Suzys College Entrepreneurialism – Part 2


Suzys College Entrepreneurialism – Part 2(Read the first part first. No, honestly, best to start there…)I didn’t see Dave for the next couple of days as it was the weekend. I did my Saturday job at the chemist and it seemed so boring and such a waste of a day for half of what I’d got from the boys for one evening. And, lets face it, I’d enjoyed them lusting over me, seeing them cum and me exercising power over them. And the money! I wondered how much more I could get out of them, and how frequently?So on Monday I spoke to Dave and discussed my thoughts. He’d been completely blown away by the experience and was desperate to repeat it – and my suggestion of going further and the implication that touching may be allowed hadn’t gone unnoticed either. It seemed to me that at the next session, if there was demand from the others for one, I would maybe let one or two of them undress me, but they’d have to pay more than those just watching. I thought about a scale of charges: watching would be cheapest, having a feel over my clothes would cost a bit more and so on. Dave seemed to like the idea. He was a bit worried that the boys wouldn’t be able to afford it often, but that he, personally, was prepared to go without buying records and seeing bands if it meant he could touch me up! I suspected that many of the other randy sods would feel the same – they’d spend their hard-earned Saturday job money on sexy encounters anytime! I asked Dave to sound out the lads and get back to me. A couple of days later he did. The boys were, as expected, hot for seeing me naked again. Apparently most had been having sexy dreams about me, and what he called “night emissions”,” i.e. cumming in their pyjamas, which had caused some embarrassment with their mothers doing laundry! Some were worried about the cost going up in line with me promising more, and one or two were happy just to watch, but others were fixated on copping a feel of my tits, or ideally, my pussy. I wasn’t sure about that but I suggested that there be only a slightly higher admission rate next time, per boy, and that they should bring extra money along with them and I would say what I was prepared to do and for how much (as I wasn’t sure at the time) and they could pay on an individual basis. Once again they’d have to be well-behaved and do as I said. We were both worried about where this would take place though. I hadn’t been comfortable with the possibility of his Mum coming into the room, and Dave had worried about the noise that erupted occasionally – if his Mum had been passing the door… well, that would have been unfortunate. What to do? We didn’t have a solution but tentatively agreed to my giving another show on the coming Friday, and to see if any of the boys had an idea for a location.Well the location issue resolved itself nicely. It turned out that Pete’s dad was a caretaker at a local church hall which had a reasonable large room at the back, windowless, that was used to store chairs when they were not being used in the main hall. The only drawback was that the hall was booked on Friday nights but that night, Thursday, was free. Pete could easily get hold of the key from his Dad’s pocket and get a copy made for subsequent evenings, but it would mean we’d have to bring the session forward til tonight! Wow, short notice but I was up for it – Dave got the message to the boys and it was arranged. One of the boys couldn’t make it though, and I wasn’t about to take less money… I needed it. Dave suggested he ask a new lad at college, a nice-looking guy called Greg. I’d seen him about college and asked Dave to sound him out, otherwise the rest would have to pay more – I wanted entrance fees to total at least four pounds this time! I arranged to be at the church hall at seven that evening.The money I’d made at the first session was sitting in my purse and I made a “business decision” on the way home from college. I didn’t catch my usual bus but walked into town and visited one of the large department stores. I decided to invest some of my ill-gotten immoral income in my new line of work… namely, some sexier underwear than my boring white cotton bra and knickers. I was strangely embarrassed as I chose a matching pair of undies in a black and red satin finish. The shop assistant eyed me curiously as I paid for them. I was going to have to keep them hidden from mum – questions would definitely be raised…When I got home I had another idea. Mum was out and I had a rummage around her underwear drawer. Then I found what I was looking for, buried at the back of the drawer and probably forgotten in the few years since she had, like just about everyone under fifty, gone over to wearing tights. Yes, a white nylon suspender belt and a few pairs of seamed stockings! Just what I wanted. I reckoned she’d never notice