South Carolina for the Summer Ch. 08


Pam came up for air with a big splash and tossed her hair back. She looked back to the shore and saw Amy walking out of the water up to her towel on the sandy shore of the lake. Amy turned and looked out to the middle of the lake when she heard the splash, and waved. Her long, black hair was slicked back on her head and dangled on her shoulders. Pam waved back.

Amy was developing into a full-figured young lady, and Pam felt herself attracted to her in a strange way. The sun was so bright and warm and the water was so cool and fresh that it was hard to get out, but Pam started to swim back to shore. Pam had begun to notice that she was beginning to develop, herself, since she had come to live with her Aunt. She had more hair between her legs now, and her breasts were becoming fully grown boobs, instead of buds with pointy nipples on the ends.

Pam walked out of the water dripping wet, her blonde hair slicked back on her head just like Amy’s deep, thick, black hair. Amy was putting cocoa butter tanning oil on her belly and chest. The small radio between the towels was playing the newest Stone Temple Pilots song.

“God, that felt so good,” Pam said, wiping her hair back with her hands again. She picked up a towel and wiped away the droplets of water. Immediately, the strong sun began to warm her skin. She turned her face up to the sun to feel the warmth. “I hope my skin stays clear.”

“It will,” Amy said. “Fresh water and sunshine is good for your skin.”

Pam looked down at Amy. Her hands rubbed the shiny, rich-smelling oil into her smooth skin. Her legs were firm, her waist was slender, and her breasts filled her bikini top. Pam was a little envious of her figure, until she looked down at her own body. She did have to admit to herself that she was looking good. The evaporating water left her skin cool, and that made her nipples hard, pointing right through the thin bikini material.

Amy handed the bottle of oil to Pam and Pam sat on her towel and rubbed down her front with the oil until she had covered every part of her body she could reach by herself.

“Can I put oil on your back?” Pam asked.

“Sure. You can do my back and I’ll do yours.”

Amy rolled over on her belly. Pam knelt down beside her, squirted the oil generously into her hand, and gently, soothingly, rubbed it over Amy’s back. Amy pulled her hair out of the way so Pam could smear it on her shoulders and neck. As she rubbed, Pam made it clear with firm, sensuous strokes that she enjoyed doing it.

“That feels wonderful,” Amy sighed. “It’s like a massage.” She rested her cheek on her folded arms.

“I had a boyfriend who gave me a massage once,” Pam said. “He was so gentle and it felt so good.” Pam squirted more oil into her hand and rubbed it on Amy’s back and sides. Her fingers grazed the top of her bikini bottom and made her cheeks shake very slightly. She rubbed more oil on the back’s of Amy’s thighs, going all the way up to where her legs curved gracefully into her hips and ass. Pam let her fingers slip right up to the crack of her ass and even touch her cheeks, but Amy didn’t seem to be upset by it.

Amy looked up at Pam, shielding her eyes from the sun.

“Let me do your back, now,” Amy said.

Pam handed her the bottle and laid down on her belly on her towel. Pam rested her cheek on her folded arms, waiting to feel Amy’s oily hands on her skin. When she did begin wiping the oil on her back, Pam shivered. Amy’s hands were soft and gentle, and it felt better than the massage her old boyfriend gave her.

“I have to undo your top so you’ll get an all over tan,” Amy said. Pam didn’t resist when she untied the bikini top and rubbed her back very sensually. Amy’s fingers were trembling, and Pam felt her excitement shooting all through her own body. Amy was touching her very much the same way Pam was rubbing her back and her thighs, but Pam felt that she’d better make the next move.

As Amy slowly rubbed the oil on her back, Pam raised herself up on her elbows and let her suit top fall completely away from her breasts. Amy lifted her hands off for a moment, and She heard her breathe a sigh and start to slowly stroke her backside more eagerly. Her hands were shaking. She could feel Amy’s stare on the parts of her breasts that were exposed to her gaze, but Pam wanted her to see more, but only so demurely.

The straps of her suit had fallen to the towel by her elbows. She leaned over on one elbow to face Amy, and briefly gave her a full view of her breasts as she completely removed the bikini top and threw it up by the radio. She laid back down on her elbows, letting her breasts gently bob side to side. As Amy rubbed her back more quickly and firmly, she knew the moment she had been waiting for so anxiously was not far away.

Amy finished covering Pam’s backside with oil, put the cap back on the bottle, and returned to her towel on her back to sun herself some more. Pam wanted to lie face up, to sun her bare breasts and give Amy a view of her chest, but she izmir escort bayan was so nervous about doing it she breathing hard and her heart was pounding with excitement. Her heart was racing as she turned over on the towel and lay there with her eyes closed, although she was dying to open them to see if Amy was looking at her boobs.

