Swap Consequences


Swap Consequences***With the persistence of her husband and a friend, a reluctant wife is finally persuaded to join a swap group. All goes well at first, then events take an unexpected turn. (MF, reluc, wife, voy, swing)***”Why don’t you just ask her?” Dave said,.”I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t go for it.””I had the same problem when I approached Jean. Her first reaction was no way. She wasn’t about to become involved in group activities. But I got her thinking about it-the idea was planted, and one day she asked for details, the people, where, when, what we would be doing. And then I knew she was going to come around. A meeting was set up-she was a little reluctant at first, but when we got into it she found she was really having a good time, and now she is a very enthusiastic participant.”I said, “You know Karen is pretty straight-laced, she doesn’t fool around and it would be a tough job convincing her to get involved in extra-marital sex. She might get mad as hell that I would even be thinking about involving her.””Just plant the idea, don’t push, let it germinate. Maybe mention it again after she thinks about it some. I could have Jean talk to her-tell her more about our activities.”Finally I got the courage to broach the subject to Karen. At first she was appalled-then angry. She said, “I can’t believe you would want us to get involved in extra-marital sex!”I said, “a lot of people are doing it these days, and they seem to have fun with it. It isn’t love-it’s just sex.””How would you feel about another man having sex with your wife?””I think I would be OK with that as I would be doing it with some one else. As I said, it would be sex, not love, and it could broaden our horizons.”After a couple of weeks I mentioned it again, and she was still resistant to the idea. I talked to Dave and told him it was time for Jean to approach her, and they had lunch together. Jean told her exactly how it worked. They were a group of six couples only and they were all attractive and discreet and thoroughly vetted. One couple had just moved out west so they needed a new couple, and she thought we were ideally suited. Karen asked for more information, and Jean told her they met once a month at a predetermined location, and were paired up by a draw. Jean told her that when a new couple was introduced it took the form of an initiation. The new couple drew a name and they had sex with that person. Others did not get involved at that point, only when the initiation was over. Jean also told her that she was very reluctant at first, but when they finally participated she found she was having a great time. The variety of sex, the variety of men was a huge turn-on, and she looked forward to every meeting.Karen asked her if there was any effect on their marriage and Jean told her it just enhanced their sex-they were having more fun then ever.She was clearly getting interested. There was thing that troubled her-Jean had not been very friendly since my husband jilted her in favor of me. She mentioned it and said, that she had gotten over it, and she was very happy in her current marriage. That was a relief. Jean was very persuasive suggesting that Dan and I should try it, and if we weren’t happy the way it was going we could back out at any time. Finally Karen came around, somewhat reluctantly, but knowing we could get out if we wished was the clincher.She had asked Jean if there were any ground rules, and Jean said, only in the matter of clothing. For women there was no panty-hose, and either skirts or dresses, underwear being left to the person’s discretion. The men were to wear upscale leisure.I was overjoyed-we were in, and I was looking forward to the variety of sex that was now open to us. The first meeting was two weeks away, and would be held in a country homeAs the day approached Karen was getting somewhat apprehensive, but I was able to reassure her. That evening we showered and dressed, Karen in some very attractive sheer lacy nylon underwear, matching bra and panties, a sheer half slip, and a clinging white dress that outlined her beautiful figure, and came just above the knees. She had started with sheer stockings and garter belt-I could hardly keep my hands off her. She was not relaxed, but after two cocktails she settled down.We were greeted warmly on our arrival, and introduced to the other guests. Both the women and men were very attractive, exactly as we had been led to believe. However, my wife was a standout compared with the other women, and she was very much appreciated by the men. They did their best to put us at ease, and we very finally relaxed, especially after more cocktails and socializing.”Showtime” said, a woman who was holding a bowl with the men’s names on slips of paper. Karen was asked to reach up and draw a name, which she did, and a happy and smiling man stepped forward to claim her. He took her hand and drew her towards a door which opened into the next room; she was reluctant but he was moving her, and she looked at the audience and then at me, and I nodded. They disappeared into the room and he shut the door.It was quiet. Then there was a rustling that sounded like clothes coming off-then quiet again, and then we heard my wife moaning softly, then more loudly, and I assumed he was caressing her or stroking her. This continued for awhile, an occasional gasp from her, and I thought he must be getting close to entering her. The audience seemed to think so, their eyes wide with anticipation. She was groaning now, then a loud cry and I knew he had entered her.Suddenly I was not so sure that this is what I wanted-I had mixed feelings, but it was too late now; he was in her and he was going to fuck her, and