Swapping My Wife for Her sister


Swapping My Wife for Her sisterMy wife Sarah and I have always had a good sex life. Both of us were in our late 30’s and we routinely had sex three to four times a week even after having two k**s. Standing at 5’1″ with dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes Sarah’s body was quite sexy for a woman at any age. On occasion Sarah and I would role play and one of our role playing scenarios involved her pretending to be her younger sister Catherine. This scenario was by far my favorite as I often would find myself jerking off thinking of having sex with my sister-in-law.One night my wife and I were over at Catherine’s house celebrating the construction of her new pool with her husband Tony. It was a hot and humid July day, perfect pool weather. The four of us started drinking sometime in the mid afternoon and sometime after sunset the combination of sun and alcohol had given all of us quite a serious buzz.All day I had found myself looking at Catherine in her little black bikini. Catherine stood about 5’4″, had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She had given birth to twins a year earlier which caused her breasts to go from an average B cup to a full D cup. Somehow Catherine managed to keep those large tits while losing most of her baby weight. With her full hips, and firm lean legs, this had been the first time in two years that Catherine had worn a bikini and as a result of her top being a too small, her tits looked like they were ready to burst out at any given moment.As the night went on and the liquor kept flowing, Sarah had mentioned how nice it was that her parents had agreed to take all of the k**s for the night and that we were all free to enjoy ourselves. Because of our freedom we found ourselves drinking more than usual and even found ourselves playing drinking games. One of the games we played was, “I never ever…” Simply put the game is played by someone saying something like I never ever flown on an airplane. Anyone that has flown on a plane drinks.When it came to my turn to ask the question, I said, “I never ever (with the exception of porn) watched two people have sex.” At this point Tony takes a drink. Catherine turns her head towards Tony, her mouth wide open, her words beginning to slur, looks at her husband and says, “WHEN?!”Tony goes on to tell a story about when he and his brother and sister-in-law went away a few years ago, how the two of them thought Tony was asleep and how they tried to quietly fuck without waking him.Catherine, still shocked says, “Is that why you came home horny as hell from that trip? I thought it was caused you missed me?”Tony looks at her and says, “Don’t complain, I seem to remember you cumming three times that night!””So if we were to fuck right now I would be doing my sister a favor because Frank would fuck her as good as you fucked me that night?” Catherine asked in what seemed to be a joking manner.As Tony shrugged, as if to suggest she was correct. Although the tone Catherine was using sounded sarcastic something told me that this could possibly happen and I quickly chimed in, “Yes and Sarah would thank you for several weeks to come.”At this point, Catherine bluffs and says, “Let’s do it!”Tony calling her bluff stands up and says, “Ok.”After what seemed like an eternity of me holding my breathing hoping that this would happen, my normally conservative and overly shy sister-in-law, still sitting, removes her bikini top revealing those beautiful tits I had been admiring all day. At this point my cock comes to life and by the time Catherine’s top hits the floor my dick is fully erect. Tony follows his wife and drops his trunks; however the alcohol must have really been taking its toll on him because his dick was only half erect. Taking a step closer to Catherine, she grabs his half erect shaft in her hand and wraps her full red lips around it. Both sitting in stunned silence, Sarah and I just watched as Catherine’s head bobbed up and down on her husband’s cock as she tried in vain to get him hard.After a few minutes of watching this go on, Catherine takes Tony’s cock out of her mouth, looks at Sarah and says, “You want to give me a HAND with this thing?”Sarah looks at me and I quickly nod for her to do so. It didn’t take Sarah too much convincing because as soon as I gave my approval, she was up on her feet and over to them almost immediately. Even before Sarah wrapped her well manicured fingers around Tony’s member his cock started springing to life şişli escort and after only a few strokes from my lovely wife, his cock was fully erect and ready to go. At that moment, I knew that Tony wanted to fuck Sarah as much as I wanted to fuck Catherine and judging by how quick my wife had grabbed Tony’s cock, she wanted to fuck him as well.Once Sarah released Tony’s cock from her hand, Tony leaned Catherine back on the deck chair, spread her legs and slid his throbbing member into his wife’s eager pussy. I had the perfect position to watch as Tony’s back was to me, Catherine was on her back, her legs spread with her hands holding behind her knees and her feet up in the air. I could clearly watch his cock slide in and out of Catherine’s beautiful pussy.As I watched Catherine getting fuck by her husband, my balls were screaming for me to release my load. After stroking Tony’s cock, my wife had taken a couple of steps back and just stood there watching her sister getting fucked by her husband. This went on for a few minutes and just as I was about to stand up, grab Sarah, rip her bikini off and begin savagely fucking her to satisfy my own desires I heard Catherine say, “No. Don’t lose it.”I looked back towards Catherine and Tony and while Tony was still pounding away at her pussy, I noticed that his cock was beginning to soften again. At this point, I whispered into Sarah’s ear, “Why don’t you fuck him instead of giving him a couple of tugs? If she can’t get him off, maybe you can.”A little shocked by what I had