Storie III


Storie IIISTORIE IIIThe moon is full tonight. It is hidden by clouds that seem to reach out just to cover it and then fall away. As you relax I come to you to prepare you for rest. First you must be undressed which is my pleasure to assist you with. As I unbutton your blouse I ask if it has been a hard night for you? You reply is “No harder than usual.” As I slip you blouse off your shoulders I stop to appreciate you beauty. Next you pants must be removed. I gently unclip the clasp at the waistband and reach for the zipper. I know that the sound is something you enjoy hearing … something about anticipation. I move the zipper down slowly so as to drive you crazy with that anticipation. As the sound falls silent you lift you hips so that the pants may be removed. As I lean forward to pull them off I catch a whiff of your aroma. The night and the zipper has had an effect upon you. I fold your pants and hang them up with the blouse. You are reclined, clad only in your bra and panties. As I approach you you say “Are you comfortable with this?” This question is unexpected. Perhaps I am not as subdued as I should be… “Why do you ask?” Puzzled as to whether I have performed my duty properly. Your reply is frank and to the point “You have a hard on” I am embarrassed not because of my physical excitement but because you have noticed. Your next statement breaks the tension with “Well are you going to let me see it or not? Take off you clothes,” I comply with vigor. Soon I am naked. But I know there is still much to do to ready you for rest. As I approach to unclip your bra my penis is just inches from you. I am a bit hesitant as to whether or not this would be pleasing or repulsive to you but the bra must be removed. I unclip you bra and you move your arm forward as if to permit me to remove it. But instead you reach out and take my penis in your hands…firmly. The other arm permits the bra strap to fall away and comes to gently cup my testicles. You lay back licking your lips as sound is uttered MMMMMMMMMMM. You have not released your hold on me and I am pulled forward to you. You eyes close and you mouth opens slightly. I kiss you. You mouth opens more and you begin to seek out my tongue. Your breasts are heaving, as you seem to be lost in some type of passion.I cannot restrain myself from touching you. My hands stroke and caress you. I rub your breasts first one then the other. Finally you seem satisfied that I “can kiss” as one of your hands applies pressure to guide my head toward your breasts. I begin to suckle your breasts as you moan. My hands are everywhere known to bring more and continued pleasure. As my hands graze your panties your hips move in response. My hand slips under the elastic waistband of them and searches for you. Your hips rise and stay strained and I realize that now you too have become uncomfortable in your clothes. I leave your breasts and you release my penis. I slip your panties down your hips past your knees to your ankles. You legs open as the restraining cloth is removed. You are beautiful…. I stare at you, at your spread legs and trembling lips.I begin at your feet and rub them. Soon I am sucking on your toes to make them easy to rub. I look at you and you are smiling. Your eyes are slits I wonder if you can see at all. I move up your legs licking and rubbing as I go. The sent of you fills my nostrils. I kiss lick and nibble on your thighs and then I insert my tongue into you. You say yessssssssss. Soon you are writhing with passion and lust. I have nearly pushed your head into the headboard trying to place my tongue farther than anyone before. After you have cum and the wetness has covered my face you say “Kiss me!” As I approach your lips to kiss you, you lift your hips so that you are in a line with me. As our lips meet you thrust up and slide down taking me deep into you. Oh Mi Lady ……… Knowing what a gift is, I kiss you and seek out your tongue trying to complete the circle. You clamp you legs around me and roll over so that you are on top. I am unable to move…I do not care because you are moving enough for both of us. I kiss what is available to me your neck, canlı bahis you cheeks, your lips and your breasts. You look at me I begin to flex and your roll over again so that I am on top. You say ? I want you to cum for me- I begin to cum, the first thrust is deep inside you. The second is out and on your pussy. The third is on your belly. And the fourth is on your tits. You have slid down so that I could come on your tits. Your hand again grips me firmly and pulls me toward your mouth. The last bit of cum is given for you to taste as I turn and lay my head between your legs. I begin to devour the remnants of our union. You have sucked me until I have gone soft but still your tongue lashes me as I also lash out to you. I can no longer take the lashing and begin to become erect again. Would you like me to draw your bath now? You say “No cum to bed I need to relax” “You may bath me in the morning”. I hear the sound of the drawer opening as you lean over and turn off the light. I lay there in the darkness waiting and wondering what did you mean “I need to relax” and what was the sound of the drawer? I no more than think it and I have my answer. I feel you next to me and so I naturally go toward you. I feel your arm and your hand has found mine. You guide my hand down past your belly and place my hand on your erect penis. You have put on your strap on…I think I know what is next… “So, you have a nice cock but it’s a little small” you