Stepmom Godaughter from PortugaL Pt13


It was Friday morning and started the normal routine gym, breakfast, shower, and headed to the store. I walked in the store Jackie was the first person I saw in a jean mini skirt with a white top. I said in my head Damm she looks good. I can’t wait for Maria to get home to release all this damm stress. Good morning Mark here is your coffee. Good morning Jackie and I was joking with the coffee…Thank you. Everyone is already gone on the daily routes? Yes, everyone departed about 10 minutes before you got here. Did anyone give you any names that would be stopping in today? Only Keith’s brother after school will stop in. Ok, but I need more people within 3 weeks and in 2 Thursday’s I am gone until Tuesday. Where are you going? Going to Mexico for Maria’s co-worker wedding. Wow…must be getting closer to a wedding yourself. Maybe. Well you better get your oats all out before you say “I do”. Yes, I agree. Mark I better be invited too.

Before we both knew it it was lunchtime so Jackie said she would go get lunch because she needed to step out for a bank deposit. Ok, I will write out some checks and make some calls. Jackie was gone and I completed paid all the bills. My phone rang as it was Rose so I picked it up. Hi Mark…Hi Rose how are you feeling? Ok, but I would have felt better if you stayed over. I understand but you could be my mother-in-law. Mark I am going to talk to Maria because I want you 1 time before you marry her. I will not agreed to the wedding until then. You are serious? Yes, because Maria and you have been teasing me to much and my toy just can’t do it. You get her approval then I will give you it. Will you fuck my brains out? Yes, and more. I hope so! I am getting another call Rose and it’s Maria calling me now talk later. Ok, bye.

I pick up the next call Hi Sexy. Hi Baby I am calling you before I get on the plane. Maria I can’t wait to see you. Me too. How was last night Mark? It was good but Marco beat me in 2 games of soccer as she laughs. He loves you Mark so much and I know you love him too. Did you tease my mom last night? Yes, a little. Just a little? Yes, what did you want me to do more? Ok, I will talk to you more about in person. Mark I need to go board now so I will see you tonight. Love you Mark as she disconnects. Jackie walks in the back door with lunch and says Jennifer says Hi. I think she likes you after talking with her waiting for the sandwiches. Yes, I dated her in High School and she dropped me. Wow…she regrets it now I bet because I would if I was her. Thanks but things happen for a reason. She said her mother is a different person since you fixed the pool. What did you do to her Mark joking around? I just acid washed the pool.

I turned down the AC temp to 60 degrees because I felt hot in the store. Jackie and I talked about the new home development starting in 3 weeks. Did you get a delivery date on all the supplies yet. No not yet. Can you call the Sales Rep and make sure we have no issues with the order to insure we don’t need to order from another supplier? Sure, I will call them now. I was on the internet checking with the other supply vendor when Jackie just sat on my lap at the desk. What are you doing? Taking a seat because you have my chair. How do you like you seat? It’s a little firm but it’s ok. You stay on this seat it will only get firmer within time. I hope it does and bigger too. I grab her jean mini skirt to pull her off of me but the skirt goes up seeing her white thong. Wow Mark you really want me right now? No, I was trying to pull your ass off me so I could get up. She stands up as I get up out of the chair as Jackie fixes her black mini down.

I interviewed Keith’s little brother outside that is open to work for us full time this summer and start learning the job after school on Monday. He told me he can see if any of his friends need a job this summer. He departed as I walked back into the back door as Jackie was sitting down at the desk watching TV. What is the delivery date on the supplies? The last Friday of the month so everything should be onsite before you start on the Monday. Great news and thank you Jackie. If I don’t get everything on time I am coming after you ass…lol Mark I hope you don’t get anything now. You are bad Jackie. Yes, I can be if I need to be. May I ask you a personal question? Yes, we can talk openly anytime. Why did you break up with you last guy? Well it was just not working out and he was not adventures with life. He likes doing the same thing all the time and nothing different. How was the sex? It was ok not the best. So why was it ok? To be honest he was not that big. You cold right now? No, why..then she looked at her chest. O boy my headlights are on. O yes they are out so I will turn the Ac off for now.

Everyone started showing back up to the store and I told them I need some new employees ASAP. I told everyone again like the first day they started please make sure your truck is cleaned out and full of gas. Lou..say boss can I get the gas on Monday morning? Nope, do it now like everyone already did. You can full up before you return to the store on Friday’s. Lou walks out pissed off slamming door closed to get gas and Jackie looks at saying what is his problem? No clue but he don’t like it he can leave because I had 12 others that got gassed up before returning to the store. I bet he forgot to get gas…lol About 10 minutes later Lou returned and drop the truck keys off then walked out to leave with no words. After another 10 minutes I told Jackie that I will see you next week and have a good weekend. I walked out the back door and about to turn around the corner hearing Lou bad talking me with Keith. Keith telling Lou you are wrong not Mark about getting gas because that was one of the first things he told us from day one. Keith really Monday morning would not be a problem getting gas but he is an asshole.

I turned the corner to Keith and Lou freeze up. So Lou I am an asshole? Keith spoke up as I told him I am not talking to you. So Lou I am an asshole? Did you call me an asshole because I told you to get gas? Speak up Lou…No Mark I did not say that. Now I am a liar? Lou if you don’t like my rules, I am. Liar, and I am an asshole get the fuck out of my face. Your fired! Keith just looks at me speechless as Lou walked away. I walked back in the store pissed off as I slam the door and Jackie turns around quickly looking at me. What is wrong? Fuck Lou he is gone. Keith walks in the store and speaks to me telling we can’t fire Lou. When did you start paying for Lou’s paycheck? I mean you can’t fire him because we are short employees already. If you are in my shoes and you had employee calling you an asshole and then calling you a liar. What would you do? Jackie and I looked at Keith as he was speechless. I picked up the phone and called my friend at the Miami newspaper. Hi Earl it’s Mark from the Pool Store. Can I put in an employee hiring add? Sure, thank you and I will stop over right now to pay for it. I departed the store as I told them have a good weekend.

