Star Trek the next penetration

Star Trek the next penetrationCaptain Jean-Luc Picard tossed restlessly about in his sleep. Dreams of attacks on the Federation by it’s adversaries such as the Dominion, The Romulans and the Borg filled his head and made his slumbering form wince. His teeth u*********sly gnashed together as he dreamt of Federation ships being destroyed by his enemies photon torpedos and phasers and his fellows dying screams echoed in his ears. With a bloodcurdling yell he sat upright as fast as a shot, beads of sweat dripping from his knotted brow.”NOOOOOO!!!” he shouted aloud.His breath was in ragged gasps as he came to the immediate realization that he was having a nightmare.His fingers unclenched his blanket and he swallowed hard. “My God, another of those fucking dreams where our enemies destroy us!! This is becoming all too frequent, lately,” he said softly to himself with a bit of anger tingeing his voice. Jean-Luc was usually in control of situations in his conscious reality such as commanding the USS Enterprise, but at the mercy of his u*********s mind as he dreamt.Just as he was about to try and get back to sleep his room’s hail sounded, alerting him that he had a visitor.”Captain, it’s Counselor Troi, may I come in please?” Jean-Luc seldom turned away guests, especially one of his Officers. “Of course, counselor, please enter.” The door opened making an almost undetectable hiss and there in the hall stood Deanna Troi, ships counselor. She was on the same rotation as Picard, so instead of her Starfleet uniform she had on a blue robe that tied in the middle and as far as Jean-Luc could tell, hugged and conformed to her large breasts.”Captain, I felt an empathic jolt from you as you awoke from your nightmare. I felt the need to come here and see if you were alright.” As she strode into the room, Picard turned the lights on to 1/4 their normal luminosity. He replied back, ” Thank you for your concern, Counselor, but I assure you I’m fine.” He forced a smile onto his lips as his eyes locked together with hers. ” Captain, I’m empathic, remember? I can tell you’re not doing as well as you say you are. In fact your mind is troubled and that’s obvious to even those without my abilities. What’s troubling you, sir?”Jean-Luc then commenced to tell Deanna all of what he had been dreaming of lately: The Federation’s enemies destroying them. How he saw The Dominion warriors perpetrating suicide attacks upon Starships.How he saw Klingons decapitating members of the Federation with their barbaric swords. Of how he viewed a Borg Queen standing over him with a triumphant smirk on her face as her drones assimilated his crew members. He told her in every vivid detail of how he saw their destruction and how deep down it terrified him.For many moment’s it was as if they existed in a vacuum; silence permeated the room and both seemed to be at a loss for words. Picard bit his bottom lip and clenched his pillow, then slowly began to speak. ” Damn me for a fool, Deanna, this is all nonsense and I’m sure my fears are unfounded. Merely the paranoia of an old man given substance in dream form, nothing more.”Deanna sat on the end of the bed mere inches from Jean-Luc’s legs and looked closer at him. She could see that his shirt was removed and he had a fairly hairy chest. To her, he definitely didn’t look bad for his age and she moved closer. “Captain, we all suffer from nightmares, some more than others. In your case it just happened to be your turn and being Captain of the flagship of the Federation didn’t make things any easier. In fact it doubled or possibly even tripled the stress you are now coping with. I would recommend taking two days off and doing things which you enjoy and put you at ease.” As Deanna was speaking, Picard’s eyes were roaming up and down her body. He visualized her naked orbs coated in the 24th century equivalent of babyoil, his hands kneading them and his fingers pinching her nipples playfully.”I wonder how many times Riker has gotten to suck those luscious beauties.”, he thought to himself and chuckled inside.”Captain?”, Deanna said as though she was unsure of something. “Captain are you listening to me?”, her voice a bit louder now and her eyes searching for his. Jean-Luc’s eye’s blinked as though he was awaking for a second time. “Yes.. yes counselor indeed. I will take your sage advice and assign Lieutenant Commander Data to my shift for the next two days. Is there anything else you would suggest?”Deanna looked at Jean-Luc and said, ” Well sir, there is one more thing but it’s not not conventional counseling, at least not in any human culture. In my mother’s culture, the Betazoids, females performing fellatio on the males has been the****utic treatment for millennia. I could try that and see if, in addition to the time off, it helps you deal with your stress.” Jean-Luc’s eyes brightened and a smile filled his countenance.”That does sound as though it has it’s benefits, counselor! Please, by all means, iskenderun escort let us try