judging by all the moaning he was doing a good job of it. It was going on for quite awhile with loud gasps from my wife. The acoustics seemed to be very good. The woman next to said, “he is really servicing her, listen to her.” Another one said, “when Joe is through the woman knows she has been thoroughly fucked.”The audience was wide-eyed as they listened to the sounds my wife was making. Her groans and cries increased in volume and I thought he is going to make her come. She gave a squeal, almost a shriek as she was overcome with an obvious orgasm, which seemed to go on and on. There were loud grunts from her partner as he emptied his semen into the depths of her vagina. I found I was aroused as I listened to the sounds of them copulating-it was as if were another woman, and not my own wife who was responding to the thorough fucking she was receiving. The woman next to me saw my condition and said, “Don’t worry. You are having the same response as other husbands who see or hear their wives getting fucked by another man. It is so erotic-another man servicing a wife, and in such a competent manner. This is what makes our meetings so much fun, women getting serviced by other husbands, and husbands servicing other women. It can’t get any better than that-we love it. We love the experiences.” It appeared to be over, and judging by the rustling of clothes they were getting dressed. My wife appeared first, her hair in disarray, moving bursa escort unsteadily, her face flushed as she viewed the audience. She was obviously embarrassed, knowing that everyone had heard her, heard how she responded to the intense fucking she was receiving.Now it was my turn. I drew the name from a dish and good looking woman took my hand, leading me to another room. We undressed, and I would like to say that we had a long romantic fuck but we didn’t-I was hardly in before I ejaculated into her, and that was because I was so aroused from hearing my wife. Then there was a flurry of activity as the rest of them were pairing off and finding open rooms. It was quite a night, and as we drove home, each of us with our thoughts and not saying much to each other.Later we talked, and we each agreed that the experience had been fantastic. I asked her for details, and reluctantly she opened up. She said, she was nervous at first, but with his caresses she loosened up. He continued his caresses as he stripped her, placing her on the bed, spreading her legs as he mounted her. She said, he was large, very thick and when he began to enter her he stretched her so much that she didn’t think she could take him, but he made sure she did. She said, she felt like she was being ravished when he was thrusting fully into her, stretching her more. She said, “I felt like a rag doll as he moved me around, and then he gripped my ass and plunged even deeper, and I just went over the top. I could feel him swelling in me, and I could feel him spurting against my cervix., and that is when I came.” There was another issue that we had to address. We both had solid careers and we decided that we wouldn’t have c***dren. Karen was having too many side effects with the birth control pills so I had a vasectomy. We never considered the consequences when we elected to participate. Karen said, “I didn’t even think about it until he was doing it to me, thrusting powerfully into me, and suddenly I realized I was risking pregnancy. I knew it wouldn’t do any good to ask him not to come in me; it was too late for that, and the knowledge that he was going fill me with his semen and maybe inseminate me was so erotic-it just added another dimension to the thorough fucking I was getting, and at that point I knew I was going to come. I just gripped him with my legs as my climax went on and on. I felt him spurt deep in my vagina, flooding my cervix and entering my uterus. I don’t keep track of my periods and I hoped it was not a fertile time.” We found out it wasn’t. It was a month before we got together again, and we both enjoyed it as much as the first time. We had great experienced partners, and it was as much sexual fun as we had I ages.Another month passed, and this time was different. There was a handsome black couple there; Jean explained that they had been part of our group until they moved away, and now they were back in the city for a visit, and would be participating. Karen was a little shocked that there was a black couple present even though they were both good looking. She had been brought up in the south and she still had a good deal of prejudice, and definitely did not include any black people in her social circle. There was some socialization with a few drinks, and then it was time for the draw.The women drew first, and Jean started with Karen. Her face went white as she looked at the name-it was Jeff, the black man. She began to protest saying “Oh no!” She was shocked and was standing rigid. Jean said, nothing till the draw was completed for the women. Then it was the men’s turn and I drew the wife of the black man, Cheryl.Karen was refusing to participate until Jean gripped her firmly by the arm and said, “no one refuses here-you agreed to participate and that is what you are going to do-we don’t want to force you, but we will if you don’t follow the rules that you agreed to.” Karen sobbed at this point and said, “I didn’t know that there would be black people here.” Jean said, “We didn’t know it till yesterday, and they are our guests tonight.” There were lots of smiles around as they viewed my wife’s predicament, and realized how prejudiced she was. Both our black guests were smiling.Jean took her arm saying “you get the master bedroom tonight. She was resisting, but with the help of another woman they pulled my struggling