Summer with My Family Ch. 01


I just finished my last day of classes for the spring quarter, and was trekking home after selling my books back. College was turning out to be quite difficult, but I was getting by. I boarded the train and dozed off immediately knowing it would take me almost 2 hours to get to my parents house. I knew the summer was going to be restful and fun, and I dreamt of long bike rides with my sisters, and fishing at the crack of dawn with my brothers. Yes, it was going to be just what I needed to recharge. By the way, my name is David.

Being the youngest of 7 was both a blessing and curse. I was 20 now, so the childhood fights were past us for the most part. I had great memories of learning life with my family. We had our bad times too, but the overall positive environment that my parents had raised us far outweighed any difficulties. They had gotten pregnant with my oldest sister Teresa (her nickname is Rese) when they were both 16. It took them a few years, but they finally came into their own at the shared age of 18 (Their birthdays were only a few weeks apart). With a GED and a job at the factory, their future was looking good. Shortly after Rese’s 3rd birthday, my dad lost his father to an industrial accident. It was completely neglectful, and the generous settlement took just three months. The shock of it and the solitude took the toll on his mother and within a year he lost her too. To help cope with the loss of his parents, my dad swore to his wife and daughter that whatever they wanted to do to be happy was perfectly acceptable. In response, Rese stopped wearing clothes around the house. My parents thought the innocence of it was a great idea, so they became household nudists.

The inheritance my dad received set them up for the rest of their days (probably for ours too). So for their common 21st birthday gift, a house on a plot of land was bought and then they became a baby factory. Every year, bahis firmaları for the next 6 years, they had a baby. After I was born my mother decided her childbearing days were over. I like to think she had done her best with me, and subsequent attempts were futile. As it turned out, being pregnant interfered too much with her hobbies, which I’ll go into a little later. She believed strongly in procreation though, so she signed up at the clinic to be an egg donor, and did so twice a year for 10 years. She’s an amazing woman. During that time she and my father both got Bachelors and Masters degrees. They figured that the house should always be together, and as the children were all students, the parents should too.

Being naked all the time at home presented some embarrassment to my folks, since they weren’t always nudists. Because we were born into it, we knew no different, except in public.. The house rule was that as soon as you entered, you got naked. Needless to say, guests were sometimes shocked when they were urged to strip. Seeing the openness of it through the rest of the house usually persuaded them. Once, an older lady from the church came by to spread the ‘good word.’ She didn’t have any issue with the nudity with my parents, but didn’t want to be seen by us kids. After being out of sight for an hour, we got curious and stormed into the den, where they were meeting. Our first exposure to real sex was barging in on my dad fucking a bible-thumpers ass while my mom sucked the juice from her pussy like it was the elixir of life. The conversation afterwards included some apologies, the birds and the bees explanation, and a biology lesson.

The conductor announced my stop waking me into a brief panic. Any commuter into a city knows this feeling. I collected my thoughts and things and started the walk home. It was only a few miles, and my mother had volunteered to pick me up, but I wanted to kaçak iddaa surprise her. The house was actually on a very large plot of land, obscured from outside view by an apple orchard. I knew my way, and cut through the orchard toward the house. After a few minutes I saw a flash of what I knew was bare skin. Getting closer I saw a familiar sight. There was a man’s naked butt flexing into the woman beneath him. That woman was Rese, and she had her feet resting on my brothers shoulders. My siblings were at it again.

I walked up to them and greeted them, quickly insisting they not stop. Rese was very aroused, and my appearance sparked her to asking me to fuck her ass while my brother Pete continued stretching her pussy. We hadn’t done a double penetration in a few months, and she was just itching for it. I declined claiming I had to make an appearance at the house first, but the sight had started my juices churning and my cock began to twitch.

Leaving them was difficult, but within a few minutes I caught another couple. The woman on top was my sister Lisa. She was facing away from my brother Kenny, whose cock was so far in her ass that I thought I saw her stomach flexing to contain it. She was propped with her feet on his knees and her hands on his shoulders while he held her hips. Lisa has got an awesome body hardened by amateur bodybuilding, and I admired every lean feminine muscle on her frame. She competed once or twice in shows and was gaining credibility in the ranks. Due to amazing physicality, she also has a sex drive that never quits. Kenny was her favorite brother to fuck since he had a cock that bordered on freakish. He had to be 10 inches when flaccid. Nobody ever measured him because those that volunteered (i.e., my sisters and mother) could never keep it out of their mouths, pussies, or asses long enough to run the tape. Between breaths, Lisa greeted me, and offered a blowjob to welcome kaçak bahis me home. Although I was tempted, I declined again and continued toward the house with a turgid member in my jeans and dirty thoughts in my head.

I got to the front door and eased it open slowly. There I saw my last two sibings, Vicki and Henry (The oldest son, named after my Dad). Vicki was between Henry’s legs tonguing his balls and stroking his cock. Henry had our maid Jodi straddling his shoulders, her pussy grinding into his face. None of them saw me, so I backed out quietly, and went around to the back of the house.

There she was, waiting for me. Well, at least I interpreted it that way. My nude mother was on her knees sucking my father, who was laying down on the lawn. He saw me, but I quickly signaled him to be quiet. I snuck back around the corner and undressed. I peeked around just to make sure she hadn’t noticed. Her cheeks were sucked in taught from the vacuum of her cocksucking, and her ass was high in the air while her breasts swayed gently beneath her. I got my fathers attention and motioned for him to grab her head by the sides, basically face-fucking her. He did, and her field of vision was limited to the cock in her face, and her ears blocked by his hands. She was getting excited by the aggressiveness and gagged just a little. I had positioned myself behind her and saw her dripping pussy lips beckoning for my cock. Her right hand was fingering her clit fiercely. Mom was always an enthusiastic and orgasmic lady, so a sopping pussy was par for the course. She had also shaved herself bare. That was new. I timed my dads motion and plunged my cock into her pussy. I should have expected it, but even expecting it wouldn’t have prepared me. My taking her at that moment triggered her orgasm… violently. She began screaming into the cock in her mouth, and bucking her hips like she was having a seizure almost knocking me out of her. I held onto her hips and pounded my cock into her convulsing pussy. As she calmed down, I reached under and grabbed her hardened nipples and held on for the ride whispering into her ear, “Hi Mom, I’m home.”

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