they were missing. The suspender belt didn’t match my new undies but I reckoned there wouldn’t be any complaints from the boys! I rushed to my room and tried on my new ensemble. It looked wonderful. I felt transformed. I knew enough about boy’s tastes to realise that I should keep the stockings and suspenders on, so the panties had to go over them. I had to practice getting the stockings onto the little lugs on the suspenders, but mastered it eventually, as I did in getting the seams straight. I admired the back view in the mirror and tried a few poses, including checking out the crotch fit of the knickers…. I practised undoing my bra and dropping my panties, as well as ensuring I could undo my blouse and skirt as tantalisingly as possible. I reckon I was getting pretty good at this…So that evening was to be the first of my, shall we say, more “professional” sessions with the boys. I arrived all togged up in my new undies but, for a cover story for my mum, just had a very conservative outfit on top, though I had brought a small bag (smuggled out into the garden shed in advance in case questions were asked!) with a short dress in it,, some high heels and make-up. Pete let me in and I saw a rather larger bahis firmaları gathering than I had expected. Dave was there of course, plus Greg and the boys from my first little adventure, but there were also three or four others, also a bit nerdy looking, who were friends of Dave and Pete and who had been sworn to secrecy. “I hope you’ve got my money for this lot!” I said, and Dave handed over a large wad of pound notes, we’d agreed on two pounds from each boy – certainly enough for me to get more underwear. I went off into the loo to change into my dress and heels, make my face up for them. I came back into the room and found that the boys were all sitting in a semi-circle while there was a chair and a rug in the middle, presumably for my use. The stuff that was stored in the room had been moved aside so they had an uninterrupted view of whatever I got up to… Pete had plugged in a wireless and had tuned it to a station playing music – it made a nice soft background sound. There was a lot of whispering and muttering from my audience as I stood in front of them. A lot of anticipation. Last time I hadn’t really been able to do much of a show, being worried about Dave’s mum coming in, but this place was nice and secure, so I could do more of a performance. First off I told them all to behave themselves and that if anyone did anything I didn’t command, then it would be show over. They nodded. I tested them a little by going over to each boy I didn’t know and asking him his name, then I sat on each of their knees and told them to keep their hands off me! They all passed the test, though I was clearly having a positive effect, looking at trouser bulges! I thanked them all for coming and told them that I would have some treats in store if any of them wanted to spend some more pocket money – there were a few large grins at this “but free to watch!” I added. I had already decided that Dave and Pete would get free extras for setting up the event, but a little extra cash would always go down well – I was in this for the money I told myself. “Come on then Suzy” someone called and I gave them a disapproving look, but sat down on the chair and pulled up my skirt a bit, almost to my stocking tops. Then I got my feet up onto the chair and my knees under my chin, my legs tightly together. I pulled my skirt higher and let my knees come apart just a couple of inches. I knew this would expose just the tiniest view of my knicker gusset and a bit of upper thigh above my stockings. It was a great tease to get things started. The boys leant forward to see more and I quickly stood up, ending the tantalising introduction. With my back towards them I reached out to the chair back and gently began to bend forward. This brought the dress hem up at the back. I shifted my weight from one leg to the other, making my bottom cheeks move seductively. Then I lifted the dress up further and further, very slowly, so they could see my seamed stockings, the beginnings of my suspenders and my bare upper thighs. Not my knickers though. Not yet!I beckoned Pete over and got him to unzip the back of my dress. He was very happy to comply, and with faltering hands he succeeded in lowering the zip down as far as it would go. “Thanks Pete, you can sit down again now” I smiled. I turned to face them and pulled one side of the dress over my shoulder, then the other. I had my arms crossed over my chest as I let the dress fall away – this was tease number two, as I had a nylon slip on under it! There was a slight groan from the lads but also approving nods and smiles as they took in the rather sexy slip, which was tight across my bust and finished in line with my stocking-tops. The slip was white and it