Stepping Out Ch. 02


Seeing that they had no other options, Jackie said, “Please come in and sit down. Allow us to explain.”

Kendall turned to Mark, who was still standing in the doorway. Her raised eyebrows questioned what he wanted to do. He did come inside, but seemed undecided about what to do. “We did come here for answers,” she reminded.

With a conciliatory nod, he walked to the sofa and sat. Kendall followed, careful not to sit too close and give anything away. She was about to learn that that cat was out of the bag.

Jackie took a seat in a chair across from them, Joseph stepped up behind her and stood. Mark couldn’t help but notice her nice legs as her short skirt rose on her thighs, but it managed to still cover the private parts. Her button-down shirt was loose and didn’t reveal much of what she had up top, but he could tell her breasts were ample. Kendall also noticed, had similar thoughts as her stepbrother, and further thought she saw some interest in his eyes. That made her give Joseph a good look. He was much the same height and size as Mark, and almost as good-looking.

“It’s true, we have been watching you,” she began by admitting. “In the weeks before classes started, we saw the two of you doing things together, going out and such and thought you were boyfriend and girlfriend. And when we learned you were stepsister and stepbrother, we became intrigued that, even with that connection, you still were a couple. You didn’t seem to care what anyone thought about your step relationship.”

“That’s because—”

Mark put a hand on Kendall’s leg to shush her. “Go on,” he said.

Ignoring her stepbrother, Kendall demanded, “Just cut to the chase and tell us what your angle is.”

With a nod, Jackie revealed, “Joseph is my stepbrother.”

Mark and Kendall shot each other looks that said neither had seen that coming. It also settled them down a bit.

“When I returned home this summer,” Jackie went on, “Joseph and I saw each other differently. We became attracted to one another. With our parents’ blessing we started dating. That’s when the problems started. My friends thought it was stupid and didn’t like Joseph—”

“And mine reacted pretty much the same,” Joseph spoke for the first time. “So, we started going to out-of-the-way places where we wouldn’t run into them.”

“It was great to be together,” Jackie added, “but to some extent, we felt like outcasts. We didn’t want the same thing to happen here in college. So, when we heard about the two of you and observed you, Joseph came up with an idea to attempt to date each of you to learn the exact nature of your relationship, and if it was what we thought and hoped it was, maybe I could pretend to date Mark and Joseph Kendall and we could double-date, but really be . . .” The stunned faces of Mark and Kendall caused her to trail off. “Okay, so, it wasn’t a great idea.”

“Actually,” Mark said, “not a bad idea, just poorly executed.”

“Why all of the subterfuge?” Kendall wanted to know. “Why didn’t you just come and talk to us?”

Jackie shrugged. “As Mark said, poorly executed.”

“So, does this mean you guys would be willing to try it?” Joseph asked.

Once again, Mark and Kendall exchanged glances. Her expression told him she was relying on him for the answer, although he thought he detected some interest.

“We would be willing to discuss it,” Mark said.

“Great. What do you want to discuss?”

“I meant, Kendall and I will discuss it with each other first and get back to you.”

“Fair enough,” Joseph agreed.

“We’re sorry if we gave you the wrong impression,” Jackie offered. “This is all new to us. And I just want you to know, we’re all above board here. We have no ulterior motive.”

“I certainly hope not,” Mark said, standing. Kendall followed suit. “We’ll be in touch.”

* * *

“Wow! I didn’t see that coming,” Kendall said as they walked back to their apartment. “Think they’re fucking?”

“That’s a hell of a first question,” Mark commented with a chuckle. “Only from you. Why would that matter?”

She shrugged. “They want to be like us.”

“You think they think we are?”

“Bet they’d like to find out.”

“I’m not sure I get that from them.”

Back inside their apartment, Mark headed straight for the kitchen to fix dinner.

Kendall on his heels observed, “You seemed interested in Jackie. I saw you sizing her up. And that short skirt and legs were for you.”

“And you don’t think I noticed you staring at Joseph’s crotch?”

With a guilty grin, she pointed out, “He’s the same height and general build as you. Just curious if everything was the same.” She stepped closer to him and turned him to her. “But seriously, Mark, are you interested in her?”

“I could ask you the same thing about Joseph.”

“You’re evading answering. That must mean you are.”