that and see if it lends to my peace of mind.”With one quick motion, Deanna stood up and pulled the covers off Jean-Luc’s legs and waist. “Captain!”, she said with a slight startle, “you’re already hard!” Picard laughed and then offered, ” Yes I am!! I have an admission to make, Deanna. Staring at your breasts has given me a … oh, what’s the 20th century Earth slang… a boner! Yes that’s it!! I have a boner and it’s due to your heaving bosom.” Deanna grinned and removed her robe. Underneath she had only a pair of panties the barely covered her mound. They were a deep mauve and as far as Picard could tell with the lights dimmed, the material filled every line of her puffy vaginal lips. His eyes widened and his erection stiffened ever more.”Oh Captain!”, Deanna cooed, “allow me to do something to help you with that!” With the speed of a Vulcan Tiger-Bear she had one hand grasped around the base of his cock and the other rubbing the underside of his hot balls. Picard spread his legs wider and laid back on the bed sprawled. “Put me in your mouth, Counselor,” he said softly. Lick me and suck me like only Riker has dreamed of. Deanna purred and begin to lick the underside of his hard man-meat; her tongue teased and probed up and down with soft licks and gentle nibbles. Jean-Luc closed his eyes and sighed softly as he felt the counselor’s tongue go to work on him. She licked the head and then closed her mouth around it, sucking it like a lollipop and putting her tongue’s tip through the slit. Picard grunted and Deanna felt her first taste of his pre-cum splash into her mouth. She thought to herself how sweet it was, unlike Will’s salty tasting sperm, or bitter like Worf’s cum.She even sucked young Wesley Crusher off once on his 18th birthday but sadly his cum didn’t have any flavor at all that she could detect.As Deanna had these nasty, wicked thoughts Picard’s hands found her generous breasts and the nipples that capped them. “Suck me harder, you slut!” Picard urged on. He wasn’t sure if she liked to be demeaned in bed but he wagered she would if she had a past relationship with Riker; his first Officer, though professional when on duty, had a reputation as the biggest male slut in Starfleet history, even more so than the legendary James T. Kirk.Troi locked her mouth tight around Picard’s cock and sucked up and down as hard as she could. Her hands continued to masturbate the bottom part of his pole while her other hand caressed his testicles. Picard muttered aloud, “Not good enough, damnit!” and took Deanna by the hair and began to roughly force her head and mouth up and down on his shaft. With no choice she took his cock deeper and deeper into her wet abyss. Picard was small in stature but made up for that with the size of his cock. It was at least 9 Earth inches long and as thick as her wrist!!!Jean-Luc pulled his cock from her mouth and smacked the sides of her cheeks with it. “Yes Captain, yes treat me like your own little whore!!! Fuck my mouth as roughly as you’d like and cum down the back of my throat, please I’m begging you!!” Deanna was in a frenzy now and Picard’s gamble paid off; she did like to be treated like a slut!! He grabbed her hair once again and shoved his cock between her pursed lips. “Suck it well you cunt!! If you do that I’ll reward you with all of my warm, sticky man goo!”, Jean-Luc shouted. With his hands, he continued to grab and squeeze her breasts. He took each nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began to pinch, twist and pull it hard. Deanna shrieked, half in pain, half in pleasure as her Captain mauled her chest.”I didn’t tell you to stop sucking, did I you Deanna,!?” When the last word escaped his mouth, Picard rammed his cock all the way in to the hilt, then slowly pulled it back out only to ram it back in once more.He felt Deanna’s warm, wonderful tongue licking the whole of his cock and he knew soon he’d be emptying his nut’s contents.Faster and faster he thrust his mid-section, working his fuck-stick in and out of Troi’s mouth. His hands moved back to rub her tit flesh and tug on her thick, hard nipples. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Deanna moaned. Picard moaned too and screamed, ” I’m fucking cumming you slut!!” and with that statement he dumped a month’s worth of semen onto her tongue, lips and the back of her throat. Such a copious amount that some of it escaped from the sides. Deanna swallowed it all, then with her fingertips, got the remainder that dribbled down her cheeks. Picard pointed to his cock and without a word Deanna went to work sucking and licking the last drops of cum that were on the head and shaft.”Ohhhhhhh Myyyyy God!!” Picard said, “that was wonderful!” Just as Deanna finished licking every last drop off of Picard’s, now softening cock, another room hail sounded. “Captain, it’s Doctor Crusher, may I come in?” Picard and Deanna looked at each escort iskenderun other, their eyes widening in abject fear. Beverly was a colleague to both and, in the past, had a