Spa Day


Angie and I pulled up to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas at 4 in the afternoon. We had scheduled a weekend away together to try and rekindle our marriage. The stress of life had taken its toll on us and we had not had sex in over a month. Early in our marriage, like in most, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. But, slowly, the passion had slipped away.

The trip had not gone well so far. Our 6am flight was canceled and we had already missed our couples massage that was supposed to get our trip kicked off. Not only that, the airline lost our luggage and then we spent over an hour standing in line to get a cab to the hotel. We just wanted to check in and take a nap. The clerk at the desk was a beautiful young woman who immediately caught my eye. She had long, silky black hair, tan skin, gorgeous brown eyes and pouty lips and her work uniform couldn’t hide her tight, fit body. Her name tag read “Sara”. My wife knew instantly that this girl was my type. She pulled me to her and whispered in my ear, “I would so love to fuck her while you watch.” I was stunned. That had always been a fantasy, like it is with every guy. But, my wife had only been willing to kiss another girl once (at my urging). While I stood there with my mouth open, she stepped up to the desk to check us in. The lobby was loud, so I couldn’t hear their conversation, but it appeared to me that they really had chemistry. My wife had on a low cut sun dress with no bra. Each time the clerk looked up her gaze lingered on those beautiful tits and her hard nipples pressing against the fabric. She twisted her hair around her finger while she boldly held her stare. My wife reached up and pulled the fabric aside enough that her right nipple peaked out. Both of them laughed and smiled at each other slyly. The clerk wrote something on a slip of paper and slid it across to my wife along with a key card.

Angie noticed the bulge in my pants and smiled as she turned to me. She lightly brushed my cock with her hand as she passed and I followed her like an eager puppy. “What happened?” My wife playfully said, “oh, just a little girl talk…I’ll tell you about it when it’s time.” She continued, “our room isn’t ready yet, but since we have to wait, they’re going to comp us a spa treatment…Sara was nice enough to choose one for us and schedule it.”

We went directly to the spa and were taken to separate locker rooms where we stripped and slipped into robes. I was struggling to block the thoughts of Angie and Sara güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri 69ing each other as I made my way to the waiting area to meet my wife. We sat down on a sofa together and Angie cuddled up next to me. Her robe was thin enough that I could feel her naked body underneath. She shamelessly allowed the robe to part exposing her long, slender legs as she dangled her shoe from her toes. Another couple sat across from us and the man couldn’t stop taking in the view my wife was giving him. She noticed it and it obviously turned her on (my wife has an exhibitionist streak). She turned and whispered to me, “watch this”. The woman with the man was preoccupied with a magazine and didn’t notice he was ogling my wife. Angie slowly parted her thighs so anyone who happened to be close by had an unobstructed view of her shaved pussy. I could see the man move his hand over his crotch and start to stroke. My wife reached down and started to finger herself. I could hear her softly moan and she closed her eyes. I had never been so turned on before, but suddenly I heard voices just outside the waiting room door. I nudged my wife and she immediately crossed her legs, covered herself and pretended nothing had happened.

One of the women approaching was our therapist, Jessica. She approached and called us by name. “If you’ll follow me please.” On the way to our treatment room, she explained, “Sara specifically requested a very special treatment for you two. It’s called the Rasul Ceremony and I think you’ll both love it.” She escorted us into a dimly lit room with two chairs and lots of towels. On one side of the room was a frosted glass door and beyond that I could make out ornate tiles. “Now”, Jessica continued, “you’ll have the next hour to yourselves. You can lock the door and no one will disturb you. Once I leave, the two of you disrobe and enter the Rasul Chamber. Shower off and you’ll see a tray with three different therapeutic muds. Take turns applying these to each other, the white on the face, the gray on the front and the darker one on the back and legs, then, just relax. Don’t worry about making…a mess.” She smiled knowingly as she said this last part. Then she turned and said, “enjoy”.