She realized, though, that she didn’t need to open her eyes, because she could feel Amy’s excited stare. She relaxed, feeling thrilled all over, and pushed her chest out. Pam could hear the sharp sounds of Amy’s hands tugging at the ties of her bikini, and Pam was dying of curiosity when Amy pulled it away from her body. She heard the racy, sexy sound of her bikini bottoms sliding down her hips and it was almost more than she could bear. She could feel Amy’s excited body laying on the towel beside her. She was dying to look at Amy’s naked body. Was her imagination, or had Amy laid down closer to her?

Finally, unable to hold back her curiosity any longer, Pam peeled open her eyes and casually looked over at Amy. Amy was sitting up, anointing her front side with suntan oil, while she glanced at Pam’s body and quickly looked away.

Pam pushed down her bikini bottoms sat up, her legs crossed, facing the lake, but glancing at Amy. Silently, Amy handed the bottle of coconut smelling oil to Pam. She was taking glances at Pam as she rubbed oil over her breasts, thighs and legs. At first, Pam quickly rubbed a little bit of oil over her tits, as if they were too hot for her to touch, and she quickly glanced at Amy to see if she was watching. Pam continued rubbing oil down to her inner thighs. She looked up at Amy and caught her staring transfixed at Pam’s hands before Amy quickly looked away to the lake.

Amy and Pam were sneaking glances at one another by then, but were gradually watching one another more and more as the other appeared to be gazing off somewhere else or at one’s own torso. They each spent long moments sensually stroking different parts their of their bodies. Pam rubbed oil on her thighs while Amy rubbed oil on her belly and her tits. Amy’s soft flesh molded sensuously under her hands. Amy sighed as her finger rubbed over her nipple. She cupped one breast, then the other, in her palms and let it gently drop, sighing heavily and obviously enjoying the pleasure it gave her. Pam noticed that her bottom was squirming on the towel, and suspected that her lithe body was probably just as aroused as hers.

Amy watched Pam’s hands rub her inner thighs. She sighed when Pam’s breasts jostled back and forth as her arms moved vigorously and her nipples grew painfully erect. Pam’s hands travelled up, wiping oil on her belly, then up to her tits. Amy was staring directly at Pam’s shiny tits.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” Amy whispered.

Finally, Pam thought. She couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I want to touch you,” Pam said, reaching across the small patch of sand between their towels. Amy sat very still, and let Pam’s hands find her breasts. When Pam’s fingers touched her soft flesh, Amy sighed and laid back on the towel. Pam molded her breasts vigorously, and Amy writhed out of control. Then, suddenly, before either of them knew what had happened, they were in each other’s arms, kissing deeply.

Amy held Pam’s face in her hands, smearing cocoa butter on her cheeks. Pam’s hand drifted down Amy’s slick, shiny skin, over her flat belly to the V where her legs came together. Amy’s legs spread automatically. Pam’s fingers searched through the soft hair on Amy’s mound until she found the warm, moist lips of her cunt, and then the hard knob of her clitoris. When she started to rub it, Amy squirmed and kissed Pam harder.

“Oh God … oh God … oh God,” Amy moaned. She was writhing and bucking her hips. Her ass rose off the towel and her back arched up like a bridge. Pam kept stroking her clitoris with her slick finger, but she had no idea Amy was so close to an orgasm. She watched Amy in fascination as she enjoyed a shattering climax by her own hand. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her face was a grimace like she was in pain, but Pam knew how that felt. Her nipples were hard, shiny points on her tits, which shook and jiggled excitedly.

Amy gasped for breath as her orgasm passed. She opened her eyes and looked up into Pam’s eyes.

“Wow,” Amy breathed, her chest heaving.

Pam rolled on her back and spread her legs.

“Having someone do it to you is so much better than doing it yourself,” Pam said. “Would you do it to me?”

“Yeah,” Amy said, and crawled up beside her on her hands and knees. She touched Pam’s pussy hesitantly, like she wasn’t sure what she should do. “I’ve never done this with a girl,” Amy said.

“Do it just like you’d do it to yourself. Think about how you like it done.”

Amy stared between Pam’s legs. She had never seen another girl’s pussy, much less touched one, and Pam’s looked so much different from hers. Pam’s was covered with light, blonde hair, and she had less of it than Amy escort izmir did between her legs. She had also never seen a pussy from this angle. The best she had ever seen her own was in a mirror.