was probably fairly clear that I had something pleasant on underneath – the black and red must be partly visible…I sashayed around the boys a while and sat on a couple of knees. The newer ones were clearly very interested but the others, having seen me opened up last time, were getting impatient for another look. So I took pity and got Dave to pull my slip off me. He couldn’t believe it, as I stuck my chest and bust forward and told him to pull the top down. I didn’t mind as he fumbled a bit and touched my bra as he pulled it over my protuberances! Then he was in seventh heaven as he pulled it further down and got level with my waist. By this time my lovely new bra was visible, though Dave was slightly in the way, the boys were craning their necks to see around him. Then he got on his knees, the cheeky fellow, and, with his head close to my tummy, he gradually drew my slip down towards my knicker waist and suspender belt. “You lucky bastard!” said someone as he exposed my navel and gave it a little kiss. I decided not to say anything, I was enjoying this too. Then, finally he pulled the slip completely down, showing them all my panties, my suspenders and my fully-fashioned stockings. I stepped out of the slip, picked it up and threw it into a corner. “Do you like my new undies then boys?” I asked, and was rewarded with shouts of appreciation and, let’s face it, lust… I knew the bra was sexy, it wasn’t at all like my old school bra they’d seen last time, this one had support and lifted me up more, and it was extremely pretty with contrasting stitching. The matching knickers were so different from what they’d seen before too.“I like them Suzy, but I’ll probably like to see them off!” said one wag and the others cheered. Maybe they didn’t appreciate my undies as much as I’d thought – I guess they just wanted to see inside! But I noticed one or two of them gazing admiringly and nodding when I had asked. “All in good time, you want a bit of a show don’t you? I know you’re all pervs but surely you can appreciate a bit of teasing can’t you?”“I love it, Suzy, and I know you won’t let us down, not after last time” said Pete. Bless him!So I continued with my little exhibition. I turned my back to them again, and once again began to bend forward, this time with my legs apart about a foot. I knew this made my knicker kaçak iddaa gusset clearly on show, plus my inner thighs. But I hadn’t realised how turned on I was getting, and how wet I was between my legs. I wondered if any of my moisture was showing, but I knew the crotch of my panties was double thick, so it was probably OK. I bent further, finally grabbing my ankles with my wrists and opening a little further. Someone whistled. “Nice view eh boys?” I joked, knowing the answer. “Thinking about what it’ll be like when I do this without my knickers?” I noticed Greg had his hand on the front of his jeans and a big smile on his face. He had a large visible bulge there. I felt wetter.Time to take something off. I’d decided to keep the stockings and suspenders on til the end, as I realised this was extremely sexy to males, so it was time for the bra. “Anyone want to take my brassiere off for me?” I asked, “shall I start the bidding at five shillings?” It went quiet, had I misjudged the situation? Did they think it wouldn’t be that wonderful, since most of them had seen my breasts before? I was a bit concerned, but needn’t have been because one of the new lads then coughed and said, “I’ll give you five bob, Suzy, but I want to touch them too!” More cheek, but I gave it a moment’s thought and decided it couldn’t do any harm, then nodded at him. “In that case I’ll give you six shillings” said Greg and the first boy groaned and looked dejected. “Come on then” I ordered and Greg shot to his feet and came up to me. “Gently, Greg. Don’t rush it, and make sure the others see you, make it a nice show for them…” He nodded his understanding and came and stood behind me, then, to my surprise and everyone else’s delectation he put his hands, not at my bra clasp at the back, but very tenderly on my waist. Then he began to kiss my neck below my hair and nuzzled into me. This was nice and sensuous and I was beginning to melt. Then, without realising it at first his hands gradually moved northwards and round my front, just below my bra cups. The room went silent, apart from the soft radio. I was breathing heavily. So was Greg. Then, the inevitable: his hands began to slide over my bra, cupping each breast and slowly fondling them. Some of the boys were openly rubbing themselves as he put one hand inside my bra and felt my nipple. I leant back, enjoying his kisses before realising this might go too far. But I had said he could feel me, I just didn’t think he’d do it like this! “OK Greg, the task is to take it off!” I admonished. He reluctantly took his hand out, then undid