Sports Massage Training


Many thanks to M. Duchess for her help editing this story.

My name is Taylor, and I had a most extraordinary encounter with my younger brother this past week that I just had to write down and share.

I am 19 and have just completed two semesters at the junior college towards my associate degree in massage therapy. In addition to some general classes, I was required to take courses in anatomy, psychology, muscles of the body, and massage techniques 101 and 102. I live at home with my mom, dad and my 18-year-old brother Jason, who will be a senior in high school this year. Jason and I are close, since we are only a year and a half apart in age.

Most nights I have dinner at home with my family and now that it is summer, my brother Jason and I sometimes kick the soccer ball around or watch TV together. Jason is on the cross country team at the high school so sometimes I even go along with him on his training runs.

In the massage techniques classes we read about the different types of massage therapies, like Swedish, shiatsu, sports, and reflexology. We also saw some films, and in the massage techniques 102 class, observed some live demonstrations of the various therapies as well.

The summer semester started a few weeks ago for me and I am taking one class, Sports Massage 201. This is the first class where I am required to do some hands-on work. The class has ten students, only two of whom are guys, and we use both a standard classroom for lectures and the largest of the three massage studios for the lab/demonstration portion of the class. So far, about half of the classes have been held in the massage studio. The studio has a professional massage table and space for the entire class to gather in the room too.

When we use the massage studio, the students take turns being the “client”. It is often more instructive for me to be on the receiving end when I am learning about a massage technique. Each class we go over one area of the body. With sports massage the legs, arms, back and neck are all potential problem areas.

I was into sports in high school. I was on both the swim and soccer team. I had a few injuries during my senior year, so on a few occasions, I went to a sports massage therapist my coach recommended. It really seemed to help the healing process. I enjoyed the whole massage experience: the physical contact from another individual, the relaxing mood, and the stress relief it provided. Sometimes, it was a little painful when they were working on some of my muscle strains, but even that was a good kind of pain. When I graduated from high school last year, the sports massage therapy program at the college seemed like a great idea to me.

When it was my turn in class to practice on the class “guinea pig” I found that I really enjoyed the physical contact and the class professor is giving me some very positive feedback. After class last week we all received our first big homework project. We were assigned an hour at one of the school massage studios and paired with one of our classmates. We were tasked with working on three different body areas and given an evaluation form to fill out on our massage partner.

I was paired up with Madison. I had already taken three other classes with her, so we knew each other fairly well. The assigned time for us was 6:00 P.M. the next day. I was a little excited and nervous, as this was the closest thing to giving a real massage we had been assigned.

I talked about my assignment at the family dinner table that night. Jason kidded me about being nervous. Jason exclaimed, “We’ve given shoulder and neck rubs to each other for years. What are you worried about? You’re terrific.”

Madison and I both arrived about five minutes early for our assigned session time. We went in to our assigned studio and adjusted the massage table height, turned on the table warmer to low, and put on fresh sheets. Madison was assigned to go first, so after we set up; she stepped out of the room for a couple minutes. I took my clothes off, got onto the massage table face down, and covered myself from the waist down.

Madison knocked on the door and let herself into the room. Madison is a few years older than me. I think she said she was 25. She is a pretty girl, about my height at 5′ 6″ and had what I would call a strong athletic build. She reminded me of the woman that play college softball. I know from personal experience in class that she has strong hands, a real plus for a sports massage.

The trapezius was the first of the three areas we were to work on. Madison started on my shoulders, kneading them with a medium firm pressure. Next I felt her palms press into my upper back. She asked me if the pressure was good. I told her she could be a little firmer with her strokes. I felt relaxed and just enjoyed my free massage.

After about 10 minutes of this Madison stopped. “I am going to move to the next area,” she declared. The gluteus medius was the next assigned muscle area. This is the area around your hip and lower back. If an athlete had a hip injury, this is the area you would concentrate on.

Madison rearranged the draping exposing my left hip and butt and began to work on these areas. This was one of the muscle groups that had caused me issues during my days on the soccer field. It felt good to be massaged there and Madison was doing a great job digging deep into my flesh.

