Stars of aunt kim


Stars of aunt kimI am Mia .. this is based on a true story.I was at the lake enjoying the summer sun and water dripping down my white pale breasts when I saw aunt kim watching me. Grinning devilishAs she nipple white pale growing wet. As she winked. Finishing the swim entering my room ,I in a nightgown, as aunt Kim entered . My nipple harderened. I lay in slumber feeling her warm caress on my breast. As she massaged my nipple slowly.. stroking me.stroking me.’your magical’ .she moaned . ‘Intoxicating ‘ Massaging my breast and caressing my vagina. Stroking my nipple gently, squeezing my nipple. ‘ yes’ she moaned. Her toungue slipped in my vagina slowly.rubbed. Rubbing my vagina soft.Grazing my vagina stroking slowly..Rubing me slow. Massaging me soft. Deep.Her warm caress on my nipple and breast made me shiver , my breasts wet . As she stroked my breast caressing my breast in licks. Layering hot kisses and licks on my breast pinching my nipple soft . Squeezing it and caressing my breast as her hot kisses devoured my breast tugging softly.biting down slow. Her hot kiss devoured my breast. Stroking my breast and nipple tugging pinching my nipple licking it slowly.Slow. Squeezing my nipple . Licking . Kissing and massaging me deeply.biting my nipple.kissing my breast.caressing my breast in her hot breaths lay on my nipple as it was pinched and tugged. Caressing my nipple .and breast Cool breaths lay on my nipple as I felt her hot kiss on my breast. As the massage grew dark hot. ‘ relax’ she whispered. As I felt her toungue , warm ,slowly slip inside me. And twist.twist twirl. Swivled. Around canlı bahis and around high inside..’ relax’ she growled. As her tongue gently caressed around my vagina. In circles licking. ..licking kissing..circling in licks on my vagina and kissing.caressing my vagina with her tongue.licking kissing rubbing..covering my vagina in warm kisses and licks. Caressing my vagina she deepthroated me. Hard.She began rubbing my vagina. Massaging . she dove into me locking to my vagina and suckled. ‘ your intoxicating. ‘as she rubbed my vagina . Caressing my vagina.Layering my breast in her hot kisses and licks.The caress on my breast hotter. Suckling my breast deeply.As she slid her tongue deeper into me. Twirl.twist.twist.Diving to my vagina suckling me slow..deeply. Caressing my vagina grew .layering me in flaming dark deep kisses .caressing my nipple in hot kisses as she pulled and pinched my nipple. Caressing my breast. Covering my vagina in a flaming hot caressing dark kisses and licks.squeezing tightly.stronking,rubbing my vagina.diving locking to my vagina suckling deeply.dark and hot.covering my breast in hot kisses caressing my breast in she squeezed and stroked my nipple I rose.Like a ghost touch her kiss flaming hot on my vagina and nipple. She massaged my vagina in hot warm snuggles.snuggling my vagina with nibbles and nuzzling me softly..stroking me slow,she slid slowly gently into me softly whispered ‘ your intoxicating ‘ as she thrust gently. Entering me from behind and taking me slow and gently.We fucked in waterfall..a tug and a bit on my nipple, pinch. Pinch..caressing bahis siteleri my breast in flaming hot kisses and licks. Pinched and squeezing my breast .caressed my breast in flaming hot kisses. And pulls. Nuzzling my nipple pinching it slowly. Nibbling my breast. .nuzzling my breast . And vagina.hugging me close to her caressing my breast lstroking my vagina I felt. My vagina slowly caressed. Slide her tongue deeper inside me swivling. Locking to my vagina as she suckled slowly. Stroking my vagina..Suckling deeply.Massaging and rubbing my vagina slowly.’ I want ‘ relax’ she whispered.. rubbing me slowly, stroking..sucklind deeply hot. The massage grew darker hot soft kisses covered my vagina. As she deepthroated me hard. .. slid entering me from behind as we had slow soft sex. Her orgasm exploded.sucklind me deeper.darker. ‘ your delicious ‘ my nipple bitten. Her warm touch caressed my vagina in hot kisses and licks.the massage got hotter. As she suuckled and caressed my breast deeply..her kis tingled as she stroked my vagina. ‘Silence ‘ ..gently kissing me. And sliding her tongue gently inside me. Twisting. Twirling. Hot in her warmth. Her kisses flaming her tongue slid rose inside me twirling. Twisting. Turning. Swivled. .Suckled me deeply. Darker. On my vagina. ‘ yes.’ .’ I love your sweetness ‘ breaths like a breaze grazed me as she caressed and rubbed my vagunavstroking it.Suckling and massaging my vagina slowly rubbing. Stroking.Layering hot kisses flaming on my vagina. Kissing me on my vagina as she twirled inside me with her hot kiss.and caressing my vagina slow. Twirl deep in bahis şirketleri me her breath in my vagina made me shiver.Hugging me close in a warm caress she slid gently,kissing my breast , into me and thrust. Entering me from behind as we had slow soft sex. ‘Relax’ rubbing my vagina suckling slow.deep.Her orgasm overcame me in waves. Twisting herself deeply into me.’ Fuck me’ as I opened and kissing her softly gave her the twister.kissing me on my vagina and caressin me.biting my nipple and caressing me..on my breast.i melted in her warm touch soft pecks lay on my breast and breast now covered in her warmth.kisses hot flamed on my breast. Aunt Kim Caressed massaged my breast.pull.. pincing. Her kisses pecked my breast layering me in hot kisses and licks.squeezes on my breast . and biting pinching my nipple.caressing my breast in a dark hot massage and kiss. Squeezing it slow’ Soft’ she moaned.rubbing my vagina. ‘Yes good girl’ she moaned.’your delicious I love your innocence.’ She moaned .suckling me deeply.. stroking my vagina massaging deeply. Flaming hot kisses lay on my vagina.pulled stroking.We lay intertwined~nibbling me slow soft.nibble.nibble.nibble…nuzzling me softly.. stroking..nuzzling kissing my vagina .hugging me snuggling into my breast in a hot caress.She growled., softly biting my nipple.’ Mystique ‘ she growled.Nuzzling my vagina with soft hot nibbles and pecks. . Squeezing caressing my breast.and nipple.and we melted to a night of hours of hot oral sex. ‘Yes kitten. ‘ aunt Kim purred. Snuggling my breast in a hot caress nibbling my nipple. .. her flaming hot kiss a beautiful burn..snuggling me in a dark hot caress.Purring… I slept as i snuggled in her soft warm embrace nibbling my vagina..‘ yes kitten.’ She purred. Twirling my nipple gently. Nuzzling deep in my vagina layering it in soft hot kisses

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