my bra clasp. The boys were on their feet and I told them to back off. “You too Greg, you’ve had more than your money’s worth!” The back of the bra was loose now, but I held the cups tight to my bust. I waited til all the boys were sat down and then let them see my breasts. As expected there were shouts of approval and smiles, plus more trouser rubbing. I threw the bra to one of the boys who had admired it earlier and he caught it and held it against his cheek for a moment, with a big smile.I put my hands under my bust and lifted them up slightly. “Can I have a lick?” asked one of the new guys, the one who’d made the opening bid that Greg had beaten. I took pity on him, though wasn’t sure if this is what I had intended this evening. Anyway I said he could for two shillings, so he came up and bent forward and just started licking my nipple, which responded immediately by firming up and sticking out. “Wow” he said, “this is wonderful!” It felt pretty good to me too as Pete came alongside and said he’d pay the same! So I had two boys simultaneously licking and sucking my breasts while the others got around and crowded in.“Don’t crowd her lads” said Dave, my saviour; he was really making sure I was safe and I appreciated it greatly – I must give him a special treat later, I thought. They backed off a bit.“We do want to see, though, Dave!” said one, “we won’t do anything bad, we just love to see Suzy’s bits..”“And so you shall, but don’t rush me” I replied. Most of you have seen my private parts, so you can be patient. Let the others see, give them some room.” There was a bit of shuffling about and they got themselves sorted out. I decided that there’s been enough licking too and got both lads to move back. “I’m taking off my knickers next – so be respectful and let everyone get a good luck – this is what you all really came for isn’t it?” I asked. There was a chorus of agreement and smiles – and I noticed prominent bulges appearing. What a compliment! “OK you dirty boys, I said there may be more this time, and if you want you can get your little cocks out – though they may not be so little at the moment… Dave has been very good to organise you all being here, and Pete has arranged this hall, so they will get a treat. Pete, come here and pull off my panties for me will you?” Pete audibly gulped, went bright red and I could see sweat forming on his brow. A desired effect. The others looked mildly jealous but also anticipatory. He came over to me and I turned my back to them and bent forward. My knicker-clad bottom was pointing towards the audience. Pete whispered if it was OK to feel my panty bottoms and I nodded – “thanks for getting this space for me” I smiled, “make it a nice show now, don’t be too hasty!” And with that Pete gently ran the flat of his hands over my bottom, relishing the silky feeling of the nylon over my buttocks and breathing heavily. “Next time I think I’ll be taking bids for this you lot – can you imagine how nice this is for Pete. Now, if I open my legs,” and I did so, making my panty crotch visible and accessible, “Pete can enjoy the feeling of my knicker gusset, there he’s rubbing all along it now; I can feel his hand against my pussy lips, Is it nice, Pete?”“Oh Christ, yes, Suzy,” he managed, “its wonderful, its so warm and it feels damp. I can feel the outline of your pussy crack. Oh fuck… oh no! Sorry Suzy I’ve cum off!” Blimey I’d done it again. I was still amazed at how excitable kaçak bahis boys were, and the power I had over them. I told him it was OK, in fact it was flattering and asked him to continue taking off my knickers. He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and stuffed it down the front of his jeans, then got hold of my panties at the waist and began to pull them down. I straightened up and brought my legs together to make it easier for me to drop them. He had to kneel when he got the to my ankles and gave me a little cheeky kiss on a buttock. “Thanks, Pete!” I winked, “job done!”I put my hands in front of my pubes and turned around to face the boys, then had a better idea. “Sit down all of you and keep your hands under your legs, no touching. Now who hasn’t seen my nice wet vagina yet?” Four hands shot up. These were the lads who had missed my first show at Dave’s house, including Greg. I didn’t know the other’s names. “You get first look then,” I said, and I moved over to one of them, who was sitting, almost trembling, as instructed, hands trapped under his legs. I was naked apart from the stockings, suspenders and my heels, but had my hands over my privates still. Now this was going to blow his mind. I abruptly turned round and, before anyone had time to think, I spread my legs, bent forward and used my hands to pull my bottom cheeks apart. My wet vagina and my anus were now wide open and glistening inches from my victims face. “Now I