I made a quick stop to pay for the job post and decided to stop at the market for fish. I walked into the market and Jennifer says Hi Mark what can I get you? Can I have 1 1/2lb of Dolphin? Do you know anyone looking for a job? Yes, my mother is looking for one. Really…Ok, tell her to call me on Monday as I headed home to grill the fish for my mom and me before going to pickup Maria at the airport. I grilled the fish and vegetables then placed it on the plates as my mom drives up to the house. Mom dinner is ready as she walks up to the house. Ok, let me get a drink before I join you. How was your day? I was going great until the end of the day when I fired Lou. What happen?

He got pissed off because I told him needs to gas up the truck before going home. Why can’t he fill up on Monday? Every employee is required to fuel up every Friday after they complete the work day. I had 12 do it and he didn’t so I told him to do it. He came back to drop off the keys then went outside around the corner talking bad about me to Keith. He called me an asshole then lies to me saying he didn’t call me an asshole. I heard him with my own ears. I told him he was fired so I will have a hiring post in the newspaper this Sunday. You are right to fire him then.

Mark I will clean up and you go shower. Ok, thank you. I shaved and hit the shower then got some nice shorts on to pick up Maria. My phone rang as I was packing a bag for the weekend. Hi Jackie what’s up? Hi Mark…How are you doing? Fine why do you ask? You looked pissed off at Lou. Jackie I am fine and one thing I hate the most is lies. I asked Lou if he called me an asshole as I was stand just before turning the corner as they talked. He told him he didn’t. I don’t need liars or thieves working here. I understand Mark it’s your business and I agree with no liars or thieves working here. I will be at the store for the Monday meeting. Ok, I just wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing. All good. I was thinking you were calling me for a booty call…lol You are funny Mark but if it worked I would have done it a long time ago before you met Maria. Bye Mark.

Hi Rose…Hi Mark Please tell me her flight is not delayed. No, I was calling to see if you both what to come with me to pick Maria up? I think that would be a great surprise for her. Yes, I’ll get Marco ready and he will be excited to see her. I will drive over now and take Maria’s car to the airport for more room. Ok, see you soon. I asked my mom if she had any plans on Sunday? No, why? Just checking. I headed to the grocery store to pickup some roses for Maria on arrival. I got 2 dozen of red roses with 1 white Rose and headed to Maria’s condo. I knocked on Maria’s door as Marco opens the door as he gives me a hug with my hands full of stuff. Rose looks at me with a big smile to tell me Maria is a very lucky lady. I am a lucky man to have her and a cool maybe mother-in-law too. I put my bag down and handed Rose the 1 white rose. I looked for Marco but he was in his room. Please take this rose and forgive me for teasing you the last couple of weeks. She walks up to me and gives me a soft kiss on the lips as she takes the rose in her hand. Let me get you a vase for the roses.

I walked into Maria’s bedroom and placed 1 dozen of roses in vase on her dresser. I came out ready to go get your mom Marco? Yes! She should be landing in 20 mins but she needs to clear US customs before we can see her. We headed to the airport in Maria’s car and parked it in short term area. Marco you want to give her the roses when she comes out? Ok, but you got them for mom. It’s ok buddy I think she would love them more from you. Rose places her hand on my back as Marco holds the roses to the international meeting area. We stood outside the area for 10 minutes then she comes walking out pulling her suitcase. Marco go get her now as he ran to her with the roses. Maria’s surprised face said it all to me that she was the one for me. Marco gave her the roses as she kissed & hugs him. Rose and I walked up then hugged her mother and looked at me with some tears in her eyes. Mark you surprised me with Marco and my mother. I am glad you are back and happy with my surprise. She hugs me with a whisper in my ear I love you so much then gives me a quick kiss on the lips. Let’s get home as I pulled her suitcase holding Maria’s hand to the car.

We got back to the condo and Rose gave all of us a hug goodnight as she went to her condo. Marco please get ready for bed and I will give your gift tomorrow morning. Ok mommy I am so happy you are back home and I hope you like the roses. I love them just like I love you. Marco ran to the bathroom to brush his teeth and got in bed waiting for Maria. Maria turns to me and puts her arms around my neck then kisses me strong with passion as I held her in my arms. She broke the kiss and tells me I hope you are up for some fun later. O yes, I have been waiting for you and can’t wait to make love to you. I need to shower first because I don’t feel clean fly on a plane anytime I travel. I understand but you need to get to Marco first. She came back from Marco as I was laying in her bed with my boxers. Wow…she walks over to me and bends down for a deep kiss then puts her hand on my already semi hard cock. Breaks the kiss and tells me I need to take a fast shower because I want my buddy badly. Make it quick because I want you badly too.

She walks into the bathroom and closes the door. About 15 minutes later she comes out in her birthday suite walks to the other side of the bed getting under the sheets. I remove my boxers and slide under the sheets facing her. So did you miss me? Mark you know I missed you. Well show me how much you miss me. She smiles and tells me you better be in good shape because I want to fuck you until sunrise. I am game if you are as she moves closer to me kissing with a lot of passion as I pulled her on top of me. We kissed and I moved my hands all over her body until she broke the kiss. Thank you so much for the roses Marco gave me at the airport. polatlı escort It was so worth it to see the smile on your face taking them from him. Did you see the other roses? No where? They are on your dresser as she looks. O my you are so sweet to me. You are worth it.

