Step Daughter Halloween


Step Daughter HalloweenIts Halloween and the annual Haunted House is up and running. You beg your mom to take you this year as its supposed to be the scariest one ever. She tells you that she can’t because she has to work but says that I might be able to take you if you ask me nicely. After she leaves you come to me dressed in your costume, a sexy teacher. With a tight skirt that hugs your ass like a second skin so you can’t have panties on, high heals that make your legs look longer and give your ass a lift, your top is a white shirt open to just below your breast showing off a sexy bra and your great breasts with a jacket over that open to your waist and a pair of glasses. My heart almost stops when I see you. I tell you that not something my you should be wearing as I feel my self getting hard. You giggle at me as ask if I will take you to the Haunted House. I say I don’t know, if we show up with you dressed like that I might get arrested. You tell me not to worry you thought of that. Pulling out a wig you say that with it being dark and this wig no one will know that its you. Handing me a mask you say that this will hide my face so we can go. I give in saying yes. When we get there I see a long line of people nervous we stand in line you right in front of me. I can see the men there looking at you with lust in their eyes knowing that they would love nothing more then to fuck you.Finally we make it in side and as we walk through the house I fake being scared so I can pull you closer to me and let me grab your ass with all the fake screams, and how dark it is in there no one can see what I’m doing. You look up at me and I can see a little smirk on your face you move in front of me and stop short making me run into you and pressing my hard cock against you tight little ass. I start to pull your skirt up inch by inch teasing you running my hands up the inside of your legs slowly making my ways to your pussy. You stop short and I run into you pressing my hard cock against your ass. You giggle and grind your ass on my hard on. As you do I reach around you and slip my hand under your skirt and feel your pussy lips and rub your clit while I have the chance. I hear people coming and pull you back in to a dark part of the area so no one can see us but we can see them. You stumble into me as I pull you back. I groan as I feel your weight press back against me forcing my cock hard against your ass. As my hand returns to you pussy I whisper in your ear about how sexy you look in your costume and how much I want you right now. You moan and bite your lip as you feel me rubbing my hands over your body. I each between us and free my hard throbbing cock. It slips under your skirt and presses hard against your ass. I groan as you grind back on to me making my cock go between your ass cheeks. I slip a finger in you pussy and rub your clit with my thumb as we hear people move past us not knowing we are there or what we are doing. You grind your ass on my thick cock feeling it slide between your ass cheeks as I finger your wet little pussy. You moan and arch your back. I nibble on your neck as I tell you how much I want to feel my hard cock inside you. To feel your pussy wrap around my cock and I massage your breasts and play with your nipples. I ask you what you think all those people passing by would think if they knew what we are doing. You moan as I play with your tits. You bite your lip and nod approvingly as you continue to grind your ass on my karşıyaka escort hard cock. I can see your friends pass by with their moms but none of them look as sexy as you. I feel my cock throbbing as I start to move my hips up and down the crack of your ass. I can feel your pussy getting wetter as I move my fingers in and out covering them with your juices. I can feel the head of my cock rub against your asshole and we both let out a groan from the feeling. You giggle as they pass by us if only they knew. One of the people passing by hears our groan and turns towards us but then turns away thinking it was just part of the sound track. I lift you up a bit and move my cock when you come back down my cock is now rubbing along your pussy lips working its ways deeper between them with every movement. I feel your juices covering it making it slicker and easier for me to rub it back and forth. I can hear your breathing change and now that you are building towards a climax. Your phone vibrates in your bra as you feel me pressing against your wet little pussy. You moan loud and try to cover your mouth. I whisper in your ear that you better answer your phone as we wouldn’t want your little friends to worry and come looking for us just yet. You pull your phone out of your bra. Answering it trying to control your breathing as you grind on my hard throbbing cock. As you talk on your phone I rub your clit harder trying to make you moan in to your phone. You shift trying to get my hand away from your clit but it makes my cock enter your tight wet pussy. I groan loudly as inch after inch sinks in to you. You moan into the phone as I slide inside of your soaking little pussy you cover your mouth. Your friends mom asks if your okay? She asks if your there alone. You say no that your with your step dad. As you say it I thrust up into you making you moan again.I giggle to my self thinking if only she knew you had your step dads hard throbbing cock deep in you lil pussy. I whisper in your ear that you better answer her. I start to move my cock in and out of your pussy. I reach up and start to massage your breasts. Umm.. Yeah (bites lip) I’m just scared…(moans) just got scared again… You say into the phone.I have to bite my lip to keep from letting my groans get to loud. I feel your hips start to move as we fuck while you talk on the phone. I whisper in your ear that I love the feel of your pussy around my cock and that your breasts feel so good in my hands…. Mmmm… daddy… You moan. I hear your friends mom ask if you just called her baby and I almost laugh out loud. I move my hands down your body and grab you by your hips and start to pull you down on to my cock as I thrust up into you. You ask her if your friend Jamie is going to come inside, as you feel me deep inside of you. You cover your mouth as you moan into your hand. I whisper in your ear that she might not come inside but I think I will cum inside. I can feel your pussy muscles twitching as you ride up and down my cock. omg… no sorry i got scared again. Yeah. (fake laugh)… (grinding your pussy down on my thick cock) yeah if you want. (moans)…. yeah that’s fine. God baby…. I whisper in your ear, your lil pussy feels so good around my cock it makes me want to cum, as my hands move back to your breasts and massage them again. I start to whisper in your ear, cum for me baby cum on your daddies hard throbbing cock, you are still on the phone and karşıyaka escort bayan I hear her ask what was that?