wife to the master bedroom, beckoning Jeff to follow. Jean closed the door on both of them. Then she asked all of us to follow her. She led us to a large room next to the one where Jeff and my wife were located.Jean said, “And now a surprise,” and she pulled aside large curtains covering a huge one- way mirror showing my wife with Jeff. Then she turned on a sound system which allowed us to hear everything they said,, but they couldn’t see us. Karen was tearful. As Jeff moved to her she said, “Don’t touch me!” And she backed away from him. He said, “You’re a spoiled prejudiced little bitch and it’s time to get a little discipline in your life.” He grabbed her arm, and sitting on the edge of the bed he pulled her over his knees, ignoring her struggles, holding her firmly. He reached down and gripped the hem of her skirt and along with her slip pulled them up and over her ass, exposing her sheer stockings attached to a lacy garter belt, and then her lacy panties, exposing her erotically.He looked at her beautiful rounded ass and smiled. He started a slow and deliberate spanking, his broad hand landing firmly on her ass, my wife crying out each she was struck. She struggled more so he lowered her panties and began to spank her on her bare ass. He didn’t strike her hard but he humiliated her, being handled like this, and by a black man who was thoroughly enjoying himself at her expense.She was sobbing now and pleading with him to stop, and after a suitable amount of spanking- her ass was now very red-he released her and she quickly got up pulling her panties up. He audience was enjoying the scene, their eyes shining with excitement.She moved towards the door, and he said, “We’re not done here!” She backed away as he moved toward her, “No, no more!” He ignored her pleas as he pulled her to him, her back against his body. She was struggling but he held her firmly, waiting till she tired from trying to free herself, continuing to protest and pleading, which he ignored.He gripped the zipper at the top of her dress pulling the zipper down below her waist, her dress falling open. He quickly pulled the dress off her shoulders, down below her waist till it fell in a heap around her ankles. She began pleading again, “No! No! Please don’t!” But her pleading fell on deaf ears. The next thing that joined her dress was her half slip, and now she was standing only in her lacy bra and matching panties, her beautiful legs now fully exposed, encased in sheer nylon stockings attached to her garter belt. It was incredibly erotic seeing her like this, being held helpless by this man. The audience was thrilled by the scene, but I was worried; I never expected that this visit would turn out this way, but I was told not to intervene.The next thing to go was her bra, releasing bursa escort bayan her beautiful firm breasts. Karen gasped, and tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but he prevented it. She sobbed and struggled again, but it was useless. Finally she realized she couldn’t free herself. She stood still, and that was when he slowly removed her panties, exposing her beautiful rounded ass, now clad only in her garter belt, tears running down her face.He said, “You can make this as hard for yourself as you want, but you agreed to participate. You know the rules here, so decide how it’s going to be.” He lifted her in his arms and placed her on her back on the bed, holding her down as she struggled to sit up. There wasn’t much she could do, and now he began caressing her breasts with his fingers, then with his mouth and tongue. Within moments he had her nipples stiff and very erect. He continued and soon had her moaning; she couldn’t help herself. He continued stroking her body, her thighs which she held firmly closed. In spite of her resistance her body betrayed her. She was moaning louder, unable to prevent what was happening to her body by this masterful stud who was lifting her to higher and higher levels of arousal.At this moment he began stripping. Cheryl, his wife was standing nest to me, and she said, wait till she glimpses what is in store for her; when she sees the cock on him she will really complain. Even I have a hard time taking him sometimes, so I am always glad of a rest when he finds someone else for awhile.He finally was naked and even soft his cock was impressive. My wife’s eyes widened in disbelief when she glimpsed this appendage. “Oh no! Please! I can’t take that!” Cheryl said, “He will make sure that she does. It may take a little time to stretch her out, and she may yell a lot but she will take it; Jeff never fails.” He moved his hands to her body again, steadily stroking and caressing her resisting body. She lay there stiffly, but it wasn’t long before she was responding to him. She was unable to prevent her arousal by his skillful hands. Her body was responding against her will, and it was obvious to us as we observed how flushed and trembling she was becoming. She pleaded with him again, but she must have known that it was useless. She was actually whimpering, waiting for the inevitable.She tried to resist as he began pressuring her thighs open, but he prevailed, exposing her vaginal lips which appeared pink and moist, gaping slightly. His hands moved between her inner thighs. She flinched when his fingers found her vaginal lips, lightly caressing her there, moaning as he pressed the lips open, a gasp as he found her clitoris, lightly stroking the delicate bud. My aroused wife was moaning louder now, his fingers working their magic on her clitoris and inside the moist vagina. By this time he was fully erect, and it was impressive, very thick and very long. The audience was mesmerized as they observed this, their eyes wide with excitement, realizing