say See mine is the right size for you. Come Here. I move over so as to look at you face to face as one of your hands strokes my penis and the other reaches behind me. Yes, I say it is smaller than yours but you had a choice when you got yours. Your Answer is Quick and Sharp And Which One Would You Choose? Why yours of course Mi Lady… Well OK then, roll over is your response. I obey without hesitation. I feel both of your hands now spreading my cheeks while your fingers are searching. As you start to insert a finger you ask “Are you Clean?” Of Course Mi Lady I showered before I came to you this evening. No NO ARE YOU CLEAN INSIDE…? I hardly know how to answer. Well I better make sure. Your hands leave me and I feel you getting out of the bed. You go to the bathroom and turn on the light. I can see your silhouette ….Your hair awry as your breast add contours to the image of darkness and light and then the outline of the erect penis attached to you…. I begin to shiver… You close the door to the bath and I listen intently to the sounds which are somewhat disconcerting…Doors opening and closing water turned on and off… and then the door opens and you say Well, come on now…I slowly get up from the bed you are still in silhouette so I can read no expression from your face…I walk across the dark bedroom and into the light of the bath… I feel the warm carpet change to cold tile beneath my feet as I enter the room. You have prepared a bath for me? I ask…Not exactly…you say. You close the door and lock it behind you and as you lean against it I see a hint of a smile…MiLady is going to relax…I think to my self and I must do what is necessary for her to do just that. As your smile broadens you begin to lick you lips and your finger points to the bath and shower. I look and there is a large bag filled with liquid with a hose attached hanging from the showerhead. Get your ass in there you say. I climb into the tub. Well bend over…I bend at the waist and I feel your hands grip my cheeks as your fingers begin to circle and probe. I then feel a warm sensation as the friction of your hands disappears. Now you are sliding your hands around me and your fingers work the opening loose and lubricated. You take the hose and say Now we will clean you out. I feel the end of the hose enter me as you press it in. I hear the sound of air being pumped and I realize that you are pumping air into the bulb you have placed inside me. You say That’s so you don’t leak… You tell me to turn around and face you and get on my knees. I kneel in the tub facing you…. Your eyes are like fire now like something ready to devour me. You lean into the tub and I hear a click and at once bahis siteleri I feel the liquid pushing into me. You say”Your going to take it all so get comfortable” I lean my head out past the tub and put my hands on the floor. The liquid is filling me and I begin to tremble…It helps if you breathe hard and fast..Yes Mi Lady…I am breathing hard and fast as suggested and you sit down on the floor in front of me..with your legs spread. Your breathing has changed too. Your are flushed with color and your nipples are erect. You say ? I like the sound you make. It sounds like some kind of dog… Here lick me…? I look up and you have moved yourself closer to the tub so that your legs can be put up and over the side. I look back down and there is your penis right in front of my face. Mi lady what do you want me to lick…ME…Your answer is stern. I push the penis to the side and expose your pussy. I start to reach out with my hand to caress you but the feeling inside me is almost too much to withstand. I begin to tremble and my elbows buckle and my face falls right into you. ? There there mmmmmmmmmmmm.- I wrap my arms around your thighs and begin to lick you. Your aroma from our last session has become pungent. I love the smell and taste of a woman that has been well used. Soon you are moaning again and I am moaning also. I feel like I am about to burst. I am panting so loud that I can barely hear anything else. I am becoming, feeling strange, weak and yet energized. My face is buried deep into you and you are twisting under my tongue. The pressure is increasing though and I wonder how much more I can take. I lift my head up and put my elbows on the floor and push up away from you. I turn and look at the bag hanging limply from the showerhead. ? Yes, you have taken it all…it emptied some time ago. I always wait until the ? CockTail- begins to take effect. You feel pretty good do you not?- Yes Mi Lady…Strangely I do feel good. Strong and humble. I have half a hard on dripping down my leg and a bulbed hose in me and I have taken enough of Mi Ladyv s CockTail to swim in. Just a little longer you say ? I want to make sure you are clean for a while- You have a talented tongue…. And with that you stand up and place the penis back in front. I am still on my knees bent over the bath with my weight on my arms. ? Ok your ready- as you reach out and touch my penis…. I wonder what you mean…Tighten up I donv t want you to leak out all over the bath. I try to tighten every muscle in my body but it is of little help. I can feel how distended I am from the amount of liquid and the amount of time. You spread your legs and stand over me bending down into the bath. I hear a hiss as the bulb in side me deflates. You may empty now and then shower and come in I will be waiting for you. You pull the hose from me and I see it hanging down limp and discarded. I am uncomfortable but not in any pain so I stand up as you unlock the door and walk into the dark bedroom closing the door behind you. All of a sudden I have to go…… I scramble onto the toilet. The feeling is remarkable, I still am half-hard and a flow is continuing as wave after wave flows from me. I wonder why there is no unpleasant odor … Soon I feel emptied and CLEAN! I shower and dry off and open the door. You are before me you are dressed in the most unusual of garb. It accents both, your breasts, hips and other female forms while it accents your penis, which is invoking a ringing in me like a fire alarm. ? Come here now.