Stories from AMP World: Part One,The Teaser


Stories from AMP World: Part One,The TeaserI visited a particular happy ending parlor a couple of times and, while you can get almost anything at a full service place, sometimes less really is more.I had been to this particular oasis from reality but most of the staff had moved on as the former owner, C, had sold the biz. She had a real talent for inducing an almost transcendent state with the way she moved from deep massage into soft sensuous touch.When I returned the second time after the changes in staffing, another new girl answered the door and asked if I had been before. I was able to drop a few names of the earlier girls and I also said that I would really miss departed C as she knew how to tease a man. I also mentioned that I had been in a week earlier and saw another one of the new coworkers and had a very nice time.This new girl understood English well enough and repeated “so you like a good teasing” with a meaningful look. I think the two new top girls were in a bit of a battle to secure the most steady clients and I was luckily to benefit from their drive to be the best in the house. My girl, dressed in the uniform of tight V cut top, leggings and colorful Welly boots took me to the slightly too short table shower. I teased saying that I never quite fit as my head and feet touch the end walls, but that at least I wouldn’t slide off like some short guys.My masseuse giggled a little and started pouring hot water onto the leatherette table. When she finished, she hung up my robe and I laid face down on the warm table. As usual I was then ladled with warm water and given a good all over back soaping by my new friend of the hour. As I laid there with my head up on a tiny pillow, she bent close to my ear and whispered “you like good tease, hmmm”. She then slid her soapy hands over my butt, down my thighs and back up to brush my balls before she deeply soaped up my crack and made certain my taint and asshole were squeaky clean. After rinsing me with gouts of bracing hot water she had me turn over. I had been thinking of the fun to come and was of course already 3/4 hard. She saw my signal and ignored it while she soaped up my chest, legs, feet arms and hands all while studiously avoiding my beating cock. Rubbing the bar of soap to make a fluff of slippery lather in her hands, she looked at bahis firmaları me and then, as if just noticing my now purple flagpole, slowly ran both hands up my thighs, over my balls and finally up my shaft. She set to work with both hands wrapped around the base of my cock and slowly pulled up while rotating at the wrists. As she reached the top she rolled each hand around to follow the contours of my cock head and continue into a downstroke. She repeated this slowly a few times and when it was near exploding, said I was a bad boy and would have to wait. She then went on to clean my balls fully and with a sly look gave me a few more long lingering wanks. Thank god I had unloaded before coming to the parlor as it all could have ended right there!After rinsing me with warm water and chasing away any bubbles, she helped me up from the slippery table, brought me to stand on a towel and proceeded to dry me off from toe to head. As she was kneeling in front of me and spreading my legs to dry my package, I could see down her top into her soft cleavage. She caught my glance and slowly stood up to just graze my cock with her silky hair as she dried my upper body. She helped me dress in the robe and flip flops and then led me to the massage room. I laid down, and as usual, positioned myself facedown just a bit low on the table, knowing that as I dragged myself up that my cock and balls would lag behind and be nice and exposed. Since I am tall, my feet usually end up over hanging the sides of the table. This leaves my thighs slightly parted and my cock accessible.My girl laid a new towel on top of me and started giving me a full body rub. After I was warmed up, she removed the towel and went about firmly and methodically massaging my shoulders, arms, back, legs and feet. She put on expert pressure and pulled each joint into tingling perfection. Just as I was fully relaxed and had drifted away into a trance on the edge of sleep she straddled me facing backwards and gave my buns a deep, to the pelvis, massaging. This turned into a slow sliding massage of my thighs. Her strokes growing softer and lighter as they traced just shy of my stiffening cock and balls. At this point, most places would dim the lights and have you flip over for a short but enjoyable jack hammering. If you asked the girl to slow down kaçak iddaa a bit, there would be a sudden and conveniently complete language and hearing failure.This a time was very different. After a thorough table shower and a long professional grade massage, I was feeling too hazy to worry about the ticking clock. Also, as I was being straddled and pressed into the table, I felt distinctly not in control as she slowly moved onto the soft touch. As she traced lines along my balls and cock, she slowly moved her hands in such a way that she coated her fingers with my now freely flowing pre cum. I was as wet as a teenager girl!She took her fingers and slowly but deliberately narrowed her focus down to just tenderly enclose and pump my cock head as I lay face down, immobilized. Even more deliberately she moved on to just slowly rhythmically rub her pre cum soaked fingers along the most sensitive part of my glans. The crazy thing is, that as she went from the full body massage to just my cock, her minimalistic reduction of focus to just the tiniest, most sensitive part of my body totally blew my mind. I was suspended in a timeless void, I was floating without the ability to move or worry. I could only murmur thank you. Gone were the usual male tensions of am I going to last long enough for my lover, am I going to hurt her if I pound at the wrong angle, is this position awkward. . . Instead I felt obliterated and like I was being serviced in both the most wholistic and mechanical way. All that existed was waves of slow pleasure coursing from my core into the world.I’m not sure how long this went on, it could have been 10 minutes or 10 centuries; I was shut off from time. Eventually my girl (well actually an attractive mid 30-ish sweet, but independant woman) whispered “you’ve been good” as she slid off of my back and dimmed the lights even further.She rubbed my shoulders softly and next to my ear said “turn over, baby”. My body felt like lead, but I slowly, hazily rolled over, barely aware of anything as she lubed up her hands and slowly started massaging my throbbing purple cock.Slowly opening my my eyes I saw her in the dim light masterfully rubbing my cock. I was quietly beyond happiness and used all my focus to just barely lift one hand against all the weight of the world and touch her gently on the kaçak bahis small off her back. “You have a good strong cock” she said while rotating her hands deliberately over every curve of my cock and balls. I felt a need to not only to be touched, but to touch her as well. With effort, I slowly traced the curve of her spine and the upper swell of her backside a few times. This one act of movement made her smile as she looked at me and continued her firm ministrations. I did not want to move but I suddenly felt insatiably needy. I continued stroking my masseuse’s back and then, sensing no trepidation, gently slid my hand beneath her shirt to caress her back. I took the mmnnn sound she made as permission to proceed and delved in under her panties to slowly feel her buns. Then I slid up to her bra and along to feel the underside of her breasts She gently removed one hand from my cock and pulled her shirt up to reveal her bra and slender torso. With a second soft move she pulled her bra out and up to let her breasts spill out. Her tits were amazing smooth light olive-toned forms. They had beautiful defined dark circles and were finished with thick, large pencil eraser nips. As I fondled them with my one mobile hand she leaned over me. My hand fell away as her tits swung over to hang over my face. She continued working my cock slowly while deliberately dragging her hard nipples in circles over my face. Still all but immobilized, I strained hungrily to lift my head an 1/8 of an inch to latch onto a nipple as it swung by. Her nipples were large and firm. I greedily engulfed one and completed the electric circuit through our bodies. I was lost for some time sucking and slurping like a baby on her perfect nipples. Soon though the connection between my cock continuing to be expertly jacked off and my mouth being filled with firm tasty tits packed a urgency into my balls that could not be contained. After an eternity of easy, languid love my masseuse started to accelerate the pace of the hand job and my dam burst. I volcanically jetted string after string of cum while she continued to feed me her tits. Without missing a stroke every drop of cum was milked from me. The jizz hit all over; her bra, her shoulder, her tits and elsewhere as I muffled near screams in between her breasts.For the hundredth time, I again said thank you as she wiped up and squeezed the last white drops out of my cock.I told her how amazing she was and gave her a big tip as she hugged me and led me by the hand back to the door the real world.

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