“I love you, Kendall, and I love what we have together. But you know, neither of us have much of a dating history. We don’t have much experience with bahis firmaları other people. You ever think that maybe we might have missed out on something?”

“As a matter of fact, I have.” But she was quick to add, “And that doesn’t mean I’m not happy with you.”

“What does it mean?”

“I’m really not sure,” she answered honestly.

“Does that mean we should try these two out?” a now confused Mark asked.

“Not sure what we would really get out of that. Sounds like they really just want to use us.”

“We don’t really have any friends here at school. It could be the start of something.”

“But what if that something is you really falling for Jackie, or me for Joseph, or vice-versa?” Kendall posed.”

“Hmmm, I hadn’t really considered that as a possibility,” Mark answered honestly. “I guess I thought we were just too into each other. We would just have to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Then what did you mean before about missing out on something?”

“Just the dating experience. Just ’cause you date someone doesn’t mean it’s got to become anything more serious.”

She nodded, not in agreement, just that she understood what he said. “Not sure the two are always that easy to separate.”

The discussion carried them through a late dinner, to bed and right to an uneasy slumber. Though they were leaning toward accepting Jackie and Joseph’s proposal, they hadn’t actually decided to do it.

* * *

His hand on her breast brought her to wakefulness. She smiled. They were sort of spooning, so she reached behind her gently cupping his head, pulling it against hers. She twisted her neck in an attempt to kiss whatever part of his face she could, and the act caused him to awaken. He lifted his head and they kissed. He let his hand travel down her side to her naked hip and then back up to her breasts. The kiss became more passionate.

Spreading her legs slightly, Kendall pumped her hips a couple times, and Mark’s hand dove down to greet her pussy. He forced a finger between her lips, rubbing up and down, but not entering her. He took her clit between his thumb and forefinger, kneading the little button until she could take no more.

Squirming away, she wrapped her hand around his now hard cock and pretended to chew on it, though inflicting no pain. A moment later, she had it in her mouth. Kendall sucked it as though she hadn’t tasted it in some time, even though it had just been last night. She loved sucking his dick. It just seemed to fit her mouth perfectly. Of course, the only other penis she had ever had in her mouth was that of her stepfather. It made her wonder what other cocks would be like and she tried to chase away an image of Joseph’s rod her mouth—even though she had never seen it.

Mark was enjoying this wake-up call also. She had become so good at oral sex, and best of all, she loved to do it. He owed her mother, his stepmother, gratitude for that. Donna had to be the best cocksucker around. Even though she and Kendall had been the only two mouths his dick had been in, he couldn’t imagine anyone being any better at it than his stepmom. Sometimes, it was nice in the morning when he wasn’t fully awake to just lie back and let her have at it, particularly when she sucked him from flaccid to full hard on. Her lips sliding up and down his shaft was an amazing feeling. And sometimes, she was so into it, it felt as though she was going to devour it.

But that could also work against him in the sense that Kendall got herself so aroused from it that she had to have her pussy satisfied. That was obviously the case this morning as she arose to her knees and straddled him, grabbed his cock and slowly inserted it into her hot pussy. The heat was apparent as she slid down on his rod. Of course, there was nothing wrong with having his dick buried in her vagina either, it embraced him like the proverbial velvet glove. He also liked her being on top: he was able to watch her tits bounce and see her pussy lips adjust to his shaft as she went up and down, and then when she rotated her hips and his cock rolled around the inner walls of her vagina, it was all heaven.

But his mind tempted him with the wonder of how Jackie’s pussy would feel. He tried to shake that image from his head, but he also thought about how different Kendall’s and Donna’s pussies were. To purge these thoughts, Mark quickly rolled Kendall over so that he was on top and bent down to kiss her as he fucked her. But perhaps that wasn’t a solution as he envisioned Jackie’s pouty lips.

Little did he know that Kendall was also imagining what Joseph’s kisses would be like. Wanting to relieve her mind also, she turned onto her stomach as Mark readjusted. “Fuck me hard,” she groaned through gritted teeth.

And he did. It was as though they both had to screw vigorously to stay focused on each other. Mark rolled her on her side, bent her upper leg at the hip and knee and continued to plow her.