She moves under the sheets as I felt her hand on my cock then I felt her warm mouth move over my head. O Maria you know how to paralyze me as I moved my hand to her wet hair. She sucked me for a good 5 minutes then she broke away from cock to kiss both my balls. She moved up my body and kissed me again. She looked into my eyes and tells me are you ready? Yes, but move the sheets off of us because I want to see your beautiful body and eyes. She pulls them back so we had nothing over us and I rolled her on her back as she wraps her legs around me. I looked over her body as she moved her hand to guide my cock in her.

I felt my head slide between her lips and pushed completely inside slowly. O Mark I missed you so much. Me too baby as I gave her a strong deep kiss fucking her slowly. I broke the kiss to pump myself faster in her as her legs wrapped around me. O yes, give it to me baby and come closer to me. I lean down as she comes closer to my ear telling me I want your cum in me now because I am on the pill. Ok, but I was going to cum in you tonight because I LOVE YOU. She froze looking at me…can you say that again? I LOVE YOU Maria! She hugged me and tells me again I love you. I started moving faster and deeper as she was teary eyes with moaning looking at me. Fuck me Mark I feel I am coming soon. I moved my hands under her shoulders and started slamming myself in her as hard and deep I could get in her. I never heard her moan every time I pushed in her then I felt her tightness around my cock that helped me get closer. I was feeling her wrapped legs getting closer to my body then I heard her O Mark I am cumming. That was all I needed as I felt the balls tighten and juices flowing up and out of my cock into Maria. I must have shot 5-6 streams in her I held her tight to me.

Mark that was the best feeling I have ever felt having sex. Same here baby as I kissed her pushing myself deep inside semi-hard now. We kissed a couple more times and she told I better get up before we have some major cum sheets. Ok, I will pull out now as she moved to the bathroom toilet. Mark you shot a gallon in me because it’s just pouring out of me. She comes back sitting on my lap telling me how much she missed me. I hope I never have to travel anytime soon or ever for business again. Maria you missed Marco more then me I hope. Yes, I did but you I missed for many other reasons. Please tell me the reasons? The person you are inside and out toward Marco, Mom, my friends, and mostly me. Plus I miss the love you give us all but this guy is mine as she moves her hips and slides me back inside her. She moves her body on top of me as I rub her tits with hands. I move my fingers over her nipples as she moves her head back riding me fully inside her. She places her hands on my chest and moves faster on my hard cock moaning again each time. O fuck you got me again Mark as she cums again after 10 minutes fucking.

She laid on my chest after her second release of her sweet juices. She looked at me with the biggest smile and tells me that you are the second best thing that happen in my life then gives me a quick kiss. You are the best thing in my life Maria. She laid her head on my chest resting as I moved my hands to her butt squeezing it. I am not done with you sexy as she popped her head up with a smile asking me how do you want it? Let’s do Doggystyle because I love looking at your sweet ass. Ok, as she moves off me to stand against the bed then bend over it for me as I move behind her ass. Maria can you hold your butt cheeks wide for me as did it as I asked. I grabbed my cock and tapped her little asshole to say tomorrow we will play…Yes, I want to try it tomorrow too baby but slowly doing it. I moved my cock in her wet pussy slowly as she moans as I fully have my cock in her now. O Maria I missed you so much and can’t wait for Mexico to have you all to myself. Me to Mark I can’t wait to have some beach sex. I slapped her ass..ouch. That is what I want to do with you and i don’t carry who sees us. Maria you are turning me on more talking about Mexico and I held her hips fucking her faster and harder. We both try to catch are breath as I slam myself in her sweet box for a good 5 minutes then we both cum together. That feeling was like nothing I have felt before in my life shooting many more streams in her.

I pulled out as Maria walks to the bathroom again to release my load. She comes back and tells me I am going to get us some water. Ok, thank you sexy looking at the sweet butt as she smiles at me over her shoulder walking to the kitchen. She comes back to hand me my water and gets in the bed on her side. Maria moves over to me as she lays her head on my shoulder looking at me. You made me so happy to her you say you love me. It’s true Maria you are everything I am looking for a woman. You are everything I am looking for in a man. I gave her a quick kiss and told her thank you for coming in my life. She started crying on me…Why are you crying now? You say the sweetest words to me and I would be lost if I every lose you. I told her I will never leave you specially with that smile you give me. Turn around and get some sleep because you are getting more of this tomorrow as I just moved my hips against her butt. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Goodnight my love and sweet dreams.

I woke up the next morning hearing the shower as I looked at the clock showing 8:50AM. I got up and had to use the bathroom for the morning piss as Maria turned off the water. I started brushing my teeth before a quick shower and Maria opens the shower door. Good morning babe. Good morning early bird. I got up early because I couldn’t sleep well last night thinking about you. You made me so happy telling you love me. Plus we have to get to the mall to pickup the suit and dress today. Yes, I remember. Do you want to stop at the sex shop on the way back? I don’t need anything I need as she reaches for my cock holding. Mark get in the shower before we don’t leave this bedroom. I am fine with that as she slaps my ass getting in the shower. Did I hurt your hand hitting my ass? No, but I did leave a mark on your butt. It’s a love mark as she smiles at me then walks out.

