Surprise At The Drive In Ch. 2


It wasn’t even six yet. The movie wouldn’t start until it got dark about nine thirty. Durand was less than an hour away, so we had at least two hours to kill. “So, what do you want to do until its time to go?” I asked Deb as we got out onto the porch. “I don’t think we need to leave until almost eight thirty.”

Deb turned into my arms and with a wet open mouth, kissed me hard, sliding her tongue suggestively in and out of my mouth. She let one hand slide down over my chest and sink underneath the waste band of my swimsuit until she grasped my hard-on again. She began to stroke it in time with movement of her tongue. There was no mistaking what she had in mind.

Finally, she broke away. Leaning back in my arms, she licked her lips sensuously and suggested, “How about… we take the boat…” she paused and looked down, watching a finger on her free hand running circles through the hair on my chest. “go out to the island…” Now she twisted first one nipple and then other as she whispered, “and you can screw the hell out of me.”

“You have just added all kinds of new words to your vernacular today. Haven’t you? And that sounds like a great idea. I just hope you don’t wear me out before we get up north.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” she said squeezing my cock a little harder. “I’m sure there will be enough stimuli to get it up again and again…” she kissed me. “and again…” she kissed me once more. “and again…” a third kiss. “and again.”

“Alright, let’s go than.” I said, but couldn’t resist pulling her to me and kissing her really hard, stabbing my tongue deep into her mouth. I grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her tight against my still rock hard bulge. I pushed it hard into her pelvic mound eliciting soft moans of pleasure from my soft and wonderful bride to be, whom seemed bent on becoming my slut as well tonight. A revelation I was really beginning to marvel and appreciate.

Hers hands came up to my head, running her fingers through my hair and finally pulled my head even harder into her mouth. Our tongues fought for possession of each others mouths for another minute or so, when suddenly she push my head away, breaking our kiss with a gasp for breath. Panting she cooed softly, “Come on. Let’s get out of here so we can put this,” she whispered, grabbing my bulging appendage, “where it belongs…. in my hot, drenching wet pussy. I just can’t wait any longer. I’ve got to get fucked or I’m going to rape you right here in front of your parents.” She laughed and kissed me real hard again, all the while rubbing the length of my cock with the palm of her hand.

Finally out at the boat I grabbed the life vest, my ski and tossed out the towrope.

“You’re not going to ski are you?” She asked, but it wasn’t a question.

“Sure. Why not? Just out to the island.” I replied, lowering the motor as I started pushing the boat into deeper water.

“That’s not our mission here.” She sounded a little peeved.

“Come on. It won’t take any longer. Sit down, start the engine and we’ll be there.

Acquiescing, she started the motor, put it in forward, while I put on my ski. When the line was tight I yelled, “Hit it!” We were off in an instant. She turned towards the island as I jumped outside the wake. I immediately leaned to the inside cutting back across the wake to the other side. Turning sharply I dug in deep throwing up a wall of water while cutting back across the wake again to repeat the same on the other side. Deb turned sharply as we approached the island. I swung across the wake one last time away from the boat, let go of the rope, and headed towards shore. As I slowed down I turned sharply, throwing up one last wall of water.

I heard the boat racing up be hind me, the engine stopped replaced by the sound of water splashing off the bow. As I turned, Deb was just letting go of the anchor as she threw it out across the bow to splash into the water at the edge of the drop off. As I walked towards the boat removing my vest, Deb disappeared towards the stern of the boat. A moment later I heard another splash. Just as I approached the bow of the boat, Deb surfaced only a foot or two in front of me.

I laid the vest on top of my ski and took her into my arms. Our lips met yet again in a very passionate kiss. As her body closed with mine I felt her breasts and hard nipples press into my chest. I allowed one hand to slide down her back and grabbed one of her cheeks. Finding it bare, I pulled her in, even tighter. When she finally broke our kiss, I said, “You took off your bathing suit.”

“Dah.” She replied flabbergasted. “If you remember I took it off back on your porch.”

“That’s right.” I laughed sheepishly.

“Now it’s your turn!” She exclaimed ducking under the water. Her hands were quickly on the sides of my suit and yanking it down my legs, which I quickly stepped out of. Returning to the surface with a gasp, she handed my removed suit, saying, “Here, hang on to this.” and quickly ducted back under bahis firmaları the water.