- You say and I come forward to the bed. The light is very dim I can see that there are some things on the bed next to you. ? You said you wanted a penis like mine didnv t you- Yes MiLady ? Well here.- I see you reach out and take my penis in your hand and you pull me toward the bed. Yes you are quite ready for what I have in mind… I feel a clamp placed around my penis and a sleeve placed over it so that the clamp come out the other end through a plastic membrane of sorts. Again I hear the sound of air being pumped and feel the pressure pulling on all sides of my dick.. There you are now stand up. I look down and you have placed a weight güvenilir bahis and a vacuum sleeve on me the weight is there and I feel it but it is not unpleasant just unusual. ? OK- that will help you to reach my size…. Speaking of which…. I feel your arms around me rubbing my back and butt. Your breasts are pushed into the contraption as you press into me. MiLady I ask What was the CockTail? ? That was a little mixture that readies the tail for the cock. I blend oil and pure rose water and perfumes and a little alcohol so that the tail becomes ready. See.- And with that you spread my cheeks and inserted your finger into me.. ? See I donv t like to get dirty and I want you to enjoy it too. And you are ready….- Yes MiLady I answered. It was all I could say. I was feeling so good from the CockTail and the cleansing and now MiLady had her finger in me… I felt so relaxed and proud that I have MiLadies attention. ? You have not done this before have you?- You ask. No. I have begun to shiver and tremble…You stand up and kiss me, it is a gentle kiss not one of lust but of trust. You walk behind me and wrap you arms around me cupping my testecals and one arm across my chest as you lean forward I do too. I feel your hands leave my chest and testicels and return to my butt rubbing and sliding first one finger and then two as I continue to relax for you…MiLady. I feel the pressure as you push into me…You slide in easily from the oil deep within from the Cocktail. I can feel you begin to move. I cannot describe the motion except that it is wonderful. I feel something I have never felt before and you sense it. ? When your legs buckle just fall on the bed. I wonv t let you get away.- I can feel you moving in and out, right and left, back and forth, and in circles; faster then slower then faster again. A feeling is building inside of me not like I have ever felt before. My penis is still half-hard and a little puddle of fluid is gathering in the sleeve. Soon I am matching each one of your moves as the feeling grows and grows I am getting weak and I feel my legs give out as you push me forward on to the bed. You were right you did not come out. I am beginning to shake all over almost convulsing but it feels good. I am on my knees now pulling and pushing you and reaching behind me for you. MiLady I stammer…Yes..You slow down and push in deep and arch your back and say ? roll over- I turn and lift my legs over your shoulders you have laid down on top of me and just your hips are moving slowing and deepening. I wrap my arms around your neck and pull you toward me…Mi Lady I I I …Your mouth opens and comes to mine my lips are cold and clammy. Your tongue is warm and as wet as mine is dry…Again the feeling is building from in side me stronger. I feel myself begin to shiver and tremble and soon I am shaking and writhing with delight. I am having a second orgasm and I have not cum. I go limp and am taken to someplace in a dream state. When I regain my senses you have pulled out of me and are lying beside me. I reach out for you to pull myself to you to kiss you again. My hand goes to your penis and I stroke it and say ? Your right MiLady yours is better than mine. I canv t do that with mine.- You stand up and slide the strap on off onto the floor and then lay down next to me again. You ask if I liked relaxing you? Of course MiLady more than you know. You then look down and say ? hey look. It works. You have gotten bigger. Hmm lets see that. As you take the pressure off of the sleeve you are cupping my balls and gently moving them. As the sleeve is removed the weight makes it seem longer. Are you sure MiLady it worked? Is my dick bigger? As you release the weight you look closer. I feel you breath as you examine me. Well therev s only one way to be sure you say as you put my cock in your mouth. I respond at once. My cock was had gotten hard before you turned out the light earlier and had been Simi-hard through the session so that now I thought it was going to explode. I did not recognize it. It was an inch or so longer and even fatter… You say ? Hmm- as you admire your handy work ? it does look like it has gotten as good as mine.- ? So letv s do it.- I see you roll over on your stomach and lift your hips into the air. ? Well get to it.- Yes MiLady…Are you CLEAN? AND what is the recipe for the CockTail

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