We couldn’t wait to get the robes off and get into the chamber. Turns out, it is a steam room, only not as hot as most steam rooms. Very comfortable. We showered quickly and started rubbing the muds on each other. I was like finger painting on skin. Then, the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lights dimmed and we could see twinkling lights in the ceiling and there was a blast of steam. I pulled Angie in to me and ran my hands up and down her back and her tight little ass as she began to grind against my leg. “Mmmm”, she purred, “I think I might need to come back here with Sara.” This just fueled my fire. I turned her around and pulled her hard against me so I could have full access to her tits and her now thoroughly drenched pussy. She moaned and leaned her head back against my shoulder so she could french me while I ran my hands over her wet, slippery breasts. I made my way down with one hand to her eager pussy and before I could do anything she started rocking her hips back and forth, grinding herself against my hand. She reached back with her left hand and ever so lightly stroked the length of my shaft up and down using only her fingertips. “You want it sooo bad don’t you?”, she growled. “Oh, god yes!”

“Well, you haven’t gotten me off in over a month, so you’ve got a little work to do first.”

She turned sharply to face me, never removing her hand from my cock. She kept stroking, excruciatingly slowly and softly. “I love watching you get so turned on that you’re about to explode. And, all the while, you know that you don’t get release until I’m ready for you to.”

“I’m there baby, please, please!”

“Please, what?”

“Please let me cum.”

But, she wouldn’t. She just kept on and when I came close to climax she would stop. I begged and begged for release. Finally, I fell to my knees in front of her and said, “please Angie, if you aren’t going to let me cum, stop doing this to me.”

“Mmm, now you’re where I want you.” She stepped so close to me that her pussy was right in front of my face. I immediately pressed my face into her and started licking. I felt her grab the hair on the back of my head and pull be away. “I didn’t tell you to start yet.” She smiled down at me, put her foot up on the bench behind me to open herself up, then grabbed the back of my head an pulled by face into her pussy. “Now, lick it like you’ve never licked before.”

I hungrily ate her as I was told. I could hardly breath as she pressed my face in to her and started grinding on it. But, I didn’t care. I was in heaven and this angel totally owned me. I had never seen her like this before. Hooking up with another girl that I could fuck only in my dreams, güvenilir bahis şirketleri performing for another man, in public, right in front of me, and now treating me like her own personal pussy slave. My head was swimming and my cock was throbbing. Just then she began to shudder and cry out. She started grinding even harder and I didn’t think that was possible. She convulsed for what seemed like two full minutes, then released me. I knelt gasping on the floor before her. “Are you just going to sit there on your knees or are you going to fuck me?”

In one motion, I got to my feat, picked her up, pinned her against the wall and thrust my cock into her. She gasped and a look of fear and passion came into her eyes. For a moment, she realized she might have taken things too far, but the feeling of being ravaged over took her. She began to scream wildly, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, harder, harder!” Her nails dug into my back and I could feel the sting of the mud in the scratches. Then, I felt that familiar feeling of her approaching climax. Her breath quickening, her feet spurring me in the ass to thrust as hard as I could, and then she screamed at the top her lungs and bit down on my shoulder as we both exploded into orgasm at the same time. As I slowed my pace and lowered her to the floor, water began to spray from the ceiling to wash the mud off us and the lights began to come up.

We giggled, wrapped our arms around each other and kissed deeply. Then we rinsed off and slipped into our robes and sat down on the chairs completely spent, but thoroughly relaxed and satisfied. There was a light rap at the door and we heard Jessica say, “ok if I come in?”

She entered and said, “well, you two look like you enjoyed yourselves.” Angie and I smiled at each other and nodded. “Definitely, the best spa treatment we’ve ever had.” We got dressed and as we walked back to our room, I again had to ask, “would you please tell me what happened between you and Sara?”

“Well”, Angie replied, “I told her that I needed her recommendation for the sexiest thing to do in Vegas with my husband and she scheduled this for us.”

“But, what about you showing her your tit?”

Angie laughed, “honey, that was all for your benefit. I told her I was trying to get you really turned on and she agreed to play along. Now, the part about wanting to fuck her, that was true.”

“Yes, but she wrote something down and gave it to you. I thought that was her number.”

“Honestly, I don’t know. I didn’t look at it.” Angie pulled the slip of paper out of her purse and read: “Seriously, I’m off at 10 and I’d love to spend some time with you. See you at 10 unless I hear from you, S.”

“This is going to be an awesome weekend”, said Angie. “I’d better go rest up for tonight.”

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