Amy carefully put her hand on Pam’s mound, and it was warm and the hair was soft, just like her own. Since there was not as much hair, Pam’s lips were much easier to see. Amy slipped her finger down over the puffy lips, and Pam sucked in her breath.

“Put your finger in,” Pam said.

Amy wasn’t too sure what she meant, but she pushed her finger a short distance between the moist lips.

“Yes,” Pam gasped. She reached down, grabbed Amy’s wrist, and pulled it toward her so that her finger plunged into her hole. Amy gasped in surprise, but couldn’t pull her hand away. Amy simply stared at her with her mouth open. Pam was jamming Amy’s finger into her cunt again and again. Pam had been hanging on the verge of a terrific orgasm herself, and hadn’t even realized it.

When Pam finally released her hand, Amy pulled it out and examined her index finger. For a moment or two, she was afraid she wouldn’t get it back.

Pam relaxed as the bliss of the orgasm faded, but her ass still squirmed on the towel. Amy crawled up and laid beside her on her back. Pam rolled on her side and reached out to squeeze Amy’s tit again.

“Maybe we should get back before someone sees us like this,” Amy said, looking into Pam’s eyes.

“Okay,” Pam said. They leaned toward each other hesitantly. Their lips touched lightly, then they got up, put their bikinis back on, folded up their towels, and began the hike back through the woods to the house.

* * *

Todd was going back to his room and heard some strange noises from Pam’s room. He stopped in the hallway outside his room and looked at her door, which was opened just a crack, and the sun shining in her window made a bright strip of light on the wall. He figured she was with Amy, so he peeked in to see what they were doing. What he saw made him smile.

They were both on Pam’s bed. Pam was on her back with her legs spread out wide, and Amy was kneeling over her, undressing her bit by bit. Amy was wearing a skimpy bikini that looked no bigger than three postage stamps, and she was pulling off Pam’s sexy, red bikini. They were laughing and giggling and rolling around like they were two wrestlers without any mud or oil. It excited him to see Pam’s hard nipples when her top came off, and the sparse wisps of blonde hair around the delicate, pink lips of her young pussy when Amy yanked down her bottoms.

They hadn’t noticed him standing in the doorway, so he pushed the door open another inch and stayed to watch. As soon as Pam was completely naked, Amy spread her pussy lips with her fingers. She was holding a huge, pink, plastic cock in her other hand and held it poised at Pam’s tiny opening. She rubbed the fat head against her slit, and right before his eyes, pushed it in. Pam moaned and her ass lifted off the bed. Her juicy, pink lips grabbed his cock and seemed to swallow it whole. Amy reached up to fondle Pam’s nipples. Todd could hear Pam’s loud moans as Amy pumped the dildo in and out. Pam looked like she was already on the verge of a terrific orgasm. Her hips pumped faster and faster. Her body quivered and shook, then she stiffened and came. Amy pumped for a little while longer, and when she pulled it out, the plastic cock was coated with Pam’s shiny juices.

Todd coughed. Amy turned to the door and her face turned pale.

“Oh shit,” she said, and hopped off Pam. Pam looked up at him.

“Hi, Todd,” Pam said.

Sweet-looking Amy jumped off the bed and walked toward him. “You scared me,” she said. Her tits bounced with each soft step.

“I didn’t mean to,” he said, closing the door behind him.

“Do you like watching?” Amy said, and casually put her hand on her soft tit, like she wasn’t even aware of what she was doing. She put her hands on his hips and gave him a coy smile. “I’d love to see you play with yourself,” she whispered. She was still wound up and her nipples were hard when she pressed them into his chest.

“I already told her you want to fuck her,” Pam said. “And she wants to fuck you.”

“I want you to fuck me with this cock,” Amy said, and put her hand on the hard lump in his jeans.

“If you insist,” Todd said. He unbuttoned the front and Amy, giggling, anxiously helped him pull them down. She gasped when it appeared and held it gingerly in her two small hands like a priceless sculpture.

“It’s the most gorgeous cock I’ve ever seen, so big and so long,” she said.

“Are you sure it’s not too big for you?” Todd asked. He leaned back against the door and let Amy caress his thick, twelve inch staff.

Without answering, Amy dropped to her knees in front of him and wrapped her juicy, sensuous lips around the head of his throbbing cock.

“Maybe,” Amy whispered, rubbing the fat head over her wet lips. She took it into her mouth again and Pam sat up to watch Amy izmir escort suck. Pam gave a look of surprise, but it turned her on.