just said Sarah leaned away from me and said, “Are you sure?”I nodded and said, “I’ve always told you I wanted to watch another man fuck you, now’s my chance.”Quickly, Sarah stripped off her bikini top revealing her perky B cup tits and I watched her taught full ass appear as she stepped out of her bottoms.Half drunk and not realizing that Sarah was now completely naked behind him, Tony turns his head to the side and without completely looking towards Sarah, says to her, “Do you mind giving me a hand again?”At this point Tony turns around to see Sarah completely nude as she replies, “I’ve got something better for you.”Sarah walks over to another deck chair and with her back to him, gets on her knees and elbows so her head is just a few inches from the seat and her tight little ass is elevated right in front of Tony. As I stared at my wife’s ass and her yearning pussy, I noticed how her pussy juice was forming little drops on her sparse pubic hair. Sarah briefly wiggled her ass in front of Tony before turning to look at him over her shoulder. Sarah doesn’t say a word. She just gives him a, “Fuck me” look that I’ve never seen her give before. His cock, no longer having problems getting hard, Tony turns from his wife and takes a step towards Sarah.Grabbing Sarah’s shoulder with one hand and using the other to grab the base of his cock, Tony slides it into Sarah’s waiting juicy fuck hole. Balls deep in my wife, Tony pauses to enjoy Sarah’s sweet little sex pot. At that moment she begins to push back and gyrate her hips ever so slowly at first. Tony moves his hands to grab Sarah’s hips while thrusting his cock even further into Sarah causing her to gyrate a little bit faster and causing her to let out a sharp little, “Ugh!” Looking at Sarah’s face, I could see she was in pure ecstasy. Her head was looking down and her mouth was open as if she wanted to moan, but the sheer pleasure she was feeling had somehow stolen her voice. Based on my many experiences with her in the past I knew it wouldn’t be long before she would cum. Tony, also sensing that Sarah was close to cumming, would pull his cock back ever so slightly and then ram back in each time with a forceful, “SLAP!” Unable to make a sound, Sarah continues to gyrate her hips faster and faster. Her voice came back to her as she began to moan, “Oh! Oh! Oh my God! Your hard cock feels so good! Give it to me just like that!”Not long after, Sarah’s head snaps back, her body tenses, her eyes open wide, looking straight ahead she screams, “OH MY GOD! I’M CUMMING! UGH!” Her toes curl and her fist clench, Sarah’s pussy clamps down on Tony’s cock like a vice. While Sarah is cumming Tony quickly moves his hands from her hips to her shoulders and uses his right knee to push Sarah’s legs further apart, allowing him to sink his rigid tool even deeper into her tightening love box. Sarah then slowly lowers her head and her body goes limp. şişli escort bayan Breathless, the two paused for a second to allow Sarah regain her composure.While all this was going on I was using my thumb to rub my raging hard on through my swim trunks. I briefly thought about pulling out my cock and rubbing one out right there, but this was the first time I’d ever seen another couple fuck right in front of me and since my wife was part of that couple I figured I’d just as well fuck her once Tony was done. Then it came to me, Catherine was still there! I was so busy watching this other guy fuck my wife that I had briefly forgotten about her. I turned and looked over at her sitting on the deck chair that her husband had left her on. She seemed to have a different frame of mind about the whole situation. She had a stunned astonished look on her face as she watched her husband fuck her sister right in front of her. Neither one of them had asked her if it was ok and neither one of them cared if it was ok, they just went and did it! I looked at her face and for a split second I felt a little bad for her, but after that split second I looked at her gorgeous flowing brown hair, then her beautiful brown eyes and then I focused on those full soft lips. My eyes moved downward and I gazed at her full D cup tits that I had been staring at all day. My cock jumped in my shorts and all thoughts of pity quickly dispersed. My eyes then took a long look at her long lean legs. I thought to myself I’ve jerked off to this girl many times and if I was ever going to get a chance to fuck her it was now or never.I was certain that Catherine saw me gazing at her out of the corner of her eyes; however she didn’t return the look. Her eyes stayed focused on her husband fucking her sister. I looked back at Sarah and Tony. She was now on her back with her legs spread wide with Tony on top of her rapidly ramming his cock in and out of her pussy. His balls were slapping against Sarah’s ass with a frantic FWOP FWOP FWOP sound. It was Tony’s turn to grunt with pleasure as Sarah’s pretty blue eyes focused on his long lean body ramming away at hers. Knowing that the two of them were busy at the moment, I knew this was my chance to act. I stood up, quickly stripped off my swim trunks and walked over to Catherine. Approaching her from the side, I knew she saw me, but she didn’t turn to acknowledge me until I was about a step away from her. When she finally did turn to look at me, her big brown eyes were at the same level as my cock. Slowly her gaze turned upwards from my cock to my chest to finally she was looking me in the eyes. In one sudden move, I grabbed her, squared her to me and pushed her back onto the deck chair in which she was sitting. Offering some resistance to my advance, Catherine initially tried to verbalize a protest as a muffled, “NO!” tried to come out; however I quickly kissed her to ensure I wasn’t interrupted by her husband or sister. Using my chest to pin her down and while I was still kissing her, I quickly positioned both my hands on the underside of her knees and spread her legs as far apart as I could. In the next