relationship of a sexual nature with Jean-Luc. To both this could endanger not only their friendships with her with but their professional relationships as well.Picard then instructed Troi to get under his blanket and ordered the computer to dim the lights once again. “Come in, Beverly,” he said with his heart racing. Dr. Crusher entered Picard’s room wearing a robe also, though he couldn’t make out much more. The room was dark and the light from the hall made an outline displaying her silhouette clearly. He could see her hair was down and her hands were resting by her sides.”Jean-Luc I wanted to talk to you about… well about us.” While Beverly began to speak, he felt Deanna’s hand playfully begin to stroke his cock once again, teasing him and he wasn’t able to do a thing about it.”Jean-Luc, even though we mutually agreed not to be a couple… I was wondering… well.. I have needs and I know you have needs also. I was hoping we could keep the friendship and the sex that we had before.It has always been very passionate and erotic…you’re the best lover a woman could want and I’m just so fucking attracted to you sexually… well you’ve known this for ages now.” Picard nodded though he was certain she couldn’t tell that in the darkness. Deanna’s hand continued to stroke his cock and it was once again it’s full length, only now he felt her mouth on the tip too.”I mmmm I agree ooooo with you Beverly 100% .. mmmmmm… come sit next to me.” Beverly took Jean-Luc’s hand and she sat on the bed mere inches from Deanna who was under the covers. “Is there something wrong Jean-Luc?” Beverly asked in a serious tone. “No, not at all Picard replied back.. everything is wonderful.. more than wonderful you could say.” Beverly stroked his face softly with the back of her hand.”Really? Then will you make love to me now!? I am soooo fucking horny and so wet!! I need you to eat my pussy and then fuck my brains out!!” Jean-Luc now had a wicked idea. He had always wanted a threesome and was seconds away from getting it. With one hand under the cover he pushed Deanna’s mouth off his cock and with his leg began pressing it against her, letting her know he wanted her to slip off the bed on the other side.”Yes Beverly I want you too… I want to get face deep in your wet pussy and fuck you long and hard!!”He stood up and told her to get naked, then lay on the bed. As she did that he went around to the end and whispered to Deanna who was now on the floor, ” I want you to eat her pussy!!” Deanna whispered back, “Captain I’m not bisexual!! I don’t like women like that!!” Jean-Luc didn’t think she was but insisted. “Eat her fucking pussy NOW, you fucking slut and make me happy!!” Deanna whispered back yet again, “Alright Captain since you are giving the orders I’ll do what you say.” Troi crawled up on the bed and placed her hands on Beverly’s smooth legs.. feeling her calves, and inner thighs. They were so smooth and different than a man’s as she was used to.”Oh yes Jean-Luc eat me now!! Put your hot tongue deep into my love hole and tongue fuck me!!” Beverly shouted. She gasped as she felt that warm, wet tongue licking up and down her slit, making her wetter and wetter. Deanna thought to herself, “Hmmmmmm this actually isn’t bad…maybe I should have tried women much sooner!” She started to lick more enthusiastically, tasting Beverly’s juices. To Deanna they tasted even better than Captain Picard’s cum. She worked her tongue up and down the slit, every so often sucking on her vaginal lips… then plunging her tongue inside as far as she could, in and out, in and out.Beverly had a musky scent and taste but it was one of the best things Deanna ever could recall having in her mouth, right up there with chocolate. Beverly gasped with delight as she now felt what she thought was Jean-Luc’s tongue sucking and licking her clit. It worked around and around, then she felt it inside that warm moist mouth. “Oh Jean-Luc, baby, you’ve changed your technique I can tell!!! Not any worse just…different!” Then Beverly got the shock of her life when she put her hands on “Jean-Luc’s” head and found long flowing hair instead of a bald cranium!!”What the fuck is going on!?!??” She chortled!! “Lights on!” she screamed. There to her shock and dismay was her friend and fellow shipmate, Deanna Troi with her mouth locked around her pussy. To the side on the floor was John-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise-E, masturbating up a storm.”Get the fuck off of me, Deanna!!”, she shrieked, but as she said that she felt Deanna’s warm wet tongue find her clit again.. “Ge… get… ohhh… stop ..stop lick… don’t do that Deanna..” Beverly’s tone and voice changed instantly. She was still struggling, though not nearly as hard. Instinctively Beverly parted her iskenderun escort bayan legs wider as Deanna continued to lick and eat her. “Don’t.. please.. don’t do this… I’m not gay… I don’t like…don’t like girls” Beverly moaned gently. ” I didn’t either until 5 minutes ago either but now I’m glad Captain Picardordered me to do