stepbrother caught wanking


stepbrother caught wankinggemma walks into the kitchen and sees her stepbrother john tipping the contents of a condom into her mothers coffee ‘what the fuck are you doing you perv? mom mom get in here now’ she shouts’please be quiet don’t say anything please’ john saysamber comes through into the kitchen as john is pushing the dripping condom into his pocket ‘whats the matter whats going on ?”mom this dirty bastard was tipping the cum into your coffe from the condom he’s just pushed into his pocket”what the fuck why the hell would you do something like that whats wrong with you you disgusting cunt you wait until i tell your dad”please don’t it was just harmless fun i din’t mean anything by it please lets keep this to ourselves please’ john begs’give me the condom’ amber holds her hand outjohn pulls the dripping condom from his pocket and hands it to amber’did you actually manage to fuck someone at last or did you wank into this ?’ amber asks’haha john get a girl to let him fuck her no chance the perv must have jerked off with the condom on ‘ laughs gemma’well ?’ says amber’uh i jerked off into it ?’ says john blushing’why a condom why not into one of your socks like you usually do ? i find your crusty socks when i’m doing laundry so i know thats where your jizz usually goes , did you plan this ? get a packet of condoms just so you could tip your jizz into my drink ? have you done this before ?”uh nnno its the 1st time honest’ john stammers’mom asked did you fucking plan this ? is that why you used a condom ?’ gemma shouted’please i did plan it i was pissed off about the way you and your mom always take the piss out of me for not having a girlfriend look i’m sory i won’t do it again’ jack says’me and my mom ? have you done this before ? do you do it to me and mom ? you dirty bastard ”i’m sorry i only did it a couple of times i’m sorry it won’t happen again please don’t tell my dad’ jack begs’a couple of times really ? are you sure ? i think my coffee has tasted a bit odd for a few weeks now i thought mom had bought a different brand or changed the milk or something tell me the fucking truth you cunt !’ gemma screams at john’ok ok look i’m sorry its been going on for a while , after watching your mom drink my 1st load i got so horny i just had to do it again and again i can’t help myself please i’ll stop now please don’t tell my dad he’ll kill me please lets keep this to ourselves please’ john begsamber picks up her coffee ‘you can see the jizz floating around in here i suppose you usually give it a good stir so we can’t see anything floating in there or feel it sliding down our throats do you ?’ she asks’uh yes i do’ says john’well as you think its fine for us to drink your jizz i think its only fair for you to drink it here take this and drink it down’ amber pases the mug to john’please no thats disgusting please anything but that please don’t’ john begs’of course its disgusting but you made us do it so drink it all down and no stirring for you i want you to feel it going down , drink it now or i call your dad’ amber demandsjohn takes the mug ‘if i do this you won’t tell dad ?”this for starters yes but you have a long way to go before we forgive you for this drink it now’ says gemmajohn drinks the coffee ‘did you like that’ bahis firmaları gemma laughs’no it was disgusting i’m so sorry for doing it to you 2 i will never do it again ‘ cries john’unfortunatly i don’t believe you i think you are sorry you got caught i don’t think you are sorry you did it are you you cunt’ amber shouts’i’m sorry honest i’m sorry’ john replies’oh you will be now stick out your tongue’ amber says’um why what are you going to do? ‘ john asks’theres still some cum in this condom i’m going to squeeze the rest out onto your tongue then you are going to swallow it get that fucking tongue out now’john pushes his tongue out amber holds the condom over his tongue and squeezes from the tip downwards pushing the remaining cum out of the condom’now swallow it down and say thankyou amber’ says amberjohn swallows ‘thank you amber’ he says’how long ago did you fill this condom ?’ gemma asks ‘how long has it been in your pocket”uh a couple of hours i was waiting until you told me to make a drink’ john says’i see so its not just that it makes you horny watching us drink jizz straight from your cock but you save it waiting for the right time , is there any cum in my drink?’ gemma asks ‘or was this load just for moms drink ?”uh well theres some in yours as well’ john says’well you should drink that one as well here you are’ gemma hands john her coffee ‘enjoy’john takes the cup and drinks it down’could youu feel your jizz sliding down your throat? did you like that? does that make you horny?’ gemma asks’no its foul i’ll never do it again i’m so sorry’ john says’is that a bulge in the front of your jeans is this making you horny?’ amber asks running her hand down and taking hold of johns cock through his jeans ‘it is hard you like this you perv’ amber laughs’take your jeans off , in fact take everything off lets have a look ‘ gemma says’fuck off no i’m not doing that in front of you 2 no way’ john cries’i have had my phone on recording everything sinse i came in here i have you drinking your jizz in coffee and straight from a condom we own you now so do as you are told ‘ says gemma’oh thats naughty i love it ‘says amber ‘now do as your stepsister says strip lets see that cock that you like making drinks for us with’john blushes bright red but takes his clothes off and stands naked in front of amber and gemma trying to cover his cock with his hand’no need to be shy take the hands away lets have a look ‘ gemma saysjohn moves his hands away from his cock’oh wow thats quite big if you didn’t act like such a cunt all the time i’m sure some girl would love getting on top of that ‘ says amber ‘yep it is a big one isn’t it ‘ says gemma reaching out and taking hold of itjohns hands take hold of gemmas wrists and pulls her hands awat from his cock’what do you think you are doing i told you we own you so take your fucking hands away from me now you don’t ever touch me unless i say so 1st understood ?’ gemma shouts at john’sorry i just didn’t expect you to touch me i’m sorry ‘cries john’well me and mom didn’t expect to have you jizz in our coffee put your hands on your head and keep them there’ gemma shouts at johnjohn puts his hands on his head gemma takes hold of his cock and gently starts wanking itjohn groans as gemma speeds up and kaçak iddaa grips his cock harder’that looks a bit dry’ amber says ‘spit on it for him’gemma takes her hand off his cock and spits on it then rubs it up and down his hard shaftjohn groans and jerks thrusting his cock towards gemma’um this isn’t right he’s enjoying it the fucking perv’ gemma says wanking his cock harder’its ok’ says amber ‘its fine if he enjoys it anything that comes out he’s going to drink so help him make a big load’ she laughs’and you called me naughty wow i like the way you think’ gemma wanks johns cock harder’please no please i already drank some please no more ‘ begs john’well thats easy just don’t cum your dad gets home in 2 hours if you can stop yourself from cumming then you don’t have to drink it thats fair isn’t it’ says ambergemma wanks johns cock harder and harder ‘believe me he won’t last a minute let alone 2 hours ”oh please i’m going to cum please don’t’ begs johnamber takes a cup and holds it in front of johns cock ‘get all his jizz in there so he can drink it down’gemma wanks johns cock harder and harder squeezing it tightly faster faster john gasps thrusts forwards and starts spurting cum into the cup gemma keeps wanking him getting all the last drops of cum into the cup’thats not a bad load here you are drink it down then say thank you’ says amberjohn drinks his cum from the cup ‘thank you’ he says’theres still some cum sticking to the side of the cup give it here’ amber holds out her handjohn gives her the cup amber pushes her fingers in and wipes around the cup with them then holds her cum covered fingers up to johns face’suck my fingers clean’john pulls a face but sucks ambers fingers she fucks his mouth with 2 fingers covered in his cum’well you knew if you came you were going to eat it and you came anyway so you must like eating your own cum ‘ says gemma still holding johns cock ‘and your cock is still hard so you must really love it ‘ says gemma slowly starting to wank him again’please don’t my cock is sore please i can’t cum again please don’t’ says john crying’your cock seems to think differently its getting harder you perv’ says amberjohns hands come off his head and again take hold of gemmas wrists and pulls her hands away from his cock’what the fuck are you doing i told you not do do that you cunt now sit in that chair