Sophie’s Ride


Sophie’s RideIn collaboration with SophieCurves93Sophie woke around 9am, the sunlight cutting through the blinds of her room and warming her tired body. She woke with the familiar thirst that follows a night of reasonably heavy drinking; she had been out with friends. She was greatly relieved to find that Sam had preempted this and prepared a glass of fresh water for her to wake up to. She didn’t feel overly hung over but she wasn’t exactly bright and perky, still in last nights knickers as she had fallen asleep before fully getting changed. She rolled across the bed into the space usually occupied by her fiancé Sam but he wasn’t there, she was hoping he would be cooking breakfast but she couldn’t smell anything. She checked her phone and was relieved to realise she hadn’t lost it again. She caught herself in the mirror beside their king size bed, her long brown hair was still reasonably in the braids she had done the previous night but she noticed an unexplained love bite on her neck that she couldn’t account for.She could hear Sam talking to someone downstairs, she tried to listen but couldn’t make out what he was saying and she couldn’t hear anyone else talking. Before long she could hear Sam coming up the stairs, opening the bedroom door and walking in on the phone. She caught the end of the conversation but could tell it was one of Sam’s friends called James. ‘We’re taking James to pick up his new car from Manchester’ Sam explained after ending the call, sitting on the edge of the bed looking at his sleepy fiancé, ‘We’re leaving in 15 minutes and we’ll get him on the way’ Sam said, smiling. ‘But I need to shower and I’m dying’ Sophie protested, referencing her developing hangover and messy appearance from the previous night, the events she still wasn’t fully sure of. ‘You’ll be fine, besides, no hot water’ Sam explained as she rolled her eyes and began looking for something to wear. ‘I ain’t dressing up or nothing’ Sophie said sarcastically as she found her lazy socks from yesterday and put them on. She also found some leggings and a crop top and a hoody, she thought about changing her underwear but their washing was all over the place so she didn’t bother. Her final clothing choice was her Ugg boots and sunglasses and she was out the door.Once they were in the car Sam noticed something about her leggings ‘You wear those last night?’ he asked with a sly smile. ‘Well I woke up in them so I must have,’ Sophie muttered back while shading her eyes from the glaring sun, ‘why, what’s wrong with them?’ Feeling brave he put his hand between her legs and rubbed her crotch. Still a little out of it Sophie took a moment to realise what was happening, ‘Oi you fuck, you don’t get to do that!’ Sam let out a laugh as he moved his fingers up to his nose and sniffed. ‘You do smell good Soph, I’d eat anyone’s cum out of there.’ Sophie perked up, Sam wasn’t usually this forward, she looked at the growing bulge between his legs ‘You ain’t fucking me, but I will do something you like.’ She took off her Ugg boots, throwing them on the back seat, swung her body round and started rubbing Sam through his shorts with her feet. ‘Don’t forget your seatbelt’ Sam chuckled as he fastened his followed by him starting the car. Sophie pulled her seat belt over her hoodie, squeezing her boobs slightly and clicked it on while still rubbing Sam’s cock. As he shifted into reverse he pulled his shorts down a little, letting Sophie’s feet touch his bare cock, Sophie liked the look of Sam’s cock although she didn’t have it inside her anymore.As Sam drove the short drive to James’ house Sophie was sitting at an angle in her set with her feet in his lap, she was wearing white ankle socks with a floral pattern on them, they were a bit dirty where she had worn them outside with light brown marks on the heels and toes. Sophie was alternating between teasing his hardening cock and placing her feet under his nose and making him smell them, something that she teased him with often. ‘You could have at least worn clean socks!’ he joked at her, half seriously. ‘Well I couldn’t find any so who cares’ she replied sarcastically, placing her feet on the dash and reclining her seat a little. Sophie was lost in her phone when they reached James’ house and waiting outside and it wasn’t long before he approached the passenger kadıköy escort side door. When he realised Sophie was there and not about to move he walked around to Sams side and got in the back of their Corsa. Once they’d figured the satnav out they headed off for the two hour drive to collect James’ new car. ‘Oh, remember we need a pregnancy test’ Sophie loudly reminded Sam, causing a look of confusion on James’ face.Reminded of that night a few weeks ago made Sam let out a sigh, ‘Yeah I know, we’ll stop at a shop along the way.’ Sophie swung herself back around once again placing her feet in Sam’s lap, she pulled down her mirror and angled it so she could see directly at James’ crotch. Sitting in the back looking at his phone James was oblivious to everything happening in the front of the car. Sophie slid the tips of her toes down into Sam’s shorts until she felt his cock, Sam quickly glanced at her then shook his head with his eyes open wide in disbelief. She was going to tease him now, with one of his friends in the backseat of the car? he thought as he tried shifting his position without letting on to James. Deciding to be even more devlish Sophie opened her legs slightly and started rubbing herself. Then she remembered that she had something in the glove box, opening it she took out a small vibrator and before she turned it on Sam spoke out, ‘How about some music?’ as he turned the radio on and upped the volume. ‘Yeah why not’ James casually answered still unaware of what was occuring, Sophie’s answer was simply turning her vibrator on and pressing it hard against herself. ‘You’ve got a fucked speaker’ James laughed hearing the buzzing coming from the front of the car.’Yeah, we need a new car’ Sophie joked sarcastically, implying that it was something she had been saying for a while previously. ‘I want Sam to buy us a Range Rover but he thinks they’re a waste of money’ she adds, rolling her eyes. She was gently teasing Sam as he drove with her feet in his lap and the addition of her bullet vibrator was an additional distraction. He couldn’t help but divert his attention from the road to between her legs where she was resting the lightly vibrating small purple toy. He could clearly see her thong through the stretched nylon leggings, the same pair she’d worn clubbing the previous night, they had a white bikini style front with black patterns and a pink bow and the back was black lace that would show most of her bum. It was a big distraction. She had her feet in his lap but her knees apart when James looked up with the aux cable in his hand, asking if he could put some music on. He looked shocked to see the antics in the front seats and all he could do was stammer in confusion. ‘It’s okay, just teasing this one as he hasn’t…you know…for a while…’ Sophie explained with an evil grin. ‘Uhh well that aint nice is it!’ James laughed, looking at Sam with a pitiful look, ‘Oh, and err, I didn’t realise you guys were trying but if you want a test there’s a shop just up here, try there.’ James adds on the end. By his tone he assumed the “test” Sophie spoke about earlier was code for something else, they didn’t seem like the c***dren type of couple. They pull up outside the small shop and go inside to get some drinks and food while Sophie searches for tests on the small chance they have one, she picks a simple on that says either “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant” in words and takes it to the counter. As she approaches, she notices the man behind the counter, in his 50s to her estimations is reading a copy of ‘Escort’ which naturally catches Sophie’s eye as she angles her head to read the cover. The man doesn’t break gaze with the magazine as she places her items on the counter but when he does his tone goes from aggressive and sarcastic to pleased and ‘pervy’ as he leers at the young woman before him, noticing that she is obviously trying to read the magazine laid out on the newspapers beside the till. ‘I think I’ve seen you in here love’ he says chuckling as he scans her items. ‘I don’t think so mate, not yet anyway’ Sophie replies, biting back a little. ‘Oh yet, well that don’t surprise me either love’ he says softly with a smile as he scans the ‘ClearBlue’ pregnancy test kit. Sophie isn’t the kind üsküdar escort to blush and she barely registers the nasty comments aimed at her appearance but she does blush when her card is declined. ‘Looks like you’ll have to get started sooner than you think, love’ the man jokes at Sophie’s expense, he looks at her blankly waiting for her to pay with cash. ‘Well it’s your machines fault, I don’t have cash’ Sophie says sounding fed up. ‘Well, I’d say flash us your tits and you can go, but it’s a bit more than that love’ the man says in a charitable tone. ‘Well what if I suck your cock?’ Sophie suggests, sounding like a teenager with an attitude. ‘You what love? Are you serious?’ he chuckles. ‘Look, I kinda have places to be, it ain’t my fault your machines broken but if I can pay like that then fuck it’ Sophie says, twiddling her hair around her finger to tempt him. ‘Well alright love if you’re serious, it’s a good job your friends have already gone’ he joked as he unlocked the partition wall to allow Sophie to come behind the counter and kneel down as he fumbled with his jeans. ‘Where the fuck is she?’ James asked as they both waited in the car. ‘Maybe she’s doing the test now’ Sam replied. ‘Fucking hell mate, you really want k**s?’ ‘I don’t have a choice really do I?’ ‘Course you do mate, get her on the pill.’ ‘She is on the pill, we weren’t trying or nothing…’ Sam’s voice trailed off as he realises James won’t know it isn’t his baby. ‘So it was an accident, and she kept it?’ ‘Sort of, it weren’t even me that fucked her.’ James face looked stunned ‘Mate…I had heard, but like, fuck. Good luck with that.’ ‘Tell me about it, but anyway, I love her so it is what it is.’ At this point Sophie emerged from the shop and walked towards the car with what appeared to be cum on her chest. She got back into the car and used her hoody from the seat to wipe her chest and mouth while Sam and James looked on stunned ‘What, my card didn’t work, fuck off gawping’ she said.’Give me another minute’ Sophie giggled as she threw her hoody back onto the seat and picked up the box with the pregnancy tests in. After ripping it open she took one of the tests, walked to the front of the shop and squatted down while holding the test between her legs. ‘She isn’t going to…’ a shocked James asked Sam, ‘Yeah she’s going to alright.’ Sophie was now peeing in full view to anyone driving past, both Sam and James couldn’t help but watch and they could see the shopkeeper eagerly watching with a phone in hand. After she had finished, Sophie simply stood up and walked back to the car with her pee running down her legs. She looked back and smirked at James shaking his head ‘No need to get arsey just because it wasn’t your cock in my mouth.’ Now realising the type of girl Sophie was James sniggered ‘I wouldn’t just have my cock in your mouth.’ He was rubbing at his crotch, a bulge was quickly forming under his jeans. Folding the front seat forward she climbed into the back and sat alongside James making Sam get out of the car and close the passenger door. Once Sam was back in his seat it suddenly dawned on James what was about to happen, he looked at Sam in the rearview mirror unsure of what to say. ‘Just fuck her…’ Sam called out ‘…she wants every cock she can get and you’ve just invited her to yours!’ James nodded and looked at the smile on Sophie’s face, she wasn’t the innocent woman he believed, she was a slut. Sophie was focused on James’ now hard cock ‘I have a rule for fuck toys like you,’ she started as she positioned herself over James, ‘you cum in me or you don’t cum at all.’ Guiding James through the hole in her leggings and into her piss coated pussy Sophie let out a groan ‘Fuck that’s nice.’ James answered with a grunt as he pulled Sophie’s top down revealing her bouncing boobs which he immediately groped. An a****listic urge began to overwhelm Sophie, she started a mix of grinding and thrusting herself on James, the shop encounter had left her wanting a cock deep inside her and now she was getting it. Sam was trying to concentrate on driving but was heavily distracted by the sight in the rearview mirror of his girlfriend and friend fucking in the backseat. Pulling his cock out, he put Sophie’s vibrator between it and his balls and turned it on. ‘You tuzla escort better not cum to me fucking’ Sophie grunted as she contiued to take James inside her. ‘Oh fuck, no not yet’ James groaned as he shot his load. Sophie settled down taking all of James inside her as he finished filling her with his cum, looking back at him with a disappointed look ‘Are you k**ding me, was that it…’ Sophie sighed feeling unsatisfied ‘…all talk and no fucking play.’ Sam pulled over into a lay-by so Sophie could climb back into the front of the car, he was trying to hide the smile on his face. Looking at his dick now completely hard with her vibrator buzzing under it, ‘Babe I…’ Sam just nodded as Sophie took him into her mouth with James in the backseat watching her bob up and down.James sat back gathering his thoughts as he watched Sophie’s head moving up and down on Sam’s cock as she hissed at him not to cum. ‘Fucking hell, I see what you mean about someone else getting her pregnant!’ he sighed as he recovered from her riding him. ‘Well it’s fucking lucky for you I can’t get pregnant twice, it’s positive!’ Sophie replied with a mouthful of Sam’s cock, the words nearly cause him to cum himself so she stops and slaps him back to reality. ‘Whatever you do, don’t leak cum on my seats’ Sam joked at Sophie’s expense as they pulled back onto the main road, now late to pick up the new car. The rest of the drive wasn’t even awkward, it was like it had never happened, Sophie would occasionally get a finger wet and place it in Sam’s mouth so he could taste it, it made her smile in an evil way teasing him that much. They eventually arrived outside the car sales lot and James went inside to sort the paperwork while Sophie looked around their selection of Range Rovers, a car she was desperate to own, she found one that was open at sat on the tail gate and Sam took the opportunity to push her onto her back and get his face between her legs.Lifting her head up Sophie glared at Sam but before she could say anything she realised that he wasn’t just sniffing her, he was licking her cum soaked knickers. Sophie moved her hand over Sam’s head and held it down as she began licking her lips. ‘Fuck!’ she moaned, Sam had parted her knickers and was sliding his tongue inside her pussy. ‘Give me your hand you fucker’ ordered Sophie, Sam obliged and Sophie took his hand and had him squeeze at her boob through her top. It wasn’t long until they heard the sound of James’ voice getting closer and closer so they quickly stopped and Sam wiped the juices from his mouth as Sophie just lay there still feeling the rush of what just happened. Sam pulled Sophie out of the Range Rover and they walked towards their car, ‘See babe that’s why we need a Range Rover, I’d let you do that to me all the time’ Sophie groaned as she watched Sam trying to hide his forming bulge, ‘Oh and I’m going to take care of that on the way home.’ As James approached them Sophie took the car keys from Sam, giving him a sly smile and threw them at James ‘You’re driving!’ After James had buckled up and Sam had joined her in the back, Sophie reached forward grabbing something out of her bag, James took the opportunity to pull her top down revealing her bare boobs. ‘Thanks,’ Sophie began, ‘saves me doing it.’ Sitting back in her seat she handed Sam a condom ‘Put that on and do nothing else’ she ordered. James started the car and laughed ‘So every other guy can cum in you but your own boyfriend can’t?’ Sophie simply glared at him as she parted her knickers ‘That’s right quick shot, you got a problem with that?’ Sam just sat there, his cock now hard and covered as Sophie lowered herself onto him. James went quiet, that sudden quick shot remark had hit home with him, looking back he saw that Sophie wasn’t riding Sam, she was just sitting there. ‘Unlike you,’ Sophie began again, ‘my boy here’s been trained, he’s going to stay hard inside me all the way home and not blow his load in two minutes.’ James just drove and occasionally glanced in the rearview at the sight of Sophie just sat on Sam, the only motion being the car on the potholes that James had somehow not avoided. As they arrived outside James’ house, James opened the door and had moved the seat forwards. Sophie lifted herself up showing Sam’s still hard cock ‘Thank you for the ride babe’ Sophie chuckled as Sam climbed into the front seat knocking his cock against her as he did. Sophie then looked at James ‘The next time you want a fuck let me know, your cock is nice but please next time…’ she trailed off. James just nodded ‘I know.’ She gave him a kiss and squeezed his cock before she got in the car winking at him ‘Next time.’

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