Story – 2


Story – 2PART 2Lori sat back and thought about it. That would be awful. Cindy, who the new dress code was probably intended for, was a single Mom and needed this job. She needed the flexible hours and every Sunday and Monday off. “Oh David, I can’t believe I went off like that..””My boss had every right to be upset with me, I will have to appologize on Tuesday first thing”.”That’s what I love about you, you are always ready to admit when you have made a mistake and make whatever amends you can, Lori””I’d like to show you something tonight, do you mind if we take a little drive before I drop you off at home?””Of course not, David, a drive sounds nice.”It wasn’t a really long drive, only about 15min, but it brought them to an older section of the city at the edge of the conservation area. David pulled off onto a small drive that ran through a small wooded area. The lane was lined with mature trees and wound around until it suddenly opened up to a quaint cottage with pink brick work and wide wrap around porch, complete with victorian lattice across the top.”It is so beautiful David!” exclaimed Lori as she climbed out of the car. A perfect night and the scent of lilac bushes on the warm breeze. “Who lives here?, what an amazing property to find so close to the city..”David canlı bahis şirketleri smiled at her delight. “I’ve had my eye on this place for more than 10 years. Ever since I used the lane to turn around when I was younger”. “It went up for sale last week, I bought it andI was hoping….”Lori turned around as David pulled out a ring box and knelt on the soft gravel. He opened the box and said “Lori, I love you so much, Would you consent to be my wife?””Oh yes David…”David smiled and reached for her to put the ring on her finger. Then he became serious and said……….I am glad that you wish to marry me too, however we need to discuss a few things before I will accept your final answer, okay Sweety?””Okay”, puzzled Lori as David led her to the front porch to sit.David kissed her gently and held her hand. “I just want us to talk about what our expectations are with each other”. David took a deep breath and started. He explained how wonderful it was growing up in his household. He told her that his parents had wonderful communication and were always putting the other first. He told her about their disagreement over wallpaper when they first moved in together, and how the final choice was his Dad’s. He went on to say how when they were first married canlı kaçak iddaa they had decided that while in most things they would be able to compromise, there would be times when compromise wouldn’t work and someone had to have the final say. They had agreed that his Dad would always have the final say and that his Mom trusted him enough to always do what he thought best. As for the wallpaper, his Dad made the final choice, and his Mom was so surprised to find that he chose the paper that she wanted, even though he disliked it, just because he knew it would make her happy.”That is so sweet…” said Lori. “Are you asking me if I trust you enough to make those decisions and have you be the one with the final say?””Yes, that is part of it””I have no issues with that” replied Lori. “You know that I don’t want to be in charge of everything all the time”.”I know that” said David. The other thing that has been so reassuring in my family is that my Dad took such loving care of my Mom, but part of that is that when she goes off half-cocked, and is not respectful or is insulting or just plain mean……….well…..they agreed that he could spank her if he felt she needed it.””Spank her????” Lori pulled her hand out of David’s. “You can’t be serious, David”I am and canlı kaçak bahis I would like you to talk to my Mom tomorrow after dinner about it. I want you to hear her perspective, because that is something I will insist is part of our marriage”. “I know this is different than what is socially acceptable today, but with divorce tearing people apart, I think this is a better way.” “Talk to my Mom….please?, and think about it”. My Dad always makes sure that my Mom understands and most of the time she is the one to ask for it, when she has realized that she has been out of line””I need you to really think about this Lori, you need to be 100% on board or we can’t get married””Okay David, I will talk to your Mom, but I am really not sure about this at all””That is all I can ask of you……I love you so much Lori”They got back into the car and David reminded her that for Sunday dinner’s at his parents place she would need to wear a skirt. It was tradition to dress up for sunday dinners, as the rest of the week, everyone came just as they were and the only stipulation was clean hands.Lori laughed, I always wear a skirt or dress when I go meet my future inlaws……..well, I will be able to say that after I meet your parents, anyway. Lori watched as the ring on her finger sparkled in the street lights as they passed. David got out and escorted her to her door and gave her a long kiss and just held her for the longest time. Finally he let her go and she smiled and said goodnight as she went be continued…..

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