Much to my surprise my cock was immediately engulfed by a very soft and wonderful set of lips. I was already hardening from the kiss, but this new invasion quickly brought it to its full potential. As soon as it hardened completely her head began to move in and out. She pulled out till her lips were just touching the ring around its crown and quickly moved back in along the shaft until almost all of it was sheathed between her lips. She grabbed the cheeks of my ass to give herself stability, allowing her to move rapidly in and out along its length. I was amazed at just how long she could hold her breath. Forty-five seconds, maybe a minute it went on.

Looking down into the water I could see her whole body stretched out in front of me, moving back and forth like a huge fucking machine as she pushed her self back and forth. I kept my balance by placing one foot in front of the other and holding on to the ski so as not to be knocked over be the necessary pulling and shoving required to move her whole body. Then with a rush she let go, broke through the surface, gasped one deep breath and dove right back down to resume her on-slot. I was in heaven. She had gone down on me before, but never like this. It was as if she were possessed.

Again she was down there for at least another forty-five seconds or so. This time when she surfaced panting, she threw her arms around my neck, jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. She almost pulled me over, but I was able to throw my foot out a little further to keep us from falling over. In between panting breaths, she proclaimed, “I think… I’ve got… you ready…. It’s time… to please me!”

Reaching down between us, I grabbed my penis working it into her vaginal lips. I tried to work it back and forth, but it stuck to her skin, jumping to the next sticking point as I forced it forward, almost as if she were completely dry. We had tried this before and always found that the water seemed to rinse away all the lubricants. I continued to try while we kissed, but to no avail.

Breaking our kiss, she said exasperated, “Damn! Damn! Damn! As hot and wet as I’ve been all day, I was sure it would work this time.” She concluded with a pouting lower lip.

“Well, let’s head for the boat.” I suggested.

“I’ve got a better idea. You put away the ski. I’ll take the vest and float up to shore.” She recommended, quickly grabbing the vest and putting it on. She gave me that sexy, come get me look and laid back into the water – teats up, so to speak – and started kicking for shore. “I’ll meet you in the clearing. Bring the blanket…. Oh yeah, and the baby lotion, too.” She added, kicking away. This was not the first time we had taken the boat to find a secluded place to make love nor the first time we had been frustrated by the lack of lubrication in the water.

I swam to the stern of the boat, where the step was. I pushed the ski up on the gunwale, threw my bathing suit over as well and quickly climbed up over the side. I laid the ski in its tray, pulled the blanket and lotion out from under the seat and headed to the bow of the boat. Placing the blanket on the bow, I slid over the gunwale into chest deep water, retrieved the bundle and waded as fast as I could into shore.

Upon reaching the shore I quickly ran up the path, but stopped dead in my tracks as I stepped into the clearing. Across from me, posing seductively, stood my fiancé, hands over her head, a lovely smile on her face that said, Here I am, just for you.

“Don’t just stand there!” She demanded. “Spread out that blanket. You did bring the baby oil, didn’t you?” She inquired, moving one hand down between her legs, one finger slid in between the engorged lips that greeted it there. “As hot and wet as I am, that water out there has just washed away all my juices.”

I stepped forward, unwrapped the blanket on the ground, showing her the bottle of baby oil as I did so. Setting it aside I finished spreading out the blanket. After retrieving the bottle again I turned around to find her already laying invitingly on the blanket. Her legs were spread wide, while she worked and squeezed her right breast. Her nipples were swollen and sticking out as far as I had ever seen them. She wrinkled up her nose and mouthed the words, “Come on, fuck me.”

I flipped open the top on the bottle of baby oil. I squeezed some right on top of my pulsing spear, spreading it around with my hand. I reached over squirting some between her legs. Then moving over between her them, I used the end of my penis to spread the liquid over and between her lips.

Deb gasped at the sensation, then pleaded; “Don’t play. Shove it in. I need you inside me. I can’t wait any longer.”

Without hesitation I leaned forward, wiggled its head up and down a couple more times to find the opening and shoved it in to the hilt. She gasped as I layed right down on top of her and remained kaçak iddaa still.

“Thank you, love.” She moaned. “You feel great. You feel so much bigger than usual. So very, very big. It was worth waiting for. Now give me a nice long fuck.