think you’ll agree that was worth waiting for wasn’t it? Isn’t it? My nice wet pussy all open and nicely placed for you to see right up me! You don’t see this in your girlie mags do you? All wet and warm and open! Can you see OK, I’ll open up a bit more, now that should give you nice dreams tonight!” And then there was the unmistakable involuntary movement from his loins as I scored yet another victory – he too had cum in his pants! “My gosh, you ARE enjoying this aren’t you?” I said. I worked my way along the rest of the newies. None of them ejaculated spontaneously, maybe they were prepared unlike the first one who was taken completely by surprise and lost control immediately. They all enjoyed it though, that was evident! Well now all the attendees had seen my most secret places either today or at Dave’s house. My show was nearing its end.I lay down on the floor, I was a bit worried about how clean the carpet was, but it looked like Pete’s dad had hoovered it quite well. I must bring something to lie on next time, I thought to myself. Blimey, I was accepting there was going to be a next time – what would I offer that time I thought? The boys were watching closely as I lifted my legs up vertically then brought my knees back against my bare breasts. This made my outer vagina lips nicely visible, squeezed tightly between my thighs. General gasps of approval all around. Then I opened up wider and wider so that all my crotch was open and unobstructed. I held my buttocks apart to ensure that my open vagina and anus were displayed. Most of the boys had unzipped their trousers and were openly masturbating now, even the ones who had already shot off. I made a decision. “Next time I’m going to allow some of you, for a fee, to finger and lick me!” Gasps. “I’ll let everyone else watch, but it’ll cost you more to come here – Dave will handle that, he’ll be my booking manager! But as a gesture of good will, and a taste of what’s in store, come over here Dave and Pete, will you?” They came up to me like a shot. “This is to thank you both – you can have a little lick of my pussy lips if you want. No fingers this time, I’m not sure your hands are clean!”“Oh, fuck, yes Suzy” they chorused. Dave went first, getting on his hands and knees between my legs and bringing his face down as I lifted my thighs up to make access easy. The other boys crowded round and watched as he, hesitatingly at first, began to lick and then slobber over my pubes and my outer lips, before I pulled them apart for him and he just slurped at my clitoris and as far down my hole as he could get. Then he reached down for his penis and rubbed it a few time vigorously as he pumped sperm onto the floor. “Don’t get any of that on me!” I warned, but with a smile. “Pete’s turn now, then show’s over lads! But I’ll change position, my backs uncomfortable on this floor, lay down Pete” I commanded and he did so, his cock out of his jeans and pointing steadily upward. I put a foot either side of his head and straddled his face, lowering myself down onto his mouth, then I leant forward and held his cock. There were a few wows! and cors! at this, and I felt his erection getting stronger – this was the first time I’d actually handled a cock! My vagina was spread all over his face and I knew I was extremely wet down there, what with my juices and Dave’s saliva. Now Pete was sucking and licking and slobbering just as Dave had done and the boys were loving it! But I was getting a tingling feeling and knew I was going to cum, like the boys had. I began to thrash around and at that same time I couldn’t help stropping Pete’s cock. He spurted off into my hand and on my face as I ground down him. We were both shaking with our orgasms! Incredible! I had lost control, but my gosh it was wonderful. The boys had noticed too. There were cheers and grateful thanks given. Pete was dazed and drunk on the experience. I stood and told them we’d arrange another date. Everyone said they’d be there, they’d find extra money to come along, no worries. We all did our best to clean up. As the others left I thanked Dave and Pete again and promised them little treats each time – they seemed very happy and agreed to organise the next session. I dressed and counted my takings – enough for more undies and some other things I needed. I also reflected on how the session had gone, concern about hygiene and cleanliness. I’d have to ensure fingerers were clean next time – not a problem as there was a sink and soaps in the hall, also in the next few days I made sure I had smuggled out a large bath-towel that I knew my mother wouldn’t notice was missing, plus I decided I would buy some Durex – just in case… I was almost wishing I would go all the way with someone next time – would I dare?(Currently working on Part 3 – may be a while…)

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