I had a quick shower then I hear Maria blow drying her hair as I stepped out of the shower. She was just stand in a block thong as I dry off and I told her what do you have planned for Sunday? Nothing why? I was thinking maybe everyone can meet my mother and she meet you all. are serious or joking with me? No, really maybe we go to Joe’s. Yes, I am ok with meeting your mother and I know my mom would like to meet her too. I hope your mother likes me Mark. She already thinks highly of you raising your son alone with a career. She puts the dryer down on the sink and turns to me as she sits on the toilet seat cover then removes my towel. Mark I wanted to do this all last week as she moved her mouth over my semi-hard cock. Maria you keeping treating me this way and look this sexy we might need to get married very soon. She pulled off of me looking up telling me that I will always give you a blowjob daily even after marriage. Can I get that in writing? Yes, I know some legal people that can write it up as she moved back on me. I didn’t last long looking at this beautiful sexy woman move up and down my dick. It’s coming any second babe as I feel her hand on my balls rubbing them that pushed me over the edge shooting my juices in her mouth. Maria looks up at me as she swallows my juices then tells me you are eating good because your cum taste good. I love you Mark as she stands up gives me a quick kiss then walks out to the bathroom.

I got dressed and went to the kitchen to get some juice. Maria was visiting her mother because Marco didn’t want to go with us to the mall. Marco was playing a video game as Maria and Rose walk in talking Portuguese. Good morning Rose as she walked over to me and gave me the normal greeting with cheek kiss. I looked at Maria as she smiles and tells me my mom is going to watch Marco as we go to the mall. Ok, but was I hoping that we all can go to the mall. Maria looked at me with a questionable face. I wanted to buy a soccer ball for Marco so we could kick the ball on the playground down the street. Mark you want to buy me a soccer ball? Yes, don’t you want to learn how to play soccer? Yes I do! Ok, get ready to go. Rose looks at me so what are you buying me? I was thinking you girls might want to buy something at the mall for brunch tomorrow for Joe’s and maybe you can shop at the store on the beach as Marco and I kick the ball on the beach. Maria looked at me with a big smile then walked over to me hugging me with a kiss. You surprise me each day specially when Marco is part of it. What am I going to buy my mother at that store? I bet you girls will find something to make you feel sexy and good.

Rose says give me 5 minutes to get ready and I held Maria in my arms with her back against me. Mark you are unbelievable and please don’t change. The same to you sexy and I see you have good family DNA looking at you mother. Yes, I do and I need to talk to you later about her. What’s wrong? Nothing. What should I buy for her at the Sex Shop? No clue but I bet you both will come out with more then you plan to buy…lol Yes, I hope that same sales girl is working. She was good and made you feel relaxed shopping. Yes, she was pretty too. You think she was pretty Mark? Yes, but nothing next to you as she squeezes my cock with her left hand and tells me let’s go to mall. Rose returns in a summer dress on and Maria was wearing her yoga pants as we headed out the door.

We got to the mall in Maria’s car and we tried on the dress & suit before leave both stores. We headed to the sport store and I told Marco pick out a good ball as Maria/Rose walked behind us talking Portuguese. We got a nice soccer ball and walked to a lady’s store for Maria & Rose to shop. About 20 mins goes by and Marco asked me if I was going to marry my mom. Marco I am not sure if your mother is ready for marriage yet. Mark I think you both should because I would like you as my Dad. Thanks Marco so can I ask you a question..would you be ok with a brother or sister? I want a brother not sure I want a sister. I laugh and then he did. Mark let’s go the girls are coming out now. So did you ladies get something? Yes, we will model it for you later and Rose says Marie I can’t model everything what I got. Mom yes you can then spoke Portuguese with her. I looked around for Marco and he was already 10 yards away. What did you say Maria to your mother? Sweetie you need to learn Portuguese or keep Marco near you…as they both laugh.

We got in the car and was heading to the Sex Shop on the beach. I have an idea ladies and gentleman…What if we go home first get are swimsuits on and go to the beach? Plus Marco and I can kick the soccer ball as you two can go shopping. Maria puts her hand on my inner thigh and says I think that is a good idea as she turns back towards Rose and Marco. All agreed it’s a good idea so I headed for the condo. Everyone got changed as I helped Maria pack the cooler with juices and water on ice. Maria you always look good with anything you put on specially a bikini. Well you make me feel sexy when I am with you because I think you are the best looking man in the world. That is one of the reasons I Love You Maria. She walks up to me and gives me a kiss and whispers in my ear “I want you to fuck my Brian’s out tonight”. I went blank with her words as she walks away from me. O Fuck Rose must have told her something because she used the same words I told her Thursday night.

We got to the beach and found a nice place near the water with no one around us. Is anyone hungry? Yes, I think that would be good to get some food now it’s always 12N. You want Subs, Hamburgers, or hot dogs? Rose looks at Maria and says something in Portuguese then Maria…Mom stop it and tells me let’s go get something. As we walked I asked what did you mother say? I need to teach you Portuguese so she can stop her talking dirty in Portuguese to me about you. Ok, I need to know what she said about me as I stopped walking. She stops and looks at me you really want to know? Yes! She said to me that I bet you want your foot long hot dog and if I don’t she will take it. Wow….Yes that is why I told her to stop it. I wish my cock was a foot long and I bet you do too. Mark you are more then I can handle and you feel bigger then I can take sometimes. My mother needs some dick soon but we can talk later.