I began to thrust slowly. “You feel great too, baby. Your pussy is tighter than ever. Maybe the cool water tightened you up and that’s why I feel so big.”

“You don’t think my underwater performance had anything to do with it?”

“You may have a point.” I relented and began to kiss her while increasing the temple of my thrusts. I slid all the way out, until the head was just barely touching her lips and then I thrust in hard, burying myself until our pelvic mounds collided with force and my balls slapped into her bottom. With each thrust she moaned an almost inaudible, “Oooh, yessss.”

Slowly I withdrew, her hands squeezed into my bottom cheeks urging me to return. With the head of my cock just touching her lips again I hesitated until I felt her hands pull my butt towards her and I lunged again, to hear her utter once more, “Oooh, yesss.”

Over and over I teased her like that. I worked my arms under her and pulled her to me, feeling her breasts and hard nipples pushing into my chest. It was harder to pull all the way out in that position, although I tried a few more times. Then I just lunged into her as hard as I could; and remained still, deep inside her. Finding her lips I kissed her softly with as much passion as I could find. I wanted to send her a message; that for me, this was more than just sex. To me, this was making love. I wanted to pore more then just my jism into her, I wanted to pore in all my soul as well. I wanted to become one with her. I held her tight kissing her delicately and she responded in kind.

“I love you.” I whispered, when I broke the kiss.

“I know.” She said softly. “And I love you too. More than you will ever know.”

She brought a hand to the top of my head, running her fingers through my hair. She pulled me back down to her lips. We kissed again softly. Opening our lips I softly exhaled into her mouth and in turn she exhaled into mine, until we developed a rhythm of breathing back and forth. We had done this before. We said we were exchanging each other’s souls. We breathed together on and on, until it almost feet like we might pass out. Finally we broke the kiss, not really knowing why, but both breathing in fresh air, and realizing where we were again.

I pulled her tighter again, my chin on her shoulder and my cheek against hers. One of her hands ran through my hair, while the other ran over my back and bottom. I heard her whisper, “That’s nice. I love to feel your soul in me.” She squeezed me tighter and her vaginal muscles around my cock did the same. While at the same time, her pelvis just slightly raised up to push against mine; showing, involuntarily I’m sure, her still unmet needs.

I responded by pushing back a little. Over a short amount of time that little bit of mutual pushing and shoving of our pelvic areas tuned into the usual rhythm of mutual lovemaking. Soon we were sliding and thrusting into each other with renewed urgency.

“Oh, God… Bill…. This feels great.” Deb panted into my ear.

I answered by raising my head and lowered it again to kiss her. But this time our kiss was not soft, it was hard with obsession as her hand pulled my head tighter to hers. She twisted her head back and forth in passion as we kissed. Simultaneously our thrustings became more intense, our needs more demanding, as I plunged down into her and she drove up into me.

“Fuck me, baby!… Fuck me!… Harder!…” Deb panted when we broke the kiss. “You feel…. So fuckin’ good!”

I responded pulling my arms from underneath her and raising up on my elbows. There was no teasing now. I wanted her as much as she needed me. I began to drive into her in earnest now, slamming into her as hard as I could. She countered by thrusting her pelvis up to meet each attack.

We continued on like that for several minutes maybe, thrusting and plunging into each other at and ever-increasing pace, until I couldn’t hold back any more. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and was about to start that pumping action that would release my love juices deep into her love canal.

“Oh baby!… I’m so close!… I need to pull out!…” I panted in exclamation.

“Oh Honey!… No!… Not yet!… I need you inside me… longer!…” She gasped in reply while holding me tighter, trying to keep me from withdrawing as I always did before cuming.

I wrenched myself free. As soon as I withdrew I grabbed the base of my shaft, squeezing it as hard as I could and was able to stem the tide from breaking through.

Deb was screeching, “No!… No….” Reaching up she grabbed around my neck and tried to pull me back down on her. “I need you!… I need you back inside me…. Please come back inside me…. Please.”

Instead, I lowered my head out from under her grasp and quickly kaçak bahis repositioning myself as I lowered my lips to her pussy. Her lips were engorged with blood, but I worked my way down through them until I found her love pearl and I sucked it between my lips.

