“Support in the toilet”[ENG]


“Support in the toilet”[ENG]This work is legally protected under the Copyright Act. protection of copyright is protected by law.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPLBelow, you can read the story “Support in the toilet”, I wish you a pleasant reading.Support in the toiletI’m Michael, I’m quite girlish physique and I’m 18 years old. I am a male whore and I love to indulge in stronger guys. One day I got an offer sex in a public toilet, as the price was interesting, and I was craving, I agreed. As always exactly wygolilem, I took a backpack with toys and rubber bands, and before going further in August stretched. I dressed normally, like a teenager, except that under normal clothing I had lace panties and leginssy. Having proper time I went to a meeting, I went to the toilet, of course, agreed, sat on kibelku and waited. After a moment a knock to my cabin, I asked the appropriate text ,, so? “, At this point he went in. Good posture man, a bit older, with a smile on his lips, like I like.- Well I came?- Yes sir.He closed the door, I fell off the pattern and said:- Show what you can do.I downloaded pants, showing my outfit, then got up and I started to dance in front of him. I think he liked it because not a moment passed since the start of my contortions, avcilar escort and already rubbed through pants. Odwórcilem her back to him and dancing, I started to rub my ass in leggings and panties to his crotch. Then with one hand, he grabbed me by the hips, d ** nd neck and firmly He pressed to each other. I felt big bulge on my ass, he began to gently move your hips pushing me, at the same time he said:- You are my bitch, you do what I want.He told me to sit on the kibelku and undid his pants. I saw the cock, who had with 20 cm. He came closer and told me to start from the bottom, so gently leaned and kissed his testicles, slowly I started to lick them, poddsysac and stroked his mouth. Going above put my hands on the eggs and began to massage them, while my lips licked, kissed and caressed the bridge of his penis, walking slowly higher and higher. When I felt the tip of the lips, mouth greedily took over the head. I started with a sucking force and fly around her tongue, then he grabbed my head and began to slowly tighten. After several such attempts to put his dick on the eggs themselves to my feminine murders, and he started to fuck her slowly.- And how do you like it, bitch? He began to take me in the throat, şirinevler escort faster and stronger, saliva dripped from my mouth, and I every now and then choked his big dick, I felt like his head palate teasing me and get caught by the start of the neck. Then prick cheeks to push me, hit him several times in the face solidly obsliniajac it my thick saliva, then shoved him back and he started very quickly fuck fuck me while holding her hands. This tip playground with my mouth lasted from 3 minutes, tears welled in this time of my sight.- Okay, time for the main attraction.Turn around and stretch out! Rubber bands will not be needed! Obediently I put my knees on the toilet and threw out a tight leggings, one motion pulled off them, spat on my tight hole and put the head of his lieves. I groaned involuntarily what he had someone to hear, but my Lord is not interested, the next move cock pressed halfway. Slowly fucked my dupeczke, muttering under his breath, I was wonderfully when he did. At some point, without warning he came after the same kernel, these until hit my buttocks.- So you bitch, we play up.He began to move me with strength, with every movement of his chump entered the end, beat the eggs in my asshole. taksim escort I felt like every part of my dzurki is sharply jog in the hard dick, his every twitch I felt very strongly. Of course, it was so nice that he began to make fun of his dick, I shot your ass to further strengthen our impressions. I felt that I come soon, moaned under his breath and was hammering in his dick. Immediately I felt that my kutasek vibrates and started to shoot my sperm on the water tank in the toilet. Then my master stopped for a moment to fuck me and gave the order:- Lick a whore. Which is further fucked my hole, which before this action was still ciasniutki. I like obedient dziweczka began to lick tank, picking up the language of his own sperm. In the meantime, I felt that my Lord will soon come, because his dick already started to flash, so even tighter quipped that he was pleased.- About whore!His hot cum landed under tremendous pressure in my dupce, I felt like it and flood fills the milk, a few sharp moves and I had an ass full of sperm. I could feel the trickle down my thigh, but Mr. gathered her dick and podstawil me to murder, telling cleaned, so dutifully licked the whole cock, feeling the salty flavor that was delicious. Lord founded my panties and leggings, even though I had asshole full of sperm, slapped, he said that I was a bad whore and gave me money. You do not know what pleasure I made, after returning home I took off my panties and licked them specifically to taste more sperm.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPL

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