“Oh, yeah, I like that,” she exclaimed. It was amazing kaçak iddaa how little twists and turns of the body could produce new and different feelings. She reached down to finger her clit as he pumped away. Thoughts of Joseph and Jackie wormed their way back into her brain as she began to feel the building of an orgasm. To counteract those thoughts, she turned onto her back pulling Mark on top in the classic missionary. She wrapped her arms tightly around him and pulled his head firmly against hers, cheek to cheek. “Make love to me,” she whispered.

Sensing that Kendall might have been having thoughts similar to his about their new friends, Mark was glad to finish off this way. He slowed his pace, suddenly feeling the emotion of their closeness. The both kept their moans low as their orgasms built, and each let out whimpering sounds as they came in loving, tender harmony.

“Mmmm,” she hummed as his warm cum filled her with much more than liquid.

It wasn’t one of those massive, muscle-tensing, teeth-gritting, body trembling climaxes that their intense fucking frequently produced. It was quiet, loving and in many ways, much more satisfying.

Afterward, Kendall whispered, “Whatever we do, promise me we’ll never lose this.”

“I promise,” Mark responded, feeling the same.

“I’m willing to try it with Joseph and Jackie, but I don’t want it to come between us.”

“I totally agree.”

“I have to be honest,” Kendall said, “I had thoughts of what it would be like with Joseph.”

“As did I about Jackie.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means we’ve never really done it with anyone else except my dad and your mother.”

“Does it mean we want to?” Kendall wanted to know.

“I listened to one of those radio shrinks that people would call in to for quick answers to problems. This one guy said his girlfriend wanted to have a threesome with another guy. She didn’t tell him that the other guy was bisexual. When they had the threesome, the girlfriend had her boyfriend so aroused that she convinced him to let the bisexual fuck him in the ass. The boyfriend kind of admitted that he was somewhat turned on by it. His question to the shrink was, did that mean he was turning bisexual. The shrink said that the guy was just turned on by the highly erotic nature of the situation; that it was no indication that his sexual preference or orientation was changing. The shrink said that if there was a next time, the guy might or might not find it stimulating.”

“So, what does that mean?” a somewhat confused Kendall asked.

“Just that the fantasy of doing it with someone else is stimulating, not that actually doing it is,” Mark tried to explain, not really certain he knew what he was talking about. “But that shouldn’t even be an issue with Joseph and Jackie. It’s only supposed to be for show, anyway.”

“You’re right,” Kendall agreed. “And as you said, it might be nice to make some new friends. At least if we’re all in the same boat, we’ll understand each other.”

* * *

To be sure, Joseph followed Kendall home from class the next day. She and Mark had decided to wait a day or two before giving the other step-siblings their answer, just in case something occurred to them that they had not yet considered. Joseph attempted to make idle conversation with Kendall as they walked, and she could tell he was chomping at the bit to ask about what their decision was. There was really nothing substantive about their chat. She didn’t want to give away anything, nor ask a question without Mark’s input, but she was curious about one item.

“You and Jackie don’t live together?”

“No. She already had the one bedroom apartment last year and there were no two bedroom units available, so we had to live separately,” Joseph explained. “Fortunately, the one bedroom next door to hers became available, so I was able to get that.”

“So, that explains the stealth in moving from yours to hers,” Kendall deduced. “But at least, it’s convenient.”

“Not so much. Convenient would be having the two bedroom you guys have.”

“Yeah, but sometimes there’s such a thing as too much togetherness,” she threw out to throw him off guard.

“I guess so,” Joseph halfway agreed. “But I wouldn’t mind finding out for myself.”

“On the other hand, living separately could be a better cover for the two of you dating,” Kendall hypothesized.

“I guess you’re right, except that I wouldn’t be chased off when she was ready to go to bed.”

“There’s that,” Kendall remarked, but made a mental note to mention that to Mark. It could suggest that Joseph and Jackie were not sleeping together. And so far, there had been no evidence, verbal or otherwise, to suggest they were.


When they arrived at the complex, Kendall decided to throw Joseph a bone before saying goodbye. “We should have an answer for you tomorrow.”

“Oh, good. Look forward to it. Hope it’s favorable.”

Later, Kendall told her stepbrother about the encounter and he was kaçak bahis amused.

* * *

The next day, predictably, Mark had his own encounter. Jackie caught up with him as she had the previous time.

“Hey, boyfriend,” Jackie greeted.

“Hello, presumptuous,” Mark said with a grin.