“Ummm…. That feels… good too.” She moaned. “Did you cum?”

Raising my head and slipping a couple of fingers into her wet hole, I answered, “No. I was able to squeeze it off just in time.”

“Oooh, good.” She said in relief. “Then you’ll be able to fuck me again when I cum, won’t you?”

I mumbled an almost inaudible, “uh ha.” as I had already returned my lips and tongue to her sensitive pussy. I licked and licked all around her clit, flicking it back and forth with my tongue, while she thrust her pelvis up into my face. Her hands reached around the back of my head and pulled me in tight. She began to slowly raise and lower her pussy as she just blatantly fucked my face.

“Oh yes!… That feels good…. I’m getting there…. And then you’ll…. Fuck me again. Won’t you?” She pleaded. “I’m almost there!… Suck on my clit, baby…. Suck it in…and lick it.”

I did as she commanded, pulling the swollen nub between my lips and quickly attacked it with my tongue. I brought more and more pressure down upon it. She in turn pulled my head even tighter and accelerated her pelvic thrusts into my face. I opened my lips and flattened my tongue over her pearl. I wiggle my tongue back and forth as quickly as I could and increased the pressure as much as I could. Her thrusting motions quit and she just pushed as hard as she could into my face. I knew by this, that she was right at the brink. I lifted my tongue, pushing the tip right down on her so much harder clit and worked it back and forth as fast and hard as I could.

I was rewarded with a deep, almost inaudible growl from deep in her throat. What had been pent up in her soul all day was now being released. She began to shack and she renewed her thrusts into my face as the growl got loader and loader. Her thrusting became more and more intense until her bottom came completely off the ground each time. It was hard to stay with her as she bucked against my face. I kept my tongue on her clit as best I could, because I knew what was coming next.

I wasn’t wrong, for in the next moment her legs squeezed hard around my head and then thrust hard to her left. She was strong and pulled me right over on my side with her. She shook violently and pulled herself away and there was nothing I could do to stay with her. But, I had been there many times before. As I got up on my knees, she laid there on her side in the fetal position, gasping and still thrusting in orgasmic relief. I grabbed her knees and pulled her over on her back. It took a lot of force, but I finally pulled her knees apart and wedged myself between them until I could reinsert my cock into her now convulsing love nest.

I thrust once, driving deep down inside her as she gasped in response. She reached up and grabbed my head pulling me down on top of her and thrusting her pelvis up into mine with each of her convulsions. I matched her rhythm as best I could, listening to her whimper, “Oh, yes…. Fuck me…. Fuck me…. Just, fuck me…. Fuck me.” Over and over she crooned.

I did just that. Her orgasm never seemed to stop at times like this. Her rhythm would just slow down and then speed up again, slow down for a while and then speed up. All the while she would croon her mantra of “fuck me” over and over again.

I thrust into her at her pace as best I could for maybe another five minutes, until finally it was my turn. I rose up on my arms and began to thrust into her as hard as I could, no longer on her rhythm, but mine. She always grabbed my sides or bottom at these times and held on trying to thrust up to meet my lunges if she could, and hopefully have one more high of her own. And this was no exception. Then there was that burning in my balls again and I knew I had to withdraw, which I did and immediately shot wads and wads of cum all over her belly. I layed down on top of her and fucked her belly to complete my orgasm. Her hands pulled my head next to hers and she pecked little kisses on my ear and neck as I finished my own convulsions. Slowly our breathing came back to normal as we lay there together in each other’s arms.

“Niiiice.” I said softly into her ear and kissed it with a wet tongue.

She shook her head away from my wet tongue, but responded. “It sure was. One of the best we’ve ever had. I think.”

“Yes, I think so too.” And we slowly began to disengage from each other.

I sat up and she did as well, leaning against me with her head on my shoulder, saying, “Hold me just a little longer before we go. I glad you’ve got so much will power.”

I put my arms around her and pulled her tighter to my body. As usual her hand dropped into my lap, finding my flaccid appendage, she curled her fingers around it and just held it. In turn I found one of her breasts, cupping it in my hand I began a gentle massage. “Ummm,” She moaned. “This is nice. Very nice.”

I just responded with a quiet, “Uh ha.” And began to just slightly rock her in my arms. It was nice. Very nice.

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