We got to the food strip and went in the Sub store as I stood behind Maria. I put my arms around her stomach and whisper in her ear Maria sorry if I pissed you off and I want you to teach me Portuguese. She turned her head back I am not mad at you because I love you and I will pursaklar escort teach any language you want to learn. How many do you speak? I speak 6…Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, German, and Russian. You turn me on even more Ms United Nations as I pushed my cock against her butt. Mark please be good in public. I can’t help it because you are so fucking hot to me. She placed her hands on my arms as we both walked to order the subs and I paid for them. We walked back as Maria tells me my mom and I will go to the Sex Shop after lunch. Ok, take my credit card because I want you to buy something sexy to bring to Mexico in 2 weeks. I already did last weekend…well buy another one.

We ate the subs and Marco says you ready Mark to kick the soccer ball? Sure, I looked over to the girls and told them have fun as I got up to kick the ball. The girls headed to the store and I showed Marco some soccer tricks for an hour or longer. I saw the girls walking back as I told Marco let’s go in the water…Ok! I waved to the girls telling them we are going in the water and join us. Marco and I was splashing each other and then Marco yells mom help me splash Mark. Maria was walking a little different as she got in the water starting to splash me. I swam out to deeper water out of the splashing reach as I watched Rose walk in the water slowly. Marco hugged Rose when she got in the water and I swam closer to get Maria in my arms.

Hi sexy are you here alone. She looks at me and played along with me. No, but I don’t see my boyfriend right now so are you alone? No, my girlfriend is missing too. Can I help you to deep water? Sure as long as you hold me because I can’t touch. I was holding her face to face as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I placed my hands on her butt as she moaned out ouch. She moved her head to my shoulder and whispered in my ear I have a butt plug in right now. Maria why did you do that for the beach. Rachel told us it would help us if we wanted to try anal tonight so it stretches my anal walls. Maria are you telling me you and your mother have one in now? Yes, as she starts laughing and tells me you should have seen us in the store trying to get them in us. I smiled and then she told me that she had to get Rachel to help them both. Wow…you are really making friends in a very special way. Stop it I couldn’t get it in so she helped us and told us it’s normal to help out the first time. I put in my mothers plug…you could have asked me to put in both of your plugs…lol

I looked up and noticed a guy looked around and our stuff too as I told Maria stand up and get off of me quickly. What’s wrong as I moved out of the water. I see this guy grab Maria beach bag and started walking away slowly and I slowly looked down as I walked toward him. I looked up and he saw me coming within 20 yards from him and started to run away holding the bag. I chased him to the next street and tracked him on the wooden sidewalk. I held him down facedown asking if someone could call the police. About a minute later a police officer shows up and get the guy handcuffed. Another police officer shows up on a bicycle that I knew from High School Mike. Mark you ok? Yes, I am fine but my shoulder is in a little pain but I am glad I got this thief bastard. Mark you caught the beach bandit that we couldn’t catch for 18 months. Let me get some information from you on what happen. Sure, as I gave him all the information and he told me I need to call EMT’s. Nope, I am good. Mark I am required because you are bleeding a lot. Seriously? Yes, as he talks on the radio.

I sat on the sidewalk with Maria’s bag and then everyone showed up as Marco asked me if I am ok. Yes, buddy I am ok. You run so fast as Mike laughs out and tell Marco yes he was the fastest in school. Maria asked me if I was ok? Yes, everyone I am ok as the EMT show up. The EMT lady walks up to me asking what hurts and I told her my right shoulder. When she looked at it she noticed that I needed to go to the hospital and told me. I don’t need to go to hospital and she told me yes you do because you have a piece of wood in you shoulder. Maria tells me go with them because you are really bleeding a lot. I will meet you at the hospital as I walked to the EMT truck and headed to the hospital. When I got the hospital they moved me to a bed as I laid on my left side as the nurses cleaned me up my right shoulder for the doctor.

Maria shows up about 20 mins later talking to a nurse outside to room. Maria walked in and told me I need to call your Mother and Dad. No, please don’t call them because it’s nothing wrong. Mark I need tell someone so I am calling your Dad and he can call your mother. Ok, fine. Maria calls my Dad that I am at Mount Sinai Hospital with some wood in his shoulder and bleeding badly. The Doctor walked in about 15 minutes after I arrived and looks at my shoulder. He tells me this might hurt a little as shot me some pain killer to the area. We need to take an X-ray right now to make sure nothing is broken. The nurse got the X-ray on me and waiting to see how deep the wood was in me. Doctor came back and told me that they are going to take me in the surgery room to remove the wood. Why surgery? We don’t know if the wood hit any artery, blood vessels, or broke off inside. I will go tell your wife what we are going to do.

I heard my Dad’s voice talking to the Doctor and then Maria walks in to talk to me as I can see she was crying. Why are you crying? I can believe you chased someone for my bag and you need surgery now because of me. Maria I would have done it for anyone so don’t think you did this to me. Quick question? What? Come closer to me…she bends down and I kiss her then tell her I hope you got that plug out before coming here. She smiles as we both laughed and she says yes at home. Not sure if my mother is able to get it out because I had to get here. We laughed louder and I told her stop because it hurts laughing. I heard my mom’s voice as I looked over toward the lobby seeing her walk to my Dad. Where is he? Right here mom I spoke out. She walked in and asked the normal questions are you ok? I am ok but they are telling me I need surgery. Mom let me introduce you is Maria and Maria her is my mother Barbara not the prefect way I wanted you both to meet. They greeted each other and Maria said let me let you both talk. I grabbed her hand and told her it’s ok please stay with me.