“Just being positive.” She linked her arm in his, her breast rubbing against his arm.

Mark glanced down to see what had touched his arm. The other night as he had stared at her nice legs, he had wondered about her breasts. Today, having obviously been foretold of Mark and Kendall’s reveal tonight, Jackie had appeared with her own reveal, a low-cut, form-fitting shirt that left very little to his imagination. If he didn’t have Kendall, he would have been impressed. Still, if he was going to have a fake relationship with her he was glad she was attractive. He decided not to say anything about her attire now.

She saw him looking and smiled that she had his attention, but said nothing either.

“What time would you like us to come by?” Mark asked.

“Any time. The sooner, the better.” She made no attempt to hide her eagerness.

“Then we’ll see you . . . soon,” he said, teasingly.

* * *

“Okay. Last chance to change our mind,” Mark said as they prepared to go visit Jackie and Joseph.

“I guess I’m game if you are,” Kendall said. A part of her was excited, but she wasn’t sure why. “Are you?”

“You know, I keep having a feeling that there’s more to this than they are letting on. But on the other hand, there’s something about them that I like.”

“Them? Both of them or one of them?”

“And you?” Mark challenged.

“Should I change? Put on something a little more—you know—”

“Revealing?” Mark completed for her. “To compete with Jackie or for—”

“You, of course.”

“Then you’re fine just as you are.”

Kendall was wearing a collarless, button-up knit shirt and tight jeans. For good measure, she unbuttoned another button to reveal more cleavage and went as she was.

Mark and Kendall exchanged smirks when they passed Joseph’s apartment and he stepped out and walked with them the few steps to his stepsister’s flat. When they entered Jackie’s apartment, Mark hoped his face did not betray the fact that he was stunned by her appearance. She wore a short skirt of reasonable length, a sleeveless, low-cut top with narrow straps, and she had re-done her make-up to highlight her pouty lips and deep blue eyes.

Without anyone seeing, Kendall elbowed him gently in the ribs. When they were directed to sit on the sofa, she sat as close as she could without being in his lap, as a girlfriend, not stepsister, would. Strangely, Jackie sat in the same chair as on their last visit with her legs again on display and Joseph hovered nearby; and neither exhibited any sign that they were attempting to also be boyfriend and girlfriend.

“So, what’s it going to be?” Jackie asked with a big smile, showing a positive face.

In light of her dazzling appearance, Mark decided to ask, “Tell us again why the charade?”

That took a little of the wind out of her sails. “We want to make new friends. We don’t really have any. And we want to be able to date each other, and what better way to accomplish that than hooking up with another stepbrother and stepsister, and pretend to date them. Also, in the little time we’ve spent with the two of you, we like you.”

“And that’s it? That’s all there is to it?”

With a frown, seemingly of confusion, Jackie asked, “What more could there be?”

“What are you trying to accomplish with your attire?” Mark wanted to know.

She shrugged. “That, hopefully, I’m someone you would want to be seen with.”

Mark nodded.

“Look, if you guys don’t want to do this,” Joseph spoke up, “just say so.”

“Actually, we do want to,” Kendall said, cutting to the chase and thinking that Mark was being a little too careful. “The thing is, neither Mark nor I dated very much in high school because we just couldn’t find people that we were comfortable with. For me, because of my looks, too many guys were just after one thing. I’m sure you can relate to that, Jackie.”

Smiling her relief, Jackie agreed, “Only too well. Even here on campus last year. That was another reason for the attraction to Joseph. I already knew him as a kind person and he treats me like I want a man to treat me.”

“Yeah, I didn’t get that until Mark came along.”

“Well, I’m glad that’s settled,” Joseph commented.

“When should we go on our first date,” Kendall asked.

Joseph and Jackie exchanged a look that gave Mark and Kendall sudden cause for concern.

“Uh,” Jackie began hesitantly. “We were thinking that maybe for the first date or two we should go separately. Not a double date.”

“That’s not what you said you wanted to do before,” Mark was quick to point out.

“We would have mentioned it the other night,” Joseph came back, “but you didn’t want to discuss anything.”

“We just thought,” Jackie went on, “that if we went on one or two dates separately out in public and people saw us, it would establish that Mark and I were dating and Joseph and Kendall were dating. Then we could start doubling.”

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