what was in store for my moaning wife. His fingers continued to bring her to higher and higher levels of arousal, her flushed body trembling. Finally, she lost all will to resist, and it was obvious that she was surrendering to him. He spread her unresisting legs wide and he mounted her, bringing his rigid cock to her moist opening, moving it against her lips, wetting the thick purple head, and slowly began to push into her, her lips beginning to open to the insistent pressure. He continued the relentless pressure; she was groaning now as she felt herself being stretched wider and wider. She spread her legs fully and bent her knees up to ease the pressure of his entry. Her vaginal muscles were giving way, but still the head hadn’t entered her. It was only when he gripped her ass with both hands, holding her steady, and pushing powerfully that the head of his cock entered her, a loud scream from my wife as she felt her cunt stretched to the maximum.I didn’t believe he could get that cock into her, but he did, at least the head, and now he moved back and forth in her, moving deeper and deeper, his thick cock slowly disappearing into her, my wife groaning continuously as he filled her. Another hoarse cry from her as she was fully penetrated, impaled with this huge black cock. There was a collective gasp from the wide-eyed audience.He proceeded to fuck her with authority, his cock now wet with her juices. He moved in and out of her stretched vagina, now thrusting powerfully, Karen crying out continuously with the remorseless pounding she was receiving.It was clear that he was nearing his climax-she must have felt his cock swelling even further as he gripped her hips again, plunging fully into her as his throbbing cock emptied into the depths of her cunt. This triggered her own orgasm, and she screamed, her body in spasm as she was overwhelmed with the intensity of her release, her legs clutching him as she cried out again and again.Finally they disengaged, Jeff moving beside her. They just lay there for awhile, Karen making an effort to get up, but he held her and began caressing her again. She felt him hardening against her thigh, and she said, “no more! I can’t take any more!” With that she quickly pulled her panties on. Cheryl said, “I think he is going to do it to her again-he is always up for seconds, especially with a white wife as beautiful as yours.” He was fully erect as he rolled her on her stomach and lifted her hips up, holding her ass in the air, and pressing her head and shoulders down to the bed. He stood behind her, pulled her panties to her knees, and spread her thighs as he held her beautiful rounded ass. She was whimpering again, but again she was helpless, and he easily handled her. He pressed his cock between the gaping lips of her cunt and began to enter her, this time more easily than the last time since he had already stretched her out completely.She cried out again as he impaled her fully. He held her hips firmly as he began a steady and powerful fucking of her stretched vagina, her breasts swaying with each thrust. It was incredibly erotic watching him fucking her on her hands and knees, her stocking clad legs spread, her panties at her knees, submitting to a black man in this position. The audience was aroused by this spectacle, a huge black stud servicing a beautiful white wife in this manner, like an a****l. Watching him fucking her this way we could easily see his thick wet cock thrusting in and out, her vaginal lips stretched tightly around him.I was unable to prevent my own arousal-Cheryl noticed and reached down and released me. She was smiling as she gripped me, saying “you are responding just like I’ve seen other husbands when they see Jeff servicing their wife. He is really sticking it to you as well as sticking it to your wife. He relishes the power over you both. There is no more erotic sight than a well-endowed black stud thoroughly fucking a helpless white wife and filling her with his sperm. Knowing the husband is watching him perform on his wife, bringing her to a wrenching climax in front of him, and maybe even making her pregnant escort bursa is a real trip for him. He’s feels empowered. He loves doing the same thing to white wives that white men did to black women in slavery days. It’s now black peoples turn, taking every opportunity to fuck proud white women, and reduce them to quivering jelly, leaving them naked and thoroughly fucked. It doesn’t get better than that.”He was now thrusting into her more powerfully, and I knew he was close to coming. Karen was groaning louder and I wondered if she would climax again. My question was answered as she gave a loud cry, her body shaking as she was rocked by an orgasm that went on and on. Jeff was groaning-he pulled her hips fully onto to him, impaling her as he erupted into her cervix and uterus, filling her again with his semen. The thought that he might be impregnating her was overwhelming. I was so weak that I almost collapsed.It was the most erotic experience of my life, and the fact that he was doing it to my own wife did nothing to lessen my incredible arousal. Cheryl stroked my erect cock faster and I erupted into the air, unable to prevent my release by her skillful hands.Karen collapsed on the bed, finally rolling on her back, her legs open, semen coating her lips and matting her public hair. She began sobbing, tears running down her cheeks. I think it was because she had been controlled by this black man, spanked, stripped, and humiliated by him, finally opening her legs and taking that huge cock into her. And also because he forced her body to respond to his fucking, to where she lost all control, and not just once. She had been mated thoroughly, her body