Too soon for me, Madison covered up my left hip area and exposed the right side. She worked the right hip with equal aplomb. When she was done, she covered that area too and instructed me to turn over and lay on my back. I flipped over and raised the sheet to cover my breasts.

The last area to cover was the front of the leg above the knee which included the rectus femuris, satorius, and gracilis muscles. Draping this area was a little more complicated than the others. You want to expose the muscle group to be massaged, but not the client’s privates. I moved my legs apart slightly to give Madison room to tuck the excess draping between them. I could feel the sheet pressing against my crotch as she positioned them. Madison kneaded and pressed into the assigned muscles, some of which lead right to the top of the leg. As she worked, her fingers traveled steadily upward. An involuntarily tingle started between my legs as I felt myself getting aroused by her touch. I found myself wishing Madison’s hands would continue to travel just another couple of inches further. Of course, that would be inappropriate and I tried to banish these thoughts from my mind.

Finally Madison was done. She left the room and I quickly got dressed. Madison came back into the room and we prepared the table again. I left the room so Madison could undress and get ready for my part of the massage assignment. I went down the hall to get a drink and help myself get focused on the assignment. I walked back to the massage studio entrance, knocked and entered the room ready to begin my first hands-on homework assignment. Madison was already lying face down with her face resting in the head cradle. The privacy draping covered her from the waist down.

I was to massage the same three areas that Madison had. I began by working on Madison’s shoulders and upper back. Though I was applying some additional techniques we studied in class, I had given many mini massages over the years to friends and family, so I was in familiar territory. The setting felt much more intimate than during class sessions. There was quiet music playing and it was just my “client” and me. After finishing with her upper back, I moved the draping and exposed her left hip and butt area. Madison had a firm, rounded butt and I enjoyed pressing into her meaty flesh. I am sure many a guy thought she had a nice ass when they checked her out. Heck, even I thought it looked good.

When I got to the last area, the front of her legs, I couldn’t help wondering whether Madison was having the same thoughts I had when she was doing the massaging. Was she becoming aroused? Was she wishing that my fingers strayed a little higher? I felt myself getting excited as I imagined that my strokes might be having the same effect on her as they had on me. Was she feeling a tingle like I had? Was she getting wet down there? I tried to control myself and keep the massage and my wandering mind on a professional level.

I looked up at Madison. Her eyes were closed and her breasts were covered by the draping but I could see the outline of her nipples. Her exposed leg was smooth, silky and warm to my touch. Her skin glistened from the massage oil I had applied.

The little timer on the table chimed, indicating that our assigned hour was up. Madison opened her eyes and looked up at me. “That was nice,” she said.

“Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it,” I replied. I left the studio so Madison could get dressed. I waited for her and then we went and ate a little snack together at the department lunch room.

I gave Madison high marks on my evaluation and turned it in at our next class. I also got a new homework assignment. This time I was to find myself a volunteer to practice on from outside the class. The instructor said it could be a friend or family member. The teacher also gave me an evaluation form to be filled out by the client.

At dinner that night, Mom and Dad were out so it was just Jason, his best friend Mike and me. We talked about lots of things during dinner and I brought up my next homework assignment. Mike immediately indicated he would be happy to volunteer for a free message. Mike has had a little crush on me for years, so I knew where that was coming from.

After some hesitation, my brother Jason spoke up. “I don’t know if it makes any difference, but I have been having soreness lately in my right leg when I have been running. It doesn’t start out bad but within 10 minutes after I have completed my practice, it can be quite painful. I have been using some ice on the front and back of my leg, and that does seem to help some.”

He continued, “I don’t know if that would be a help in your assignment or a complication.”

I told him I would talk to the professor, but I imagined it might be a great idea. The thought of actually making a real difference to his predicament was exciting.

Mike chimed in, “Taylor, would it matter if I told you I think my leg is broken?”

I replied with a smile, “It might.”