….. “What was what?” You ask. As you shudder on my thick cock stretching your lil pussy. She says that she thought she heard another voice on the line. I can start to hear the sound of our hips slapping together and the smell of sex is starting to fill the air. I ask you “So is she cumming in baby?” as I move one hand down and start to play with your clit. Your pussy muscles are gripping my cock. They feel like they are trying to milk the cum from my balls. Yeah you stutter as you feel my cock stretching my little girls wet pussy. What was that sweetie? I ask as I keep my cock moving and my hand playing with your clit. I tell you that I love the fact that I can make my little feel so good as I feel your body starting to tense up as your climax builds. “She’s gonna’ come in.” You say as you bend over letting me thrust deeper inside you. I grab your hips now and thrust forward asking if you think she would like to see your daddies hard cock filling your lil pussy. You moan. I ask you if you think she would like to have my cock in her fucking her like I’m fucking you or maybe she would like to lick your lil pussy as I fuck you. Suddenly your friend rounds the corner I quickly pull my mask down to hide my face. She looks at you riding what looks like a strangers cock. She comes closer telling you what a dirty girl you are for finding some dirty old man to fuck here of all places. My heart is racing a mile a minute from fear that she will figure out who I am. She lift you up and kisses you hard as her hands run over your body feeling every inch of you. Finally they come to rest on your breasts and she starts to massage them as you ride my cock. She pulls your breast out of your bra and starts to suck your nipples making you moan out loud. Slowly she drops to her knees as she keeps sucking your nipples soon she is level with your pussy. She looks and sees my hard cock moving in and out of you. “What a nice big cock you found” she says as she leans forward and starts to suck on your clit while I fuck you.You lean back into me giving her better access to where we are joined. I whisper in your ear “I wonder that she would say if she knew you are riding your step dads cock?” We moan as we feel her tongue licking my cock and your clit at the same time. She looks up at you asking if she will get a chance to try this fuck buddy you found. But you are far to gone to answer her.I can feel your pussy tighten on my cock as and I know you are close to cumming you rise up just enough and my cock slips from your pussy. But before I can get it back into you Jamie has my cock down her throat. I let out a groan as I feel her tongue wrap around my cock. You look at her with a mix or anger and lust. As she moves between sucking my cock and licking your pussy I whisper in your ear that I never knew she was such a dirty girl.We hear my cock pop out of her mouth making it spring up slapping against your pussy lips. She tells you that she will guide my cock back into you. You nod and start to lower your self back down on my cock. Just before the head of my cock makes contact with your tight little pussy she moves it. Making the head of my cock hit your asshole we both groan as we feel my cock press hard against it. She grabs you by your hips not letting you move as she keeps pushing you down.She looks up into escort karşıyaka your eyes telling you she wants to see this big throbbing cock deep in your ass. The head of my cock slips into your asshole making you groan as you feel you lil ass being fill with cock. She clamps her mouth over your pussy working her tongues deep in to you.As you ass cheeks come to rest on my lap she looks up at you and asks “How does it feel to have you step dads cock deep in your ass?” Startled you ask her what she is talking about. She laughs saying “I’m not stupid. I know your mom wouldn’t let you come here alone and besides I saw you show up in his car.” She can see the fear in your eyes as she speaks but tell you not to worry that she wont say anything as long as sometime she gets to feel my cock in her as well. I groan as I feel your asshole twitching around my cock as you two speak. After a minute you agree and start to move your hips moving my cock in and out of your ass.She leans back saying she wants to watch you cum with your daddies cock up your ass as she lifts the skirt of her costume and start to rub her pussy as she watches us. She starts to talk about how she wishes she had a big cock like mine in her as she slips her fingers in to her pussy. You moan as my fingers find your hard little clit rubbing it as I fuck your ass in front of your friend.Giving in to the feeling you start to move your hips up and down my cock saying over and over again “Fuck my daddy….. fuck your step daughters tight lil ass!” I can feel my cum starting to build in my balls as I get closer to cumming. One hand reaches up and grabs one of your breasts and plays with your nipple making you moan loudly catching the attention of a passer by who stops to look around. But the spot where we are is too dark for them to see us so they walk away.I tell you that I’m going to cum and you tell me that you are close too. Your asshole feels like its about to pull my cock from my body with how tight it is squeezing me. Jamie moves quickly and covers your pussy with her mouth and snaking her tongue into your pussy. This added sensation is to much fro you and you start to cum. Your asshole clamps down on my cock like a steal trap as your body tenses up as you cum.Its to much for me and I start to cum as well. I can feel my cum shooting out of my cock filling your lil ass with cum. Rope after rope of cum going deep in your ass. You make a sudden move causing my cock to pop out of your asshole and making the last of my cum shot in to your friends face. Caught be surprise she jerks back. Recovering she moves forward sucking my cock down her throat sucking the mix of my cum and your juices from it. She look you in the eyes telling you she loves the way we taste together. Spent we sit there for a few seconds. Then the memory of where we are hits me like freight train. I say that we better get the hell out of here before an employee finds us. You stand to pull your skirt back into place but before you can Jamie leans forward and runs her tongue up your inner thigh licking up some of my cum. This send a shiver up your spine. Just as we get your clothes straightened out an employee finds us and asks what we are doing back here. I tell him that we got lost and ended up back here. I can tell he doesn’t believe me as the smell of sex is heavy in the air. Well you better get out of here, it almost time to close for the night. As we walk out of the haunted house, Jamie says that she is coming home with us. You look at her with mix of anger and lust. She just smiles saying that she wants to try my cock as it looked so good in your tight little pussy. Giving in you giggle as we walk back to the car. I think to myself “What have I gotten into?” as I smile inwardly knowing that this is far from over.

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