Suzie Notices Luke


Suzie looked around the bank. Another boring day at work, at least she was allowed to take the deposit in and thus get out for a while. Nothing special here, same people she always saw. There was the crazy old lady that smelled like pee. The dirty old black man who stared at her tits, what a creep, not that they weren’t nice tits. She was rather proud of them, all natural, 36C’s; nice well-defined nipples that she loved to play with, or better yet have someone play with. She felt her nipples harden at the thoughts going through her mind. The dirty old man noticed too by the look on his face. He was staring openly at her hard nipples. It made her feel a little dirty, ‘bet the old coot can’t even get it up’ she thought. Smiling she dropped her pen, turning slowly she faced away from him and bent at the waist. Taking a quick glance she saw he was staring at her fine ass, his hand unconsciously rubbing his cock.

The teller called “Next” and Suzie moved to the window.

“Good Afternoon. I’d like to deposit this.” She said.

“Account name” the woman behind the counter drawled. It was obviously a boring day for her too. Suzie gave all the information needed, all the time aware the dirty old man was watching her.

Her business done she walked out of the bank, giving her rear a little extra swing to give the old man something to think about. She was watching him in the reflection on the glass and didn’t notice Luke walk in. Wham! She walked straight into him. He grabbed her to stop her from falling. His hands felt warm and strong on her ass and back.

“s-s-s-Sorry” Luke stammered. He had seen Suzie many times before. She had a killer body. She had all the right curves and a very pretty face. Her black hair glistened in the daylight. Her full lips had a strange attraction to him as well, he could imagine his cock slipping between them, but when he did he always had to masturbate.

“Oh, I’m sorry…” Suzie managed. She knew she had seen him, but was not sure from where. He seemed nice enough, and he was definitely strong. His arms around her felt great, well muscled and he had such big hands. He was well tanned; it was obvious he spent time outdoors.

“Luke” he replied. “I have seen you around a couple times. Are you OK?”

“Yes, just a bit clumsy… you can let go now, I don’t think I’m going to fall.”

“Oh, ya, right.” Luke removed his hands from her back and ass. Too bad he thought, that is a nice ass. He felt his penis begin to grow. He was 6′, 182 lbs, steel grey eyes, light brown hair and glasses. He was a bit of a geek; he worked in computers in a repair squad, like that show Chuck without the spy stuff. “Are you OK?” he asked, the concern in his voice was obvious.

“I’ll be fine” Suzie replied, but she was feeling she needed something, something to quench the heat in her loins. Teasing that old man had turned her on and she could still picture the way his hand bahis firmaları was moving along his manhood. She started to walk away but twisted her ankle and staggered again. Luke stepped over and helped her to her car.

“I can help you back to your place if you want help.”

Suzie started to reject the offer but the pain in her ankle was getting worse with every step. “OK, I don’t live far.” Luke helped her into her seat and then moved to his car; discreetly he adjusted his hard penis and followed the injured girl home.

Suzie caught Luke adjusting himself out of the corner of her eye. She thought about her effect on him and on the old man all the way home and was feeling a definite moistness in her panties by the time she parked her car at home. She tried to get out of her car alone, but when she put any sort of weight on her left foot it was too much.

Luke arrived and helped her from her car to the door. He opened the door and helped her into the small house she rented. “Here, you sit and relax and I’ll have a look at that ankle,” Luke offered. He sat on the floor in front of the large armchair and gently removed Suzie’s shoe.

“Oh, that feels a little better just with the shoe off,” Suzie said, then looked down. Her ankle was slightly swollen and had a darker shade around the joint.

“Yep, a definite bruise forming there. Let me put it in some ice-water for you.” Luke rose and went to the kitchen. Suzie heard him rummage in her cupboards for a few minutes, then the door to the refrigerator opened and she heard him put ice in something. The water ran for a few minutes and he returned with a large bowl with cold water in it. Suzie started to put her foot in the bowl but realised that if she did her pants would get soaked.

“This won’t work. My pants are going to be soaked.”

“Oh, right, well let me get you a blanket and you can take your pants off and sit wrapped in a blanket.” Luke wandered down the hall as he spoke.

“No, it’s OK,” Suzie started to say. She didn’t want this guy going through her room; he might find her vibrator. Before she could get very worried Luke returned with a blanket she had in the closet. He held it in the air like a curtain and turned his head away.

“There, you can take your pants off behind the blanket and I won’t look.” He turned his head away. Suzie wanted to protest, but he was being so nice. Slowly she stood and began to remove her pants. Her jeans were tight and her panties slid down with them, she felt the cool air on her dampness and decided it felt good. Stepping out of her pants and panties she took the blanket and wrapped it loosely around her. She sat back down and lowered her foot in the cold water.