The doctor and nurse came in telling everyone needs to go because I am going in to surgery. My mother gave me a kiss on the forehead and Maria gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I will be here when you wake up from surgery. About 2hrs later I slowly came out of my surgery and slowly coming out of my sleepy state. First person I saw was Maria and she was holding my hand. She said I will be right back as she ran to get my Mother, Dad, and Rebecca my stepmom. How are you feeling honey? I am good mom but still a little sleepy. The doctor walks in and says how are you feeling right now? Ok, just sleepy. It will wear off in hour or two but do you feel any pain? No. Good, because you are a lucky man. The wood broke off in you and also hit your Axillary artery when we removed the wood. That is the main reason why I wanted you in the surgical room if anything like that happen. If we would have removed the wood in ER we would not have had the time to get you to surgery before bleeding out. Thank you Doctor for all your work and saving my life. You will stay overnight and be release tomorrow morning if everything stays the same with all your readings.

I woke up the next morning and Maria was the first person I see. She walks over to me and gives me a kiss on my forehead Good Morning Baby. Good morning. What time is it? 7:05AM. Did you sleep here? Yes, but I went home to shower and returned around midnight. Maria? Yes. Come closer as I looked at here eye to eye. I truly Love you Maria! She got her eyes watery and says I love you Mark. Go get that doctor so I can get out of here please? The nurse came back about 2 hours later with my release papers to sign and then a couple minutes later the nurse was wheeling me out to Maria car. We headed to her condo and asked her we are still on for Joe’s? Are you crazy babe? No, l am still good to eat food and I want to keep the plan for brunch. You better call your mother to reconfirm she is still ok to go. I called my mom and told her I am released and heading to Maria’s place to get a shower and changed for us to meet up for brunch at 11:30AM. Mark you are crazy because you just got out of the hospital. Mom we meet you at Joe’s at 11:30 see you their.

We got to Maria’s place and I got a big hug from Marco as Maria tells him be easy with Mark. It’s ok buddy. Rose looks at me standing in the kitchen and she walks to me getting tears in her eyes as she hugs me softly. I am glad you are ok as I tapped her butt. She say Maria he is fine because he just tapped me on the butt. It must be the surgery gas still in me…sorry…lol Maria and Rose laughs out and I told them I need to shower now. Rose asked me if I needed anyone to clean your back. Sure, I can use a couple extra hands as I walked to the shower telling them we have brunch at 11:30. I got in the bathroom and realized how the fuck can I remove my shirt and clean my back. I cant get my stitches wet for 5 days. Maria walks in asking me what’s wrong? I can’t remove my shirt or clean my back plus I can’t get my stitches wet. I will help you as she pulls my shorts down and slowly removes my shirt.

I stepped in the shower and looked back to see Maria removing her bra and panties. She walks up next to me to give me a kiss and grabs the removable shower head. She test the water temperature and slowly started getting me wet as she washes me with a soapy wash cloth. Thank you For helping me. I enjoy doing anything for you babe. Can I clean you now? Sure, I love your touch on my body as she hands me the wash cloth. She turns off the water as I slowly washed her beautiful body and looked at her eyes as as I rubbed her. Maria can I ask you a personal question? You can ask me anything Mark. What mouth of the year would you want to get married? Mark anytime of the year is good to me if I am marrying you. Mark whenever you ask me you will have a yes because I love you so much. Maria after I was in the hospital and watched how much you care for me made me love you more. Let me rinse off so I can help you get dressed.

I walked out of the shower tried to dry off as Maria looks at me with a pretty smile. Let me help you as she moves the towel over my chest and back drying off carefully around my shoulder. I better dry off my friends as she moves the towel over my soft cock and balls. Do I need to wake him up babe? No, you can have him later babe. Ok, let’s get dressed so she helped me get get done first then as I sat on the edge of the bed watching her get dressed. Maria you are so damm beautiful and can wear anything to make me melt for you. That’s good to know. Mark can you make sure Marco is dressed and ready? Sure, will do and he was all set waiting on the couch playing a game. It’s only 10:30AM so I walked back and sat on the bed watching her fix her long black hair. Maria how do you like Rose’s hair color? She looks good as a blonde don’t you think? Yes, she does look good. Do you think I would look good as a blonde? Yes, but I love you the way you are. You are so sweet as she comes over sitting next to me on the bed. Mark I was so scared when they told me you needed surgery. As she moves her arm around me learning her head on my good shoulder I love you so much. Me too but you and Rose need to stop crying with me. I cry because I love you so much and don’t want to lose you. I am here for you always so don’t worry.

We headed to Joe’s for brunch and my mother was already sitting at the table overlooking the ocean. I gave my mom “Barbara” a hug and introduced everyone and pulled out Maria chair as Marco did the same for Rose. Mom said to Maria I see you are teaching him to be a good gentleman pulling out the chair. I try to teach him but that was all Mark’s teaching. Good to see my work paid off teaching him. The waitress came over and takes are drink order as we continue to chat about me for some reason going to the hospital. Marco asked me can we go get the food? Yes, ladies let’s go get some food because Marco and I are hungry. Everyone got some food and sat back at the table as the waitress brings us the drinks. My mother wanted to know where Maria and Rose got the dresses from because she loved them. Rose tells her it’s nice and cool wearing in the Miami weather then she tells my mother that she should go shopping with them one weekend. Yes, please call me and I will go with you. Maria, Marco, and Rose goes to the bathroom and mom tells me you are in love with Maria. I like her and approve if you want to go forward in marriage. I saw how much she loves you at the hospital.