I emailed the class professor about my brother’s situation and he emailed me back later that same evening. His email indicated that he thought it sounded like a challenge to take advantage of and that if I just applied the techniques we had been going over in class, I should do fine.

I went into Jason’s room, where he was playing a game on his iPad, and told him what my teacher had said. “Great Sis, when should we get together to do this?”

“My studio time is 7:00 P.M. tomorrow, will that work for you?”

“Sure, I’ll be there at 7.”

After I went back to my room, it hit me that my own brother was going to be my first assignment outside of my classmates. In some ways it felt a little weird that I was going to be giving my brother a full massage treatment. I keep telling myself, its sports massage for therapy, why should I feel uncomfortable with that?

The next day I got to the studio about 15 minutes before the appointed time. I wanted everything to be just right. I prepared the table, turned on the warmer, dimmed the lights, put on some soft relaxing music, and placed the fresh sheets on the table. I setup my massage oils on the warming trey as well.

I heard a knock on the door just before 7. I said, “It’s open, come on in.” It was Jason.

“So are you ready to do this Sis? The setup looks great,” Jason exclaimed.

“So how is the leg feeling this evening?” I asked.

“I guess about the same, I was able to hobble over here from the car okay.”

“Well I hope I can make a difference. You can put your things over on the chair. I left a copy of the evaluation form I need you to fill out afterward on the chair too. I’ll leave the room so you can get undressed. Then get on the table face down and cover yourself with the sheet on the table.”

“Should I leave my underwear on?” Jason inquired.

“You can do as you please, but I think you will find that the sheet will be sufficient.”

I left the room for Jason to get ready. I don’t know why it hadn’t really occurred to me before that my brother was going to be naked, or nearly so, as I worked on him. I had given him neck and shoulder rubs before, but he had clothes on then.

After a couple minutes, I knocked on the door. “Come in,” I heard from inside. Jason was lying face down with his arms at his sides. The sheet was covering him from about the middle of his back down to his toes. I gazed over his young athletic body that would be my assignment for the next hour. My brother has a thick head of light brown curly hair. His back, from what I could see of it, was smooth and lean. Jason is 5′ 10″ and weighs about 140 pounds. The fine curve of his back, his protruding rear and his runners’ legs were easy to make out, even covered by the sheet.

“Are you comfortable Jason?” I asked.

“Couldn’t be better.”

“I am going to start with your back, though later we’ll concentrate on the problem area on your leg.”

I poured the warmed massage oil onto my hands and started on Jason’s upper back and shoulders. I could tell that he was tight but I could feel him loosening up as I continued working on him. “Is the pressure too hard?”

“No, just perfect,” he purred in reply.

Though he was my brother, I couldn’t help but appreciate his trim athletic body. I worked my hands along the side of his neck and ran my finger through the back of his hair. I heard Jason give out a satisfied sigh as I did so. I couldn’t help but smile and congratulate myself on the job I was doing so far.

I got some additional oil and started to move down his back using a combination of firm long strokes with my palms and then applying pressure on some trigger points with my fingers. I found a few small knots along the way and worked them out. As I continued lower, my strokes got longer. I folded the sheet back some to expose the rest of Jason’s back. After about 10 minutes of this, I was ready to conquer other muscle groups.

I leaned over and spoke into Jason’s ear, “I am going to work on your right leg now.”

A soft “mmmm” is all I got in reply.

I moved the sheet off of his right leg as well as his hip and right buttocks. I grinned as I saw that Jason had taken my advice and removed all of his clothes. There was a noticeable demarcation where his tan line was. His back was a deep bronze while his butt was a creamy white. I started with his toes and worked my way up his leg. Once I got above his knee, I encountered a tangle of knots that were evidence of the soreness he had complained of. I pressed deeply into the muscles, as I had been taught in class. I could hear Jason grimace some as I pressed my hands and fingers into his strained muscles. I could begin to feel some improvement and I moved further up his leg.