instant, like a trained sniper hitting the bull’s eye I drove my cock deep into her pussy. Catherine’s pussy wasn’t as wet as I would’ve liked it to be, in fact when I initially drove my cock into her she flinched a bit, but I didn’t care. This is the pussy I had craved for so long and I was in complete bliss.After I slid my cock back and forth in her a few times, I pulled my mouth away from hers and looked over at Tony and Sarah to see if they were still keeping each other preoccupied. Tony was ramming her even more furiously now while my wife was encouraging his assault. “Fuck me Tony! Fuck me good and hard!” Sarah moaned. “Fuck my pussy like you’ve wanted to for all these years!”At that moment Tony tensed up, let out a loud, “UGH!” shooting his jizz deep into Sarah’s tight little cunt.I turned my attention back to Catherine; my rigid cock was slowly going back and forth inside her. She was lying still staring ahead blankly with a defeated look on her face, betrayed by her husband and sister and now being forced to fuck by her brother-in-law, Catherine offered no further resistance. Although my balls were begging for me to blow my load immediately, I wanted to make this last and I wanted to see if I could make her enjoy it whether she wanted to or not.Whispering in her ear mecidiyeköy escort bayan I said “spread your legs some more for me Cat.” She complied.This allowed me to further penetrate her pussy. “God you’re so much tighter than Sarah. I often imagined you’d be tighter than her, but not this much tighter.” I whispered into her ear.I saw a look of discomfort come across her face as I rammed my cock deeper into her. Holding still for a couple of seconds while I loosened her up, I pulled back and then slowly rammed my cock back into her again and again. This started to have the affect I was looking for as Catherine’s pussy became more and wet with each thrust. After a few minutes of this, I whispered in her ear, “I want you to pinch my nipple with one hand and use your mouth to suck on the other one.”Catherine begrudgingly complied with my request as I felt her lips wrap around my right nipple, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth, while her hand gently pinched my nipple. I was in shear heaven. Not only was I fucking my beautiful sister-in-law, she was doing whatever I told her to do. I also have to admit, the fact that I was in complete control and that I didn’t have to worry about any consequences from my wife or her husband turned me on even more.Not long after Catherine began playing with my nipples, she began to bring her legs closer together and again, I told her to spread them. She did, but eventually she would begin to close them again. I finally got fed up. I grabbed the underside of both her knees, pushed them as far apart as possible and began to ram her harder. Catherine lips detached from my nipple as she let out a little whimper, but at the same time her pussy was now soaked and I felt the juice from her cunt running down my balls.Catherine was trying so desperately to not enjoy what was happening to her, but each and every thrust was causing her the slightest bit of pain and a whole lot of pleasure. Catherine’s body began to betray her more and more and looking at her face, I could see in her eyes, pleasure was beginning to overtake her and she hated herself for it. She was on the verge of cumming as her pussy continued to get wetter and her breathing began to quicken, however my balls had just about enough of holding out and they were demanding to release their load. Just as I felt I could no longer hold off on blowing my load, my wife kneels down next to her sister, looks up at me and says, “Cum all over her tits and I’ll suck it off of her.”At that moment Catherine bites her lower lip, her eyes roll back and her hands instinctively grab onto my hips pulling my thrusts even deeper into her, she lets out a loud, “UGH! OHHH! Holy shit!” She was cumming as hard as I’ve ever seen any woman cum before. I briefly stop my ramming her to watch her sexy little body tense up while her tight little cunt grabbed a hold of my cock like it’s never been grabbed before. A few seconds later I resume my ramming. Feeling my balls beginning to tighten and my load ready to spew, I scramble up Catherine’s chest, and go to straddle her at about her sternum. Sarah quickly grabs my shaft and I hear her order her sister, “Squeeze his balls Cat! Squeeze his balls!” Catherine quickly complies with her sister’s orders and as I settle onto her, I feel Sarah’s delicate hand firmly stroking my rock hard cock and her sister’s soft delicate hand cup my tightening balls. Looking at Catherine’s beautiful face while she’s looking at my cock, I erupt like the volcano that destroyed Pompeii. I start by spewing thick loads of cum that completely bypass her tits and land on her chin and cheek. While continuing to expertly stroke my cock, half way through my eruption, my wife angles my shaft down some more and I continue to cum all over Catherine’s luscious tits. True to her word, Sarah sucks up every last drop of my seed off of Catherine’s tits. When she finishes with herself appointed task, she then takes my cock into her mouth and completely cleans it off of any leftover jizz and the left over coating of her sister’s salty beaver juice.Once the moment had passed and none of us where horny anymore, the four of us weren’t really sure what to say to one another. We sat there briefly in an awkward silence. I got up, trying to break the silence telling everyone, “I’m going to get another drink. Anyone want one?”To which Tony replied, “Actually, I’ve got some Viagra upstairs. Do you want some of that instead?”I coyly looked over at Sarah to see what her reaction would be. Her face lit up with a big beautiful smile as she looked over at Catherine to see what her reaction would be, to which she replied, “Fuck yeah! If I’m going to cum like that again, let’s do it!”

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