Luke gazed longingly into the glass of the china cabinet. He watched in awe as Suzie dropped her jeans and had to fight an urge to swing around and look when her panties fell as well. Waiting until she said “Ready” kaçak iddaa he slowly turned around. Suzie had her sore foot in the water now and he knelt beside her. Gently he rubbed, almost caressed her ankle. Suzie groaned at the gentle touch. Luke’s hard-on was killing him as it strained against his jeans. As he caressed her ankle he slowly pushed it deeper into the cold water. His gaze wandered up toward Suzie’s face and lingered on her proud nipples, oh he would love to suck and nibble those.

Suzie was shocked at the coldness of the water, but the pain in her ankle faded quickly and the hand on her calf felt good. She noticed his gaze linger on her boobs and that only made her hornier. The blanket was draped just above her knees and with a slight smirk she slowly parted her knees. She watched as Luke slid his gaze slowly along her thighs, knowing he couldn’t see in the darkness under the blanket. She felt a slight tingle in her pussy as his hungry gaze tried in vain to penetrate the darkness between her thighs. She shifted her hips and parted her legs a little more knowing the blanket had moved up when she shifted.

Luke tried to tear his gaze away from the creamy smooth thighs presented before him. His strong hands caressed the injured ankle in the water and slid along the wonderful calf. If only he could kiss those thighs and what lay between them. Suzie shifted slightly and her legs parted still more, he was sure he could see some fine hairs, his mind screamed ‘Just go for it, slide you hand up her leg and push your mouth down on that pussy!!!’ Yet he knew he would never do it. That was just not who he was.

Suzie was beginning to get that feeling in her pussy. She wanted to reach down and rub her clit but didn’t want Luke to think she was easy. “Luke, could you get me a drink from the kitchen please?” she asked is a voice that was turning husky.

Luke stood and turned for the kitchen, Suzie noticed the large bulge in his pants as he stood. A small gasp slipped from her lips before she could control it. Luke stopped moving and turned toward her “I’m sorry, did I hurt you when I let go of your foot?” he asked.

Suzie couldn’t believe her eyes, Luke was large not huge but above average, she could see the outline of his cock through his pants. Without thinking she reached out and ran her fingertips along the outline of the shaft. Luke was startled, yet this was exactly what he had thought about, dreamed even over the months since he first saw her. A groan slipped past his lips and Suzie became bolder. She gripped his shaft through the material of his pants and slid her hand up and down feeling him grow even harder. Luke moved closer to the sitting woman and she undid his belt and zipper reaching inside to feel his cock for the first time. It was hot, thick and hard, just what she needed.

In seconds she had leaned forward and slid her mouth over the tip sucking him deep into kaçak bahis her. He was about seven inches long and quite big around. Her mouth stretched to take him inside. Her pussy spasmed and began to pulse. ‘Oh my god’ she thought, ‘I think I’m going to cum just sucking him.’

Luke was in heaven, how many times had he imagined this when jerking off? The sensation was unbelievable; this beautiful woman was actually giving him head. He could feel her tongue sliding around the crown of his dick and then she would pull him deeper sucking him in, sliding her lips along his length. All too soon he felt the stirring in his groin that told him he would cum soon. “Umm, ahh, Suzie, you had better stop. If you keep going I’m going to cum.” Hearing this Suzie sucked him deep and stroked the shaft that protruded from her mouth. With her left hand she reached up and fondled his testicles. It was too much and Luke almost collapsed as he came, shooting pulse after pulse of cum into the hungry mouth sucking him. As the spasms of pleasure subsided Suzie let him slip from her mouth and sat back. Luke collapsed to the floor drained but ready for more. Turning his head he could see the juices glistening on her beautiful pussy.

Slowly he turned his body until he was facing her, hands on her knees. He dipped his head and let his tongue and lips trace along her thigh to her aching pussy. Suzie spread her legs wide and pulled him toward her. As his tongue touched her pulsing clit she let out a gasp of sheer ecstasy. Her hands flew to his head pulling him into her, he sucked and licked and was rewarded by her gasps and groans as she came. Her juices dribbled down onto the cushion and he eagerly lapped away at them cleaning her pussy.

Glancing down she saw he was hard again, and she was ready for him. Suzie leaned back as she pulled him forward. She grunted in pleasure as his hardness pressed against her opening. Spreading her legs even wider she invited him in. Luke took his time, there was no rush, he would make her enjoy it all. With infinite care he eased into her opening, just his head, then back out. Rubbing around her pussy then back in, a little deeper this time. Soon he was sliding all the way in as deep as he could go. Suzie started to orgasm again, and he slowly slid in and out pushing her over the edge again and again. When her eyes opened he kissed her lips and began to increase the pace. Suzie lost count of the number of times she came, wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her. All too soon Luke felt his balls tighten, he knew he was going to cum again and soon. He started to pull out but Suzie grabbed him and locked her legs around him pulling him deeper. His sperm shooting deep in her triggering yet another orgasm for her.

They lay together recovering for a short while, then Luke stood up and helped her clean up. That day they spent the afternoon in bed, kissing and making love when the need grew strong. Luke eventually left his job and started his own computer service company, Suzie ran the office for him, and between calls he would stop in and make passionate love in the back room, but that is another story.

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