I poured more massage oil on my hands and then started working on his gluteus maximus. Touching my Bro’s butt was definitely a new experience. I know it’s just another muscle, but it felt very sensual placing my hands on an area of my brother’s body that under most any other set of circumstances would be highly provocative. I wondered what Jason was thinking as I massaged him there.

I covered up his right side and uncovered the left, repeating the massage treatment there. This time, as I worked up his left leg, I saw that I had not draped Jason as well as I should have. When I leaned over I could see up between his parted legs under the sheet. I guess I was hoping I might be able to check out some of my brother’s “equipment” but the dim room lighting and shadow from the sheets made it too dark to see anything of interest. Why was I doing this? It’s not like I thought about my brother in a sexual way at home. I hadn’t realized that I was just staring there frozen, until I heard Jason comment, “Is everything alright Taylor?”

That woke me from my trance, and I started massaging his leg again.

When I was done, I covered his legs back up and instructed him to roll over onto his back. I spent some time on the front of Jason’s legs and tried not to let my fingers stray too high up. Just like when I had massaged Madison, I felt myself getting a sensual charge as my hands moved dangerously close Jason’s package.

As I finished with his legs, I looked my younger brother over. He seemed very relaxed and had a contented expression on his face. His long tanned legs were stretched out, and his hands were by his sides. His chest was lean and smooth with nicely defined pecs and abs. I could see his belly button, and the start of a small trail of hair that led downward beneath the sheet. Jason was a good-looking boy and I could see why he was a popular guy. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was looking and touching my own brother. The massage time was almost at an end.

It really wasn’t a necessary part of the sports massage I was giving, but I decided that with the time left I would massage Jason’s chest. I poured some more oil on my hands and positioned myself at the head of the table. I started by rubbing his pectorals. I could see a little smile form on Jason’s mouth. I moved my hands in a firm circular motion, spreading the massage oil out over his chest. My motions grew larger and lower and soon my palms passed over his nipples. I let my fingertips and thumbs press into them. Standing at the top end of the table I looked down over the length of Jason’s body with his head just in front of me. I could feel my own nipples stiffen as I continued to fondle Jason’s. I wondered what Jason was feeling. Did he still think this was part of the massage? Though it was small, I would swear I noticed some movement under the sheet covering Jason’s middle.

As I continued teasing his nipples, I looked directly at the draping covering my brother. The sheet moved a few more times and the movements were more obvious. Then it hit me, Jason was getting an erection. I could see the outline of Jason’s penis beneath the sheet as he was getting hard. I felt myself getting wet as I witnessed the effect my massage was having on my brother. I know I should have stopped myself right there, but I couldn’t.

I looked down at my brother and his expression hadn’t changed. His eyes were closed and he took long deep breaths. I leaned over a little further as my hands traveled lower onto his abs. I could feel his muscles flinch slightly as I touched him there. I pressed down on his flesh and marveled at his smooth skin and taut abs. I applied more of the warm massage oil by pouring it directly onto him. I saw the outline of his penis shift again, under the sheet. It now looked to be pointed directly to his navel. My hand slowly traveled lower and lower, until I reached the top of the sheet, protecting Jason’s modesty. I paused, knowing I should stop. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and I don’t think I have ever been so turned on in my life, yet it’s not like I had really done anything. I took a deep breath. My trance was broken when I heard Jason speak up, “Sis, what you are doing really feels great. You can keep going, if you want.”

“I think I can’t really go much further,” I weakly responded.

“Just go as far as you want then. I just want to give you the best evaluation score that I can. I wouldn’t want you to leave anything out just because I’m your brother.”

I just couldn’t help myself. It sure sounded like my brother was begging me to continue. I placed my hands back down on Jason’s abs, one on the left, the other on the right. I continued as I had before and soon my hand was traveling beneath the top of the sheet. Little by little my hands inched lower as I leaned out over the table. My fingers eventually converged in the middle, where the bulge in the draping indicated I would find the evidence of Jason’s manhood. I wrapped my fingers around the tip of my brother’s cock and I heard him gasp in delight. I lightly grazed my fingers over his member and let them feel its warm unseen texture.

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