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stroke buddyone day me and a buddy were playing some video games together, something we did together a lot. after awhile he perked up and mentioned that he had seen this really good porn the other day, and wondered if id like to watch it. I said yeah, cause id showed him some porn id enjoyed before so I wasn’t shy about watching porn together. we linked the computer to the tv and he pulled up the site then found the video. it was like most porn except it had goth women in it, something he loves. we sat there watching it on the couch together, maybe 2 feet apart. after a few minutes I heard him moving and out of the corner of my eye I noticed he was adjusting his dick in his shorts, then he started slowly rubbing him self. I was a little uncomfortable, id watched porn with buddies before but wed never touched istanbul escort bayan ourselves. I couldn’t help but stare out the corner of my eye. I decided to lean forward so I could no longer see him. he got quiet, I figured maybe hed done it without thinking and was now embarrassed. I kept watching the porn, a few moments later I heard him moving again, then I heard a zipper…….he cant be pulling his dick out….. maybe he forgot to zip up after using the bathroom earlier. I sat there staring at the tv, but closely listening to him. you know the sound that’s made when your stroking your dick and the skin rolls over the top than back down? I swear that’s what I heard. I sat there trying to figure out if he was really jerking off or if I was imagining it. the only way to find out would be to istanbul escortlar look, so I rested back against the couch, then used my peripheral the look. sure enough he was slowly stroking his dick. I got really nervous, id never been in this situation before, what should I say or do? I couldn’t stop staring again, I was mesmerized, id never seen another dick in person. to be honest he had a very nice looking dick, it was smooth and proportioned right, nice size to. now im sitting here admiring his dick, whats wrong with me? then I realized I was rock fucking hard, harder than id been in a long time. i want to pull my dick out but im to nervous. ” why don’t you stoke with me?” i cant believe he just said that, i want to even more now. ive fantasized about jerking off with a buddy before but never istanbul escort thought id have the opportunity, hell it might never happen again. screw it man, i unzipped, then reached in my pants….. then slowly pulled my dick out. he clearly looked over and admired my dick, he stayed locked on my dick as he kept stroking. i felt so turned on, i started stroking then turned to get a better look at his dick. our eyes stayed locked on each others dick as we jerked off. if one of us sped up so did the other. i heard him grunting a little and slowly bucking his hips as he jerked his dick, i knew he was getting close. my first thought was that another guy was gonna cum staring at my dick, but was was gonna cum staring at his. he grunted kinda loud and stiffened his legs as he aimed his dick at his stomach. it was so hot i immediately hit orgasm, as we came together on ourselves. our bodies shook as we finished cumming, we looked at each other and just started laughing. needless to say this happened a number of times later and eventually led into more shared experiences.

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