Marco returns to the table and the ladies comeback so I asked if anyone wants dessert. Marco says can I have dessert? Yes, Marco ankara escort if your mother is ok with it. Maria gives me the eye roll so Mark you are going to make me the bad person now…lol Yes, you can have dessert as Marco looks at me and gives me a high five. The waitress gets his order and returns back with cheesecake with strawberries. Mom tells Marco that looks good. He asked her if she wanted to have a bite as she declined but Thank you. He asked if anyone wanted a bite as we all declined. I stepped away to pay the check and bathroom. After I returned to the table I asked are you ladies ready to go. Maria and mom say we need the check. It’s all set and already paid. Maria looks at me smiling ok I will remember that as I laugh. As we all walked to the lobby to leave the restaurant and head home giving hugs.

Everyone headed home and I asked Maria can you drop me off at the Drug store so I can get my pre***********ion dropped off and pick it up later? Mark we can wait for you as Rose says I need to get something so I will go in with you. We both walked in as I parted to drop off my pre***********ion but the lady said I can have it for you in 2 minutes if you want to wait. Ok, I will wait for it Thank you. As I waited I noticed Rose in the row next to me and getting something as she walked back to purchase it. I looked at the row and only noticed Condoms, KY, stool softener, and adult diapers. What the hell did she get in my head. The lady called me to for my pain killers and they the lady asked me did you catch the Beach Bandit yesterday? Yes, that was want I was told but how do you know about that? It was in the newspaper today and Don’t worry about this cost because it’s on me. No, I will pay for it as I see it costing $180.00 as I gave her my credit card. No, he got me 7 months ago on the beach so I am happy you got him so Thank you and I hope you feel better soon. Thank you as I walked to exit as I met Rose at the exit doors.

As Rose was getting in the car I tapped her butt squeezing it and she dropped her bag outside. I picked up the bag as I handed it to her noticing it was KY. I got in and Maria asked me how much get you medicine cost may I ask? Free..What insurance company do you have? It would cost me $180 but I used my name and they gave to me for free. Seriously you kill me sometimes Mark. No, seriously it was free because my name was in the newspaper for catching the Beach Bandit yesterday. The lady told me it’s on her because he got her 7 months ago stealing her stuff. Maria asked Marco can you run in and get a newspaper? Yes mommy and 3 minutes later we were heading back to Marie’s.

We got to the condo as I told Marie I need to take a pill because the pain is kicking right now. She tells me to go lay down on the bed and rest. About 15 minutes later Maria comes in and changes into some loose short and t-shirt no bra. She asked me if I wanted to change? Sure, as she helped get my shirt off and I pulled my pants off. Standing in my boxers Maria helped me with my shorts and t-shirt. I lay back down on the bed and she moves next to me on the other side looking at me. I like your mother and I think she likes me. Did she say anything to you about me? Yes, she gave me approval to marry you if I want to take it to the next step. She tells me that I am in love with you and I told her yes I am. Mark I like her more now! Yes, I knew you would say that but she is right.

I looked at the newspaper and they are calling you the Beach Hero. Seriously? Yes, they have been searching for him almost 2 years. I am just happy you are ok and home now. So what is going on with your mother that you wanted to talk about? We can talk later about her when you feel better. No, please tell me now because it seems it’s on your mind too. Ok, but I don’t want you think less of me nor want to hurt are relationship. Maria you will never say anything to make me what to leave you. Mark..Man I love you as she gives me a kiss. Ok, so since we started dating and she met you she always talks about you. what is wrong with that? Nothing but she always tells me how lucky I am to have you. I can understand that too. Stop it I am trying to be serious right now. Ok sorry, but why did you want me to tease her some much or anything more. I still don’t understand anything more too. Will when you teased her I think she feels like she is wanted in life and she feels young again. She has not been on a date or with a man since I was born. So what are you asking me to do? I don’t know right now.

Maria I can see if I can find someone that she might like but I can’t promise anything. So back to you telling me last week to tease her and anything more. She lays her head on my chest then says I can’t believe I said that too. Please don’t hate me as she popped her head up looking at me. I will never hate you Maria..just say it? I can’t now. Do you want me to say want I think? Sure as she looks me in the eyes. Did you want me to have sex with your mother by say anything more? Yes, because I was not home. I am ok because it’s making two people happy that I love. I hope you don’t think less of me. No, I love you still and always will even if you want me to have sex with your mother. I love you Mark. It’s going to have to wait for some time to give Rose a good time. Mark I have one request that if I am home it’s only me and if I am out of town you are free just don’t bring it home “Protection” or tell me about it. Wow..Maria are you telling me that I can cheat on you when you are away from home? Yes, but you better not give me anything and no drama back home. Maria I can’t cheat on you even if you have some hot friends and mom.

I agree that I have some hot friends. Maria who do you think is the hottest? Nicole. Wow that was quick. Do you disagree with me? No, I think she is hot for sure. So would you do her if I was out of town. No, because I love you only. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to do her? Yes, I would do her in a heartbeat if I didn’t find you. I am going to ask you a question now. Ok, fire away. Did you ever kiss another woman or make out with one? Yes, when I was young at the University in London. Tell me more? It was nothing much just 1 time with another student at the school. Did you like it? Yes, but I like men more as she grabs my dick. Good to hear…as she slaps my bully. If I didn’t find you I might have try with another woman. Like a coworker? You should never screw anyone from work because you could end up like Maria at the office working with her dickhead ex-husband. Would you want a threesome? I never had one but if I was going to it would be with another woman. Are you offering to be the man? Maybe as long as I have you and it don’t mess up our relationship. Humm…you are making me horny so maybe I can set up something when you are all well. Maria you are making me want you now.