Todd dug his fingers into Amy’s shoulders and stuffed his big prick deep into Amy’s mouth. Her eyes bulged out and she gagged on it. Amy seemed to salivate more than usual as she moaned and bobbed her head rapidly.

“I want to cum in your mouth,” Todd groaned. Before Amy had a chance to speak, his entire body tensed and he shot his load far down her inviting throat. Her cheeks ballooned with his cum. Amy had two orgasms before Pam saw Todd’s cum dripping from Amy’s lips and rolling down her cheeks. When he pulled his cock slowly from her mouth Amy sucked in every drop of his cream.

Amy stood and wiped a little bit of sperm from her lips with her finger and kissed him. She had a long tongue that tickled the roof of his mouth. Amy got up and rushed to the bed and kissed Pam, transferring his cum with each kiss. They looked back at Todd. Each girl had his white liquid dripping from their mouths.

“Come on over here,” Pam said, patting the bed beside them. Todd went to the bed, his cock wagging between his legs like a dog’s tail, and climbed between the two girls. “If I know you, you wouldn’t mind trying Amy’s pussy on for size,” Pam said as she straddled Todd and hovered over his stiff cock. Her young cunt dripped with juice. She rubbed it around her pussy for a minute or two before she slipped the thing between her juicy pussy lips. She squealed and slowly lowered her cunt onto his cock with practiced ease. “But I’m not sure she’s ready to … uhn … take your horse.” She moaned and squeezed her eyes shut as he stretched her pussy open.

Her cunt was as tight and as snug as a velvet glove. She moved her hips up and down slowly and made his cock surge way too soon.

“Oh god,” Todd groaned. He gritted his teeth and exploded suddenly inside her. Pam’s eyes grew wide when she felt the warm liquid filling her up.

“A little overanxious, Todd?” Pam snickered, still moving up and down on him.

“I don’t know,” Todd shrugged. “This has never happened to me.”

Pam lifted herself off him. His cock flopped out and his cum ran down the insides of her thighs. Todd sighed.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“I guess I was a little overanxious myself,” Pam said.

“I only hope you’ve got enough left for me,” Amy said, and sat up to strip off her bikini. She glanced at Todd out of the corner of her eye, beckoning him toward her. She pulled away the skimpy top and her tits jiggled seductively. Todd’s eyes locked on her beautiful tits before she spread out face down on the bed. She squirmed out of her tiny bikini bottoms and her smooth bottom shook in his face.

Todd rested his hands on Amy’s bare ass and she looked up at him with big, innocent eyes. He rubbed her back with his fingers and let his hands graze over her ass. He rubbed her trim waist down to the flare of her hips, and his fingers lightly touched her bare, swollen breasts, where they pressed into the soft bed.

Amy moaned for him to encourage him and lifted her ass ever so slightly again and again when his fingers touched her there. She stared at Todd’s cock hanging between his legs, and it began to grow hard again as she watched. Her mouth fell open in awe as it grew longer and longer. Finally, she couldn’t bear it another minute and raised her ass high in the air.

“Give it to me, Todd,” Amy sighed and reached back, pulling apart the cheeks of her ass. “Give it to me.” Her body was shaking. She wanted his prick inside her when she had an orgasm.

Todd quickly moved behind Amy to mount her. She was trembling with excitement. He put his hand between her legs and ran his fingers up along the groove of her slit. She was hot and wet and moaned when he touched her.

“Do it to her,” Pam whispered.

Amy felt the big head against her hole and cried out. She was a little bit frightened, but terribly anxious to have him inside her. His hands were on her hips and his cock was sliding into her.

“Oh my god,” Amy cried. No sooner was it pushing in than she began to cum. She felt her cunt stretching to accommodate him. His balls touched her and she knew he had hit bottom.

Todd was still for a moment to let her savor the feeling of being stuffed with so much cock before he began to ram her hard. He reared back his hips to fuck her, but it was Amy who was fucking him like a wild tiger in heat. She leaned forward, reached between her legs, grabbed his balls and pulled them hard, and his thick prick eased deeper into her wet hole. The intense pleasure made her back arch and she closed her eyes as her body jerked. Then she started to pump his cock with a savage motion, and as the shaft of his cock moved in and out of her cunt it dripped with her juices. She had the sensation of many men making love to her at once and lost all control of her body, bucking furiously like a stallion that had never been ridden.

Pam was really getting off on this. Amy was fucking him with such speed and energy that when they came it nearly knocked them out. Amy’s screams filled the room. Pam couldn’t believe she was enjoying it as much as she was. She was about to have an orgasm just watching them.

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