Big Tits

SusannahHe’d always admired Susannah, ever since he joined the university where she worked. She was tall, with long dark hair and legs that a girl 20 years younger than her would be envious of… But he was a realist; he knew that all he’d ever have a chance to do was admire her from afar. Her with a highly paid senior role and him a lowly technician, he had very little to offer that she didn’t already have, a family, a very successful partner, the flashy car, the expensive design dresses and a different pair of heels every day. She always looked amazing and he always looked forward to seeing her, even though it was always tinged with frustration…All that changed with a new term, things often do at universities, new classes and new timetables often mean a change in daily routines, so when he found out that he would be working in the same classes as her, the new term couldn’t come round soon enough.She was the sort of woman who everyone liked, she bought people together with a natural skill for getting the best out of them, it was no wonder she had risen so far and he was no different, he wanted to impress her, to endear himself to her and that meant working hard and working well…The first few weeks of term are always hectic, but he lived for those times when he could knock on her office door to share information, to make sure her classes ran well and secretly, just to enjoy a few moments of her undivided attention, always careful to keep his eyes on hers, however strong the temptation to admire the rest of her…Over time the strictly professional nature of their relationship began to soften, she would talk about her c***dren, her husband and life away from the bahis firmaları university campus. He’d always listen and try to be as agreeable as possible, always interested, always showing interest, to encourage her to continue, often asking the following day or week how this went, or that went. Then late one afternoon, something changed…He knocked on her office door, to chat about how things had gone in that day’s sessions. She was wearing a floral summer dress, opaque tights (he assumed) and expensive high heels. She often swivelled her chair around to chat when he came in and it was always a challenge to keep his eyes on hers, for reasons he later couldn’t fathom, today he couldn’t resist. Whilst listening to her talk his gaze went to her legs and she noticed something in that gaze, something that went beyond professional conduct…the moment passed but he left her office with his heart beating like a jackhammer in his chest.From then on their conversations changed, the focus was more on her partner, how his work kept him away from home until late in the evenings, the tights became stockings and when she swivelled her office chair to talk to him sideways on, she would often draw her leg up a little to show that her tights had now gone in favour of stockings and…Was that a scent of perfume?The dynamic of their relationship was changing and Susannah was the driving force behind it, but what she did she want from him? He was on her mind constantly, she always had been. He lusted after her from a distance but was careful never to show it, until one Friday afternoon in early June…As always he knocked at her office door but instead of sitting at her desk, kaçak iddaa she was preoccupied with something happening outside her window on the grass below. As always he stood by the door, it was his place, it was appropriate, however she beckoned him over.Two students, both girls were sitting on the well kept lawn below, bags and textbooks cast aside. It was clear from their body language that they were more than just friends and gazing at them, Susannah looked sad. She told him that her and her husband had been together since she was 16, and it made her wonder about the things she might have missed out on. He couldn’t help it, it was sheer reflex to put his arm gently on her back and to remind her of all the good things she had.That was all she needed, her hand went to his and it felt like a static jolt had gone up his arm, all he remembered looking back, was an expression on her face he’d never seen before she was kissing him, deep and hard, the scent of her perfume in his head, the taste of her on his tongue. Desperation and passion, sudden and overpowering took them both.As the both came up for air she drew the blinds, any ideas he had that this would end at a kiss were swiftly put aside as she beckoned him to sit on a chair, her chair…she elegantly lifted one of her long, thin legs and sat, facing him, her summer skirt riding up to show that yes…today was a stockings day…His kisses went towards her neck and she moaned while he fumbled with trembling hands to undo the handful of buttons that kept the top of her summer dress intact, her breasts were small but perfectly formed and he wasted no time in freeing them, all the time kissing her throat and kaçak bahis neck. The bra gave way to desperation and he wasted no time in suckling her nipples and running his tongue across them to nip and caress them with his teeth and lips, all the time feeling the heat from between her legs grow.Her took her off him and leant her against the desk facing him. To run his hands up her legs and kiss her thighs, letting his senses drink in the deep ivy aroma of her sex. She was getting ever wetter and demanded satisfaction but even in his passionate state he was utterly taken aback when she turned around and climbed upon the desk, to kneel with her small, perfect bum at eye level, what did she want? What did she need?Her sense of adventure excited him beyond reason and he lifted the summer dress to expose expensive and skimpy silken panties, with a delicious wet patch growing by the second. He pulled them down mid- thigh to expose both her holes, so smooth and well maintained, he had to taste her…She rocked on her knees as his kisses started on her pert white buttocks and groaned in encouragement as his tongue moved over her lips, they found their mark and pressed inside, tasting her juices and going lower to find her most sensitive spot…her groans became deeper and her back arched, goading him on, wanting more. He pulled back forcing her to pout, for only a second before making his tongue taut and exploring her bum, the reaction was instant and he wondered of anyone had ever done this for her before, he pushed his tongue deeper inside something she clearly loved, massaging her clitoris with his hand at the same time forced a quick and shuddering orgasm, with hot gasps and trembling thighs, more than he’d ever hoped for and something that completely exceeded his expectations, she was perfect and for a few precious hours each week she was his…This was going to be an interesting year.

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