to cum. He’s going to fill you full of his cum.”

I waited till then to step into the kitchen. “Save some for Daddy, Pop. Give him some so he can stroke his cock harder and cum all over Josh.” Her grandfather smiled at her and she pushed her father over to them. She smiled and moaned as her grandfather shot his cum not only in his son’s ass, but up his back and then all over her father’s stomach and cock. Her father moaned and began stroking his cock harder and faster and then soon he was shooting his load all over Josh’s back.

To Sophie’s surprise her grandfather dressed and started toward the door.

“Pop where are you going?”

“I’m done sweetie. I need a shower and a bed. But thank you.”

“For what I didn’t do anything.”

“Oh yes you did. Do you have any idea how long I wanted to fuck that boy’s ass. You’re father is next. But just not tonight, I think everyone needs to clean up and get some sleep. He was right of course. So that’s what she did. She türkçe alt yazı porno went upstairs and climbed in bed. In her own bed, not her Daddy’s bed.

She broke the news to him in the morning. “Daddy, I’ve decided that we’re not going to have sex until Tuesday when Corrine comes. I want us to be extra horny. I might even see if I can find some Viagra. I want you to stay hard for a long time.”

“Well after last night I actually need a little break. Soph, I can’t believe what I did last night. I sucked my own fathers cock.”

“I know Dad and it look like you liked it too.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re cock was rock hard the entire time.”

“You watched?”

“Yes, I didn’t want to break the mood so I sat on the steps and watched. I must have cum 6 or 7 times. It was so hot. Hey where is Uncle Josh?”

“He left early this morning. Said he needed to get home and tie up a few loose ends. He seemed a little embarrassed about what had happen.”

“I’ll call him later on. Could you see the look of shear pleasure on his face while Pop pounded him. He loved it. I think a lot more than he wanted to.”

“Maybe you should let it drop Soph and not call him. Maybe he’s upset.”

They didn’t talk about it again and instead went about their daily chores. It was only three days before Corrine would be there and they would open another door.

Sophie waited until her father had left to run errands and then called her Uncle. After a brief conversation he admitted that he was embarrassed because he had always dreamed about that happening. He told her he loved women but always wondered what it would be like to fuck a man and vice versa. He had to leave because he was so conflicted.

After several minutes she was able to convince him that it was ok. And told him he had to come back on Tuesday. Telling him he had to see her and Corrine go at it, not to mention he might be able to have his fantasy come true. Better they keep it all in the family than going out and finding strangers. After he promised her he would be there they disconnected and she felt better.

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