responding to the point where she had the most powerful and prolonged orgasms of her life. I think this was why she was breaking down now.Finally she pulled herself together and slowly began dressing. When she was dressed Jeff took her arm and guided her to the room where we were all gathered. When she saw all of us there, and the mirror that allowed us to see everything, she was horrified. Her mouth fell open and she let out a screech and covered her eyes.The smiling couples who were paired quickly disappeared to various rooms. I was left trying to comfort my sobbing wife, a wife that was quickly becoming angry when she realized I had also seen what happened to her and did not intervene.Jean and others were present when we were getting ready to leave. My wife said, “We aren’t coming back again!” Jean said, “I know you’re not coming back again because we don’t want you back now that you’ve been taught a lesson. You remember how your husband jilted me for you? Well I didn’t forget and this is pay-back time. And I set it up so that you would be serviced by a black stud since I knew how prejudiced you are about black people. And you are a little too proud for us-you needed to be brought down, and you were. And one more thing, a couple of cameras taped the whole thing, and we also have the audio, so if you don’t want wide-spread distribution of this you will never say anything about this night.” “We all saw how thoroughly you got fucked and did you ever climax, and by a black man. How did it feel with that big black cock inside you, but we know how it felt-we saw it and you will never be same the after that experience. Also your husband saw it all and was he ever excited-you should have seen Cheryl getting him off as he watched you getting serviced.” She was gloating now that she had realized her goal.Jean wouldn’t allow Karen to use the bathroom to clean up. She said, “I don’t want you to clean up any of his sperm; we want that to soak into you. Hopefully you will get pregnant from this black stud. I certainly hope so.”We left and on the way home the recriminations began. She said, “How could you have watched and done nothing? And you came while he was doing to me, your own wife-fucking your own wife right in front of you and coming in me. How did you feel when you saw him spurting his semen into me? Did the fact that I was being fucked by a black man make you more excited?””I couldn’t help it. I never knew that I would get excited watching another man doing it to you. I was surprised by my own response; Maybe I could have controlled myself but Cheryl got my cock out and was working on me as I was watching you and I lost it.””I can’t believe I was taken like that, and by a black man. I couldn’t help myself either; I never thought that I would ever be lying under a black stud with my legs spread and a huge cock in me. He really did it to me-I was humiliated being taken like that-humiliated because he made me come. And humiliated by submitting to him on my hands and knees and coming again, unable to control myself.”Then she said, “how did you feel when you saw that big cock in me from behind and with my panties at my knees-you must have had a great view of that cock going in and out of me; I certainly felt it when he erupted. I could feel him swelling even more as he ejaculated into me. I never thought about pregnancy until I felt him swelling, knowing he was getting ready to climax in me. And then I thought I might get pregnant by him, and suddenly that thought sent me into space and I gripped him with my legs as I felt him spurting into me, and I know his sperm was entering my uterus. It was primitive and raw, taken by a black man, lying under him as he fucked me so powerfully, surrendering to him, helpless as he used me and had his way with me.”She began sobbing as she relived the scene. I visualized the scene also and I began to get an erection as I pictured Karen on her back with her legs spread wide, her stocking clad knees bent up and taking that huge black cock into her, hearing her cries and groans as he serviced her so competently, her scream as she came when she felt him swelling and pumping his semen into her uterus. She reached over and felt my erection and said, “you’re getting excited again thinking about how he fucked me! Maybe you would like to watch him doing it to me again. He might come into town for seconds. Shall I check with Cheryl-she doesn’t seem to mind him fucking other women as long as they are white and married. She gets a big kick watching him service some white bitch and maybe making her pregnant. She said, Jeff did get a few white wives pregnant, and he really enjoyed it when he planted some horns on some smug husband. He is empowered, and he enjoys sticking it to the husband while actually sticking it to his wife. And speaking of sticking his semen is sticking to my thighs and my cunt. I’ll never get all of it out of me.” Fortunately she didn’t get pregnant.So our sex life improved, and of course the reason for it was because we were both fantasizing about that eventful night. Karen was remembering again how she had been taken and used so thoroughly by a black man, how her body had betrayed her, how she had climaxed on his huge cock. And I was reliving the powerful image of her submitting to him, his thick wet cock plunging steadily into her stretched vagina till he emptied his semen into her unprotected uterus. ***The next thing that happened was the arrival of a tape complete with audio of the whole episode. Replaying that tape got both of us so aroused that we stripped and fucked while watching the tape, reliving the scene. Jean knew it would excite us, and it did every time.END

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