this!! You taste sooooo good!!” Beverly stopped resisting and lay there as Deanna continued to eat her pussy… she felt her tongue deep inside licking her inner walls.. then she felt a finger on her asshole. “No not my ass!!” Beverly cried out. She said in an very assertive tone this time. But Deanna paid her no heed. The next thing Beverly knew she had Deanna’s index finger up her asshole pushing in and out. “Oohhh such a pretty little starfish you have, Bev!” Deanna stopped sucking her clit just long enough to tongue her asshole for a few seconds, then returned to licking her love button.Picard continued to masturbate in the background and then moved up to Deanna’s ass. He placed his cock head at the base of her fuck hole and shoved all of his meat deep inside. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels scrumptious!!” Deanna gasped. “Fuck me hard, Captain, fuck me like your own little fuck slut!!” Her dirty words made Jean-Luc harder and he worked his cock in and out of her pussy while he massaged her clitty.Beverly muttered a few unintelligible words and moaned groaned softly as Deanna continued to fuck her asshole and pussy with her fingers while her tongue licked and sucked her elongated clit.”Alright Deanna, you sit on Beverly’s face while I fuck her!”, Picard murmured through a shit-eating grin. “Deanna went around to comply with Picard’s orders but Beverly refused. ” I will NOT eat Deanna’s pussy… she ate me against my will when I thought it was you, Jean-Luc but won’t lick her, not for you, her or anyone else!” She screamed. Picard shot back, “Yes you will do that or you’ll never have my hard cock a day again in your bloody life!! Beverly contemplated things for a few moments. She could get other men, that wasn’t a problem, but she genuinely cared for Jean-Luc. Hell, she loved him deep down inside and truly would do anything for him.”Alright Jean-Luc you win.. I’ll eat her if it makes you happy.” Picard grinned even wider then slid his thick cock deep into Beverly’s aching hole as Deanna straddled her and lowered her pussy to Bev’s tongue.As Jean-Luc pounded in and out of her, his hands rubbed Beverly’s clit in a circle which he knew she enjoyed. He watched intently as her tongue went through Deanna’s lips and then up inside her. Beverly had a long thick tongue and she was using it like a cock to fuck Deanna Troi for all she was worth. The site of these two women together made Picard harder than any 20 year old at Starfleet Academy and he brutally pounded Beverly’s twat with his big tool.Deanna grinded her hips and pussy on Bev’s tongue, back and forth, getting her face wet with her love cream. Beverly thought to herself “Mmmmmmm she’s right… women do taste great.. I should have explored my bisexual side a long time ago!” Then she returned to licking Deanna with vigor, her mouth sucked on her hard clit and she tasted a flood of the Counselor’s juices. “AHhhhhhhhhh I’m cummmmmming!!!”, Deanna screamed and released another torrent of cum on Beverly’s tongue and lips.Jean-Luc and Beverly were so in sync that they came together moment’s later. Her legs wrapped around his back and he was licking and biting her pink, juicy nipples which were a nice contrast to Deanna’s brown ones.”Fucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!” Picard and Crusher moaned simultaneously as their bodiesorgasmed together, his cock flooding her pussy with his sperm and she cumming all on his thick manhood. All three then lay together on the bed for some kisses, first Picard and Beverly, then Picard and Troi and lastly the women shared a long french kiss, each sucking on the others tongues for a few moments while Picard watched.”Alright ladies it’s about time you both got back to your rooms.”, Jean-Luc said with a permanent grin defining his facial features. “From now on let us have an open agreement that when we need sex we all get together for …mutual fun.” Deanna and Beverly grinned and nodded at Jean-Luc. ” I don’t think we’ll have a problem there.” Deanna said before giving Picard and Beverly one last sexy kiss. “Let’s just keep this discrete, shall we?” Beverly said. “We’re the senior staff and all and I’d rather they didn’t, and especially my son, get wind of this.” Picard winked and stated, “Of course not.. we’re professionals Beverly.. just umm professionals with needs. Now how about both of you coming back here at 0600 hours tomorrow and we’ll resume our gameplay a bit.” With that, both women agreed and left to go back to their rooms and leavingJean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Starship Enterprise NCC 1701-E one very happy individual. He then drifted off to a peaceful slumber, his dreams of being attacked by the Borg and Dominion replaced of dreams of being attacked by beautiful, horny women. With a grin on his face he had one last though before entering the land of nod once more: “Fuck you, Commander Riker, fuck you.” and with nary a thought me he was fast asleep.

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