Maria reaches down and grabs my semi-hard cock as I look at the door was unlocked. Maria you might want to lock the door and she popped up to door telling him Mark is going to take a nap. She locks the door and pulls my shorts off as she does the same. She started sucking my cock and balls…O Maria that feels so good. She looks up at me asking me do you like she sucks my balls…O yes! Then she moved to my hard dick licking my shaft and moved her mouth up and down it. Maria I want to taste your candy box. She looks up as she pops her lips off my head. Let me move to the edge of bed like you did to me the first time. remember that position? O yes and you will too. I grabbed her left leg with my left hand and Maria tells me to be careful with my right shoulder. I moved my tongue between her lips to taste her wetness already. I squeezed her ass as I continue enjoying her pussy…flicking my tongue inside her as she rubbed my chest. After 5 minutes Maria told me I want your cock in me now so just lay as you are babe.

She got on top of me and popped my cock in her. Mark I want your cum in me so badly right now so don’t worry about me coming. Don’t worry I will cum as soon as you do so you better fuck me like Friday night. Move them hips sexy ride me hard, fast, and deep. O Mark I want you for the rest of my life…well it’s all yours as long as you want it. I moved my left hand to her pussy and rubber my thumb over her clitois. O Mark keep doing that as she started cumming and I told her I am coming close now. I tried to move my hips up but it hurt the shoulder so I told her Bend over you bed for me. She got off and was laying over the bed stand on her feet. Come on my babe fuck me hard and shoot your baby seed in me. I stood behind her and pushed my hard cock right in her sweet wet pussy. O Mark…fuck me..harder…make me sore babe. Maria you are driving me crazy talking that way to me…Come on Mark that is all you got for my pussy…O fuck as I shot myself deep inside her stream after stream on my seed. I leaned on her back kissing her shoulder telling her I love you Maria. I pull out and Maria stood up placing her hand under her pussy then kneed down to suck my cock clean. Then she walked to the bathroom to clean up.

Maria walked back and got dressed again then walked out to the kitchen. I was laying in bed under the sheets and got a surprise when Marco came in asking if I want to play a game with him. Marco I will try to play you later but I really only have 1 good hand and you beat me even when I had 2 good hands. Maria comes back and get Marco from behind as she kisses and hugs him. She got you buddy so you better enjoy it. She lets him go and she climbs in the bed under the sheets clicking on the TV. What do you want to watch? Anything is fine. She turn thru some channels and landed on one about babies then made a comment. How many kids do want? 10 is a good number as she turned her head to me are you crazy. I laughed as many as you want to pump out. That is more like it. So how many do you want babe? 2 or 3 more…I would like 5 myself. Well you better find another woman for the extra 2. Ok, you did give me the ok earlier. She looked at me with a look that said O fuck I did it again. I am just joking I only want you baby maker. Ok, that is better and if you do someone you better be protected too. Don’t worry I can’t do it because I would not want you fucking another guy. Don’t worry I love your penis is great so no need to look for another one nor want another.

I am sorry this crap happen to me because I wanted to make love to you all this weekend like wild rabbits. No problem we can wait plus I still need to get my ass relaxed for that as she taps my cock under the sheet. Yes, I was looking forward to your sweet ass last night to be honest. I was going to ask you to try it last night with the plug I had in me at the beach. She starts laughing then says my mother was so funny when Rachel asked if we wanted any butt plugs. She got some KY at the drug store when I was getting my medicine. No…yes and it fell out getting the car when I grabbed her butt. You grabbed her butt getting in. Yes, I was teasing her a little. She smiles I love when you tease her because she is like 20 yrs younger.

Can I tell you something Mark? Yes, anything. Don’t tell my mother I told you. Ok. She asked me if you fucked me in my ass at the store and I told her yes all the time. You should have seen her face beet red and said how can you take his size in your butt. I laughed…Marie said next with a surprise look…I don’t think I could take his size in my butt because I have never had butt sex. Maria stop talking because I am getting hard thinking about you both putting each other butt plugs in. She laughs and tells ok let’s take a nap as she laid her head on my left shoulder. We slept for about an hour then my phone rang as I woke up looking for my phone. Maria gets up to get my phone still in the hospital bag and hands it to me. Hi Jackie What’s up? Are you ok? Yes, did my mother call you? No, I saw it in the newspaper my “Beach Bandit Hero” and my phone is blowing up with phone calls about you and the job posting. Sorry about that but you should only be called if it was an emergency pool issue. Yes, but do you think people follow directions? No, good point. Also some Miami Beach Police office Mike called for you and wants you to call him. Text me number when you get a minute. Sure will do after this call. Just let them go to voicemail and we can work them on Monday. Ok, I am glad you are ok. Thanks bye.

Who was that Mark? That was Jackie my store manager calling to check on me and telling me everyone is calling for me or the job posting. That is sweet of her to check in on you. Yes, she is a great person and my best employee. I got the text and told Maria that Mike the police is looking for me. Call him now to find out what he needs. Yes, doing that now as she rubs my stomach. Hi Mike…It’s Mark what’s up? How are you feeling because I heard you had a scary issue and needed surgery? Yes, all good now and Thank you for pushing me to the EMT’s. No problem, I just glad you are ok. Another reason I am calling is the Mayor wants to give you a reward at City Hall for catching the Beach Bandit. Seriously? Yes, plus you are getting a $50K reward too. Wow…I don’t deserve that for getting the thief off the streets. Can I give your phone to the Mayors office to contact you this week? Sure, thanks for call.

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