i’m going to tie your hands behind your back if you can’t do as you are told’ amber shouts at johnhe sits down his hands are tied behind his back to the chair legs so he can’t move them or try to get up’now i think its my turn to wank him this time’ says amber taking hold of johns cock and slowly wanking it’please don’t it hurts please leave me alone’ begs john’ok we’ll leave you like that for your dad to find when he gets home come on gemma lets leave him’ amber says turning and walking away’no please don’t please untie me please’ begs john’the only way you get untied is if you cum again for me now’ says amber ‘whats it to be ?”ok ok please i willlet you wank me again but please don’t leave me like this ‘ begs john’let me wank you ? let me really ? ask me nicely to wank you off into a cup so you can drink your jizz’ amber says’pppplease wank me off iinto a cccup and lat me drink my jizz’ begs john’um thats kaçak bahis better’ amber takes hold of johns cock and starts wanking it hard ‘and no cumming without permission you must ask ok”uh ok ‘amber wanks him harder’it still doesn’t seem right that we drink his jizz and he drinks his jizz seems he should drink something of ours just to even things up abit don’t you think mom ?’ gemma asks’well i suppose but what do you have in mind?”for starters tilt your head back john and open your mouth’ gemma saysjohn tilts his head back and opens his mouth gemma bends over him and spits into his mouth ‘swallow that’ john swallows’wow i think his cock actually got harder then i think he likes it ‘ says amber’keep wanking him off i’ll be back in a minute, don’t let him cum yet’ says gemma taking a cup from the side and leaving the room with it’wow i wonder what she’s going to do’ amber says wanking johns cock harder’please i’m going to cum’ says johnamber stops wanking and squeezes the base of johns cock tightly so no cum can come out ‘oh no you don’t you heard gemma say no cumming until she gets back’ john groans and squirms but can’t cum with his cock nipped so tightlygemma comes back into the room holding the cup in front of her’start wanking him again mom’ gemma says to amberamber starts wanking johns cock fast gemma hold the cup in front of johns face ‘smell that ‘ she saysjohn smells it ‘yuck you pissed in a cup whats wrong with you thats disgusting”that is nasty gemma i think you and i need to talk about this later’ says amber wanking johns cock harder’you are going to drink this or we will keep wanking you until your dad gets home its your choice’ says gemma grinning’no i won’t no way’ gasps john ‘oh please i’m going to cum ”do i let him cum ?’ amber asks gemma’of course he can cum and cum and cum until he drinks my piss we don’t stop then he gets to drink all his loads of jizz’ gemma smilesamber holds a cup in front of johns cock and keeps wanking him he groans and spurts his cum into the cup amber keeps wanking him’pllease stop i can’t take it please stop’ begs john’then drink my piss’ gemma smiles holding the cup to his mouth’please don’t make me do that please no’ begs john’we are not making you do anything its your choice drink the piss or keep being wanked you should enjoy someone else hand around your cock wanking you off instead of you doing it yourself all the time’ amber laughs’please its sore i can’t take it please, ok i’ll drink your piss’ gasps john’ask nicely’ smiles gemma ‘please let me drink your piss gemma’ says john’thats better here bottoms up’gemma holds the cup to johns mouth and tilts it slowly making him drink the whole cup of her warm piss’uh thats disgusting’ john saysgemms slaps him round the face ‘say thank you , you cunt”thank you gemma”thats better now you still have a load of cum to drink here ‘ amber puts her finger in the cup and gets some cum on it then pushes it into johns mouth for him to suck fucking his mouth with her finger’that looks fun let me try ‘ gemma coats one of her fingers in cum and fucks his mouth with it , they take turns until all the cum is out of the cup’do you think thats enough for today ?’ amber asks gemma’what do you mean today ? thats enough isn’t it please ?’ begs john’oh no we are only just getting started ‘ laughs gemma ‘but yes for today we can let him go but no clothes until your dad gets home so we can keep an eye on you if your cock gets hard again you can eat some more jizz’

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